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What is Stomach Gas Problem?

Gas trouble or flatulence is not a disease in itself but is a health condition which can be caused as a result of some diseases and disorders.

Causes of Stomach Gas Trouble / Flatulence

Some causes of stomach gas can be:

Excessive intake of alcohol Not chewin the food !ro!erl" Eatin too s!ice food Stress and anxiet" Fre#uent intake of lar e #uantities of condiments and sauces $acterial %nfection& ' ("lori is a bacteria that causes chronic astric !roblems )i estive disorders / intestinal malfunction

Symptoms of stomach as are bad breath* Coated ton ue* +ack of a!!etite* abdominal bloatin * abdominal belchin * flatulence etc. ,lso See Home Remedies For Constipation


)rinkin Cho!!ed turmeric leaves with a cu! of milk is one of the effective home remedies for gas.. ,nother sim!le and eas" home remed" for as is : $oil Guava leaves in water* strain and drink the water. (otato -uice is excellent remed" for stomach as. )rink half a cu! of it* an hour before meals. This can be done thrice a da". Gin er is amon most effective home remedies for gas trouble. Chewin fresh in er can hel! in stomach as. ,lternativel" mix in er !owder with a !inch of rock salt and a !inch of asafoetida and a cu! of water and drink it. )rink in er tea after meals* it will !romote !ro!er di estion. For instant relief from stomach as trouble drink bakin soda with water. Take .// teas!oon of bakin soda 0not bakin !owder1 and stir it in . lass of water. This is one of the conventional home remedies for as and it is widel" used as an effective antacid. ,!!le Cider 2ine ar for as : ,!!le cider vine ar has man" health benefits* it is use as an effective home remed" for man" health conditions. %t is also an instant relief home remedies for gas.

Take a lass of warm water* mix 3 tables!oon of a!!le cider vine ar and let it cool. Consume it when it comes to room tem!erature. 4ne of the best home remedies for gas is cinnamon. 5ake a cinnamon solution for as b" boilin cinnamon in water. 4nce boiled cool the cinnamon solution in room tem!erature and drink it. This aids in !reventin further formation of stomach as. ,safoetida 0 hin in hindi 1 can also be used as a home remed" for as trouble. Take a lass of warm water add a !inch of asafoetida in it. 5ix well and drink it. $rand" for as relief : 5ix two ts!. of brand" to a lass of warm water and drink it before oin to bed. )ill (Anethum graveolens) oil for stomach as trouble relief : )ill oil is extracted from seeds* leaves and stem of a )ill !lant which is a herb. %ts has ot !ro!erties that brin s it amon the home remedies for as. Take one ts!. of hone" and add a dro! of )ill oil to it. Consume it after ever" meal. This !rovide relief from as trouble. (lease note )ill oil is not recommended for !re nant women. Chewin celer" leaves can also hel! as #uick relief from as trouble Charcoal for gas trouble: Charcoal tablets are ood home remedies for gas. Takin one charcoal tablet before and after meal is reall" hel!ful in subsidin as and acidit". Charcoal attracts the excess as from the intestine.

6arnin : Charcoal tablet should not be consumed b" children under .3 "ears of a e. ,ll these home remedies for gas trouble will brin out better results if followin lifest"le alterations are maintained:

,void !h"sical inactivit". %ncor!orate exercise in dail" routine in order to avoid stomach as trouble. ,void dair" and !oultr" !roducts like e s and milk

)on7t eat food hastil"* chew "our food !ro!erl". Chewin hel!s the food to breakdown and di est fast. Si! "our drinks directl" from the lass and avoid usin straw. )rinkin with straw make "ou swallow more air )on7t o to slee! immediatel" after eatin .