Life Span of Micheal Schumacher Formula one racer Micheal Shumacher suffered a serious head injury few days

ago. This legendary racer is fighting for his life since then. Physicians are not assuring positive hope for his recovery. An idea flashed I my mind to verify whether he can come out of this death blow or not. The following is the horary map for the moment of judgment. Horoscope prepared with the accurate software in Rule is “If the sub lord of Ascendant is connected with 2, 7, 12 and Badaka sthana (11 in this chart) then life span is very less. On the other hand if it is connected with 3, 5, 9 and 10 houses then there may be more life

Here in this horoscope Ascendant sub lord is Venus. She is lord of 2-7 houses but placed in 10th house. She is in Sun star and Jupiter sub. Sun is

lord of 5th house in 9th house. Here we should carefully consider a point. 8. As she is the sub lord of the ascendant we can predict rescue from this hazardous situation. 9 and 10 houses. She is offering more oxygen for his survival. Venus promised life span. Jupiter is lord of 9 and 12 houses placed in 3rd house in own star. Jupiter is retrograde and posited in own star Saturn sub! Venus as discussed earlier is connected with favorable houses hence considered as desirable for decent life span. Sri KSK said that sub lord is the deciding factor for the significations of the star lord. My sincere prayers to that almighty for his recovery let’s hope the best. Mars the 8th lord aspecting Kethu resulted in surgeries. Here Kethu the star lord of ascendant is occupant of ascendant in own star and Saturn sub. Still the influence of Venus is showing positive signs of relief. 11 and 12 houses. The present period is Venus-Venus-Jupiter till 06-05-2014. Good Luck . It seems to me that he can survive! Affliction to Kethu the sub lord of 6th house in Aries is pointing for problems in head. Here no planets are in the star of Saturn hence he becomes full significator for 7-11 houses. Jupiter is weak through sub but Saturn is again under the control of Venus and Jupiter! That’s why I am opting for recovery after Saturn sookshma which ends on 12-01-2014. 6. 9 and 12 houses. Mars the sub lord for 5-11 houses is strongly connected with 5. Therefore Venus is connected with 3. The position of Kethu is not favorable for his life span. He is not pointing for quick recovery! Connection of 6 and 8 houses is showing side effects or any deformity with the passage of time. Jupiter on the other hand is strongly connected with 7.

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