Jan W.

Dash, PhD
Climate Bio 2018

Jan has two grandsons and a soon-to-arrive granddaughter. He wants to make the world liveable
for them and all children, which is why he works hard on climate issues. He is Editor for the
forthcoming Encyclopedia on Climate Change and Finance, Economics, Policy; to be published
by World Scientific. The 2nd edition of his book has a chapter on Climate Change Risk
Management. He is Managing Editor of the Climate Portal website. He is the author of the “one-
liner” responses to climate contrarian fallacies. Jan did the math behind the Bloomberg Climate
Clock. He was on the Scenario Working Group of the Task Force on Climate Related Financial
Disclosures. He is a Matchmaker for the Climate Science Rapid Response Team. Jan is Climate
Advisor to the NGO Committee on Sustainable Development in NY, and Editor of their annual
Climate Statement: Summary and Recommendations to Governments. He was on a panel at the
Paris Climate Conference on equity, justice, and contrarian obstruction.

Jan has a PhD in physics, was Directeur de Recherche at the Centre de Physique Théorique in
Marseille France, and published over 60 scientific research papers. Subsequently he worked for
30 years doing quantitative risk management, and wrote many papers. Finally, Jan was the
Backstage Conductor and Chorus Master for the New York Grand Opera.

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