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Here is Polly Campbell, RN & Director of Maine Attorney General's Office of Sex al Assa lt !

orensic "xaminer Pro#ram "mail to $ori Han%ra&an, &er ori#inal statement s&e 'rote &erself from &er 'or( comp ter at t&e AG office an% t&e press release Sa)in# Mila Me%ia *eam &elpe% craft 'it& Polly t&at Polly 'as #oin# to release ntil someone in Maine silence% &er a#ain+ !rom, Polly Campbell [] Sent, Saturday, February !, 01 ":0# P$ *o, %ori &a'dra(a' S b-ect, dra)t *tateme't Hi Lori: Here is the draft. In the first sentence I say that I am an RN which may clue Judy in about who I am (I don't know why the type went bold then stopped; it is not me trying to emphasize anyhing. Let me know what J dy says. !ake care. "#olly No $ir s fo nd in this message. %hecked by &'( " www.a$ 'ersion: )*+).*.+,+- . 'ir s /atabase: )++0.01-+ " Release /ate: *).)2.+)
I belie$e that it is my obligation to report serio s concerns that I ha$e as a Registered N rse3 and as a citizen of 4aine. &dditionally3 I am mandated to report3 in good faith3 child ab se and neglect. I feel ethically and morally bo nd to do what I can to protect children and others who are being ab sed. I no longer feel that I can remain silent with the knowledge that for nearly three years I ha$e seen systems within state go$ernment ignore ongoing ab se of 4ila 4elanko3 now 2 years of age. !hese systems e5ist to protect all people3 and most especially the most $ lnerable. !hey incl de state and m nicipal law enforcement3 the /epartment of Health and H man 6er$ices.7 rea of %hild and 8amily 6er$ices 97%86:3 and others. I am sharing my tho ghts beca se3 in my opinion3 many systems in 4aine need to change.

&t age ) years3 ; months 4ila told me abo t se5 al ab se by her father. I reported this to 7%86 and that report3 pl s similar reports by other health care pro$iders3 initiated an in$estigation by 7%86. 4ila was e5amined medically and forensically at the 6p rwink %hild &b se %linic. !he team there recommended only s per$ised $isits between 4ila and her father. /espite this recommendation3 7%86 closed the case3 the < dge dismissed the case3 and 4ila res med seeing her father3 ns per$ised. 6he contin ed to report se5 al ab se to her mother3 by her father. In addition3 7%86 and the 4aine 6tate #olice ha$e chosen to ignore: a $ery high dose of methamphetamine in 4ila=s rine 9tested after her father was s mmonsed for stealing co gh syr p from a s permarket:; the fact that 4ila was with him when he was ca ght stealing the co gh syr p; a disclos re abo t her father >blowing ?mith= in my face@; a drawing depicting how her father >sniffs rocks@; an affida$it from /r. Aarl 7a m3 #ediatric !o5icologist at Bale"New Ha$en 4edical %enter $alidating the danger to 4ila of the high dose of methamphetamine; a br ise on 4ila=s forehead and a disclos re by 4ila that her father hit her in the head with a pan beca se she was crying; an affida$it from /r. Cli Ne berger3 child ab se e5pert at 7oston=s %hildren=s Hospital e5pressing concern abo t this blow to 4ila=s head; 4ila has not seen her mother for +* months beca se 4ila=s father ref ses to abide by the co rt order pro$iding for reg lar $isitation with her mother. &nd3 no system will step in to enforce the co rt order and do what is right. &ll of this seems to mean nothing to the systems beca se the father=s aggressi$e lawyer repeatedly threatens law s its and tells e$eryone that 4ila=s mother is crazy D which she is not. !his is a classic manip lation strategy to diminish the mother=s and child=s story 9blame the $ictim:3 and takes attention away from the e$idence that the mother is offering. !he father has repeatedly lied to e$eryone in$ol$ed in this case3 yet3 he is ne$er held acco ntable3 nor are his stories check o t for acc racy. #rofessionals are scared off by the lawyer and are not protecting the child.

!here are many other E estionable problems related to 4ila=s case in$ol$ing state officials3 b t the most pressing is 4ila=s health and safety. It is my hope that someone somewhere can step in and stop the endless nightmare that is this child=s life and ret rn her to her mother where she will be safe.

______________________ DRAFT FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Augusta, Maine March 1, 2012


Direct"r, Se#ua$ Assau$t F"rensic E#a%iner r"gra% State "& Maine Att"rne' (enera$)s O&&ice
I honor my task to serve the citizens of the State of Maine, recognizing that Government Service means service to the people of Maine. I am also a mandatory reporter for child abuse and neglect and it is my legal obligation to report, in good faith, child abuse of which I am aware. I can no longer remain silent. For nearly three years I have witnessed government officials ignore the evidence of abuse of Mila Malenko, who is now five years old. aw enforcement, !udges, the "epartment of #ealth and #uman Services $"##S% have refused to protect this little girl against molestation and abuse by her biological father. &hen Mila was two and a half years old she told me about being se'ually abused by her father. My report to "##S, and reports by other health care providers, initiated an investigation. (hen in )ugust *++,, after a forensic evaluation the Spurwink -hild )buse .rogram team unanimously determined Mila /has been se'ually abused by her father0 and /strongly recommended that any contact that Mila have with her father be supervised.0 1et, "##S refused to protect Mila. (he !udge said there was

no evidence of abuse and Mila was forced to resume seeing her father for long weekends and overnights. 2ver the ne't three years "##S, -umberland -ounty Family -ourt, and Maine law enforcement refused to take action to protect Mila disregarding the following evidence3 Mila4s continued disclosures of se'ual abuse by her father to medical professionals and to her mother, which were reported to "##S 5MS $ lab results of 67ng of methamphetamine, ten times the reporting level of 6ng, in Mila8s urine9 tested after her father was arrested for stealing cough syrup with Mila. (he #ead of Maine .oison -ontrol stated in a recorded conversation that this amount was /teeny tiny.0 :y re!ecting the standard medical scale, this public official ignored danger to Mila. "r. -arl :aum4s, "irector, -enter for -hildren8s ;nvironmental (o'icology, 1ale School of Medicine, in sworn affidavit and testimony to "##S, validated what easily could have been a near<fatal dose of methamphetamine to Mila ) disclosure by Mila about how her father was /blowing =mith8 in my face0 Mila8s drawing and recorded e'planation of how her father and his lawyer /sniff black rocks that make them bad0 ) contusion on Mila8s forehead and recorded disclosure that her father hit her in the head with a pan because she was crying, documented by an ;> photo and report. "r. ;li 5ewberger, .rofessor of .ediatrics at #arvard Medical School, sworn affidavit and testimony to "##S about the blunt force trauma to Mila8s head and the meth levels, noting Mila4s ?tremendous additional risk?

For the past @+ months Mila4s father and his lawyer have been destroying Mila4s maternal bond by illegally withholding Mila from !oint custody and visitation with her mother. Mila4s father and his lawyer have publicly said they will not comply with the court order. (he lawyer has said, in court, ?no law enforcement officer is going to take this child from me.? Audge Moskowitz, "##S and law enforcement officials, have refused to enforce the court order. (his statement is made under the Maine &histleblower8s .rotection )ct. .ress contact please contact interviews with .olly -ampbell, >5 )ll supporting documents are available on DDD