Spring 2014

Calendar/Schedule of Assignments (This schedule is subject to change.)

All reading assignments are due on the weeks they are listed on the schedule below. You are responsible for completing all assigned readings prior to listening to or reading lectures and prior to participating in weekly discussion/assignments. Each reading assignment is identified in the “Readings” column. Also note that assignment due dates are in the “Assignments” column.

Linked titles = electronic readings. Click on links to access and read essays.

WITW = Writing in the Works

Important Dates January 10, 2014 January 22, 2014 March 20, 2014 Last day to add a class Last day to drop a class with a refund Last day to withdraw from a class with a grade of W This schedule is subject to change. Week/Date Week One: January 6 Readings  All items in the Week One Lecture Link button to begin the English 111 course orientation  Diagnostic Essay Assignment Guidelines  Cisneros, “My Name” excerpt  “Essay Formatting Guidelines” (all above items are linked in Week One’s content folder) Assignments 10 Jan: Academic Honesty Agreement 10 Jan: Diagnostic Essay 10 Jan: Original Introduction Discussion Post (DP)

Week One requires submitting of three assignments by 10 January. This will not be the norm but it is a necessity to ensure preliminary/diagnostic assignments are completed in a timely manner.

Bensen-Barber Week/Date Week Two: January 13


Spring 2014 Assignments 13 Jan: Introduction responses to two classmates 17 Jan: Original DP posts

Readings  “The Rhetorical Situation” (WITW, pp. 2-17)  Pareles, “Lavish Worlds, and the Headwear to Match” (WITW, pp. 18-19)  “The Writer’s Process” (WITW, pp. 21-26)  audience, purpose, context, voice, media (click on links to access readings)

Week Three: January 20

20 Jan: DP  “The Writer’s Process” (WITW, pp. 31-37)  paragraphs, introductions, conclusions (click on links to responses to two classmates access readings) 24 Jan: Original DP posts Start creating blog site with About Page. See further details in Week 3’s content folder 27 Jan: DP responses to two classmates 31 Jan: Original DP posts 3 Feb: DP responses to two classmates 5 Feb: SPE posted to your blog site by midnight 7 Feb: Original DP posts 10 Feb: DP responses to two classmates 12 Feb: Completed draft of Profile Essay 14 Feb: Peer review responses 17 Feb: Final revision of Profile Essay in Blackboard by midnight 21 Feb: Original DP Responses

Week Four: January 27

 “Writing About Others: Profiles” (WITW, pp. 171-192)  “Anatomy of a Profile” (WITW, pp. 175-178)

Week Five: February 3

 “Writing About Others: Profiles” (WITW, pp. 184-192)  Matthai, “A Fine Balance: The Life of a Muslim Teenager” (WITW, pp. 197-200)

Week Six: February 10

 “Collaboration, Peer Review, and Writing as a Public Act” (WITW, pp. 45-53)  “Learn important collaborative and team-building skills and provide useful critiques of your peers' documents” (Click on link to access and read article)

Week Seven: February 17

 “Writing an Evaluation: Film Reviews” (pp. 279-300)  “Anatomy of a Film Review” (WITW, pp. 282-285)  Roger Ebert Reviews (click on link to access and read reviews)  "Distinguishing Fact from Opinion" (WITW p.71-72) 



Spring 2014 Assignments 24 Feb: DP responses to at least two classmates 26 Feb: 300-600 word summary of movie of your choice in your blog site by midnight 28 Feb: Original DP responses 3 Mar: DP responses to two classmates 5 Mar: Completed draft of Movie Review Essay 7 Mar: Peer review responses.

Week/Date Readings Week Eight:  “Integrating Sources: Quoting, Paraphrasing, and February 24 Summarizing” (WITW, pp. 505-507)  Kaling, “Flick Chicks: A Guide to Women in the Movies”  Denby, “Call the Doctor: Contagion”  Denby, “Dream Factory: Inception” (click on links to access and read articles) Week Nine: March 3  “Document Review Guidelines” (click on link to access and read article)

Note: not participating in peer review will result in a 10% downgrading of your Profile Essay. Please contact me should you not be able to participate in peer review.

~~ Spring Break: classes not in session 10-16 Mar ~~  The link to submit the final revision of your Movie Review essay will be open over the break  Although the review is not due until 17 March, please feel free to submit early to give me a head start on grading  Week Ten: March 17  “Writing for Your Community: Proposals” (WITW, pp. 443-459)  “Proposals” (click on link to access and read article)  Swift, “A Modest Proposal”(click on link to access and read essay) 17 Mar: Final revision of Movie Review by midnight in Blackboard 21 Mar: Original DP responses 24 Mar: DP responses to at least two classmates 26 Mar: 300-600 word Pitch in your blog site by midnight. 28 Mar: Original DP responses

Week Eleven:  “Research” (WITW, pp. 479-496) March 24

Bensen-Barber Week/Date


Spring 2014

Assignments Week 31 Mar: DP Twelve: responses to at least March 31 two classmates 4 Apr: Original DP responses Week 7 Apr: DP responses  “Document Review Guidelines” (click on link to Thirteen: to at least two access and read article) April 7 classmates 9 Apr: Complete  Note: not participating in peer review will result in a draft of Modest 10% downgrading of your Modest Proposal. Please contact me should you not be able to participate in peer Proposal for in-class Peer Review review. Workshop 11 Apr: Peer review response letters in Blackboard by midnight Week 14 Apr: Final  “DIY Media and Design: PowerPoint Proposal” Fourteen: revision of Modest (WITW, pp. 460-465) April 14 Proposal essay by  “Delivering the Speech” midnight in  “Your First Speech” Blackboard 18 Apr: Original DP (click on links to access and read article) responses Week 21 Apr: DP  No reading assigned. Fifteen: responses to at least  Please follow instructions in Week 15’s DB forum for April 21 two classmates presenting. 25 Apr:  Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions or Presentations assistance. Week 28 Apr: Responses  No reading assigned Sixteen/Fina  Use final exam week to complete portfolios to at least two ls Week: classmates April 28 presentations 2 May: Final reflective portfolio in blog site by midnight Have a wonderful summer!

Readings  Baron, “Don’t Make English Official: Ban It Instead”  Fish, “Who’s in Charge Here?”  Singer, “The Singer Solution to World Poverty”  Pollock, “You Say You Want a Resolution?”

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