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Using QA/Recall, Warehouse Management and Web Visibility for regulatory compliance and supplier integration


and Bertolli. In late 1998. practices and systems of each former division into a more homogenous operation. the organization analyzed: 1. Over half of Unilever’s sales are generated by their food brands. The Challenge Supply chain integration solutions to address: • Requirements for visibility and control of finished goods in the distribution network • Functional control of inventory quality status across the distribution network • Access and visibility to inventory at the LPN level of detail A key objective of Unilever’s supply chain integration project was to achieve inventory lot control and traceability. The number of multiple processes that needed consolidation. Operations. Hellmann’s. with the objective of consolidating the critical and unique business processes. Other key initiatives in this project included: Manufacturing & Supplier Integration Unilever realized they needed to enhance their manufacturing and co-packer operations with greater integration capabilities. These included Research and Development. Helene Curtis. including products for personal hygiene. Flora/Becel. Slim·Fast. Referred to as the “Get-to-One” Project. and provide them with the ability to change shipping status if needed. The number of processes where optimization was in progress 4. producing a diversified portfolio of brands that are popular across the globe. Unilever merged key North American companies. but were NOT critical 5. and reduce their receiving labor costs and safety stock requirements. and Customer Management. The total number of existing processes 2. and Lever Brothers into a single operating company. seven were supply chain integration related. Brand Management. of which 13 project initiatives were born. Of these 13 projects. Lipton. and skin cleansing. Chesebrough-Ponds. Additionally. Unilever identified 174 critical process consolidation needs. they lead the home and personal care market in many parts of the world. For each discipline. The company has over 300 manufacturing sites. Rama/ BlueBand. Unilever Home and Personal Care USA (HPCUSA). Finance. including Knorr. antiperspirants. The number of processes already optimized to one operation 3. The number of multiple processes that needed consolidation and WERE critical From this analysis.2 The Customer Unilever is one of the world’s most successful international consumer goods companies. deodorants. This would be a project of considerable magnitude and consequence. .000 people in approximately 150 countries worldwide. employing 206. the beginning phase of this initiative included an assessment of the number of unique business processes across various functional areas. Iglo/Birds Eye/ Findus. This would satisfy QA’s requirement of having visibility to all finished goods released from quality status to shippable status (regardless of source). This included providing them with the ability to produce “smart” Warehouse Management has enabled Unilever to reduce network-wide inventory levels.

Additionally. Warehouse Management is a web-based logistics system that provides an easily deployable method for receiving. The solution uses the Internet to deliver a supplier portal for streamlining remote warehouses. They partnered with their WMS logistics technology provider. regardless of their location. Lastly. and reduce their receiving labor costs and safety stock requirements. Unilever wanted to partner with a technology provider that had a long history of warehouse management expertise and product innovation. . The two companies laid out Unilever’s supply chain issues and objectives. they needed to empower QA with the ability to hold and release a batch of product from a central point. Warehouse Management and QA/Recall to address Unilever’s operational direction. and found during a recall. Equally important. was the creation of a data mart to store production and shipment history information. enabling direct shipment to any HPC distribution center while product remained on test status. Product Recall Critical to product recall assurance and regulatory compliance. Additionally. RedPrairie.3 license plates. QA/Recall is an enterprise quality assurance and product recall tool. regardless of the legacy business units they dealt with prior to the consolidation. which leverages information available through RedPrairie’s Web Visibility solution. who developed a “process manufacturing” oriented warehouse management system which eventually would be adopted by other consumer packaged goods companies. providing them with the ability to interface with Unilever via a single system. Second. along with a time frame for definitive resolution. Unilever identified two key improvements which they believed critical to centralizing QA operations. co-packers and contract manufacturers. with a reporting tool that could perform recalls. storing and shipping inventory through one or more remote facilities. QA/ Recall enables authorized Unilever personnel to see granular views of all inventories within their network. The Solution RedPrairie delivered Warehouse Management and QA/Recall products used in conjunction with RedPrairie’s Web Visibility solution for enterprise visibility and multiple supplier/facility integration. they identified the ability to ship all inventory statuses within the order management system as a key to improving service levels. Unilever wanted to add new inventory buckets. was presenting one face to co-packers. Warehouse Management has enabled Unilever to reduce network-wide inventory levels. they wanted to centralize the QA Unified Product Database. providing the ability to place precise product holds and releases in real-time for added brand protection. This capability would provide Unilever with the ability to identify the differences between what was reported as produced. they needed to add quality assurance data to their Unified Product Database and include a “time release” on deployment orders. OMS Order Types From an order management perspective. What developed was the creation of two new RedPrairie products. It provides Unilever with QA and hold processes that integrate their QA department directly into their entire logistics network. including “positive release” and “reject” to their order types. Centralized QA System With respect to quality assurance. First. Based on these directives. affecting all LPN’s within that batch.

877. In the study. or transmitted in any form by any means. This document is subject to change without notice. are a testament to an existing trend among consumer products organizations. The most cited threat communicated by the 600 executives was Supply Chain Execution.All other trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective holders. regardless of the legacy business units they dealt with prior to the RedPrairie. was presenting one face to RedPrairie Corporation has made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information included in this document. providing them with the ability to interface with Unilever via a single system. stored in a retrieval system. The information contained in this document may not reflect the final design in some instances. enabling direct shipment to any HPC distribution center while product remained on test status. a key issue addressed by Unilever to achieve more streamlinlicense plates. recording or otherwise without the prior written permission of RedPrairie Corporation. photocopying. This growing realization has been highlighted in a Harris Interactive and FM Global study. No part of this publication may be reproduced. mechanical.7724 info@RedPrairie. This trend recognizes supply chain inefficiencies as one of the biggest threats to companies’ top revenue drivers. All rights reserved. . electronic. RedPrairie and the RedPrairie logo are registered trademarks of RedPrairie Corporation. 600 financial executives from companies with sales of $500 million and greater.4 The Results • Central visibility and control of inventory throughout the distribution network • Improved freshness and expiration control • Improved customer service through more effective deployment • $6 million one-time inventory reduction Unilever’s vision for capacity and process consolidation.733. and their decision to partner with an innovator in supply chain execution technology. This publication contains proprietary information of RedPrairie Corporation. Equally important. were asked to characterize their top threats to revenue growth. “Managing Business Risks in 2006 and Beyond”.E2e is a trademark of RedPrairie Corporation. Waukesha. For more information RedPrairie Corporation 20700 Swenson Drive. Copyright © 2009 RedPrairie Corporation. WI 53186-0904 1.