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MBA 378: SALES MANAGEMENT Units: 03 Course Objectives


This course has been designed to help students learn sales management concepts and how to apply them to solve business problems and to function as effective managers. It deals with all important back end management of sales and front end personal selling issues with a view to handle the situations professionally and improve the outcome with result orientation.

Course Contents
Modu e ! Changing world of Sales Management and Professionalism in sales. Classification of Personal Selling approaches. Sales jobs !ualification and skill re"uired for success. #rgani$ational buyer behavior and buying situations. Contrasting Transactional and %elationship Selling models Sales Teams. Sales management Competencies for effective and outstanding results. &eveloping Sales Management Strategy ' #bjectives and Sales (orce %oles. Modu e !! %ecruitment planning process) *ob analysis description "ualifications buyer+s perspective and methods of locating prospective candidates. Selection) ,pplication forms Types of Interviews Testing and -alidating the hiring process. Sales Training) &etermining training needs Training analysis Methods of .valuating sales Training and building a sales training program. Instructional methods used in training. Modu e !!! Motivation and the reasons for motivating sales people. Maslow+s /ierarchy of 0eeds related to the sales force motivators and company+s actions to fill needs. Methods of giving status to sales people to motivate them. Sales force compensation. Components of compensation and their purpose. Comparison of various compensation plans. #ptimi$ing sales compensation) Customer 1 Product Matri2 and relating it to the appropriate compensation plans. Modu e !" Sales territory3 %easons for establishing or revising Sales Territories Setting up and revising Sales Territories) Market build4up and 5ork load method3 optimi$ing sales territory. Sales "uotas3 #bjectives in using !uotas Types of Sales !uotas and !uota setting procedures. %easons when not to use !uotas. Modu e " Personal Selling process) Prospecting) &eveloping a prospect base Strategic prospecting Sources of prospects common causes of customer attrition Preparing a prospect list and organi$ing information. Planning the initial sales call and approach) Pre call information on the 6uyer and #rganisation Call #bjectives Planning the approach. Sales Presentation techni"ues) Types of presentation techni"ues Presentation se"uence ,doptive Selling Model. &emonstrations) &emonstration plans actions custom fitting demonstrations use of sales tools. /andling customer objections) types of objections types of close Trial Close. Closing the sales.

E#$%in$tion Sc&e%e
Co%'onents +ei,&t$,e -./ C(A 7 T( 7 )*S 7 A 7 ME 89 EE :9

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