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To: Subject: Fwd: More Saving Mila concerns From: ate: Tue!

6 ec "#$$ $5:%":#6 &#5## Oh, and this as well. This site is not helping your client, Judy. But you won't be able to convince her of that, I am sure. How very, very, very sad for ila that her mother is spending every wa!ing hour on this war instead of on loving her child. """""Original essage""""" #rom$ %wa&y 'm%wa&y( To$ *c$ igormalen!o 'igormalen!o( Igor" alen!o 'Igor" alen!o(ide&&.com)+ william.%.schneider 'william.%.schneider( ,illiam.-to!es ',illiam.-to!es( Janice.-tuver 'Janice.-tuver( michael.!earney 'michael.!earney( -ent$ -un, .ec /, 0122 22$/3 am -ub%ect$ ore -aving ila concerns 4eople$ Here are more responses from -aving ila followers, discussing murdering Igor alen!o, !idnapping the child and fleeing the 5nited -tates to hide in Iran, of all places, and violently harming ichael ,a&man. This site is animating loose cannons to say, and perhaps do, bad things, and 65 should distance itself completely from it, in my view. This is not going to end well at all. brandyowen says$ .ecember /, 0122 at 7$89 am I understand what you are saying. This brings me bac! around to :aren c*all"Haslet. -eriously, if a mother :;<, 5;<=5I>O*6??@ that her child was being repeatedly raped, what does she do when the courts tell her to give her child to the rapistA I am not saying I would !ill my child, B<*65-< I would kill my ex-husband and sit in prison, if I had to. ;o doubt about it, I am street wise enough to !now that courts fBB! up. ;ot all of the time, but they do, it is a game of whoCs lawyer golfs with the %udge and I ainCt DplayinE when it comes to my !ids. Corrupt Judges says$ .ecember /, 0122 at 3$/F am ,e need to have a conversation li!e you brought up Brandy about what alternatives women have when faced with these situations. It becomes paralyGing because the courts have so much power. I believe a lot of mothers consider running away, but realiGe the 5- can find them wherever they go H even in any country. I know some have thought of political asylum even in Iran they are seeking it b/c of how abusive it is here. That is actually very unknown and secretive, but is done. aybe you can start some articles or forum for that !ind of discussion. others are desperately see!ing a way to protect their children from abuse and thereCs no where to turn. Corrupt Judges says$ .ecember /, 0122 at 3$/7 am hen I said !even in Iran" I mean that I have heard of western people seeking asylum in Iran. #f course, the news won$t cover that b/c Iran is our national enemy. %ut it is bad when abused women and children have to seek political asylum with our country$s national enemies in order to escape abuse. 6nd more comments about ichael ,a&man on her #aceboo! site$

&ndrew 'nkefer He deserves to be put into slavery in a third world country. Jail isn't %ustice enough for something li!e that. If I saw him, I(d be the one in an orange )ump suit behind bars . I can't begin to understand what you feel right now. -tay strongI #riday at J$80pm K ?i!e5nli!e K 2-aving ila li!es this. Lemphasis added in boldM. ,ord to the wise, 65, distance yourself from this site immediately. #ran!ly, if your students have been involved in its creation, you may have to shut the site down in order to avoid any civil, and perhaps criminal, liability for the actions perpetrated by followers of the site.

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