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at Imperial Hotel, New Delhi 05 !p" Khan at the #he Imperial, New Delhi, $%ly &0'& (orn Sa!id Ali Khan ') A%"%st '*+0 ,a"e -./0'10&1 New Delhi, India Nationality Indian 2cc%pation Actor, 3rod%cer 4ears acti5e '**&6present Spo%se,s/ Amrita Sin"h ,m '**'6&00-7 di5orced ,& children/ Kareena Kapoor Khan ,m &0'&6present/ 8hildren & 3arents 9ansoor Ali Khan 3ata%di Sharmila #a"ore :elati5es Sa;a Ali Khan ,sister/ Soha Ali Khan ,sister/ Saif Ali Khan ,prono%nced 0ˈsɛːf <ˈli ˈ=aːn17 ;orn Sa!id Ali Khan on ') A%"%st '*+0/ is an Indian actor known for his work in (ollywood films Ha5in" made his actin" de;%t in '**& with 4ash 8hopra>s 3arampara, Khan had his first s%ccess with the '**- films 9ain Khiladi #% Anari and 4eh Dilla"i After "oin" thro%"h se5eral years of decline thro%"ho%t the '**0s, he rose into prominence with his performance in Farhan Akhtar>s Dil 8hahta Hai ,&00'/, which marked his professional t%rnin" point 0.1 His work in Kal Ho Naa Ho ,&00./ won him the Filmfare Award for (est S%pportin" Actor, and he was awarded the National Film Award for (est Actor for his performance in H%m #%m ,&00-/ Khan s%;se?%ently had f%rther mainstream s%ccess with films like Salaam Namaste ,&005/ and :ace ,&00@/ and starred in critically acclaimed pro!ects s%ch as 3arineeta ,&005/, (ein" 8yr%s and 2mkara ,&00)/ 0-1 In &00*, Khan ;ranched o%t into film prod%ction with his company Ill%minati Films> first film Ao5e Aa! Kal, which ;ecame a ;o=Boffice s%ccess #hese accomplishments ha5e esta;lished him as one of the leadin" actors of Hindi cinema 051 He was awarded the 3adma Shri ;y the "o5ernment of India in &0'0 0)1 He is the son of the cricket player 9ansoor Ali Khan 3ata%di, and actress Sharmila #a"ore Khan was married to actress Amrita Sin"h from '**' to &00-, ha5in" two children to"ether In &0'&, he married actress Kareena Kapoor on ') 2cto;er after a fi5eByear relationship 0+10@1 8ontents 0hide1 ' Carly life & Actin" career & ' Carly work, %ntil &000 & & #%rnin" point, &00'60. & . &00-60@ & - 3rod%cer and other works, &00*6present . 3ersonal life - 2ther work 5 8ontro5ersies ) Filmo"raphy + See also @ :eferences * C=ternal links Carly life0edit1

%sy sched%le 0&&1 Howe5er.y critics and .'**-/.oy to selfBser5in" sk%nk.%t.'***/ and H%m SaathBSaath HainF We Stand Enited . set in New 4ork.Khan/ mo5es with s%ch . he a"reed to do the film 0&&1 Epon release. & million/ 0&-1 Khan played the role of Karan Kapoor. a yo%n" cartoonist and womaniser whose relationship with :hea 3rakash .with 4eh Dilla"i opposite Akshay K%mar and Ka!ol which was his first ma!or hit 0'. a former captain of the Indian cricket team and the tit%lar Nawa. with a domestic .rilliance that he lea5es yo% . EK Actin" career0edit1 Carly work.o%t his performanceF HSaif reprises his %r.played . Karan Sin"h :athod. and Khan>s performance was praised .%t they failed at the . EK.reakthro%"h role came in '**.orn on ') A%"%st '*+0 in New Delhi. Khan>s films ha5e often feat%red him as the s%pportin" cast.o= office of IN:&'0 million . of 3ata%di from '*5& %ntil '*+'. Khan was approached . more or arrested for ha5in" links with the %nderworld When Khan was initially offered the pro!ect. a film actress who con5erted to Islam .y critics to the %r. coBstarrin" Aamir Khan and Akshaye Khanna 0'+1 Depictin" the ro%tine life of affl%ent Indian yo%th.'**5/.ESI. went thro%"h a relati5e sl%mp %ntil &00'. (e"%m of (hopal and his "reatB%ncle was 3akistani "eneral Sher Ali Khan 3ata%di Khan>s mother is Sharmila #a"ore. in his directorial de.raced.&000/ 0')1 #%rnin" point.%t Award for Aashi? Awara His . and the head of the Indian film censorship .1 Khan went on to star in many films . who later realises that he lo5es her 0&'1 #he film was the second topB "rossin" film of the and foc%ses on a ma!or period of transition in the li5es of three yo%n" friends Despite recei5in" a positi5e critical reception. alon"side Shahr%kh Khan and 3reity Ginta #he film. he . prod%cers . pepperin" it with occasional fits of introspection and . and is s%. Imtihaan .0edit1 His actin" career. when the titles.le to do it d%e to his .Khan was . he was %na.est friend./. tho%"h followin" the s%ccess of Dil 8hahta Hai and Kal Ho Naa Ho. when the director approached him se5eral months later. startin" with Nikhil Ad5ani>s drama Kal Ho Naa Ho .ly . &00'60.. with Khan>s performin" earnin" praise #he Deccan Herald reported.1 For his performance.o= office He only had s%ccess with m%ltiBstarrer hits like 9ain Khiladi #% Anari .y the Do5ernment of India 0*1 Khan is of (en"ali #a"ore ancestry on his mother>s side.%ted .an 9%m.oard 0'01 Khan has two sisters. the ei"hth Nawa. . Gee 8ine and IIFA ceremonies He followed it with the leadin" role in K%nal Kohli>s romantic comedy H%m #%m Feat%red opposite :ani 9%ker!i.ecame one of the year>s most s%ccessf%l films. Hertfordshire.i" cities .anBoriented lifestyle depicted in the mo5ie 0'*1 He recei5ed m%ch acclaim for his role as Sameer with critic #aran Adarsh callin" it his careerB. he won the Filmfare (est 9ale De.0*1 His paternal "randfather.achelor. Sanawar0'&1 Aockers 3ark School.o= office s%ccesses.eBtrottin" .y critics He won the Filmfare (est S%pportin" Actor Award amon" others &00-60@0edit1 #o date.played .efore marria"e to his father.est performance 0&01 He has since had many . the film was critically em. Khan recei5ed nominations at the Star Screen.'***/ 0'51 After some .o= office fail%res he had a hit with the film Kya Kehna . after se5eral years and 5ario%s meetin"s. it is set in modernBday %r. Ck Hasina #hi #he film tells the story of a yo%n" woman .ane self from Dil 8hahta Hai and Kal Ho Naa Ho.reathless 0 1 He holds his own in a mo5ie that is completely Ermila>s H0&. India He is the son of 9ansoor Ali Khan 3ata%di. %ntil &0000edit1 In '**. HFrom s%a5e lo5er.olished .y 9%ker!i/ chan"es his perception of women and life :ediff com wrote a. it was only a moderate .0'-1 Kachche Dhaa"e . Iftikhar Ali Khan 3ata%di. Ginta>s . and finished hi"h school at Winchester 8olle"e.&00.e"an si"nin" him on for the main lead 0&&1 In early &00-. pri5ile"es. the film follows the enco%nters of the two main characters %ntil they. starred Saif as :ohit.y Sriram :a"ha5an to star as the "lo.y Ermila 9atondkar/ who meets with Khan>s character. played cricket for Cn"land and after '*-+ for India as the captain of the team 0*1 His paternal "randmother was Sa!ida S%ltan.%t failed in the r%ral areas. when he was cast in Farhan Akhtar>s National Film AwardBwinnin" Dil 8hahta Hai. which was attri.pri5y p%rses/ were a.o= office s%ccess in India7 0'@1 it performed well in the .ecome friends and finally fall in lo5e #he film was recei5ed fa5o%ra. of 3ata%di. and rem%neration . one of which is actress Soha Ali Khan 0''1 Khan st%died at the Aawrence School.

01 Khan played the role of the e" and %nderstated.*1 #he film "arnered ne"ati5e re5iews and poor . it went on to .een de5elopin" away from li"ht comedy.)1 In &00+.een delayed since &00' 0.&1 Aater in the year.y three pro!ects prod%ced . contained male5olence which trades on his pre5io%s screen persona as a lika. the psycholo"ical drama re5ol5es aro%nd a dysf%nctional 3arsi family with who Khan>s character mo5es into #he film recei5ed predominantly positi5e re5iews..y critics and Khan went on to recei5e ma!or acclaim earnin" the awards for (est Actor in a Ne"ati5e :ole at the Filmfare. HIt is Khan>s mo5ie thro%"h and thro%"h.ESI* * million/ internationally 0. 8hopra was pers%aded .eca%se she is %tterin" the name of Ckla5ya Altho%"h the film did not s%cceed at the . ' million/ a. a prod%ction that had . and was not well recei5ed 0-01 His final release of the year was the family drama.i""est .le witho%t Saif Ali Khan He resc%es se5eral %ntidily written scenes with his neat wit and that fl%stered >howBdidBIB"etBintoBthisBso%pK> facial e=pression H0.ack chef. HKhan. Star Screen. Gee 8ine and IIFA ceremonies7 his performance was later incl%ded in the &0'0 iss%e of the H#op @0 Iconic 3erformancesH .asB9%stan thriller :ace with an ensem. who has "rad%ally . and .y 4ash :a! .o= office hits in India.ecome an economic s%ccess at the .roodin" and contemplati5e sensi.ackdrop of the political system in Ettar 3radesh 0. (oman Irani. the mo5ie re5ol5es aro%nd a !ealo%s and %n"ratef%l r%ler who will not let his wife die in peace .ecome the year>s hi"hestB"rossin" (ollywood prod%ction o%tside of India. Saif Ali Khan stands o%t as the chap with the least dialo"%e .e filmed entirely in A%stralia and went on to .road 0-&1 8ritic :a!ee5 9asand from 8NNB I(N wrote. an adaptation of Sarat 8handra 8hattopadhyay>s '*'.o= office ret%rns 0-01 Khan>s role was small. and Khan was partic%larly praised 0.y Filmfare 0. Khan appeared in two mo5ies His first release was 3radeep Sarkar>s 3arineeta . laidB.ESI@ + million/ internationally 0. H2f the cast.H played with a H. it was the first Indian feat%re to .ESI.ed Khan>s performance of Harshwardhan as Hsom.1 #his was followed .@1 He ne=t appeared in the action comedy Nehlle 3e Dehlla. the film is a tra"edy of se=%al !ealo%sy set a"ainst the . s%per.1 Khan hasn>t sha5ed his .eard since the film and says he has . a"ain shows smarts as a s%.y Siddharth Anand.y Jishal (hardwa!.ESI* .&005/. the Indian adaptation of William Shakespeare>s 2thello Directed . Sharmila #a"ore and Jidya (alan Set in the state of :a!asthan d%rin" the early years of Indian independence.le .(en"ali no5ella . (ein" 8yr%s . Akshaye Khanna. and markin" himself as an actor whose time has come H0&51 He won the Filmfare Award for (est 3erformance in a 8omic :ole and was conferred the co5eted National Film Award for (est Actor in &005 amon" m%ch contro5ersy 0&)1 It marked the .est impression H0-. (ipasha (as%. in a performance of r%""ed. #a :a :%m 3%m Directed .&00)/.o= office.ein" cast.eration.ed his performance as Hpowerho%seH and f%rther wrote.51 Jariety descri. Katrina Kaif and Sameera :eddy #he feat%re was loosely adapted from the '**@ American film Dood.o= office.'1 He ne=t played the prota"onist in the Cn"lish lan"%a"e art film.raced .ecome a completely new actor post 2mkara and has dropped his trademark HW2WH e=pression #he film premiered at the &00) 8annes Film Festi5al and was also selected for screenin" at the 8airo International Film Festi5al realiLed H0. earnin" IN:)'+ million . earnin" IN:)-) million .y Ao5er.y 4ash :a! Films. HSalaam Namaste is %nthinka.y the same name 0&+1 3rior to .eca%se he felt that HI co%ld not mana"e itH 0&@1 After m%ch deli.million/0-'1 and "rossed o5er IN:&00 million . the film>s prod%cer. 0. he portrayed the character of Ia"o in 2mkara.le cast incl%din" Anil Kapoor.. one of the lar"est prod%ction ho%ses in (ollywood In &005.h (achchan.ecame one of the .-1 2mkara was em.y Sarkar who felt that Khan was perfect for the role 0&*1 #he film "arnered critical acclaim %pon release and Khan>s portrayal of Shekhar :ai earned him nominations for (est Actor at a n%m. alon"side Amita. earnin" IN:5+0 million .an"st.+1 it was chosen as India>s official entry to the 2scars #he F%ll Hydera.ility H0. Nikhil Arora Accordin" to Khalid 9ohamed. Khan colla.10.%tant Homi Ada!ania. coBstarrin" alon"side Naseer%ddin Shah and Dimple Kapadia Directed .er of award ceremonies Derek Clley from Jariety wrote.01 Khan recei5ed f%rther s%ccess in &00@. starrin" in the A.orated once a"ain with prod%cer Jidh% Jinod 8hopra in the epic drama Ckla5yaF #he :oyal D%ard.stantial actor H0&+1 His ne=t release was Siddharth Anand>s comedyBdrama Salaam Namaste opposite 3reity Ginta 3rod%ced .e"innin" of his work with 4ash :a! Films. Jidh% Jinod 8hopra was initially rel%ctant in castin" Khan as the male prota"onist .est friend as well as his stint as the manip%lati5e o%tsider in (ein" 8yr%s It is smart castin".%t the one who makes the .

er '**. alon" with Dinesh Ji!an 0--1 #he company>s first release was marked . Ill%minati Films.y the romantic comedy Ao5e Aa! Kal Directed . a re. as the prota"onist in the action thriller A"ent Jinod #he of award ceremonies. Khan was re?%ired to take actin" workshops alon" with the rest of the cast 0-*1 3rior to its release.FilmsF #ashan. a Swiss model . alon"side Kareena Kapoor and Ji5ek 2. the film was .05@1 . as their (rand Am. #hoda 3yaar #hoda 9a"ic and :oadside :omeo. Csha D%pta.anner. all of which were not s%ccessf%l 0-'1 Khan with Kareena Kapoor and 9anish 9alhotra 3rod%cer and other Khan>s post &)O'' co%nterBterrorism drama 3hantom with Katrina Kaif 05-1 3ersonal life0edit1 Khan at his mock Hpa"riH ceremony Khan married actress Amrita Sin"h in 2cto. his performance was "enerally well recei5ed 0501 #he followin" year. yo% need to watch this s%premely talented actor %nderplay his part so .o%t his earlier marria"e and children. for three years 8atalano later re5ealed that he had not told her a. &00*6present0edit1 &00* saw Khan .r%ary &00+.da%"hter Sara Ali Khan .y 2=em. which was prod%ced %nder his own .orn 9arch &00'/. :ace &.er '**' 0551 After thirteen years of marria"e and two children ..%t of :ensil D>Sil5a and feat%red Khan in the role of a terrorist Epon release.. :am Kapoor. 9%m.rahim Ali Khan . incl%din" Filmfare A re5iew in #he Cconomic #imes descri.roke off 05*10)010)'10)&1 2n '@ Fe. a romantic comedy directed .assador 05. Khan was hospitalised at Aila5ati Hospital.e considerin" marria"e. Khan colla.een si"ned on . in which he is the prota"onist.y Dharma".aan was recei5ed fa5o%ra. was declared a .orn Septem.o= office 05'1 (y 9ay &0'&. the film portrays the feelin" of p%re lo5e which ne5er chan"es o5er time. Khan went on to recei5e se5eral (est Actor nominations at a n%m. whom he met in Kenya. which is the first Lom.y critics and Khan>s performance was critically acclaimed 8ritic #aran Adarsh of (ollywood H%n"ama wroteF HSaif is e=traordinary in a role that only pro5es his 5ersatility once a"ain If he won yo%r heart with a winnin" performance in Ao5e Aa! Kal a few months a"o.ESI'5 million/ mark7 collectin" IN:'0-& million .aan. K%r.ased reser5ations in "o5ernment !o. (ipasha (as% and #amannaah7 as well as Ka.!ect 0-@1 While the film recei5ed a mi=ed critical reaction. Khan completed workin" on 8ocktail.o%t them only after she came to India 05+1 #hey were later said to .anned from releasin" in select cities across India d%e to its contro5ersial s%.le cast consistin" of :iteish Deshm%kh. the film deals with the policy of casteB.r%ary &0'.ESI') million/ He recently starred in his fo%rth home prod%ction Do Doa horror comedy e5er prod%ced in (ollywood Saif Ali Khan has recently .ai d%e to chest pain while .1 Khan is c%rrently filmin" for two pro!ectsMSa!id KhanNs H%mshakals alon"ide an ensem.y critics and . part of the Siyaram Silk 9ills Atd. he appeared in 3rakash $ha>s m%ltiBstarrer drama Aarakshan Set in the city of (hopal. opened to mi=ed re5iews and e5ent%ally %nderBperformed at the .ranch o%t into film prod%cin" when he set %p his own prod%ction company.ellio%s st%dent who !oins the mafia #o prepare for the role.ea%tif%lly in K%r.ecame a hit with collectin" *&0 million As at Fe. altho%"h the perspecti5e of realisin" one>s so%lmate has chan"ed It recei5ed mostly positi5e re5iews .eroi 3rod%ced .orn in Italy.y ImtiaL Ali.ed his performance as Hrefreshin" nat%ralH and Ho%tstandin"H 0-)1 He then starred in the dramatic thriller K%r.s and ed%cational instit%tions 0-@1 Khan portrayed the character of Deepak K%mar.illion .%t then .orated once a"ain with director Sriram :a"ha5an. 9adhya .ecame one of the hi"hestB"rossin" films of the year 0-51 For his portrayal of $ai Jardhan Sin"h and the yo%n"er Jeer Sin"h.aan 0-+1 In &0''. and son I. the film marked the directorial de. the co%ple di5orced in &00.#he children li5e with their mother 05)1 He then dated :osa 8atalano.y Homi Ad!ania 05&1 8oBstarrin" alon"side Deepika 3ad%kone and Diana 3enty #he film . and that she learnt a.o= office semiBhit It e5ent%ally crossed the IN:' .

y the 9%m. tit%lar.10@-1 Howe5er. 9%m. Sonali (endre and Neelam 0+-1 A lower co%rt char"ed him with the others %nder the Wildlife Act and the I38 He had filed a re5ision petition .r%ary &0'. to . Khan was char"ed with poachin" two .er &&.p%nishment for riotin"/ and '-* .oth of '-+ . or rewrite the material . the police ref%sed to re"ister Saif>s case since he co%ld not prod%ce any e5idence 0@51 #he Cnforcement Directorate .y the &00+ 0)510))1 In 2cto. 3reity Ginta.CD/ is in5esti"atin" him in an alle"ed Hawala transactions case #he CD s%spects that Saif Ali Khan ille"ally p%rchased a hi"hBend car in &00. he to%red a"ain. alon" with Akshay K%mar. Ar!%n :ampal and 3riyanka 8hopra.alanced scales s5" #his article>s 8riticism or 8ontro5ersy section may compromise the article>s ne%tral point of 5iew of the s%.ehalf of the &0'0 8ommonwealth Dames. held in Delhi 0+.e ?%ieter Khan then alle"edly assa%lted the complainants.rehearsin" for his performance at the Stard%st Awards. alon" with other (ollywood stars.ESI-)/ . I?.%t in fact it does and that today the whole definition of marria"e has chan"ed He" harm to wildlife/ of Wildlife Act and .ent 8hief 9inister of Haryana 0)*1 2ther work0edit1 In &005. of 3ata%di7H the title has had no le"al.olically installed him as the '0th HNawa.!ect 3lease inte"rate the section>s contents into the article as a whole.o%rne.%nlawf%l assem. Khan appeared alon" with 5ario%s other (ollywood actors at the 8losin" 8eremony of the &00) 8ommonwealth Dames in 9el.%cks in Kankani d%rin" the filmin" of H%m Saath Saath Hain alon" with coBstars Salman Khan.FC9A/ 0@)1 . 0+)1 In & of persons/ of the Indian 3enal 8ode 0+51 #he :a!asthan state "o5ernment then filed a re5ision petition .een datin" actress Kareena Kapoor since 2cto. and an elderly man 0++10+*10@010@'10@&1 Khan was arrested %nder article . Khan was dinin" with his friends. and Aishwarya :ai on .thro%"h Hawala system alle"edly in 5iolation of Forei"n C=chan"e 9ana"ement Act . Khan performed at the HCA3P #elethon 8oncert to help raise money for the 5ictims of the &00. which went on the #emptations &00.1 After hospitalisation.lack.2cto. S%shmita Sen and 8elina $aitley 0+&1 In &00).i resta%rant in #a!.world to%r 0+'1 #wo years later. or official stat%s since '*+' 0)*1 #he >pa"ri> ceremony was attended .er &0'. Khan was also in5ol5ed in assa%ltin" a photo" 3olice Khan claimed it was an act of selfBdefence and filed a case le5ellin" co%nter alle"ations and makin" a din and was repeatedly re?%ested . incl%din" Kareena Kapoor and Amrita Arora.%. which it had dropped #he $odhp%r co%rt has s%mmoned him alon" with all the acc%sed for commencement of the trial with the re5ised char"es on .y the resta%rant mana"ement to .efore the :a!asthan hi"h co%rt which a"ain added Section '-* a"ainst him.1 8ontro5ersies0edit1 En. at the Wasa.&5 of the Indian 3enal 8ode. 3awan &00* he p%.Fe./ In '**@. participatin" and performin" in the Heat &00) concert aro%nd the world. :ani 9%ker!i. he stated he wo%ld ?%it smokin" 0)-1 Khan had . a . that in his opinion people said that marria"e does not affect one>s career . a mock Hpa"riH ceremony was held which sym. 3reity Sharma. &0'' Khan>s father 9ansoor Ali Khan 3ata%di passed away 0)@1 #o please the sentiments of some residents of the 5illa"e of 3ata%di. that he and Kareena were so well connected. and released on . while filmin" Ao5e Aa! Kal at 3atiala railway station 0++10+@1 In &0'&. who s%ffered a fract%red nose. as part of a performance showcasin" Indian c%lt%re alon" with :ani 9%ker!i.Indian 2cean earth?%ake 0+01 Khan took part in two ma!or world to%rs He was part of a tro%pe that incl%ded Shahr%kh &0'& 2n Septem.licly spoke of his relationship with Kapoor and the prospect of marria"e statin".efore a sessions co%rt which dischar"ed him of Section 5' . #a.e held that ni"ht 0).ail on a s%rety of IN:. so close that marria"e is !%st a stamp of 5alidation for the society 0)+1 Saif and Kareena "ot married in co%rt on ') 2cto.000 .

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