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Dear Member, ISACA Mumbai chapter is pleased to organize Two / Three Days COBIT-5 Foundation course as per the following details: Dates of the Training-cum-Workshop : Two / Three Days Training Workshop on

COBIT-5 Foundation
Date : Friday, 30th August 2013 and Saturday, 31st August 2013 (2 days) Sunday, 8th September 2013 for exam review and taking APMG exam Time : 9.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. on all days Venue : # TBD, Welingkar Institute of Management Studies (WIM), L Napoo Road, Matunga (Central), Mumbai 400 019 Fees & Batch Size : Course Fees (*) Regular Fees (Two days) Regular Fees with Examination (3 days) Optional 3rd day on 8th September 2013 (Sunday) for exam review and taking certificate examination on COBIT-5 Foundation by APMG APMG Exam Registration Member Rs. 9,500/Non-Member Rs.11,500/-



Rs. 8,180/-

Rs. 8,180/-

(*) Course Fees includes Courseware - presentation material, coffee and lunch (*) Service Tax @12.36% will be extra

Breakfast - tea /

The number of participants for this workshop-cum-training is restricted to 20 only. Participants are expected to bring their own personal copy of COBIT-5: A Business framework for Governance and Management of IT available free on the ISACA website
C!" ours $ C%rti&i'at% o& parti'ipation(

ISACA Members will obtain credit of 13 C!" hours for 2 days course and the participants for 3 days course taking on examination will earn 1)*5 C!" hours in accordance with ISACA guidelines with the certificate of participation.
=========================================================== COBIT-5 Foundation Workshop - 2013 ISACA MUMBAI C A!T"#

================================================================================ Fa'u+t, and COBIT-5 A''r%dit%d Train%r (

Avinash W. Kadam

Mr. Kadam has four decades of experience in Information Technology Management, Information Systems Audit, Information Security Consulting and Training. He is currently Advisor to ISACAs India Task Force. Mr. Kadam has served as Vice President of ISACA International Board for two years from 2006 to 2008. He was President of ISACA Mumbai Chapter from 1998-2000. He is the recipient of ISACAs Harold Weiss Award for 2005, Given to Recognize Dedication to the IS Audit, Control and Security Profession. He holds B.E. (Mechanical), A.M.I.E. (Electronics and Telecommunication) and M.F.M. (Master in Financial Management) degrees and a string of information security certificates which he also teaches.

Recent articles on COBIT-5 by Avinash Kadam

1. The Evolution of COBIT CSI Communications, September 2012 2. Why Do We Need the COBIT 5 Business Framework? CSI Communications, October 2012 3. Protecting Your Information Assets with COBIT 5 for Information Security CSI Communications, November 2012 (The above articles can also be downloaded from by giving a search for CSI- Communications and selecting the month of publication.) 4. Securing Sensitive Personal Data or Information Under Indias IT Act Using COBIT 5 (available for download from )

What is COBIT 5- (

COBIT-5 is a Business Framework addressing need for the Governance and Management of Enterprise IT. COBIT-5 enables IT to be governed and managed in a holistic manner for the entire enterprise, taking in the full end-to-end business and IT functional areas of responsibility, considering the IT-related interests of internal and external stakeholders. COBIT-5 is generic and useful for enterprises of all sizes, whether commercial, not-for-profit or in the public sector.
Who .i++ /%n%&it &ro0 att%ndin1 this .orkshop-(

Business Management, Chief Executives, Internal / IS Auditors, Information Security and IT Practitioners, IT/IS Management Consultants, IT quality professionals, IT Leadership, IT developers, process practitioners and managers in IT service providing firms and anyone desirous to gain an insight into the Enterprise Governance of IT and looking to be certified as a COBIT Implementer or Assessor.
=========================================================== COBIT-5 Foundation Workshop - 2013 ISACA MUMBAI C A!T"#

================================================================================ Th% COBIT 5 Trainin1 #oad Map (

For taking full advantage of COBIT 5, the industry requires three types of professionals: Those who have an overall understanding of COBIT 5 to take appropriate governance or management decisions for adopting and adapting COBIT 5 for the enterprise IT and those who want to pursue Implementer and Assessor courses. o COBIT 5 Foundation Course meets their requirement Those who need deeper understanding of COBIT-5 for implementation o COBIT 5 Implementer Course prepares to meet the challenges of implementation. Those who are certified to assess COBIT-5 processes o COBIT 5 Certified Assessors are qualified to do this challenging task COBIT 5 Foundation course is the first step and pre-requisite to achieve advanced level of COBIT 5 course.
Cours% 2uration (

2 full-days COBIT 5 Foundation workshop (common for all the participants who are taking exam or not taking the exam, or want to take the exam at a later date). 3rd day exclusively for exam takers with course review and examination preparation including attempting sample examination paper and 40 minutes for examination (50 objective type questions, minimum 50% passing marks) 9.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. every day with tea/coffee and lunch breaks.
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================================================================================ Cours% O3%r3i%. (

Summary of learning areas during COBIT-5 Foundation course: Syllabus Area Title Introduction Overview & Key Features of COBIT-5 The COBIT-5 Principles The COBIT-5 Enablers Introduction to COBIT-5 Implementation Process Capability Assessment Model Exam Preparation guidance module (Exercise in each module with practice questions) Examination (50 Multiple choice questions) Total Approximate time
COBIT-5 Foundation 'ours% +%arnin1 o/4%'ti3%s (

Time Allocations Approximate 30 minutes 45 minutes 1 hour 2.5 3 hours 4 - 6 hours 1.5 to 2 hours 2 - 3 hours 2 4 hours 40 minutes 14 - 18 hours

The participants will understand during 2 days :

Optiona+ ( "5a0ination on 3rd da, &or COBIT-5 Foundation to /% 'ondu't%d /, A!M6 Workshop-'u0-trainin1 /%n%&its and tak%-.a,s (

How IT management issues are affecting organizations The need for an effective framework to govern and manage enterprise IT with key challenges of using IT How COBIT meets the requirement for an IT governance framework How COBIT is used with other standards and best practices The functions that COBIT provides and the benefits of using COBIT The COBIT Framework and all the components of COBIT How to apply COBIT in a practical situation

Full set of COBIT-5 Foundation course presentation material by the chapter A certificate of participation with credit of 13 CPE hours to be issued by ISACA Mumbai chapter after successful completion to the participants of 2 days workshop and 19.5 CPE hours for 3 days workshop at the end of COBIT-5 Foundation. The participants who are opting for examination will get COBIT-5 Foundation certificate awarded by ISACA/APMG upon successful passing of the examination and the same will be sent to them in due course of time.
=========================================================== COBIT-5 Foundation Workshop - 2013 ISACA MUMBAI C A!T"#

================================================================================ #%1istration !ro'%dur% ( !arti'ipants 'an %ith%r /ook 2 da,s 'ours% or 3 da,s 'ours% in'+udin1 %5a0ination* !arti'ipants 'annot /ook th% %5a0ination a+on% .ithout /ookin1 th% 'ours%* Ma5i0u0 25 7 s%ats 'an /% a++o'at%d to non-0%0/%rs*

Members are requested to register early, to avoid disappointment, as the seats are restricted to 20 participants only, by completing the Registration Form and making appropriate payment of fees by cheque from a local bank or a draft payable in Mumbai in favour of "ISACA Mumbai chapter". Registrations will be considered strictly on a first-come-first-served basis. For further information, contact Mr. Virendra Kanade at the Chapter Office : Suite #317, 3rd Floor Welingkar Institute of Management, Matunga (CR) Mumbai 400 019 or on Telephone : 6552 7187 or 2417 4255. Registration & Cancellation Policy : Registration for the workshop event will be confirmed only after fee payment is received. An official receipt will be sent to the participants registered The bookings would be confirmed only after fee payments are received on or before i.e. Wednesday, 28h August 2013. Notification of withdrawal in writing / by email received within 2 working days or more before the event will be processed for refund after deduction of 15% of the fees toward cancellation charges No refund will be made for cancellation at a shorter notice. The Management reserves the right to change any of the aforesaid condition in the interest of the Chapter. Disclaimer Notice : Note: The chapter reserves the right to cancel / postpone the workshop if the minimum numbers of participants have not registered for the workshop. The chapter reserves the right to make changes in the workshop, which is beyond their control. This program is being brought to you by ISACA Mumbai Chapter on a Best Effort basis. No representation or warranties are made by the ISACA Mumbai Chapter with regard to the workshop-cum-training. The members are expected to perform their own due diligence. The views expressed by the Speakers / Faculty are their own views and do not represent the views of ISACA Mumbai Chapter. Thanking you.
!#AMO2 8A9A: !r%sid%nt ; !ro1ra0 Chair ISACA MUMBAI C A!T"#
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=========================================================== COBIT-5 Foundation Workshop - 2013 ISACA MUMBAI C A!T"#