Shahid Kapoor (also known as Shahid Khattar; born on 25 February 1981) is an Indian fil a!tor" #e started his !

areer by workin$ in usi! %ideos and ad%ertise ents& and ade his 'ollywood debut with Ish( )ishk (2**+) and won a Fil fare ,ward for 'est -ale .ebut for his perfor an!e" #e followed it with fil s like Fida (2**/) and Shikhar (2**5)& and had his first a0or !o er!ial su!!ess with Soora0 1" 'ar0atya2s )i%ah (2**3) followed by 4ab 5e -et (2**6)& Ka iney (2**9) and 1""" 1a0ku ar (2*1+)& his hi$hest do esti! bo7 offi!e $rosser so far"819829 #is perfor an!es in 4ab 5e -et (2**6) and Ka iney (2**9) earned hi no inations for the Fil fare 'est ,!tor ,ward"8+98/9 :ontents 8hide9 1 ;arly life 2 :areer 2"1 ;arly !areer& until 2**5 2"2 'reakthrou$h& 2**3<*9 2"+ :o er!ial stru$$les& 2*1*<present + =ersonal life / Fil o$raphy 5 1eferen!es 3 ;7ternal links ;arly life8edit9 Kapoor was born to a!tor =anka0 Kapur and a!tor>!lassi!al dan!er ?eeli a ,@ee on 25 February 1981" Kapoor2s parents di%or!ed when he was +" #e !ontinued li%in$ with his other and aternal $randparents in =ress ;n!la%e& Saket in .elhi" #e shares a !ordial relationship with his father and step other Supriya =athak"859 ,s a !hild& he studied at Ayan 'harati S!hool in .elhi until the fourth $rade& where he shifted to 1a0hans )idyalaya& -u bai"839 Kapoor has three half siblin$sB a sister na ed Sanah Kapur and brothers na ed Ishaan Khattar and 1uhaan Kapur; Ishaan a!ted with hi in the o%ie )aahC Dife #o Eoh ,isiC (2**5)" #is aternal $randfather was ,nwar ,@ee & a noted -ar7ist 0ournalist and author fro 'ihar"869 #is $reat $reat $randfather was the fil dire!tor& s!reenwriter& no%elist and 0ournalist Khwa0a ,h ad ,bbas ore popularly known as K" ," ,bbas" K"," ,bbas in turn was the $randson of #ali& the !hief protF$F of Grdu poet& Ahalib"889899 :areer8edit9 ;arly !areer& until 2**58edit9 'efore startin$ his !areer as an a!tor& Kapoor worked in se%eral usi! %ideos and ads& in!ludin$ the =epsi !o er!ial with Shahrukh Khan& Ka0ol and 1ani -uker0i post Ku!h Ku!h #ota #ai (1998) and the usi! %ideo ,ankhon -e Eera #i :hehra by the ,ryans alon$ with #rishitaa 'hatt" #e had already 0oined Shia ak .a%ar Institute for the =erfor in$ ,rts (S.I=,) in 1995& where he was later seen in Subhash Ahai2s fil Eaal (1999) as a ba!k$round dan!er in the son$ HKahin ,a$ Da$e Da$ 4aweH alon$ with a!tress ,ishwarya 1ai and opted out of the a!ade y in 2**1 or 2**2& and also stopped appearin$ in ad%ertise ents and usi! %ideos at this ti e& so he !ould !on!entrate on akin$ his 'ollywood debut"8!itation needed9 In 2**+& Kapoor played his first leadin$ role as 1a0i% -athur& a !arefree youn$ an in Ken Ahosh2s oderately su!!essful lo%e story Ish( )ishk"81*9 ,ppearin$ opposite , rita 1ao and Shena@ Ereasurywala& the fil was well re!ei%ed by audien!es and Kapoor2s perfor an!e earned hi a Fil fare 'est -ale .ebut ,ward" Fil !riti! Earan ,darsh fro indiaF- wrote& HShahid Kapoor is an a!tor to wat!h" #e has all the (ualities to hit the top slot" ?ot only is he $ood lookin$& but he is an a a@in$ perfor er as well" )ery ori$inal as a perfor er 8si!9& the youn$ster has handled the dra ati! and e otional o ents with flourish" #e is an e7!eptional dan!er as well" ,ll he needs to do is pi!k and !hoose his forth!o in$ assi$n ents with !are& so that the 0ourney to the top slot is inus hi!!ups"H8119 Ehe followin$ year& Kapoor 0oined dire!tor Ken Ahosh on!e a$ain in the thriller Fida& where he !oI starred alon$side Kareena Kapoor and Fardeen Khan" Ehe fil failed to do well at the bo7 offi!e& yet Kapoor2s perfor an!e was praised"8129 Ehe Eribune !on!luded& H"""Shahid Kapoor shines in his role" #e looks fresh" ,s an i pulsi%e e otional and inno!ent $uy& who is su!ked into !ri e

be!ause of these %ery (ualities& he ana$es to e%oke your sy pathies"H81+9 #e then appeared in the ro anti! !o edy .il -aan$e -ore opposite Soha ,li Khan& Eulip 4oshi& and ,yesha Eakia" #is perfor an!e opened to i7ed re%iews; 1ediff"!o wrote that HShahid tends to i itate Shahrukh Khan a lot" #e does it well in so e s!enes& o%erdoes it in others"""H81/9 Featurin$ in three ore fil s in 2**5& su!!ess !ontinued to elude Kapoor"8159 #owe%er& his perfor an!e as 4aide% )ardhan& a an who is su!ked into the world of oney and $reed in 4ohn -" -atthan2s dra a Shikhar was !riti!ally a!!lai ed& earnin$ Kapoor his first Star S!reen ,ward for 'est ,!tor no ination" ,!!ordin$ to IndiaF-& HShahid Kapoor is only i pro%in$ with e%ery fil " #e at!hes up to ,0ay in al ost all se(uen!es"H8139 'reakthrou$h& 2**3<*98edit9

Kapoor on , ul SE,1 )oi!e of India in 2**8 In 2**3& Kapoor starred in +3 :hina Eown" 1e%ol%in$ around the story of se%en indi%iduals and a urder& the fil be!a e a oderate su!!ess despite re!ei%in$ i7ed re%iews fro !riti!s"8169 Shortly after the release of the fil & Kapoor2s se!ond release of the year& =riyadarshan2s !o edy :hup :hup Ke& followed" Ehe fil be!a e a oderate su!!ess at the bo7 offi!e"8169 Kapoor2s last release of 2**3 was Soora0 1" 'ar0atya2s ro anti! dra a )i%ah& a fil depi!tin$ the 0ourney of two indi%iduals fro en$a$e ent to arria$e" :oIstarrin$ alon$side , rita 1ao& the fil was re!ei%ed fa%ourably by ost !riti!s and be!a e one of the hi$hest $rossin$ fil s of the year& as well as Kapoor2s bi$$est !o er!ial su!!ess to date"81698189 Kapoor2s perfor an!e earned his se!ond !onse!uti%e no ination for 'est ,!tor at the Star S!reen ,wards" Earan ,darsh wrote& HShahid Kapoor perfor s like ne%er before" If he was superI!ool in Ish( )ishk and showed flashes of brillian!e in Fida& you2%e to wat!h hi in )i%ah to see his $rowth as a tre endous a!tor" #e is e7!eptional in e otional se(uen!es"H8199 .urin$ the su er of 2**3& Kapoor e barked on his first world tour& the 1o!kstars :on!ert& alon$ with 'ollywood stars& Sal an Khan& Kareena Kapoor& 4ohn ,braha & ;sha .eol& -allika Sherawat and Jayed Khan" In 2**6& Kapoor appeared in two o%ies" #is first release was ,h ed Khan2s Fool K Final" Ehe fil re!ei%ed ne$ati%e re%iews and failed to do well at the bo7 offi!e; Kapoor2s perfor an!e in the fil did not re!ei%e positi%e re%iews"82*98219 #is ne7t release in 2**6& I tia@ ,li2s ro anti! !o edy 4ab 5e -et& opposite Kareena Kapoor& be!a e one of the bi$$est hits of the year"82*9 Ehe fil tells the story of two people with two %ery different personalities eetin$ ea!h other on a train and how they fall in lo%e e%entually" Kapoor portrayed the !hara!ter of ,ditya Kashyap& a de0e!ted youn$ industrialist full of an$st and despair" Ehe fil was well re!ei%ed by !riti!s and Kapoor2s perfor an!e earned hi se%eral no inations for 'est ,!tor at a nu ber of award !ere onies& in!ludin$ Fil fare" 1a0ee% -asand fro :??I I'? noted& H.espite the risk of bein$ o%ershadowed by Kareena& his !oIstar in the fil & Shahid Kapur lea%es an indelible i pression with a perfor an!e that is understated and ature& and indeed the perfe!t foil to Kareena2s boisterousness"H8229 Kapoor then appeared in the ,@i@ -ir@aI dire!ted fil & Kis at Konne!tion (2**8)& opposite )idya 'alan" Gpon release& the fil underI perfor ed at the bo7 offi!e"82+9 In 2**9& Kapoor first appeared in )ishal 'hardwa02s !aper thriller Ka iney opposite =riyanka :hopra" Ehe fil was a a0or !riti!al su!!ess& and also perfor ed well at the bo7 offi!e" Kapoor2s portrayal of twins :harlie and Auddu earned hi ra%e re%iews" 1a0ee% -asand fro :??II'? wrote& HShahid Kapur rises to the !hallen$e of !reatin$ two entirely different !hara!ters out of :harlie and Auddu& and deli%ers a !redible perfor an!e as ea!h" 'reakin$ out of his !ho!olateI boy i a$e& he $i%es e%iden!e of his potential when trusted with wellIwritten roles"H82/9 1a0a Sen of 1ediff"!o listed Kapoor2s perfor an!e as the best perfor an!e by a 'ollywood a!tor in 2**9& writin$ that HShahid Kapoor plays both hea%ily nuan!ed roles < :harlie bein$ the bra%e !hoi!e for narrator < with solid !on%i!tion& akin$ ea!h twin brother belie%able" It2s a pheno enal perfor an!e& and the youn$ an deser%es serious& serious applause" Eop !laff"H8259 Ehe fil is !redited with turnin$ Kapoor into a star and show!ased his ability to take on !hallen$in$ roles"8239 #is se!ond release of the year was ,nura$ Sin$h2s ro anti! !o edy .il 'ole #adippaC& whi!h saw hi star alon$side 1ani -uker0i" #owe%er& the fil re!ei%ed a tepid response at the bo7 offi!e and with !riti!s"

:o er!ial stru$$les& 2*1*<present8edit9 In 2*1*& Kapoor appeared in Ken Ahosh2s fil :han!e =e .an!e opposite Aenelia .2Sou@a& in whi!h he portrayed the role of a stru$$lin$ 'ollywood a!tor"8269 Ehou$h the fil re!ei%ed i7ed re%iews fro !riti!s and was !o er!ially unsu!!essful& Kapoor2s perfor an!e was well re!ei%ed"82898299 #e then starred in ,h ed Khan2s =aathshaala in a e7tended !a eo alon$side ,yesha Eakia and ?ana =atekar" Ehis was then followed by Lash 1a0 Fil s2 'ad aash :o pany whi!h re!ei%ed a positi%e to i7ed !riti!al re!eption and was a oderate su!!ess at the bo7 offi!e" Further ore& his perfor an!e as a !on an in the fil was well re!ei%ed" Kapoor2s last release of the year was Satish Kaushik2s ro anti! !o edy -ilen$e -ilen$e opposite Kareena Kapoor" , produ!tion delayed sin!e 2**5& it went lar$ely unnoti!ed at the bo7 offi!e& and re!ei%ed ne$ati%e re%iews fro !riti!s"8+*9 .urin$ produ!tion of the fil in 2**/& there was a shot planned at =huket& Ehailand on 2/ .e!e ber" Kapoor asked for a delay in shootin$ at that ti e so that he !ould attend the pre iere of his fil .il -aan$e -ore" Ehe re(uest was $ranted and the hotel the !rew was supposed to stay in was subse(uently destroyed on 23 .e!e ber in the 2**/ Indian M!ean tsuna i& the delay in shootin$ thus potentially sa%in$ their li%es"8+19 In 2*11& Kapoor appeared opposite Sona Kapoor in -ausa (2*11)& a o%ie dire!ted and written by his father =anka0 Kapoor" Ehe fil re!ei%ed a i7ed response fro !riti!s& howe%er his perfor an!e was $enerally well re!ei%ed" :riti! Earan ,darsh wrote& HShahid $i%es his all to this role& sub ittin$ hi self to his dire!torIfather to ould hi the way he !hooses to" It won2t be erroneous to state that Shahid surpasses all his pre%ious perfor an!es& in!ludin$ the one in Ka iney& with this fil " Ehe fil also arks the !o in$ of a$e of this a!tor"H8+29 ,lthou$h the fil did not do well& Kapoor reportedly re!ei%ed up to 18 different fil offers after its release"8++9 In 4une 2*12& Kapoor appeared in Kunal Kohli2s Eeri -eri Kahaani opposite =riyanka :hopra" .espite the fil re!ei%in$ i7ed re%iews and a lukewar response at the bo7 offi!e&8+/9 Kapoor2s perfor an!e was $enerally well re!ei%ed" Earan ,darsh of 'ollywood #un$a a $a%e a positi%e re%iew to Kapoor2s perfor an!e statin$& H?ot any a!tors $et the opportunity to portray three di%erse roles in a sin$le o%ie" 'ut Shahid !arries ea!h of those parts with refine ent& besides lookin$ debonair in ea!h !hara!ter """ Fro playin$ a usi!ian in 'ollywood to a !o pulsi%e flirt in =un0ab to the unflustered and trendy youn$ster settled in G"K"& Shahid does an e7!eptional 0ob" , on$ the three !hara!ters& his take as 4a%ed is sure to win hi a!!olades"H8+59 -adhureeta -ukher0ee of Ei es of India also $a%e a positi%e re%iew and said& HShahid Kapoor is best as the badnaa shayar 4a%ed" #e uses his boyish !har effe!ti%ely& dan!in$ like the wind (in Gff and #u se =yar Karle Eu)& and !heekily winnin$ wo en in e%ery 0ana " Shahid sedu!es the audien!e with his style and shayari& sparkin$ life into this !li!heIriddled kahaani"H8+39 In 4uly 2*1+& Kapoor and Shahrukh Khan !oIhosted the 1/th IIF, ,wards in -a!au"8+698+89 #is first fil release the year was the 1a0ku ar SantoshiIdire!ted !o edy fil =hata =oster ?ikla #ero opposite Ileana .2:ru@"8+99 Ehe fil re!ei%ed i7ed re%iews fro the !riti!s& and be!a e Kapoor2s third !onse!uti%e bo7 offi!e flop"8/*9 #is se!ond release of the year was in =rabhu .e%a2s a!tion fil 1""" 1a0ku ar& opposite Sonakshi Sinha& whi!h was released in .e!e ber 2*1+"8/19 ,lthou$h the fil opened to ne$ati%e !riti!al response& it was well re!ei%ed by the publi! and be!a e Kapoor2s bi$$est opener due to its ass appeal and its hit son$s"8/29 Ehe fil subse(uently went on to be!o e a hit& Kapoor2s first su!!essful fil sin!e 2*1*"8/+9 .ue to the fil 2s su!!ess& Kapoor be!a e the ost sou$ht after a!tor for the award fun!tions of the year due to his dan!in$ skills and perfor in$ ability"8//9 Kapoor will ne7t appear in #aider& )ishal 'hardwa02s adaption of 5illia Shakespeare2s tra$edy #a let& with Shraddha Kapoor& Irrfan Khan& and Eabu"8/59 Ehe fil is set to release in 2*1/"8/39 #e is reportedly $oin$ to $o bald for the role and will ha%e to learn the Kash iri diale!t"8/69 =ersonal life8edit9

Kapoor at the 2*12 AN -en of the Lear !ere ony Kapoor identifies hi self as a %e$etarian"8/89 5hile fil in$ Fida (2**/)& he be$an datin$ Kareena Kapoor"8/99 Ehey separated durin$ the fil in$ of 4ab 5e -et (2**6)"85*9 ,!!ordin$ to hi & they re ained on $ood ter s& with hi sayin$& HI wish her all the happiness in the world" I ha%e $reat

respe!t for her" She is a wonderful $irl"H8519 =ost their hi$h profile break up& Kapoor has de!ided to keep his personal life away fro edia attention" #e has aintained that he has sin!e been sin$le"8529 .espite this& he has been linked to tennis sensation Sania -ir@a and %arious a!tresses& su!h as )idya 'alan& =riyanka :hopra& ?ar$is Fakhri& 'ipasha 'asu and Sonakshi Sinha"85+985/9855985398569 Kapoor uses the last na e Khattar& his stepfather2s 1a0esh Khattar2s surna e& on his passport" 8589 Fil o$raphy8edit9 See alsoB Dist of awards and no inations re!ei%ed by Shahid Kapoor Lear Eitle 1ole ?otes 2**+ Ish( )ishk 1a0i% -athur Fil fare ,ward for 'est -ale .ebut 2**/ Fida 4ai -alhotra 2**/ .il -aan$e -ore ?ikhil -athur 2**5 .eewane #uye =aa$al Karan 2**5 )aahC Dife #o Eoh ,isiC ,ditya H,diH )er a 2**5 Shikhar 4aide% H4aiH )ardhan 2**3 +3 :hina Eown 1a0 -alhotra 2**3 :hup :hup Ke 4eetu =rasad Shar a 2**3 )i%ah =re 2**6 Fool K Final 1a0a>1ahul 2**6 4ab 5e -et ,ditya Kashyap ?o inatedOFil fare ,ward for 'est ,!tor 2**8 Kis at Konne!tion 1a0 -alhotra 2**9 Ka iney :harlie>Auddu ?o inatedOFil fare ,ward for 'est ,!tor 2**9 .il 'ole #adippaC 1ohan Sin$h 2*1* :han!e =e .an!e Sa eer 'ehl 2*1* =aathshaala 1ahul =rakash Gdya%ar 2*1* 'ad aash :o pany Karan Kapur 2*1* -ilen$e -ilen$e , it HI yH Kapoor 2*11 -ausa #arinder H#arryH Sin$h 2*12 Eeri -eri Kahaani 4awed>Ao%ind>Krish 2*1+ 'o bay Ealkies #i self :a eo appearan!e 2*1+ =hata =oster ?ikla #ero)ishwas 1ao 2*1+ 1""" 1a0ku ar 1o eo 1a0ku ar 2*1/ #aider #aider Fil in$

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