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A Christmas Carol


Name: _Essence Date ____________AB______

Use a dictionary to define the following words. Copy the sentence from the

Stave Two Notes

Receded 32

story where the word is used.

To go back. Wh ch gave h m the a!!ea"ance o# hav ng "eceded #"om the v ew and be ng d m n shed to a ch ld$s !"o!o"t ons. (hee"#&l l ghthea"ted. The )oc&nd t"avele"s came on* and as the+ came, Sc"ooge knew and name them eve"+ one. (oncealed. Not a latent echo n the ho&se, not a s/&eak and a sc"&##le #"om the m ce beh nd the !anel ng, not a d" ! #"om the hal#0thawed wate"s!o&t n the d&ll +a"d Den+ o" cont"ad ct. 4 w ll not ga nsa+ t S! " t. A##ected b+ g"eat an7 et+. That wh ch !"om sed ha!! ness when we we"e on n hea"t s #"a&ght w th m se"+ now that we a"e two. 33 4n a "eve"ent manne". Sc"ooge "eve"entl+ d scla med all ntent on to o##end o" an+ knowledge o# hav ng w ll#&ll+.





1a nsa+ 5"a&ght

23 26


Remonst"ated 32 5o"c bl+ "e!"oach#&l !"otest. 84 am a mo"tal9 Sc"ooge "emonst"ated 8and l able to #all9 :"od g o&sl+ '' Impressively great in extent, size, or degree. Awak ng n the m ddle o# a !"od g o&sl+ to&gh sno"e and s tt ng n the bed to get h s tho&ghts togethe", Sc"ooge had no occas on to be told the bell wo&ld " ng aga n &!on the st"oke o# one. (hee"#&l o# #" endl+. ;e "&bbed h s hands, ad)&sted h s ca!ac o&s wa stcoat, la&ghed

%ov al


all ove" h msel#, #"om h s shoes to h s o"gan o# benevolence, and called o&t n a com#o"table, o l+, " ch, #at, )ov al vo ce.

Whe"e< When< Key Ideas
List where the Ghost of Christmas Past takes Scrooge. a not quite deserted school

4n -ondon, England At m dn ght =all o# h s (h" stmas eves>

Record Scrooges reflections/regrets or significant !uotes. "he ghost takes Scrooge #ack in time to all of his Christmas e$es.

#$en field near the $lace he !as born.

A solitary child, neglected by his friends is left there still. (20) Scrooge sees himself alone and is saddened by it, but remembers being comforted by characters from books like Ali aba. After seeing this boy, he !ishes he"d been nicer to the boy !ho came caroling at his door the day before. They walked along the road, Scrooge recognising every gate, and post, and tree; until a little market-town appeared in the distance, with its bridge, its church, and winding river He only knew that it was uite correct; that everything had happened so; that there he was, alone again, when all the other boys had gone home !or the "olly holidays

A olde" to"n &! school

#haracters $%&'&(

List who each character is and descri#e his/her personality.

Ebene?e" Sc"ooge @se to be lonel+ and sad, k nd o# abandoned The 1host o# (h" stmas :ast The ghost that shows Sc"ooge h s !ast and ts conse/&ences. A man b&t looked k nd o# l ke a bo+

5an 5e?? w g

N ce and #" endl+ chee"#&l had a la"ge hea"t N ce, #&nn+, ove"we ght, #" endl+ and ca"ed #o" Sc"ooge. The e7act o!!os te o# what Sc"ooge now. Was n love w th Sc"ooge and b"oke &! w th h m when he sta"ted to a"e abo&t mone+ mo"e than an+th ng else.
%&plain what the item sym#oli'es. (hat message is )ickens trying to get across #y using this sym#ol* +R,.-.

5 ancee

1host o# (h" stmas :ast$s ca!

)ther *iterary +evices $%&',(

Copy down key phrases that descri#e Ghost of Christmas Present.

/llustrate +draw and color. Ghost of Christmas Past #ased on the phrases

$%# -'&(

0ow is this sta$e organi'ed* List four main e$ents that illustrate your choice.

.uestions /otes Thoughts

(rite any !uestions o#ser$ations or connections you may ha$e when reading this Sta$e.