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Student Practicum General Guidelines The Practicum is a hands-on, experiential 300-hour course whereby the students undergo Practicum

training in a Corporation that will expose them to tasks, work situations and environment related to their chosen major and to develop the necessary competencies and skills needed in their chosen ields! This course is a re"uirement or the ollowing majors# $usiness %conomics &inancial 'anagement (uman )esource *evelopment 'anagement 'arketing 'anagement Qualifications The ollowing students are eligible to undergo student internship+practicum# ,! )egular students - .th year standing /! 0rregular students - only those with a maximum o 1 units de iciencies will be allowed to take the practicum 2however, there must be a conditional clause regarding the extension o the practicum period3 Procedures ,! P)4CT0C5' 6)0%7T4T067 will be conducted at least, two months be ore the Practicum Period /! 8tudents are encouraged to take the initiative in identi ying companies+institutions+organi9ations who will accept them as trainees a ter completion o third year courses! 8election o companies should meet the criteria set by the college and approval is still subject to the approval o the Practicum Coordinator! 3! The department will release the list o students who meet the re"uirements or practicum!

.! The student should prepare a &ile &older+Clear $ook 2color coded3 which will be submitted to the Practicum 4dviser, assigned to him+her at the end o the Practicum Period! Economics Red Finance Blue HR Black Marketing - Violet :ith the ollowing requirements inside ;;; Curriculum <itae ;;; Transcript o )ecords with courses currently enrolled ;;; %ndorsement =etter 2standard ormat3 ;;; :aiver 2standard ormat3 ;;; Practicum Con irmation and 4cceptance =etter 2standard ormat3 ;;; *aily )eport o 4ctivities 2standard ormat3 ;;; 'emorandum o 4greement 2'643 2standard ormat3 ;;; %valuation orm - 8upervisor > 4dviser 2standard ormat3? ;;; *aily Time )ecord 2*T)3 2photocopy3?? ;;; Certi icate o completion 2/ copies i possible 3?? ;;; Picture or any multimedia memorabilia 2 or documentation3 7ote # orms will be uploaded - College o Commerce > $us! 4dmin! website ? to be provided by the college ?? these will come rom the company @! Procedure for Practicum Application and Company Accreditation @!, @!/ The student selects the company or his practicum! The =etter o %ndorsement that will be used in applying or practicum is available in template orm @!3 0 a separate 4pplication orm is re"uired by the company, the orm should be accomplished or the purpose! @!. 4ttach Transcript o )ecords as proo o completion o the re"uired number o units to the Practicum Coordinator, 4cceptance =etter and the :aivers signed by student and the parents 2with photocopy o valid 0*3! 8ubmit the same to the Practicum 6 ice in duplicate and placed inside / separate brown envelopes which must be properly labeled 26riginal or Photocopy and indicating 7ames, 8ection, )oom 7umber, Class days, Cellphone or =andline number3! These must be submitted be ore the start o the Practicum Period or within ,0 days a ter the start o 6AT! @!@ The Practicum Coordinator together with the *epartment Chair will approve the application! 1! 4 list o students with their designated practicum advisers will be posted or students will receive a text or phone call rom said practicum advisers!

B! Completion o 300 hours re"uirement with satis actory rating rom the immediate on-site supervisor and aculty adviser! 4 daily journal will be re"uired rom the students to account their activities and learnings! A. 8tudents should write their journal daily - penalty will be imposed or late submissions! &or 300 hours practicum, reporting C hours a day, this translates to 3B!@ working daysD reporting . hours a day, this translates to B@ working days! B! 8tandard ormat or the Practicum Aournal will be ollowed 2paragraph orm so as to develop urther the studentsE communication skillsD outline is provided as guide in writing journal+re lections3 C. Practicum 4dviser will check the journal during the company visits! D! 6utline o the Aournal i! 6bjective 2 or the day3? ii! )e lections rom the objective iii! 4ccomplishment+s or the day iv! )eali9ation about the task+s 2values+skills+knowledge learned3 &aculty advisers conduct company visits at least / times within the practicum period
*Possi le set o! " #ecti$es !or t%e #ournal &'(.D.i) *. Mission +. Vision ,. "rgani-ational C%art .. Core Values /. Product01er$ice Descri2tion 3. 1take%olders (. Com2an405nstitution0 "rgani-ation Histor4 6. 7ogo 8 its meaning

C! 8ubmission o re"uirements a ter the practicum period &ile older+clearbook with the above cited orms, daily journal and summary! 8ummary )eport - The ollowing items must be answered by the student upon completion o the 300 hours re"uirement 2to be submitted / weeks a ter their last practicum schedule3 a! process o inding the practicum placement b! working in the organi9ation+company c! work schedule d! most memorable practicum moment e! di iculties encountered and solutions made 2Format !or item summar4 re2ort# times new roman, ont si9e- ,/, spacing -,!@, , inch margin on all sides, maximum o 3 pages3 Practicum Period 8ummer Practicum shall be completed during the summer session, 4pril to 'ay, 'onday to &riday, no more than C hours per day or a total o 300 hours! Practicum course will be credited ,st semester, immediately ollowing the 8ummer 6AT Program!

8econd 8emester Practicum shall be completed 7ovember to &ebruary and will be credited in the same semester! 7umber o 6AT hours may vary depending on the studentEs class scheduleD this, however, should not be more than C hours per day! Selection of Company for Practicum The Practicum Coordinator will be responsible or selecting the Company+0nstitution where the students will be trained or their PracticumD however, students can search or their company or practicum but subject to the approval o the Practicum Coordinator, and in accordance with the ollowing guidelines on the selection o institutions! &or %conomic 'ajors, the students may choose companies belonging to the ollowing classi ications# Private Companies ,! $usiness :orld 2)esearch *epartment3 /! 'akati $usiness Club 3! Thomson )euters .! AF (oldings @! Aollibee Corporation 1! 8an 'iguel Corporation B! 5niversal )obina Corporation C! Philippine =ong *istance Corporation G! 'eralco ,0! &ilinvest ,,! 4$8-C$7 ,/! Philippine 4irlines Government Agencies/Institutions ,! Presidential 'anagament 8ta /! $angko 8entral ng Pilipinas 3! 7ational %conomic > *evelopment 4uthority .! 7ational 8tatistical > Coordination $oard @! *epartment o 4griculture 1! *ept! o $udget > 'anagement B! *epartment o &inance C! *ept! o Trade > 0ndustry G! Phil! *eposit 0nsurance Corp! ,0! Phil! 0nstitute or *evelopment 8tudies ,,! %nergy )egulatory Commission ,/! Power 8ector 4ssets > =iabilities 'anagement ,3! 7ational Power Corporation ,.! 7ational (ousing 4uthority ,@! 8ecurities and %xchange Commission ,1! 0nsurance Commission

,B! Tari Commission ,C! Phil! 8tock %xchange ,G! P4F-0$0F Local Government Units (within NCR) ,! Caloocan City C! Pateros /! Hue9on City G! Taguig 3! City o 'anila ,0! 7avotas .! 'akati City ,,! <alen9uela @! 'andaluyong City ,/! 'alabon City 1! 8an Auan ,3! 'untinlupa B! Pasig City ,.! 'arikina City Research Agencies ,! 8ocial :eather 8tation /! Pulse 4sia 3! Phil! 8urvey > )esearch Center .! 4sia Paci ic Center or )esearch @! 4C 7ielsen 1! Pulse 4sia B! 8ynovate C! 0sis )esearch inancial Institutions ,! $anco de 6ro /! 'etrobank 3! =andbank o the Philippines .! *evelopment $ank o the Philippines @! $ank o the Philippine 0slands 1! Philippine $usiness $ank B! 8ecurity $ank C! 8tandard Charter $ank G! Philippine 7ational $ank Non!"an# inancial Institutions 8ecurities+$rokerage &irms ,! 4$ Capital Froup /! 4bacus 8ecurities Froup 3! 4ccord Capital %"uities 0nsurance Companies &or &inancial 'anagement 'ajors, the students may choose companies belonging to the ollowing classi ications# $anks

,@! Pasay City ,1! Parana"ue City ,B! =as Pinas City

o o o o

5niversal $anks Commercial $anks 8avings $anks )ural $anks

7on-$ank &inancial 0nstitutions o =i e+7on-li e 0nsurance Companies o 'utual &unds o 0nvestment (ouses o 8ecurities $rokerage &irms o <enture Capital &irms Fovernment+Huasi-Fovernment 4gencies+8el -)egulatory 6rgani9ations o 8ecurities and %xchange Commission o $angko 8entral ng Pilipinas o 0nsurance Commission o Philippine 8tock %xchange &inance 0ndustry 4ssociations o &inancial %xecutives 0nstitute o the Philippines o $ankers 4ssociation o the Philippines o '4)T o 0nvestment (ouse 4ssociation o the Philippines &inance+&inance related departments+units o 7on-&inancial 0nstitutions o &inance+4ccounting *epartment o Treasury+Cash *epartment o Credit *epartment o Purchasing *epartment o Corporate Planning o 0nvestor )elations

&or 'arketing 'anagement 'ajors, students may choose companies that belong to the ollowing classi ications# Consumer+8ervice 6rgani9ations )etailing :holesaling 8ales+*istribution 4d 4gencies+Promotions 'arketing )esearch %vents 'anagement+Public )elations 'arketing+8ales related departments+units o Companies o 'arketing *epartment o Public )elations+Corporate 4 airs o 'arketing Communications

o o o o o

Corporate Communications 8ales 'arketing+8ales 8upport %vents+Publications 'arketing )esearch

)egulatory 4gencies+0ndustry 4ssociations o Philippine 'arketing 4ssociation o 4d $oard

&or (uman )esoure *evelopment 'anagement 'ajors, the students may choose companies or institutions with (uman )esource *epartments! 0n addition, the selected companies should meet the ollowing criteria# )egistered as a Corporation 4mong the top /,000 corporations in the Philippines o icially registered with the 8%C! 7o history or track record o raud, deception, or illegal business activities 0n good standing with government regulatory agencies 8tudents are not allowed to have their Practicum with their amily-owned enterprise or, i with an independent company, not be under the direct supervision o parents and relatives up to the 3rd degree o consanguinity and a inity who work or the irm! Matching of Student with Partner-Institutions The 8tudent should noti y the practicum o ice soonest i they are unable to ind a "uali ied Company or Practicum! 4ccordingly, the Practicum coordinator will try to match the students with partner-institutions o 58T or the Practicum course, on a beste ort basis, depending on the availability o slots! 0n case the number o slots are insu icient to cover the number o students applying or matching, those with higher general weighted averages will be given priority!

Uniform *uring the Practicum Period, the 8tudent shall be re"uired to wear the prescribed Practicum uni orm to be determined by the practicum o ice, or $usiness 4ttire i re"uired by the partnerinstitution, as the case may be! Implementing Guidelines on Practicum and Office ecorum 8tudents are expected to conduct themselves in a highly pro essional manner in accordance with the values o the 5niversity! They are re"uired to ollow the speci ic guidelines enumerated in the I8tudentEs Fuide or PracticumJ, C'6 7o! /3 8eries o /00GD this may be secured rom the Practicum Coordinator, upon re"uest!

Course !e"uirements The 8tudents are re"uired to complete the course hour re"uirements, e"uivalent to 300 hours, obtain a satis actory rating rom the supervisor+manager+() (ead and the &aculty Coordinator, and attend the school-prescribed practicum activities to pass the course! The rating instrument shall be developed by the Practicum Coordinator and will be the instrument used by the supervisor in assessing the per ormance o the Practicumer or purposes o course grading! The school-prescribed practicum activities which students are re"uired to attend are as ollows## Pre-Practicum Orientation# where the inal instructions, guidelines and re"uirements o the Practicum course will be given by the Practicum Coordinator as well as the supervising Practicum 'entors! Interim Assessment# where the students will provide the &aculty 4dviser with eedback related to their work environment, duties and responsibilities, and other work-related concerns! Post-Practicum Meeting where the Practicum 'entors and the Practicumers will provide a summation o the learnings! 0t will also provide the students a orum to share insights and experiences ac"uired during the Practicum! the 8tudents will be computed based on the ollowing# 8upervisorEs )ating - @0K Aournal - .0K &aculty 4dviserEs )ating - ,0K ,00K

The Frades o o o o Others$

The Practicum o ice will be issuing additional guidelines be ore and during the Practicum period to ensure the e icient implementation o the Program!

Strict compliance o these guidelines is expected!

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Practicum Coordinator

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