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The whole play is of concentration and the

whole creation itself is being done in

Sant Samrat Satguru Kabir Sahib for the first time explore the secret of “Surati Yog” in His
ideology of ‘SantMat’ and also explained the true limitations of ‘Sthool Yog’ & ‘Suksham
Yog’ into the field of spiritualism.

As far as ‘Sthool Yog’ (Physical Yoga) is concerned, it is completely associated with

different physical Asanas (postures of body) of Yoga through which we can easily maintain
our physical health to lead a healthy life. It is only meant for the maintainence of physical
body and has no concern at all either with Self-Realisation (as a Soul) or with the true
Realisation of Supreme God (Param Purush – Sahib).

The second kind of Yoga which is called as ‘Suksham Yog’ is based on meditation in which
an individual completely holds his concentration onto one of the 7 different plexuses
(Chakras) that are present in every human body and experiences different worlds which
are present into higher limits of the universe. An individual also experiences White Light,
Golden Light, Jyoti, Jinglement of Words (Anhad Dhuns) etc. within the physical body. The
master-key to unlock all the 7 Chakras (plexuses) is Concentration (surati). And while
holding complete concentration onto any one particular plexus, the innermost deeper cells
of the body along with the innermost deeper nerves that are present on that plexus
(chakra) gets activated and generates immense powers within the body which is directly
being generated by Mind (Mann) itself. The Mind Powers (Riddhis-Siddhis) that an
individual experiences and attains through this ‘Suksham Yog’ are not at all the true
spiritual powers of a Soul and has no concern with Self-Realisation (as a Soul) or with the
true Realisation of Supreme God. This ‘SukshamYog’ has its limitations upto the ‘Dasham
Dwar’ (opening of 10th aperture) only which remains under the territory of Mind (Mann).

So, both ‘Sthool Yog’ & ‘Suksham Yog’ are directly associated with Mind (Mann) which
remains under the territory of Mind (in the universe) itself. Hence, an individual cannot
attain permanent liberation from the territory of this universe which belongs to Mind
Whereas, ‘Surati Yog’ which Sant Samrat Satguru Kabir Sahib has talked about in His
ideology of SantMat means “Always remain concentrated onto Satguru” because a true
living Satguru is the only real source of true spiritual powers (Aadhyatmik Shakti) which
itself are the powers of Supreme God (ParamPurush-Sahib) and at the same time is the
only Perfect Master in the universe who completely rules over Mind (Mann). Sahib Ji clearly
mentioned that keeping concentration on Satguru is the easiest and the direct way to
attain the true spiritual powers of a Soul (concentration) which are already present in our
Soul (concentration) itself and then we will be able to see every single activity of Mind i.e
Mind, Intellect, Memory & Action within the physical body and can easily rule over Mind
(Mann) who continuously engages the concentration (our own true-self) in materialistic
things which are present in an outer world so that he can rule over every single human
being on earth. Without the blessings of a true Satguru, an individual being cannot see the
net of evil properties which all are formless in nature and resides in Mind i.e. Sex, Anger,
Greed, Attachment, Ego etc. and can never understand the depth and importance of
‘Surati Yog’ because Mind does not involves in it. This is the path of true Self-Realisation
which leads to permanent Salvation from the endless circle of birth & death.



Wherever an individual engages his

concentration, his own true-self (soul)
definitely leads over there and completely
gets merged into it at the time of death.