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What is the meaning of "Sahib Bandgi"?

Word "Sahib" means Supreme Father (Param Purush) and "Bandgi" means Salutations.
"Salutations to Supreme Father" is being addressed as Sahib Bandgi.

What is the meaning of a word "Sant" and from where it got originated?
Translation of word "Sant" is "Saint" in English.

A Saint (Sant) is that being whose soul gets completely uniformed with Supreme Father
(Param Purush) into Amarlok (4th Lok, which exists beyond universe). He attains
immortality by liberating himself from the territory of perishable universe (3 Lok's), Mind
(Mann) and Body (Maya). The word Saint (Sant) first came into existence onto earth from
the ideology and teachings of true spiritualism by "Sant Samrat Satguru Kabir Sahib"

What is the meaning of word "Kabir"?

An Immortal Soul, resides in every living being which itself is a part of Supreme Father
(Param Purush - Sahib) and whose real existence is beyond five elements (earth, water,
fire, air & sky) is said to be as "Kabir".

What is the meaning of a word "Satguru"?

"Satguru" means a Guru who himself (soul) got liberated from the boundaries of Mind
(Mann), Body (Maya), Universe (3 Lok's) and gets uniformed with Supreme Father (Param
Purush) in Amarlok (4th Lok) which in reality is the immortal abode of Supreme Father
(Param Purush) and all His souls.
The word "Satguru" came into existence from the ideology of Kabir Sahib.

Is every Guru a Satguru?

Guru itself is the most respectable word into everyone’s life. Right from the time of birth
till death, Guru plays a very important role in one way or the other. Guru is like a shelter
which protects us from the evil and at the same time gives complete guidance and
direction to lead a truthful healthy life.

Mother, Father, Teacher, Professor, Lecturer, Doctor performs the basic important role of a
Guru in our lives but only up to some extent.

Then comes the Priests, Rishis, Munis, Prophets, Sidhs, Yogis, etc who performs another
important role as Guru in everyone’s life. They teach us the right informative knowledge
about nature, humanity, motive of human life, religious scriptures, encourage to lead
healthy life and guide us towards the true worship of God.

All these individuals comes under the category of Guru and can only help us in attaining
temporary salvations i.e. they cannot liberate individual soul permanently from the endless
circle of birth and death.
There is only one "Satguru" in this universe that has all the spiritual powers with which He
can liberate our souls permanently from the territory of this perishable universe (3 Lok’s)
as well as from the endless circle of birth and death with His blessings.
Who is Niranjan?
When Supreme Father (Param Purush) uttered a word "Jyoti Niranjan", the fifth son
Niranjan came into existence.

All 16 sons of Supreme Father (Param Purush) came into existence with power of His
words and NOT through any physical body.

The whole universe is doing worship of Niranjan (Mind) in one way or the other by
considering him as their real protector (God). This is due to lack of true spiritual
knowledge. Niranjan (Mind) is being addressed by people in the whole world with different
names such as Ram, Hari, Narayan, Brahm, Paar Brahm, Paramatma, Bhagwan,
Parmeshwar, Aad Niranjan, Nirakaar, Nirankaar, Onkaar (Aum), Nirgun Brahm, etc.

Who is Kaal Purush?

Saints (Sant) who gets the realisation of Amarlok (4th Lok) and got uniformed with
Supreme Father (Param Purush - Sahib) experienced the true limitations of Mind (Mann).
They also realised the whole secret behind the creation of the universe and then explored
the ultimate reality with their own self realisation between the humanity who is living in
the world of illusions created by Niranjan (Mind) itself.

All the Saints (Sant) in which Kabir Sahib himself was the Supreme Father (Param Purush)
and also was the first Saint who addressed Niranjan (God of the universe) with the name
"Kaal Purush", because he (Niranjan) is the one who is giving pains and sorrows to every
living being in this world and at the same time standing like a barrier in between Supreme
Father and Souls.

What are the Five Elements?

The five elements with which the whole universe has been created are
1. Earth.
2. Water.
3. Fire.
4. Air.
5. Sky.

How these Five Elements came into existence?

Supreme Father (Param Purush) uttered Five Words from which five elements got
produced i.e.
1. Word “SATT’ produced Earth.
2. Word “ONKAAR” produced Water.
3. Word “JYOTI NIRANJAN” produced Fire.
4. Word “SOHANG” produced Air.
5. Word “R-RANKAR” produced Sky.

Can a human being attain permanent salvation without the blessings of a true Satguru?
No, not even a single individual being in this universe can attain permanent salvation from
the entanglements of Mind (Mann) without getting blessed up with Real Alive Holy-Name
(Sajeevan Naam) of Supreme Father (Param Purush - Sahib) by a true Satguru.

Who created the universe and why?

Niranjan (Mind) has created the universe (3 lok's) with help of five elements and he
himself is present in the fifth element i.e. Sky (vacuum).

This fifth element itself is present in form of "Mind" in every human's body to mislead the
soul from the right path of Truth (Satya).

He (Niranjan) impetrate and worshiped Supreme Father (Param Purush - Sahib) and then
created the universe (3 lok's) in Zero-Nothingness (Shunya).
Who commands the whole universe?
Niranjan who is being worshiped as Formless God by the people of the world commands
the whole universe from his abode Shunya and himself is present in form of Mind (Mann)
in every human being.

Does God exists or it is just a man made concept?

God certainly exists and His true existence is only known to a Prefect Spiritual Master

In this materialistic world where individuals spends whole of his/her life by praying to God
as per their own religious rituals without understanding the path of true spiritualism which
clearly indicates that God (Supreme Father) exists beyond the reach of every religion and
five perishable elements.

Who incarnated Gods, Goddesses, Rishis, Munis, Priests, Peer, Paegambars,

Yogis, Yogeshvars?
Niranjan (Mind) incarnated Gods, Goddesses, Rishis, Munis, Priests, Peer, Paegambars,
Yogeshvars, etc just to mislead individual soul, so that none of them could attain
permanent salvation from the universe and none could reach back to their real abode i.e.

What kind of powers do we all have in our body?

Every Individual (human body) on this earth has the same external and internal structure
as far as physical body is concerned. Nature has never shown the feeling of partiality with
any of the living being.

There are three kinds of powers available to every human being in equal means i.e.
1. Material Power,
2. Mind Power, and
3. Spiritual Power.

What is Material Power?

Only human physical body has the material powers (physical ability) out of all the 84 lacs
classified species in this world. These are the powers with which we produced food,
clothes, chemicals, infrastructure, electricity, machines, tools, planes, satellites, etc.

What are Mind Powers?

There are five more bodies which are present in every human body and is directly
associated with the Mind. This secret is only known to a true Satguru. These bodies are
known as Ethereal Bodies, which all are associated with the innermost deeper cells present
in every human body. With the help of concentration these innermost deeper cells gets
activated and then we can see and travel into the whole universe (3 Lok's) within
ourselves through these ethereal bodies. Veda's have also mentioned this reality with
proof that human body is filled up with miraculous powers and the whole universe (3 lok's)
is present inside this human physical structure.
Whenever a person meditates onto any of these five particular words: 1. Sohang, 2. Satt,
3. Jyoti Niranjan, 4. Onkaar and 5. R-Rankar (these words are present in every human
being located at five different particular points) with complete concentration and holds
his/her concentration onto one particular plexus (chakra), where these words are exactly
located inside every human body, the innermost deeper cells of that particular plexus
(chakra) of a body gets activated and Mind produces immense powers (known as Divya
Shakti's) into that body, which can never be experienced out of the body during our
indulgence into materialistic things.

These mind powers are related only with the physical body and it comes under the
territory of Mind (Niranjan / Kaal Purush).

Yogis, Rishis, Munis, Sidhs, Sadhak, Peer, Paegambars, Priests, Gurus, Yogeshvars (Shivji,
Shukdev, Ved Vyaas, Duttatreh, Vasudev Krishan and Gorakhnath) involved in this Nirgun
worship had experienced these ethereal bodies within their own human physical structures
in the past times, but failed to liberate themselves (soul) from this perishable universe (3
lok's) of Mind (Niranjan/Mann).

What are Spiritual Powers?

Spiritual powers known as "Aadhyatmik Shakti" are the powers of a Soul (Aatma). Only a
true Perfect Spiritual Master (Satguru) attains this level of immortality which is far beyond
from the reach of Niranjan (Mind), Tridev (Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv), Yogis, Peer,
Paegambars, Rishis, Munis, etc.

Spiritual Powers are the powers of Supreme Father (Param Purush - Sahib) himself with
which a true Perfect Spiritual Master (Satguru) liberates individual souls permanently from
this perishable universe of Niranjan which is filled with pains and sorrows.