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Upcoming conferences

September 2009

AIDSImpact 9th International Conference

Organizer: AIDSImpact
Location: Gaborone, Botswana
Dates: September 22-25, 2009

October 2009


Organizer: European Social Action Network
Location: Strasbourg, France
Dates: October 5-6, 2009
Themes: A seminar in Strasbourg to be held on 5-6 October entitled: CHILDREN: RESPECT
THEIR RIGHTS – 20 years of joint commitments by NGOs, public authorities, foundations, the
Council of Europe and the European Union.

10th ISSA Annual Conference

Organizer: International Step by Step Association
Location: Bucharest, Romania
Dates: October 14-17, 2009
Themes: The event will explore holistic approaches to education, where political will and
economic investments go hand in hand with effective implementation, to ensure the development
of social capital and societal cohesion. Special focus will be devoted to promoting a
comprehensive approach to early childhood development and education (ECDE) as the strongest
foundation for well-being and success throughout life.

November 2009

Inclusive Education and Diversity in Early Years: A Regional Conference For ECCD
Organizer: Early Childhood Care and Development Program at Arab Resource Collective
Location: Beirut, Lebanon
Dates: November 5-7, 2009
Themes: The 3 days "Inclusive Education and Diversity in Early Years Regional Conference" is
intended to review the general guidelines and elements of inclusion and diversity programs in
early years, discuss latest trends and policies, map challenges and implementation barriers,
present positive models, and share successful stories from Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Qatar,
Yemen, and other countries form the region.

Upcoming conferences

Honoring the Child, Honoring Equity 9

Organizer: Centre for Equity and Innovation in Early Childhood (CEIEC)
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Dates: November 19-21, 2009
Themes: Children’s rights in diverse contexts; Concepts of children’s citizenship in diverse
contexts and settings; Children and participation in diverse settings; Early childhood and
children’s participation, protection and provision rights.

Children’s Rights at a Cross-Roads: A Global Conference for The 20th anniversary of the
UN Convention on the Rights of the Child
Organizer: Childwatch International Research Network, The African Child Policy Forum
(ACPF) and the UNICEF Innocent Research Centre
Location: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Dates: November 30-December 2, 2009
Themes: The main objective of the conference will be the promotion of a framework for the
global collaborative development of a knowledge base for the realization of children’s rights.
Contact: (pdf)

December 2009

15th International Conference on Technology Supported Learning and Training

Organizer: Online Educa Berlin
Location: Berlin, Germany
Dates: December 2-4, 2009
Themes: Innovate, Share, Succeed – is the theme of OEB09. This year’s agenda will be about
your learning innovations, your expertise and the great ideas that will lead your organization,
company or school to success.