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Updated Fighting Schools


Aldana now has two forms, armed and unarmed.

Aldana, Unarmed

Country Castille Roll 1 additional unkept

Weapon Unarmed Apprentice die for initiative for each
Cost 25HP (50XP) If Castillian level of mastery.
35HP (80XP) If Foreign (Apprentice=1,
Journeyman=2, Master=3)
Description Unarmed fighting Journeyman +5 to Passive Defense
combined with dance
Skills Courtier Master Each round you get your
Martial Arts, Hard Wits in “Focus Dice.” Use
Advantages None these to add unkept dice to
Knacks Snap Kick Attack or Passive Defense
Exploit Weakness

Bishop is the Avalonian Fighter Pilot Combat School

Country Avalon You know how to make

Weapon Fighter Pilot Apprentice the most of your guns. You
Cost 25HP (50XP) If Avalon get +1k0 Dmg when using
35HP (80XP) If Foreign Gunnery on Fighter craft.
Description Advanced Fighter Combat Journeyman You have become an adept
dogfighter. You receive a
+2 Free Raises to all Stunt
maneuvers with Fighters.

You get +1 Free Raise

when using Gunnery for
Fighter weapons.
Skills Pilot (Fighter) Master You gain 1 Free Level in
Commander the Stunts Knack, This
Advantages Commission (4pt) may raise your total to 6.
Knacks Bob N’ Weave (Fighter) You receive +2 free Raises
Charge (Fighter) for Gunnery involving
Stunts (Basic Knack) Fighter weapons.
Exploit Weakness

Boucher is more popular than ever. It is now considered a general (Pirate) school and is
available to everyone for 25 HP (50 XP).


Buslayevich has changed greatly.

Country Ussura When driving a light

Weapon Ground Vehicle Weapons Apprentice ground vehicle you get a
Cost 25 HP (50 XP) Free Raise to all rolls.
35 HP (80 XP)
Description A vehicle combat school Journeyman +10 to all Stunt Rolls
developed by the Ussuran when using a Light
plainsmen. Vehicle.

+5 to chase rolls while

driving a Light Vehicle.
Skills Drive Master +15 to Stunt rolls when
Military Ground Vehicle using a Light Vehicle
Advantages None, You receive 1
starting knack at 2 +10 to Chase rolls while
Knacks Gunnery (Basic Knack) driving a Light Vehicle
Stunts (Vehicles)
Trick Shooting (Gunnery) At the beginning of each
Exploit Weakness battle you get 3 Drama die
(Busleyavich) that may only be used
while Driving or acting as
a Gunner on a Light

Durchsetzunberg now has the standard style and a Firearms style.

Country Eisen +5 to a called shot when

Weapon Rifle or Pistol Apprentice using a firearm
Cost 25HP (50XP) If Eisen
35HP (80XP) If Foreign
Description Precision shooting Journeyman +1 to your Tagging Knack
(This raises your
maximum to 6, it takes 25
XP to go from 5 to 6)

+10 to a called shot with a

Skills Firearms Master Each raise you make on an
Scholar attack gives a +1k0 to that
Advantages None attack
Knacks Snap Shot
Trick Shooting +15 to a called shot wit a
Tagging firearm
Exploit Weakness

Gustavo is now a Light Vehicle style and has the following changes.

Country Castille +10 to Initiative Total

Weapon Motorcycle Apprentice during the first round of
Cost 25HP (50XP) If Castille combat if mounted
35HP (80XP) If Foreign
You get +1k1 to your dmg
for Cavalry Attack during
the first round of combat if

+5 to Stunt riding without

using hands
Description Armed Motorcycle Combat Journeyman Negates offhand use of
sword while mounted

You get +10 to Stunt rolls

with Motorcycle

You get +5 to Chase rolls

while on a Motorcycle
Skills Drive Master At the start of each round
Fencing you may choose to borrow
Advantages None actions from the next
Knacks Charge (Fencing) round. You may do this
Cavalry Attack only every other round.
Exploit Weakness

Guderian is the Eisen school of armored warfare created by Wilhem Guderian after his
experiences in the Second War of the Cross.

Country Eisen You are learning the

Weapon Tank Apprentice concept of the Blitzkrieg.
Cost 25HP (50XP) If Eisen You roll an additional
35HP (80XP) If Foreign Unkept die for Initiative
for every level of Mastery
in this school.
Description Advanced Armored Journeyman You have learned to take
Warfare your time for the right
shot. You may turn extra
Action Dice into extra
Kept Dice on Wound
Skills Military Ground Vehicle Master You have mastered your
Commander main cannon. It now
Advantages None inflicts 1 Dramatic Wound
Knacks Arc (Gunnery) for every 10 it exceeds the
Charge (Tank) Wound Check instead of
Whirl (Gunnery) every 20. This does not
Exploit Weakness make it a Starship Class
Longue Carbine

Longue Carbine has been adapted to using modern weapons.

Country Montaigne The rifleman knows the

Weapon Sniper Rifle Apprentice value of a well placed
Cost 25HP (50XP) If Montaigne shot. For every action
35HP (80XP) If Foreign spent aiming, he may
increase his damage by +1
Unkept Die. You may
spend as many Action
Dice as your Resolve
Description Sniper school developed by Journeyman
Montaigne soldiers during
the first Ussuran Invasion
Skills Energy Guns Master You may raise your
Hunting Energy Guns skill to 6.
Advantages None
Knacks Ambush You may double the effect
Sharpshooting (Energy of the Sharpshooting
Guns) knack.
Trick Shooting (Energy
Exploit Weakness