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I ndustries Needs
Date: 27/5/2011 Balaji.P 2051-2/5 Fifth Street Sourastrapuram Van i!ur "a urai Ph: #$#%%$0250 Sub: &etter of offer for the position on Business '(e)uti*e. Dear Balaji+
,his has referen)e to !our appli)ation an the su-se.uent inter*ie/ !ou ha /ith our "r.Satheesh 0umar for the a-o*e )aptione pla)ement in our or1ani2ation. 3e are please to inform !ou that !ou ha*e -een sele)te for the position of Business Executive an !ou /ill -e hea .uartere at "a urai on the follo/in1 terms an )on itions. 1. 4our esi1nation /ill -e Business e(e)uti*e. 4ou shoul report to the ut! on 1st June 2011 2. 4ou /ill -e pai a )onsoli ate salar! of 5s. 13500/- 65upees 'i1ht ,housan fi*e hun re onl!7 8 9on*enien)e 8 "o-ile '(penses. :. 4ou /ill -e on pro-ation for a perio of ; months after su))essful 9ompletion of the pro-ationar! perio !our ser*i)es /ill -e )onfirme in the or1ani2ation. %. 4ou /ill -e reportin1 to Sales "ana1er on a!-to- a! -asis of !our or1ani2ation. 5. 4ou are a))ounta-le for ,ar1ets on Sales < 9olle)tions month to month. ;. =ppointment of super Dealers an Distri-utors in !our 1i*en re1ion is !our primar! responsi-ilit!. 7. 4our performan)e of a)hie*in1 the tar1et is the prime )o-or ination of this appointment letter. $. 4ou nee to su-mit >proje)t plan of a)tion? an a)hie*ement for our re)or to re*ie/ the same. =s a to@en a))eptan)e of this letter+ please si1n the )op! of this letter an sent to us imme iatel!. 3ith Best 3ishes+ 9.Satheesh 0umar

"ana1in1 Dire)tor

Moosapet, Hyderabad. Ph: 98483 29242 Sub: Letter of offer for the position on Sales Officer. ear Sreedhar,
!his has reference to yo"r application and the s"bse#"ent inter$ie% yo" had %ith o"r Mr.S"resh &"'ar for the abo$e captioned place'ent in o"r or(ani)ation. *e are pleased to infor' yo" that yo" ha$e been selected for the position of Sales Officer and yo" %ill be head #"artered at Hyderabad on the follo%in( ter's and conditions. +. ,o"r desi(nation %ill be sales officer. ,o" sho"ld report to the d"ty on 1st ece'ber 2--. 2. ,o" %ill be paid a consolidated salary of /s. 8500/- 0 /"pees 1i(ht !ho"sand fi$e h"ndred only2 3 4on$enience 3 Mobile 15pensis. 3. ,o" %ill be on probation for a period of 6 'onths after s"ccessf"l 4o'pletion of the probationary period yo"r ser$ices %ill be confir'ed in the or(ani)ation. 4. ,o" %ill be reportin( to Sales Mana(er on day7to7day basis of yo"r or(ani)ation. .. ,o" are acco"ntable for !ar(ets of /s. 5 la&hs on Slaes 8 4ollections 'onth to 'onth. 6. 9ppoint'ent of ealers and istrib"tors in yo"r (i$en re(ion is yo"r pri'ary responsibility. :. ,o" are liable to be transferred any %here in ;ndia . 8. ,o"r perfor'ance of achie$in( the tar(et is the pri'e co7ordination of this appoint'ent letter. 9. ,o" need to s"b'it < pro=ect plan of action> and achie$e'ent for o"r record to re$ie% the sa'e. Ho%e$er a detailed appoint'ent letter %ill follo% in d"e co"rse of ti'e. 9s a to&en acceptance of this letter , please si(n the copy of this letter and co"rier to "s i''ediately. *ith ?est *ishes, @or 9pe5 ;nd"stries 4.Satheesh A"'ar