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The outsourcing
Better known in Canada under the term « outsourcing », it means the transfer of all or part of a function of an organization to an external partner. This decision requires in-depth because the organization will engage in a brand new mode of operation. Gérard Chagnon, vice president of professional services combines several years of experience in managing large outsourcing contracts, professional expertise and experience in the field are valuable assets for all companies wishing to undertake a process of outsourcing Here are your ten basic tips .


Concentrate on the essentials
You focus first on the bulk of your business development (core business). The functions are tools to help you more easily achieve your business objectives and not distract you from your business vision.


Choose your business partner with care
First we must establish a high level of confidence in your partner; more continuous communication more effective will be the search for solutions. We must not speak only in crisis situations. More outsourcing your partner knows your business issues the more he can better meet your needs. This one must also guarantee the quality of resources at your disposal and respect the agreements related to service levels.


Weigh the pros and cons
Outsourcing is chosen for good reasons: your IT functions are important but not strategic, they are an important part of your operating budget, your computer is older, your next generation is at risk, and your Employees are few experts. These are ideas that will take you to explore the option of outsourcing.


Rely first on skills and not only on the economies
Choosing the outsourcing does not always mean a reduction of its major annual budgets, however, outsourcing offers insurance against worries. With a pool of experts to intervene in each business clients, your partner can meet your needs both spot and long term.


Specify your needs
This step is crucial to move properly. Where appropriate exercise external audit may help you see more clearly in assessing the capacity of your infrastructure. In addition to its strengths and weaknesses, the company must also wonder about the desired level of support according to its business plan. For example, if the company’s strategy is to grow by acquisition, the organization must provides outsourcing contract that will support its expansion.

Nexio Technologies Inc. • 417 Saint-Nicolas, Suite 400, Montréal, Québec H2Y 2P4 CANADA • sales@nexio.com • nexio.com


Do not neglect security
If the outsourcing contract included security in addition to the operational management, you decide to leave full control to your business partner! This may represent a significant risk because the company has a legal responsibility to protect personal data. In this case there should be ways for effective control, this may mean on a third party to remotely monitor the work of your partner.


Evaluate the results, not the know how
Choosing outsourcing requires letting go of what was in the company and allow a third party to do his work. It is certain that the work process will not be the same. The partner is responsible for maintaining the applications and optimizes them, always in relation to the needs identified in advance. Internal IT must now manage an external partner rather than an internal company.


Develop a contract tailored to your needs
The contract defines the limits of parties; we must ensure that the chosen partner will be able to follow you throughout your growth and required that pricing will not become a brake to your business plan. There are several possible combinations to serve the needs of each customer. The planning incentives may also motivate your partner to save his energy in the right place.

TIP 10

Maintain the relationship
Building a healthy business relationship takes time and we must establish communication mechanisms that will facilitate the dialogue. The outsourcing contract must state a mode of governance that will enable the parties involved to talk regularly and at different levels of the organization.


Small step by small step
You are worried and want to be sure of your choice! At first, entrust the outsourcing of small parts of your infrastructure and take time to assess the performance of your partner. If the result is positive you will continue to develop your business a long term partnership.

Gérard Chagnon
Vice President Professional Services T + 1 (514) 798 3707 # 2080 C + 1 (514) 953-3477 F + 1 (514) 798-1505

Nexio Technologies Inc. • 417 Saint-Nicolas, Suite 400, Montréal, Québec H2Y 2P4 CANADA • sales@nexio.com • nexio.com

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