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2013 Gwandong Winter English Camp

Journey to Middle Earth

Dwarf Cover

Camp Rules
1) Please speak in English: Use English as much as possible when talking to your friends, or to the teachers. 2) Do not use your cellphones: Please turn your cellphone off when you are at camp. Only use your phone when the teacher says its okay for an activity. 3) Do not use Korean websites: When you have to use the computer, do not use Naver or Daum. Instead, we want you to use (in English) and when you need to search for information. You cannot type in Hangeul, only English! 4) You will get stickers: When you do something good, like answer a question or give a great presentation, you win stickers for your team. The stickers will go on your teams banner. The team with the most stickers will win special prizes at the end! 5) Please share: Share your crayons, scissors and other things with the other students. 6) Help each other: Help the students in your team with their English. If you help a lot, a teacher will give you a sticker! 7) No swearing or fighting: Do not swear in English or Korean. Also, do not fight with the other students. 8) Come to school on time: The English Zone will be open and warm. Sit down and put on your name badge.


Monday Camp

orientation Team-building exercises.

Tuesday Cookie House


Wednesday Scavenger hunt introduction.

Thursday Combat training

Friday Skating

Make team posters. Group

Make cookie houses

Scavenger hunt challenge

Finish land claim presentations/ Costumes.

presentation. 3D Diorama Introduction Construction. New Year goals.

Presentation. Land claim Work on land claim presentations. Poetry writing/ Songs




Teams work on land claim arguments, Write journal entry.

Party Write journal entry.

Write journal entry.

Write journal entry

This is the timetable for this years winter camp. Read it every morning, so you know what you will be doing! Do you have any questions? Ask one of the teachers! Zackary can be reached by e-mail (, or KakaoTalk (Scroozle).

An Introduction to Middle-Earth
Middle-earth is home to many races. The oldest of these races are the immortal elves. The elves came from the undying lands of Valinor, thousands of years ago, during the First Age. At that time, the world was new, but it was not without evil. The Dark Lord Morgoth fought the elves, from his kingdom of Angband. After many centuries, dwarves and humans arrived; however, unlike the elves, the dwarves and humans could die of old age. The First Age finished when Morgoth was defeated. The Second Age began when the elves, dwarves, and humans rebuilt the lands after the destruction caused by wars. It was during this time Morgoths servant Sauron came to power in Mordor. At first, Sauron tricked everyone into thinking he was kind. He created the rings of power. Three rings were for the elves. Seven rings were for the dwarves. Nine were given to men, and they became great kings and sorcerers, called the Nazgl. However, Sauron created a master ring for himself: the one ring of power. When he wore this ring, he could control all the other magic rings, and the people who wore them. The second age ended when the elves, humans and dwarves fought Saurons ors, trolls, and Nazgl. The ring of power was cut from Saurons finger, and the war was over. At the start of the Third Age, many of the elves were tired of fighting, so they returned to the undying lands. To help the humans, dwarves, and remaining elves, the gods sent the Istari to Middle-earth. The Istari looked like humans, but they were wizards. These five wizards would help stop Sauron from returning. Sauron was not dead, because his ring of power was not destroyed. The Nazgl made wars throughout the land, especially in the countries north of the Shire, where the peace-loving Hobbits lived. The hobbits were smaller than dwarves, and had lives as long as humans. In their home, they enjoyed nature and farming. When the elves wanted to go west, to the undying lands, they would often pass through the Shire.

Day 1: Monday
Welcome to the first day of camp! Today, you will be introduced to the theme of the camp, and the activities you will do this week. There will be five teams for this winter camp, and each team is a race. Each race lives in Middle-earth, a fictional world created by J.R.R. Tolkien. There is a piece of land each of your races want and you will make a presentation on why it should be yours. Throughout the camp, you will do activities to win this land over the other teams. To begin Monday, you will be introduced to the camps theme, and then do some team-building exercises. This will be a chance for you to win some sticker points for your team, and get ahead. You will need to design your teams poster, so you can place your stickers on it, when its finished. Think of some identifying aspects of your teams race, and use them in your posters design. When your posters are finished, you will be given the opportunity to construct a 3D diorama of your team. A 3D diorama is a type of 3D model. You will use the paper, glue, and other materials given to you. Look at pictures of the types of homes your races live in, and then try to make them in 3D. Make little paper dolls of your team, and place them into the diorama. Next, you are going to write your hopes and dreams of 2014 on piece of paper, and stick them to your diorama. When this is all finished, you will make a presentation with your dioramas and your hopes and dreams. Before the day is finished, you must write a daily diary. This diary is in your camp booklet. Tell the teachers what you did, and if you thought it was fun or not. One team will be chosen to clean the English Zone. If its your team, dont go home!

Diorama Plans

New Year Goals

Monday s Diary
What did you do today? Let the teachers know what you thought was interesting. Zackary will fix your English when youre finished.

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Day 2: Tuesday
Welcome to the second day of camp! Today, you are going to make cookie houses! Gingerbread houses are the most common type of cookie houses, but you will be making a different kind of cookie house. Your cookie houses designs must be similar to the architectural style of your races. The Elves live in nature, so their houses are in trees (like Lothlorien), or around trees (like Rivendell). The Dwarves live under the ground, so they like caves (like Moria, or Erebor). The Nazgl live in old, dark, twisted, fortresses (like Dol Guldur or Minas Morgul). The Hobbits live in cozy hobbit holes in the Shire (like Bag End). The Istari live in different kinds of places (like Orthanc or Rhosgobel), depending on the type of wizard. Use the different ingredients, as a team, to create the structures of your cookie houses. If you need help with your designs, you can look at yesterdays 3D dioramas. After you finish making your cookie house, you will need to give a short presentation. You will explain the meaning behind your houses shape. Afterwards, you can eat it! In the second half of todays exercises, you will start on your land claims. Each team is fighting over a piece of land in Middle Earth. Everyone thinks the land should belong to them, but you will need to prove why its yours, on Thursday. Today, you will start planning your presentation, and your arguments. If you look on your maps of Middle Earth, the land you will be arguing over is called Minhiriath (in the west, between the two rivers Baranduin and ). It is south of the Shire, where the Hobbits live. It is west of Isengard, where one of the Istari lives. It is between where the Elves live (Mirkwood, Rivendell, and Lothlorien), and where the Elves go (the Grey Havens). Minhiriath once belonged to Sauron, the master of the Nazgl. It is also right next to one of the ancient homes of the Dwarves, Ered Luin (Blue Mountains). Research your teams race, and give examples why the land should be yours. Tell us how your race is going to use the land, if you win it. Think carefully. The fate of Middle Earth is in your hands! Before going home, you must write in your daily diary!

Cookie Houses
Building a cookie house is like building a card house. Start with the internal structure first, and then add the details. Make sure it is on a flat surface, and the walls are strong. If you are going to make different floors, go slowly, and wait for the icing to dry a little. If you build too quickly, it will break and fall apart. Once it is broken, it is difficult to put back together. So, before you start, make a plan on a piece of paper. Decide what you are going to use to construct your cookie house. When your team agrees to the plan, start organizing your ingredients. When you are making the cookie house, it might be easier making two teams. Have three students make one part, and two students make another. Dont try to make everything at the same time. Remember, you need to design your cookie house like a building your race would make. Look at some pictures online, or at your diorama for inspiration. Heres an example of Bilbos and Frodos Bag End in Hobbiton. Look at it, and think of how they made it:

Cookie House Plan

Tuesday s Diary
What did you do today? Let the teachers know what you thought was interesting. Zackary will fix your English when youre finished.

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Day 3: Wednesday
Welcome to the middle of the camp! Today, you will embark on a quest. Whats a quest? A quest is an adventure. For example, Frodo went on a quest to Mordor to destroy the One Ring. Your quest wont be as dangerous, but it will be difficult. On your quest, you will have to complete many missions. Sometimes, you will need to do an activity, in front of a teacher. At other times, you will need to look for something. The quest is not a race; what is important is doing as many activities as possible before there is no time. During the quest, be sure to get the signatures of the teachers. If your papers arent signed, then your quest wasnt successful! Once the quest is finished, you will work on your presentations. Remember! Your presentations are tomorrow! Be sure to think of your teams arguments and why you should own the land of Minhiriath. For tomorrow, at least one member of your team must dress in a costume. The costumes style must be similar to your races. Think of what you will wear, and then when you go home, you can prepare the costume for tomorrows presentation. In the final period of today, we will work on some songs and poetry. Music and poems are important to the peoples of Middle Earth. You will be given a chance to write a poem for your team. The best poem will win many stickers. Finally, before you go home, you must write in your daily diary.

Into the West Lyrics

Lay down Your sweet and weary head. Night is __________________; Youve come o __________________________. Sleep now, And dream of the ones who came before. They are calling, From across the distant ___________________. Why do you ________________________? What are these tears upon your face? Soon you will see All of your fears _______________________. Safe in my arms You're only sleeping. What can you see On the _______________? Why do the white ________________ call? Across the sea, A pale moon rises. The ships have come to carry you home. And all will turn To ___________________________. A light on the water All souls pass. Hope fades Into the world of night. Through shadows falling Out of ___________ and ________________. Don' s y: We ve come no o e end. White shores are calling, You and I will meet again. And you'll be here in my arms, Just sleeping. What can you see, On the ________________? Why do the _______________________ call? Across the sea, A pale moon rises. The ships have come to carry you home. And all will turn To ________________________. A light on the water Grey ships pass, ____________________________________.

Working together with your team, write a poem about your teams race. Heres an example from Tolkien: All that is gold does not glitter, Not all those who wander are lost; The old that is strong does not wither, Deep roots are not reached by the frost. From the ashes a fire shall be woken, A light from the shadows shall spring; Renewed shall be blade that was broken, The crownless again shall be king.

. . . .

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Wednesday s Diary
What did you do today? Let the teachers know what you thought was interesting. Zackary will fix your English when youre finished.

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Day 4: Thursday
Welcome to the second last day of the winter camp. Have you been having fun so far? We hope so! Today is going to be a very busy day, so lets get started. First, you are going to learn some basic combat training. This will be useful because Middle Earth isnt always peaceful. The teams that master their combat training the fastest will get bonus points. The training will consist of different activities and series of movements. Dont worry; you will not die. We hope. Once everyone is relaxed, you will finish your preparation for your presentations. Finish your posters, and memorize your speeches. Every student must speak at least once during your presentation. Dont forget to prepare the costume for the presentation; it can greatly help your team get points. The presentations will take some time, so please listen quietly as the other teams give theirs. After each team gives their presentation, everyone will be given a chance to ask the team questions. For every question you ask, you get one point. For every question your team answers, you get one point. So think of interesting questions! When the presentations are finished with, the small lunch party will begin. Well eat some food together and unwind. As you eat your lunch, dont forget to write in your daily diary. We will need to clean up the English Zone very well, because we will not be using it on Friday.

Combat Training
Archery- An elegant form of combat, mastered by the green elves of Mirkwood. Using a bow and arrow, you must hit a series of letters to spell certain words. You will have a time limit, and the faster you hit the correct letters, the more points your team will get.

Sneaking- The ability to move quickly, and quietly, is very helpful. The hobbits of the Shire are quieter than elves when they move. Your e ms leader will lead you through a dangerous maze. There will be a series of numbers on the ground from 110 you must step on, in order. However, if you step on a dangerous piece of paper, you will die. The team members (except for the leader), will be blindfolded. The blindfolded team members must listen carefully to their leader, and step only on the papers the leader tells them to.

Wraith Assassination- Without their robes, the Nazgl are completely invisible. The nine ringwraiths are the most dangerous weapons of Mordor, and Saurons deadliest agents. With everyone together, you must move without being seen, and try to take out the target. A teacher will stand in the front of the room, and everyone will be in a line. As the teachers back is turned, everyone will advance forward. When the teacher turns around, everyone must stop moving. If the teacher sees a student moving, that student must go back to the start. The first student to reach the teacher gets the point for their team.

Thursdays Diary
What did you do today? Let the teachers know what you thought was interesting. Zackary will fix your English when youre finished.

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Day 5: Friday
Today is the final day of camp, and maybe the most different. Today, you are going to go to a skating rink! Its a chance to exercise, after you ate all that junk food yesterday! Before you go, there are some things you should first prepare: Bring TWO pairs of socks (so, four socks). This will protect your feet. Bring a water bottle. You will be thirsty, so bring something to drink. Wear layers. When you get hot, its easier to take off each layer. Bring gloves. You dont want to get bloody handsdo you? Bring some money, if you want to buy snacks. Its okay if you dont know how to skate. A teacher can show you how to stand up and move. Once you can do that, a teacher will teach you how to stop, and even skate backwards! We will play some games on the ice with your teams. If you win the games, then you get some sticker points. At the end of the day, all the stickers will be counted, and the team with the most stickers will be the winner! The students in that team will get a special prize! Before you go home, please dont forget anything at the skating rink!