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Carlos Morales González

Associate Professor of English and Literature

Miami-Dade College
InterAmerican Campus
627 SW 27 Avenue
Miami, Florida 33145

Educational Philosophy Education is powerful when

there is a community that
surrounds and supports the
learner. I’m fortunate to
have that community and try
to invite its presence in all
of my courses. As a
teacher/learner, I see myself
as a shaman of sorts. The
magic I work with allows me
to enter the sacred space of
the classroom and invite
students to join me as
together we reflect, reclaim,
rethink, recover, and reveal
what is of most value--what
can stir the cauldron of
creativity, joy, and bliss in
the direction of engagement
and greatest good.
Educational Background Masters in Arts in English
University of Miami, 1992

Bachelors of Science in
Social Studies Florida
International University,

Professional Development Certificate in Earth Ethics,

Social Justice, and
Intercultural Literacy, 2006-

Salzburg Seminar (Austria),

March 2005

Center for Formation in the

Community College (Dallas),
October 2003

Center for Formation in the

College Retreat (Taos), May

Bioneers Conference, San

Rafael, California, October
2002, 2004

MDC Honors College Faculty

Retreat, February 2002

Project Citizen (Center for

Involvement), October 2001

Earth Spirit Rising

Conference, (Louisville,
Kentucky), June 2001

Service Learning and

Diversity Conference,
November 1998

Presentations Columbia University, Bones

and Parasites: Focusing on
Insights Gained from Service-
Learning in Urban Educational
Settings, March 2007

Iowa State University,

Service Learning and
Reflection Practices, April

Journal of Ecological
Restoration (University of
Wisconsin Press), “Recent
Arrivals: Connecting
Immigrant Youth to the Land
Through Restoration,”
September 2004.

Instituto de Estudios
Cubanos, Earth Ethics and
Cuban Environmental Policy,
June 2004

Iowa Western Community

College, Service Learning
Master Teacher Workshop, June

League for Innovations (San

Francisco), Service Learning
Presentation: Healing Spirit,
Mind, and Community, March

WXEL (PBS), Spirituality,

Service, and the Environment,
January 2004

National Communication
Association Conference,
Integrating Service-Learning
in the Writing Curriculum,
November 2003

Conference Day Presenter,

Service-Learning and Earth
Ethics, March 2003

Future Educators of America

Speaker, May 2002

Honors College Breakfast

Presenter, Service-Learning
as a Tool to March 2002

MDC Conference Day

Presenter(Earthly Eros:
Loving the Earth, Loving Our
Story), March 2002

Service-Learning Workshop
with Dr. Edward Zlotkowski
(Helped organize and promote
at the InterAmerican Campus),
November 2001

MDC College Training and

Development Open House
Presenter, September 2001

Earth Literacy Leadership

Conference Presenter,
Knoxville, Tennessee, March

Green Studies Presenter, (A

large number of these
presentations focus on
integrating Earth Ethics and
service-learning in the
college curriculum, March
Community Engagement Research and Teaching Fellow
at FIU Center for Urban
Education and Innovation,

Faculty Service-Learning
Campus Coordinator, 2002-

MDC Institutional Service-

Learning Self-Assessment Team
Member, January 2002

Healing Circle Speaker and

Coordinator: Dealing with
Grief and Fear in the Public
Sphere (InterAmerican
Campus), September 2001,
2002, 2003

Environmental Ethics Core

Faculty Member, Fall 1999-
Awards NISOD Excellence Award, 2004

Endowed Teaching Chair, 2004

Learning Innovations Grant

Recipient, Little Havana
Voices: Service-Learning and
Oral History, 2004

Learning Innovations Grant

Recipient, Developing a
service-learning learning
community impacting over 80
students per semester, 2003.

Learning Innovations Grant

Recipient, Developing a
service-leadership component
for students in my
composition courses, 2002.

HETS/LAPP Award to develop an

on-line LIT 2120 course for
MDC and other HETS members,

Courses Taught ENC 0002: College Prep

Writing I

ENC 0020: College Prep

Writing II

ENC 0021: College Prep

Writing III

ENC 1101: College Writing

Composition I

ENC 1102: College Writing

Composition II

LIT 2120: Survey of World