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. BUDDHIST MEDITATION SAMDHONG RINPOCHE © The Theosophicel Publishing House, 1988 ISBN. 81-7059-102-3, Printed at the Vasanta Press The Theosophical Sock ‘Adyar, Madras 600 020, India BUDDHIST MEDITATION ‘SAMDHONG RINPOCHE is the head of the Central Institute of Higher Tibetan Studies at Varanasi. From infaney, he was given the rigorous religious and philosophical ing sultable for an incarnated lana in Tibet. He came to India in the retinue of His Holisness the Dalai Lama in 11959 when the Chinest occupied his country. This little book is based on a series of talks given to students at the School of the Wisdom at Adyar in 1982, It soon became evident to those who heard them that the speaker was sharing his own deep experiences of meditation without in any way wishing to impose his own preferences and views on others. There was an atmosphere of simplicity, and indeed of contemplation, that did more, perhaps, to convey the spirit of meditation than the words alone could accomplish. Editing of the material has been kept to a minimum in the hope that readers will caich something of the same atmosphere and be inspired to go deeper into this important subject. We wish to express our special thanks to Miss Carin Citroen for her patience and care in transcribing and typing the talks, and for designing the cover. Editor