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A Peek at Pakistan with Farheen Maqbool

New Year Especial Episode: An Interview with Imran Khan

(A talk Show dated 1/Jan/2050)

Farheen Maqbool, the host is a Yale graduate with majors in philosophy and political sciences. She is also an accomplished lawyer having practiced for 20 years in the U.S. and only returning recently to Pakistan to take up journalism and start an NGO providing free representation to those in need. She has been the host of the acclaimed talk show a peek at Pakistan for past year. Farheen (beginning the show): Assalam o alaikum viewers and a very happy new year to all of you. Todays guest is indeed the perfect person to chat with on this beautiful evening. He has led us several times into new eras and new horizons several times and today once again we look at him for leadership. He is a beloved politician, head of the ruling party, PTI and a great leader of Pakistan. He has occupied the office of the Prime Minister of Pakistan for the past twenty years and has played the most vital role in shaping the country as it is today. He is nearing 98 but being a world class athlete and captain of Pakistan national cricket team in his youth which won the world cup in 1992 and with the help of some anti-aging medicines he continues to be as energetic and inspiring as ever. A very happy new year to you Mr. Khan. Imran Khan: Ah Farheen a very happy new year to you and your viewers too. Farheen: Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule for us. Delighted to have you. Imran Khan: Its always a pleasure to be on your show Farheen. Farheen: Khan Sahib (thats how people usually address him) you have played a vital role in making Pakistan what it is today. What are the things you see today that you are most proud of? Imran Khan: I believe it is most important for a country to be independent and protect is sovereignty. Nations that beg and depend on others for help and protection will always be slaves. Thus I am most proud of the fact that in our government we ended Pakistans foreign debt and in the true sense restored the dignity of the Pakistani people.
Farheen: That is indeed a great accomplishment but please do give us some for specific details. Imran Khan: Even though we faced many challenges Pakistan is now a completely independent and debt free state which is very well capable of sustaining itself. This is an achievement in itself given that it was predicted that Pakistan would be destroyed a decade ago in a nuclear war against India over water of which it was predicted there would be an acute shortage as the glaciers of Himalayas which feed the main river of Pakistan melt away due to global warming. Not only did we avoid that but today Pakistan and India enjoy a good friendship with Pakistan exporting water and energy to the ever growing Indian population and economy. This has benefitted Pakistan in several ways as India has now become an international super power with the largest population and one of the strongest economies, it has also been recently given a permanent seat in the united nations security council last year. We did this by fore

seeing the water shortage and establishing water desalination plants based on new graphene based purification systems that is water being purified using an atom thick graphene layers using much lower pressures than traditional methods thus making it much more economical. Also new water recycling procedures, rain water collection systems and better management of the river water played its role. As hydropower was becoming more and more unreliable Pakistan has become a keen user of solar energy utilizing the vast deserts of Thur and Cholistan. The fourth generation Nuclear reactors which cant have chain reaction because they utilize small balls instead of rods and cannot be used by terrorist as they only use uranium that is 7% rich are now helping us meet the nations energy demand. The first Pakistani fusion based nuclear reactor is under construction and will soon be operational making Pakistan for the first time in its history an energy exporting country. In the early 2030s due to the water shortage, the climatic changes and inefficient outdated irrigation methods, Pakistan had to import food and prices of basic commodities sky rocketed. It was a very difficult time for our nation but like always the Pakistani people proved their metal. They stood together hand in hand the faced the challenges like the lions they are! Today with better irrigation facilities and the establishment of vertical farms which is a concept utilized all over the world these days because it is basically a multistory building that is self-sustaining. It is enclosed and protected from the outside environment and can produce large amounts of food near the large city center thus saving valuable land, protecting forests, even saving energy and transportation costs. This was all possible only because we were able to establish peaceful relations with India and thus allowing us to cut down on the amount spent on military warfare which at one point consumed 60-70% of our annual budget and also because the PTI government didnt take loans which were also a heavy burden on the countrys economy. Instead we invested this money on education which in turn leads to the development of all the new technologies and innovations that have allowed us to become a prosperous and well developed country. Farheen: You highlighted and very rightly so the importance of our relations with India but another superpower which is our neighbor is The Republic of China. What are the recent developments in Pakistans relations with China and now that we can safely say that China is about to become a democratic state. How do you think this will effect Pakistans relations with it? Imran Khan: China and Pakistan have had warm relations since the very independence of Pakistan. China has supported us at every step. Recently China has helped us develop an advanced high speed maglev system that connects all the major cities of Pakistan. It is now possible for to travel from beaches of Karachi to the peaks of Kashmir in 3 hours via train. This system is linked to the gigantic train system of China and from there to the Trans global highway and rail network which has emerged over the years. This connects all the major continents of the world except Australia. Thus it is now possible to travel the world via road only. This has led to a new era of economic growth for many countries including Pakistan. Pakistans first fusion reactor is also being developed with help of the Chinese. China and Pakistan are working together on several projects including a new breed of remotely controlled fleet of aircrafts and especially designed robot soldiers to minimize the involvement humans in close range combat most of armies of the developed countries have reduced human involvement to the minimum. Also Cryopreservation project that is resurrecting from being frozen below subzero temperatures is being intensely researched at National university of Science and Technology with help from the leading scientist from China. Similar researches have produced some amazing results else ware in the world.

Also Pakistans National Space Technology Association is developing Pakistans first ever manned spacecraft to moon in collaboration with the Chinese. People have reached mars and they have started developing colonies on moon it is about time Pakistan steps up its game in these fields and join the league of countries that have reached moon. I am glad to hear about Chinas move towards a democratic constitution and I am sure this will only further strengthen our bond. Farheen: I certainly do hope so. Mr. Khan a major concern for us today is the fact that due to global warming Karachi which is the largest and most populated city of Pakistan is being consumed by the sea. Thousands of people have been dislocated and a loss of millions of rupees has stuck the country hard. What is your government doing to remedy this? Imran Khan: Farheen it is a tragedy and I morn with all the people how have lost everything they had worked so hard for. I want them to know I understand their pain. Therefor our government is announcing a recompensation for those dislocated people and providing them homes completely free of cost. To prevent further losses a construction team is working day and night using 3D printing and Claytonic materials which involves the manipulation of tiny electrostatically joined devices known as catoms. Thus providing them all the tools they need to complete the great barrier wall as soon as possible. This will protect the city from further attacks of the sea. Farheen: I am glad to hear that a technology as useful as claytonics is finally being used to do something better than just make expensive toys and furniture. But you do realize that a permanent solution to these problems cannot be provided without a global effort. Gulf cities like New Orleans and Huston Have been completely abandoned due to super hurricanes with wind speeds of 200 mph. The average temperature of the world has risen by c. there is a major water crisis in Europe with Alps devoid of snow thus the Rhine, Rhone and Rebune rivers produce considerably less water. Switzerland is hit hard because it relayed mainly on Hydropower for electricity. The European union has been broken. Conditions in South America are similar. Africa is affected by large scale famines droughts. In Mali 3/4 of the population is now starving. Major extinction of wildlife and trees is further damaging the ecosystem. Only 2% of the Great Barrier Reef remains. 50% of the amphibians have disappeared from Europe. Kruger national Park has lost 60% of its species. What will Pakistans role be in these resolving these issues? Imran Khan: You have to understand that this is a complex situation with no immediate solution. The population of the world has reached a stunning 9.2 billion. Earth doesnt have the capacity to hold such a large human population and we have to pay the price of our luxurious lifestyle. But Farheen trust me this is one agenda that the world leaders are right now united on that is to preserve the ecosystems of Earth. The G8 have successfully halved the greenhouse gas emitions as was promised. Pakistan itself has reduced greenhouse emitions by 60% and we are continuously providing technical help to other countries in doing so. Strict new laws regarding fishing and hunting and environmental standards are being made and implemented. New energy efficient electricity based cars have replaced most of the hydrocarbon dependent older models. These cars are also autonomous and require minimum human involvement. Connected to each other via a large network it is almost impossible for accidents to take place in these new vehicles. We are finding more and more environment friendly and every efficient ways to do things. Let us pray that we are not too late. Farheen: I certainly hope not. Russia and USA used to be the unchallengeable superpowers of the world

how do think their role especially in this region has changed? Imran Khan: USA has never really been able to recover from the Afghanistan Iran wars. Furthermore the constant natural disasters that have frequently plagued the country and the heat waves have all combined to hurt its economic and military strength. Although it still remains a major global player but its role has significantly been reduced particularly in our region with the development of new superpowers like China and India. Russia has regained some of its stature as the melting ice of Siberia has revealed new lands for agriculture and it has become the major supplier of food to China and most of Europe. Farheen: Talking of all these foreign countries some major cultural changes are taking place around the world for example married couples have become a minority for the first time in the history, gay marriages are legal in all of US states and most of the European countries, Virtual or robot sex is becoming common in most western countries, Holographic regeneration of the dead is common feat on several shows. How do you think Pakistanis should react to all this? Imran Khan: I believe that we should adopt the most beneficial aspects of modern world and by no means lack behind in making the most of technological advancements. However every nation has its own values, its own story and its own culture. We should stick by our own culture and not forget our roots and identity. Farheen: Khan Sahib you talk of making the most of the new technologies. Which sector has developed the most according to you? Imran Khan: IT and computer sciences have evolved exponentially in the past decades. With the introduction of quantum computers the processing capabilities of computers have skyrocketed this has led to the invention of many new technologies including new the weather forecasting system which can accurately predict the weather for 6 months with a resolution of cm2 . Phenomena like virtual telepathy that is controlling machines just by thinking, full emersion virtual reality in which nanobots place themselves near parts of the brain that control our senses and interrupt the real world signals and create artificial signals when needed becoming publicly available have revolutionized industries like that of entertainment and tourism. Teleportation of humans becoming an everyday thing also seems just around the corner. The Medical world has also been completely revolutionized because of all these advancements. 3D printing of body parts and stem cell regeneration has made the body parts easily and cheaply available. Implants have become a part of everyday life. Nanotechnology and genetics has helped cure many diseases for example cancer, hereditary diseases and brain damages. Anti-aging pills have increased life expectancy. The new healthcare system introduced by our government a couple of years back now has the bio repository, genomic information and gene data of every citizen. This is a step towards a prevention based healthcare system instead of treatment based one. Farheen: That does sound fascinating. And finally Khan Sahib my last question to you is: what is your New Year resolution? Imran Khan: The same as every year, working harder to make a better Pakistan and becoming a good prime minister. Farheen: Thank you Mr. Khan. And that would be all for tonight from A Peek at Pakistan with Farheen Maqbool. Goodnight and have a great year ahead.