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Pearl Harbor Web Quest

Name ____________________ Pd ___

Please navigate to the following website and CLICK on the box titled Attack Map located in the upper right corner of the webpage. After CLICKIN on !egin" navigate the screen b# clicking on s$all $ap in the upper left corner. Clicking on % and & control the 'oo$.

1) After examining the map of Pearl Harbor, explain how it can be said that the na !"s ships were #bottled $p% in the harbor. &) 'hat protected the entrance to the harbor from an $nderwater attac() *) +a(e a moment to na igate aro$nd the harbor. 'hat was the name of the island that had the battleships doc(ed aro$nd it) _________________ How man! battleships were there) _______ ,) -sing the timeline positioned along the bottom if the screen, slide !o$r c$rsor along and identif! the +'. e ents where the -/ missed opport$nities to so$nd a warning before the attac( began at 0122 ho$rs. ____________________________ 3 ____________________________ 2) -se the timeline to fig$re o$t what time the 4apanese pilots lifted off of the 4apanese carriers) 5) +o answer the follow 6$estions, 7897: on the b$tton located at 0510 ho$rs and then 7897: on ;$ll /tor!. How man! 4apanese planes were in ol ed in the attac( on <ecember 1 th) 'hat $n$s$al na igational tool were the 4apanese able to $se to hone in on .ah$) 1) .n the timeline, 7897: on 01,0 ho$rs. ;rom what direction did the 4apanese planes approach Pearl Harbor) =) Now 7897: on #0122 ho$rs 4apanese Planes /tri(e%. Please choose an! one of the battleships to read more and 7897: on the ship"s name. Now choose one of the eteran"s first>hand acco$nts to read. After reading it, please s$mmari?e its contents below.

@) Now $se the timeline again to see when the 4apanese attac( finall! ended. Please calc$late the length of time the entire attac( lasted. 9t lasted _____ ho$rBs) and ____ min$tes 10) Please 7897: the timeline b$tton located at 1000 ho$rs. Aead the details and explain wh! the 4apanese did not contin$e the attac( an! longer. Also, how man! 4apanese planes were lost in the attac() _____
N.', go to,1.html and read ;<A"s war message to congress. Please label Japan, China, French Indo-China, Pearl Harbor and the locations which the Japanese attacked following the surprise at Pearl Harbor.

9n his war message to congress, what does ;<A highlight o er and o er abo$t the attac( the 4apanese carried o$t)

How does ;<A attempt to get the nation #p$mped>$p% for the terrible conflict that lies ahead)