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STOP ALL! Debt Collectors Calls and Debt Collection!

FDCPA Does NOT include the People or 50 nion states o! A"erica FDCPA De!ines state as an# State$ territor#$ or possession o! the nited States$ the District o! Colu"bia$ the Co""on%ealth o! Puerto &ico$ or an# political subdi'ision o! an# o! the !ore(oin() *n other %ords +ithin the )S) ,included--inside.) The 50 nion states are +ithout the )S) ,not included-- outside.) ni!or" Co""ercial Code , CC. - Article / 0 /-102 LOCAT*ON OF D34TO& ,h. Location o! nited States) The nited States is located in the District o! Colu"bia) Article *56 Section 16 Clause 76 ,Federal propert# and the Territorial Clause. 8 The Con(ress shall ha'e po%er to dispose o! and "a9e all need!ul &ules and &e(ulations respectin( the Territor# or other Propert# belon(in( to the nited States: and nothin( in this Constitution shall be so construed as to Pre;udice an# Clai"s o! the nited States$ or o! an# particular State) Section Three also per"its Con(ress to dispose o! and le(islate !or all territories and properties belon(in( to the nited States) Pursuant to a parallel clause in Article One$ Section 3i(ht$ such authorit# is <e=clusi'e)< The created nited States (o'ern"ent cannot de!ine the ri(hts o! its creator$ the A"erican people) Three !or"s o! la% %ere (ranted under the Constitution$ co""on la%$ e>uit# and Ad"iralt# la%) 3ach had their o%n ;urisdiction and purpose) +hereas de!ined pursuant to Supre"e Court Annotated Statute: ?aine ' Thiboutot$ @00 S) Ct) 7506 <Aurisdiction$ once challen(ed$ cannot be assu"ed and "ust be decided)< Public La% /1-52/ states in part6 <The purpose o! this Act is to pro'ide certain sa!e(uards !or an indi'idual a(ainst in'asion o! personal pri'ac# b# re>uirin( Federal a(encies to per"it and indi'idual to deter"ine %hat records pertainin( to hi" are collected$ "aintained$ used$ or disse"inated b# such a(encies)< +hereas de!ined pursuant to Supre"e Court Annotated Statute: S) ') ?in9er$ 150 S @2/ at @B2 ,@/5C.6 4ecause o! %hat appears to be la%!ul co""ands on the sur!ace$ "an# citiDens$ because o! their respect !or %hat appears to be la%$ are cunnin(l# coerced into %ai'in( their ri(hts due to i(norance) <+hate'er the !or" in %hich the (o'ern"ent !unctions$ an#one enterin( into an arran(e"ent %ith the (o'ern"ent ta9es a ris9 o! ha'in( to accuratel# ascertained that he %ho purports to act !or the (o'ern"ent sta#s %ithin the bounds o! his authorit#$ e'en thou(h the a(ent hi"sel! "a# be una%are o! the li"itations upon his authorit#)< Federal Crop *nsurance ') ?errill$ 117 )S 1B0$ 1BE ,@/E2. <Persons dealin( %ith the (o'ern"ent are char(ed %ith 9no%in( (o'ern"ent statutes and re(ulations$ and the# assu"e the ris9 that (o'ern"ent a(ents "a# e=ceed their authorit# and pro'ide "isin!or"ation$)))< La'in ') ?arsh$ CEE F)7d @12B$ @1B1 ,/th Cir) @/B@. <Public o!!icers are "erel# the a(ents o! the public$ %hose po%ers and authorit# are de!ined and li"ited b# la%) An# act %ithout the scope o! the authorit# so de!ined does not bind the principle$ and all persons dealin( %ith such a(ents are char(ed %ith 9no%led(e o! the e=tent o! their authorit#)< Continental Casualt# Co) ') nited States$ @@1 F7d 7BE ,5th Circuit @/E0. <The e=tent o! the authorit# o! the peopleFs public a(ents is "easured b# the statute !ro" %hich the# deri'e their authorit#$ not b# their o%n acts and assu"ption o! authorit#)< Sittler ') 4oard O! Control O! ?ichi(an Colle(e O! ?inin( and Technolo(#$ 111 ?ich CB@$ CBC: 51 N+7d CB@$ CB1 ,@/57. <*! #ouF'e relied on prior decisions o! the Supre"e Court #ou ha'e a per!ect de!ense !or %ill!ulness)< )S) ') 4ishop$ E@7 )S) 1EC

So'erei(nt# resides in the People$ and con(ress can e=ercise no po%er$ %hich the# ha'e not$ b# their constitution$ entrusted to it: all else is %ithheld) The People hold Supre"e Po%er in all o! the se'eral States$ and in the Federal nion) +hat does the Supre"e Court ha'e to sa# about the po%er o! +e$ the PeopleG There can be no li"itation on the po%er o! the people o! the nited States) 4# their authorit# the State Constitutions %ere "ade$ and b# their authorit# the Constitution o! the nited States %as established: 8 ) S) Supre"e Court - Hauenstein 's L#nha" ,@00 S EB1 The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act$ or FDCPA$ %as enacted in @/22) Con(ress has a"ended the act se'eral ti"es since$ %ith the "ost recent a"end"ent in 700C) The FDCPA %as enacted to curb abuse$ deception and un!air practices used b# debt collectors in pursuit o! pa#"ent) Con(ress belie'ed that the un!air practices contributed to ban9ruptcies$ in'asions o! indi'idual pri'ac#$ "arital proble"s and ;ob loss) The act %as desi(ned to re"ed# these proble"s) The act is a part o! the "ore enco"passin( Consu"er Credit Protection Act) The purpose o! the FDCPA is to protect consu"ers !ro" a((ressi'e$ abusi'e or ille(al debt collection practices b# debt collection a(encies) *t also pro'ides "easures !or consu"ers to ha'e their debts 'alidated %ith the ori(inal creditor be!ore !urther contact !ro" the collection a(enc# can ta9e place) Consu"er Section B01,1. de!ines consu"er as an# natural person obli(ated or alle(edl# obli(ated to pa# an# debt) Ieneral) The de!inition includes onl# a natural person and not an arti!icial person such as a corporation or other entit# created b# statute) B02,/. False or "isleadin( representations: The use or distribution o! an# %ritten co""unication %hich si"ulates or is !alsel# represented to be a docu"ent authoriDed$ issued$ or appro'ed b# an# court$ o!!icial$ or a(enc# o! the nited States or an# State$ or %hich creates a !alse i"pression as to its source$ authoriDation$ or appro'al) Section B01,B. de!ines state as an# State$ territor#$ or possession o! the nited States$ the District o! Colu"bia$ the Co""on%ealth o! Puerto &ico$ or an# political subdi'ision o! an# o! the !ore(oin() B@1,7.,A.,4. Ci'il liabilit#: ,7. ,A. in the case o! an# action b# an indi'idual$ such additional da"a(es as the court "a# allo%$ but not e=ceedin( J@$000: or ,4. in the case o! a class action$ ,i. such a"ount !or each na"ed plainti!! as could be reco'ered under subpara(raph ,A.$ and ,ii. such a"ount as the court "a# allo% !or all other class "e"bers$ %ithout re(ard to a "ini"u" indi'idual reco'er#$ not to e=ceed the lesser o! J500$000 or @ per centu" o! the net %orth o! the debt collector) 1 >uestions that %ill stop all debt collectors$ collection a(ents$ a(encies! @. Please pro'ide #our !ull na"e$ #our co"plete address includin( cit# and state$ #our ho"e and cell phone nu"bers and #our social securit# nu"ber) These details are re>uired !or the purposes o!: all 'iolations o! la%: all 'iolations o! ri(hts: and all in;ur# su!!ered as a result o! #our act$ actions) * %ill hold #ou personall# liable i! an# o! the abo'e should occur) 7. Please pro'ide ,'ia )S)P)S) "ail to proper co""ercial-!ree "ailin( location$ %ithout the )S). %ritten authenticated proo! o! authorit# s%orn under penalties o! per;ur# upon #our co""ercial liabilit# insuranceG 1. Please pro'ide ,'ia )S)P)S) "ail to proper co""ercial-!ree "ailin( location$ %ithout the )S). %ritten authenticated proo! o! clai" s%orn under penalties o! per;ur# upon #our co""ercial liabilit# insuranceG Kou should also 9eep a %ritten lo( and record all phone calls %ith all debt collectors -- 'oice recorders these da#s are ine=pensi'e$ readil# a'ailable and %hen attached directl# to #our telephone line do an e=cellent ;ob o! recordin( both sides o! the con'ersation -- #ou can sa'e the call in a di(ital !ile on #our co"puter !or possible !uture use) 5isit local &adio Shac9 or O!!ice Depot$ O!!ice?a=$ Staples) 4an9 Holida# o! @/11 de!ined: Presidential Procla"ations No) 701/ issued ?arch C$ @/11 and No) 70E0$ issued ?arch /$ @/11$ te"poraril# suspended ban9in( transactions b# "e"ber ban9s o! the Federal &eser'e S#ste") Nor"al ban9in( !unctions %ere resu"ed on ?arch @1$ sub;ect to certain restrictions) The

!irst procla"ation$ it %as held$ had no authorit# in la% until passa(e on ?arch /$ @/11$ o! a rati!#in( act ,@7 )S)C)A) 0 /5b.) the present la% !orbids "e"ber ban9s o! the Federal &eser'e S#ste" to transact ban9in( business e=cept under re(ulations o! the Secretar# o! the Treasur#$ durin( an e"er(enc# proclai"ed b# the President) @7 )S)C)A) 0 /5) 4lac9Ls La% Dictionar# Si=th 3dition ,pa(e @EC. The 4an9ruptc# o! the nited States$ nited States Con(ressional &ecord$ ?arch @2$ @//1 5ol) 11$ pa(e H-@101 <Se'ere Penalties< Since @/11 Desi(nation O! <3"er(enc#< Le(al Holida# For ?e"bers O! Federal &eser'e S#ste"$ National 4an9in( Associations +hereas de!ined pursuant to6 @7 SC 0 /5 - 3"er(enc# Li"itations And &estrictions On 4usiness O! ?e"bers O! Federal &eser'e S#ste": Desi(nation O! Le(al Holida# For National 4an9in( Associations: e=ceptions: State de!ined6 Current throu(h Pub) L) @@1-1C ,See Public La%s !or the current Con(ress. ,a. *n order to pro'ide !or the sa!er and "ore e!!ecti'e operation o! the National 4an9in( S#ste" and the Federal &eser'e S#ste"$ to preser'e !or the people the !ull bene!its o! the currenc# pro'ided !or b# the Con(ress throu(h the National 4an9in( S#ste" and the Federal &eser'e S#ste"$ and to relie'e interstate co""erce o! the burdens and obstructions resultin( !ro" the receipt on an unsound or unsa!e basis o! deposits sub;ect to %ithdra%al b# chec9$ durin( such e"er(enc# period as the President o! the nited States b# procla"ation "a# prescribe$ no "e"ber ban9 o! the Federal &eser'e S#ste" shall transact an# ban9in( business e=cept to such e=tent and sub;ect to such re(ulations$ li"itations and restrictions as "a# be prescribed b# the Secretar# o! the Treasur#$ %ith the appro'al o! the President) Any individual, partnership, corporation, or association, or any director, officer or employee thereof, violating any of the provisions of this section shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction thereof, shall be fined not more than $10,000 or, if a natural person, may, in addition to such fine, be imprisoned for a term not exceeding ten years. Each day that any such violation continues shall be deemed a separate offense.

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