Roxburgh Announces namelos editions

Stephen Roxburgh announces namelos editions, the second phase of namelos llc, the publishing services company he launched on Inauguration Day. Roxburgh says that namelos editions is a format-independent publishing imprint. “We are about content, not format. We are traditional in that our mission is to identify, develop, market, and sell high-quality content, but we are removing the manufacture, storage, and shipping of physical books from our infrastructure.” Initially namelos editions will publish one-color children's and young adult fiction, nonfiction, and poetry in electronic and print-on-demand editions. namelos will also continue to develop full-color projects for placement with traditional publishers. “namelos editions is a next-generation publisher for the new generation of readers,” says Roxburgh. “Authors want their work read. Today’s readers—especially young people—live on screens, big ones and little ones. namelos editions will publish for them. In addition to ebooks, we will sell print copies, case-bound and paperback, to those customers who want them, either directly using print-on-demand technology or through partnerships and licenses with traditional publishers and distributors. The crucial changes in our business model are that we won’t start by manufacturing a lot of books and filling a warehouse and we won’t dole out formats. We will market the books and fill orders. Marketing will be a combination of conventional and virtual, using a wide array of social networking and e-commerce strategies. Customers will tell us what they want and we’ll provide it. This change in the manufacturing and distribution processes will enable us to publish books very quickly and efficiently once the editing is done. Titles will be sold to the trade on short-discount terms. We will not provide books on consignment or accept returns. “Our authors will be equal partners with us, and our contracts with authors will be profit-sharing arrangements. We will share equally the risks and the rewards. We will not pay advances, but namelos will finance all initial costs of publication.” “namelos will consist of four businesses: (1) we will publish high-quality books for children and young adults; (2) we will sell electronic editions of books we have licensed from traditional publishers and directly from authors; (3) we will continue to offer publishing services to authors, artists, and the industry, and, finally, (4) we have added a development program whereby we will work with authors to develop projects that do not fit our business model (primarily full-color picture books) and represent those projects to traditional publishers.” For more information, go to

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