Ahmad’s Advice

NEG u want to do all the impact work¶ in the 2nc at the top¶ be like DA Outweghs turns case because _____¶ this is where the 1nc impact card¶ is very quickly analyzed like in 4 seconds¶ and why that turns case advs¶ or why case adv's make ur impact more likely¶ then read i/l's¶ why the story of the da¶ acesses the impacts of the aff¶ but no terminals¶ like they read terror¶ u read a link at this point¶ with the da causes more terror¶ u can also add external impacts¶ that the da causes¶ but dont happen in the aff¶ as more offense¶ after u do all this impact work¶ answer the 2ac args in order¶ which is tough sometimes¶ but u should have cards/analytics and u can drop more ev on some args¶ if they challenge ur uq¶ dont just say no they are wrong¶ analyze the warrants¶ be like they say this but thats not true in context of this¶ or our ev takes into account¶ their arg¶ we post date¶ this is the current climate of the uq¶ u want to have a lot of links¶ 3-4¶ in the 2nc¶ answer their link turns¶ and no links¶ same thing about warrants¶ this is tough because in the 2nc¶ u still want to read cards a lot¶ like if ur cards answer their turns/no links or nonuq¶ do cards¶ but analytics are helpful¶ this is true for all da's^ this structure¶ .

nuq.l/t.l ! or anything¶ but in the 1ar¶ u need to go in the order of the 2ac¶ like the order the args were made¶ this means if u have 7 args¶ nuq. only the plan increases US presence and soft power¶ to prevent terror¶ which causes destable econs¶ and an attack would causes X and crash the economy because everthing is destroyed¶ literally should be 5seconds¶ because u dont have time¶ then answer the da however u want¶ like answer wise¶ u dont need to go in order u.AFF if u are aff¶ in the 2ac u need like 1 sentence why the case o/w turns the DA¶ like why the aff's adv's make the impacts of the da happen if the plan isnt passed¶ so like if the impact to china da is china econ collapse¶ and ->war because instability¶ say case o/w turns da terrorism inev in the squo.nol.impact d¶ if u dont go for the first l/t and nol¶ for example¶ in this¶ u NEED to know what ur cards say¶ because these extensions¶ should be like warrant extensions only¶ but they should be responsive¶ like why the da is nonuq but also why their uq is wrong¶ "da is non uq because cuba should have triggered the link.l/t etc¶ impact d¶ in the 1ar¶ u want to do the same order only of the args u want to go for¶ so like nuq.l/t.nuq. they say cuba didnt pass but our warrant is a question of spending on campaigning which is continued"¶ and then move on to the next arg u want to extend¶ in the 2ar¶ is when u choose the args that will neutralize their offense¶ and exacerbate ur own¶ u can do in depth analysis then¶ but 1ar. NO LINK TO THE DA"¶ ummmm¶ be smart¶ record it too if u want¶ ill listen¶ record it on photobooth tho¶ so i can watch ur spreading¶ . dont tell stories .im in the process of fixing this myself¶ in the 1ar though¶ u should be going fast¶ if there is an arg that is very important¶ slow down just a bit to put emphasis on it¶ "THEY CONCEDE THAT CHINESE INVOLVEMENT IN LATIN AMERICA IS INEVITABLE BECAUSE THEY GET POLAR BEARS FROM THEM WHICH MEANS CHINESE PRESENCE WILL ALWAYS STAY.