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University of Prishtina Department of English Language and Literature Faculty of Philology Subject: Corpus Linguistics Master/ Compulsory Year

I - Semesters 8 Credits: 8 ECTS Lectures: 1hour (4 mi!s" Lectures: #ro$essor %r& Shy'ra!e ()rmi*a+, #h%- .oom //, tel: (0" 18 222 /30 4 e5te!sio! 114, e-mail:sh67ermi*a+8hotmail&com Course description The mai! aim o$ this module is to e5ami!e the uses o$ te5t corpora i! li!7uistics research a!d applicatio!s& The mai! o9+ecti:es o$ the course are: • • • • I!troduce the mai! co!cepts o$ corpus li!7uistics #ro:ide a! o:er:ie; o$ the de:elopme!t a!d the prospects o$ corpus li!7uistics I!crease stude!ts< a;are!ess re7ardi!7 :arious corpora E!a9le stude!ts to use, co!struct, a!aly*e te5t corpora

Learning outcomes =! completio! o$ this module, stude!ts should 9e a9le to: • %emo!strate u!dersta!di!7 o$ the uses o$ te5t corpora i! la!7ua7e research• use a co!corda!ce pro7ram to e5tract data $rom a corpus• co!struct a!d a!aly*e the corpora $or li!7uistic purposes& Course re uirements >tte!da!ce: Stude!ts are re?uired to atte!d re7ularly a!d participate acti:ely i! lectures i! order to collect their si7!ature at the e!d o$ the semester& .e7ular atte!da!ce a!d acti:e participatio! ;ill 9ri!7 them up to @ o$ the o:erall 7rade& Stude!ts ;ill also 9e!e$it $rom either o!e to o!e or 7roup co!sultatio! hours& Aailure i! atte!da!ce ;ill 9e pe!ali*ed 9y !ot ha:i!7 their i!de5 si7!ed, ;hich ;ill lead to $urther admi!istrati:e pe!alties& !ssignments and assessment Lectures ;ill 9e i!teracti:e, ;ith stude!ts e5pected to come to class prepared to discuss ?uestio!s o! the co!te!ts listed i! the course sylla9us 9ased o! readi!7s assi7!ed each ;ee'& Stude!ts are e5pected to complete the tas's that deri:e $rom lectures a!d& to co!tri9ute i! ;ee'ly assi7!me!ts (readi!7 assi7!me!ts, ;riti!7 tas's: summaries, critical re:ie;s- oral prese!tatio!s, participatio! i! class discussio!s a!d de9ates"& >ll these ;ill cou!t to;ards their $i!al 7rade& the $i!al 7rade ;ill comprise the $ollo;i!7: >tte!da!ce a!d participatio!: 10@ Britte! assi7!me!t: 10@ =ral prese!tatio!: 10@ Ai!al e5am: 0@ Total: 100@

ithout ac'!o. prese!ti!7 other people<s . Edi!9ur7h G!i:ersity #ress.ill 9e assessed 9y a! e5te!ded i! class essay o! 7i:e! theoretical topic co:ered 9y the course a!d their implicatio!s i! practice& #rades: C0. M>SS. 200C& Hi9er.ill recei:e a $aili!7 7rade a!d mi7ht 9e su9+ect to discipli!ary measures& Course Syllabus Corpus a!alysis a!d li!7uistic theory Early corpus li!7uistics Corpus a!d corpora #la!!i!7 the co!structio! o$ a corpus Eua!titati:e data Collecti!7 a!d computeri*i!7 the data >!!otati!7 the corpus >!aly*i!7 the corpus The use o$ corpora i! la!7ua7e studies Auture prospects i! corpus li!7uistics %oo&s of reference McE!ery. 1//4 Hutler. . 1//1 Stu99s. 1//8& Si!clair. T& et al& Corpus-Based Language Studies: An Advanced Resource Book. T F >& Bilso!.hether copyi!7. (& Leech a!d (& Sampso!& The Computatio!al >!alysis o$ E!7lish: > CorpusHased >pproach& Lo!do!: Lo!7ma!. Corpus Li!7uistics.ell #u9lishers.C3 @ D C C8-3 @ D 3 3C-84 @D 8 8 -/2 @ D / /1. Cam9rid7e. =5$ord. Michael. %&.Final e"am: Stude!ts . S& Co!rad F . Claredo! #ress.100 @ D 10 !cademic integrity$ #la7iarism is co!sidered to 9e the 7reatest academic crime& >!yo!e cau7ht ha:i!7 pla7iari*ed (. 2001 McE!ery.outled7e. C& Statistics i! Li!7uistics& =5$ord: Hlac'. (& >! I!troductio! to Corpus Li!7uistics& Lo!7ma!. Susa! Gsi!7 Lar7e Corpora. E!7lish $or the Computer: The SGS>KKE Corpus a!d >!alytic Scheme.led7i!7 sources. Te5t a!d Corpus >!alysis& Hlac'.ell. 1/8 (arside. Corpus Li!7uistics: I!:esti7ati!7 La!7ua7e Structure a!d Gse& Cam9rid7e G!i:ersity #ress. Joh!& Corpus Co!corda!ce Collocatio!& =5$ord: =5$ord G#. paraphrasi!7 $rom di$$ere!t 'i!ds o$ materials .&. 1/83 Sampso!.& . (eo$$rey. 1//8& Ie!!edy. 1// & 2 . The MIT #ress.! a!d so $orth" .or'/ideas as their o. .eppe!. 1//C >rmstro!7.

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