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Central Florida Scottish Highland Games
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Chip Crawford

President, Scottish-American Society of Central Florida, Inc.

Chip Crawford, President of the Scottish-American Society of Central Florida, Inc (SASCF), volunteers his time because he loves watching others discover their hidden history as he once did. Crawford first attended the Central Florida Scottish Highland Games, hosted annually since 1977 by SASCF, in 1994. This was a low point in Crawford’s life emotionally and while exploring at the games he found his surname on a clan tent. Therein began his search for his origins and history. As time went on Crawford became increasingly involved with SASCF. In 1999, Crawford was elected President, but did not begin active presidential duties until 2004. He has been President ever since. Crawford oversees the organization and development of the Central Florida Scottish Highland Games and manages activities within the SASCF. He is responsible for ensuring the Central Florida chapter meets the standards of the national Scottish-American Society. The SASCF celebrates and preserves traditional Scottish traditions here in the U.S. Everyone on the committee volunteers their time and effort as a labor of love. Crawford says member’s Scottish roots mean a great deal, therefore they learn about their ancestors who had the same passions and whose genes flow through them today. Throughout history, Scots have helped shape the world today through invention, arts, entertainment, politics, medicine and determination. Crawford claims to be influenced by Scotsmen such as Alexander Graham Bell, John Logie Baird, Sir Walter Scott and John Boyd Dunlop. “Love one another and carry a big sword.” - Chip Crawford

Donald McCallum

Master of Ceremonies, The Central Florida Scottish Highland Games
Donald McCallum, Master of Ceremonies (MC) for the Central Florida Scottish Highland Games and the Dunedin Scottish Highland Games, has a long history with the Scottish-American Society. His father, Andrew Burton McCallum, wanted to learn more about his ancestry because he knew his ancestor, Duncan McCallum, had migrated from Campbelltown, Scotland to Canada. To do so, Andrew attended the Grandfather Mountain Scottish Highland Games in Linville, North Carolina. There, he discovered no McCallum clan, so Andrew requested and received permission from the hereditary chief to create the McCallum/ Malcolm Society in 1971. Andrew also became a founding member of the Scottish-American Society of Central Florida and the first Central Florida Scottish Highland Games. Growing up, Donald was always immersed in his Scottish culture. He learned the Scottish bagpipes and Scottish Highland dancing. He competed in both events in many of the Highland Games. Donald’s involvement in the games led him to become a part of the volunteer leadership team in the Scottish-American Highland Games and the St. Andrew’s Society of Central Florida, a fraternal, social, educational, cultural, philanthropic and charitable organization that encourages an interest in the history and traditions of Scotland and its heritage. Donald has been a charter member, manager and President of St. Andrew’s Society. In addition, he was elected MC for the Central Florida Scottish Highland Games in 1996 and MC for the Dunedin Scottish Highland Games in 2001. Donald has been MC of both events since and participated in the Mount Dora Scottish Festival and Night of the Scot concert as MC this year. Not only has Donald pursued his Scottish heritage on a volunteer basis, but he has used his love of the Scottish culture in his career. In 1985, he was hired by Walt Disney Productions to play in the Caledonia Pipe Band at EPCOT. He, then, created the Scottish character Jock MacKay (Mac EYE) and entertained guests on the bagpipes, singing, dancing and with Scottish humor until the fall of 2001 when the character was eliminated due to budget cuts. Beginning in 1985, Donald was the Master of Ceremonies for Scottish celebrations at EPCOT, which lasted until 2007. He continues to share his love of Scottish culture through volunteer and work efforts; increasing awareness and giving others a chance to learn about their ancestry.

Title Date Time Location Event Description
Central Florida Scottish Highland Games

Fact Sheet

Saturday, January 18, 2014 and Sunday, January 19, 2014 Saturday: 8 a.m. - 9 p.m. EST Sunday: 8:45 a.m. - 5 p.m. EST Central Winds Park, Winter Springs, Fla. Over the weekend, you will experience a wide range of traditional Scottish athletic events, highland and country dances, music, food, shopping and more. The Central Florida Scottish Highland Games is a two-day, cultural festival hosted by the Scottish American Society of Central Florida. This year, the Highland Games fall on the 700th anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn, a critical battle in the fight for Scottish independence. Advanced ticket prices: Gate prices: Adults – Saturday games pass, $17 Sunday games pass, $12 Adults - Saturday games pass, $20 Sunday games pass, $15 Child - Saturday & Sunday games pass, $5 Student - Saturday & Sunday games pass, $10 (A valid student I.D. will be required)


*Tickets are available for purchase online, at a sponsor’s location or at the gate. Advanced ticket prices expire Jan. 17 at 8 p.m. and gate prices will apply any time after.

Athletic Competitions

Caber toss Open stone put Braemer stone put 56 lbs. weight-for-distance Hammer throw Sheaf toss Weight-for-height Archery Boulder Boogie

Additional Activities
Bagpipes and drums Quidditch Scottish country dance Highland dance Kids games Shortbread competition Whiskey tasting Arthur Donnachaidh Douglas Forrester Gunn Hope of Craighall MacAulay MacDuff MacFarlane MacKintosh MacLachlan MacLeod* Morrison Munro Murray Ross Turnbull *2014 Honored Clan

Fact Sheet (continued)


Master of Ceremonies

Donald McCallum