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Radiological Abbreviations

AAS - Acute Abdominal Series ABD - Abdomen AC - Alternating Current ACR - American College of Radiology ADC - Analog-to-Digital Converter AEC - Automatic Exposure Control AGC - Automatic Gain Control Al - Aluminium ALARA - As Lo As Reasonably Ac!ievable" A#$ - Atomic mass units A% - Anterio-%osterior A%R - Anatomical %rogrammed Radiograp!y ARR - Academy of Radiology Researc! ARRS - American Roentgen Ray Society ARR& - American Registry of Radiologic &ec!nology ASR& - American Society of Radiologic &ec!nologists Ba - Barium BAS - Barium S allo Be - Beryllium BE - Barium Enema B'R - &!e Britis! 'nstitute of Radiology BS - Britis! Standard B( - Band idt! C)*g - Coulomb per +ilogram CA& - Computed Axial &omograp!y CA$ - Caudal CCD - C!arge Coupled Device CD - Compact Disc CDR - Recordable Compact Disc CE$ - Continuing Education $nit C,D - Coronary ,eart Disease C'-E - C inematograp!ic C-R - Contrast-to--oise Ratio C%R - Cardio-%ulmonary Resuscitation CR - Computed Radiograp!y CRA - Cranial CR& - Cat!ode Ray &ube Cs' - Caesium 'odide C& - Computed &omograp!y C&D' - Computed &omograp!y Dose 'ndex Cu - Copper C.R - C!est .-ray DA% - Dose Area %roduct DAS - Data Ac/uisition System DC - Direct Current DDR - Direct Digital Radiograp!y DEC$B - Decubitis D, - Department of ,ealt! D'C0# - Digital 'maging and Communication in #edicine

3ocus to 'socentre Distance4 3ree 'nduction Decay 302 .3ast 3ourier &ransform 3'D .Last 'mage .Left Anterior 0bli/ue LCD ..Digital 2ideo Disc Eb .Dose-Lengt! %roduct D1E .Geometric Efficiency4 General Electric4 Gradient Ec!o G' .Lo Contrast Detail4 Li/uid Crystal Display LCR .Electron Spin Resonance E&L ..Ec!o %lanar 'maging ESR .$ .ospital 'nformation System .7 .Left %osterior 0bli/ue LS3 .DL% .3ourier &ransform GC3 .Gadolinium Gd505S .+iloelectron 2olt +g .Electron 2olt 3A .3ield Ec!o 33& .'nternational 0rgani7ation for Standardi7ation '2 .3ocus to Detector Distance 3E .Electron Binding Energy EBC& .3ield 0f 2ie 3%R .Electro Cardiogram E%' .Ec!o &rain Lengt! e2 .3lip Angle 3DA .'nversion Recovery4 'nterventional Radiology 'S0 .ounsfield $nit .+ilovoltage %ea* LA0 .'S .Detective 1uantum Efficiency DSA .Diet!ylenetriaminepentaacetic Acid D2D .3luoroscopy %rogrammed Radiograp!y 3%S .Digital Subtraction Angiograp!y D&%A .Line Spread 3unction L& .Left .Lo Contrast Resolution L' .old L%0 .'ntravenous %yleogram '2$ .ydrogen Density .'ntravenous $rogram +e2 .+ilogram *2p .6 .'ntravenous '2% .Electron Beam Computed &omograp!y ECG .Gray .Gastrointestinal Gy .'ntramuscular 'R .ert7 'R .Linear 'nterpolator L'.Gadolinium 0xysulp!ide GE .3ast Spin Ec!o 3& .3ood and Drug Administration 3DD .3rames %er Second 3SE . ..Grid Conversion 3actor Gd .'mage Receptor '# ..

Rig!t Anterior 0bli/ue RE# .Spin Ec!o .Lead %BL .#agneti7ation 2ector -CR% .-uclear Ragulatory Commission -R%B .%icture Arc!ive and Communications System %b .-oise E/uivalent 1uanta -E.0bli/ue 0D .#ulti-Slice Computed &omograp!y #&3 .Silicon Controlled Rectifier SC$ .1uality Assurance 1C .Rig!t4 Registered &ec!nologist SAR .1uality Control R93 .%ositive Beam Limitation %#& . .%ercutaneous &ransluminal Coronary Angioplasty 1A .Radiograp!y and 3luoroscopy RAD .Radiological Society of -ort! America R& .R!odium R'S .Radiation E/uivalent #an R302 .0ptical Density %A .Rig!t %osterior 0bli/ue RS-A .#agnetic Resonance 'maging #RS .Society for Computer Applications in Radiology SCR .Radiology 'nformation System R0' .#agnetic Resonance Spectroscopy #SAD .Reconstruction 3ield 0f 2ie R! .-ational Council on Radiation %rotection and #easurment -E#A .#edical Device Directive #in'% .Radiation Absorbed Dose RA# .Loo* $p &able #DA .#agneto-0ptical Disc #RA .#odulation &ransfer 3unction #7 .#aximum 'ntensity pro8ection #o .Service Class %rovider SCAR .-ational Radiological %rotection Board 0BL .#olybdenum #0D .#edical Devices Agency #DC& .%ulse 0ptically Stimulated Luminescence Dosimeter %%S .%!otomultiplier &ube %0SL .#ulti-Detector Computed &omograp!y #DD .Random Access #emory RA0 .#ultiple Scan Average Dose #SC& .-umber of Excitations -RC .-ational E/uipment #anufacturers Agency -E1 .L$& .#agnetic Resonance Angiograp!y #R' .%ostero-Anterior %ACS .%ulses %er Second %&CA .#inimum 'ntensity %ro8ection #'% .Specific Absorption Rate SC% .Region 0f 'nterest R%0 .Service Class $ser SE .

Sonogram4 Sonograp!y S%R .S302 .Signal to -oise Ratio S0-0 .Scan %ro8ection Radiograp! SSD .Source to 'mage Distance S-R .&ime of 3lig!t &0#0 .&ungsten ('% ..&!res!old Contrast Detail Detectability &D' .Surface S!aded Display Sv .&esla &CDD .&ime Delay 'ntegration &E .&omograp!y4 &omogram &R .(or* 'n %rogress .Seivert & .Repetition &ime $G' .-ray .Ec!o &ime &3& .2olume Rendered4 2olume Rendering ( .&!ermoluminescent Dosimeter &03 .&!in 3ilm &ransistor &' .R .$ltrasond4 $ltrasonograp!y 2R .'nversion &ime &LD .$pper Gastrointestinal Series $S .Scan 3ield 0f 2ie S'D .