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Living in Divine Prosperity

Living in Divine Prosperity
by Jerry Savelle

HARRISON HOUSE Tulsa, Oklahoma

Unless otherwise indicated, all Scripture quotations are taken from the King James Version of the i!le" Some Scripture quotations marked AMP are taken from The Amplified Old Testament. #op$ri%ht & '()*, '()+ !$ ,onder-an .u!lishin% House, /rand Rapids, 0ichi%an" Used !$ permission" Some Scripture quotations marked AMP are taken from The Amplified New Testament. #op$ri%ht & '(12 !$ The 3ockman 4oundation, 3a Ha!ra, #alifornia" Used !$ permission" Scripture quotations marked Niv are from the New nternational Version. #op$ri%ht & '(52 !$ New 6ork International i!le Societ$" Used !$ permission" Some Scripture quotations are taken from The !iving "ible. #op$ri%ht & '(5' !$ T$ndale House .u!lishers, 7heaton, Illinois" Used !$ permission" !iving in #ivine Prosperity IS N 892(*5+9*+59: #op$ri%ht & '(2* !$ ;err$ Sa-elle ." O" o< ***2 4ort 7orth, Te<as 5)''= .u!lished !$ Harrison ." O" o< =18=1 Tulsa, Oklahoma 5+'=1

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.rinted in the United States of America" All ri%hts reser-ed under International #op$ri%ht 3aw" #ontents and>or co-er ma$ not !e reproduced in whole or in part in an$ form without the e<press written consent of the .u!lisher"

Contents Introduction ' 4reedom 4rom onda%e * Importance of O!edience = 7illin%ness to Ser-e + Nature of 4aith 1 Se-en Steps to the 3ife of 4aith ) #onsecration?@e$ to .rosperit$ 5 Sowin% in 4amine 5 '= =) 5= ''' '*1 ')= '(1 .


#harles #apps. I knew somethin% special was %oin% to take place in the meetin%s" 6et at the same time I knew somethin% was %oin% to happen in m$ own life" I had no idea what it was. 5 . and I didnAt tr$ to fi%ure it out" I Bust flowed in the Spirit of /od" 0$ wife #arol$n and I had decided !efore we went into the con-ention that we were %oin% to fast and sta$ in the presence of /od e-er$ moment that we were not actuall$ in the meetin%s" I fasted and %ot up -er$ earl$ in the mornin% Bust to fellowship with /od" 7hen I would lea-e a meetin%. and Nor-el Ha$es" efore I went to the con-ention. with @enneth and /loria #opeland. I had the pri-ile%e of ministerin% in a con-ention at #harlotte. I would %o ri%ht !ack to m$ hotel room and sta$ in /odAs presence" That went on for almost the whole week. '(2'.Introduction In Octo!er. North #arolina.

and I sensed a release in m$ spirit" So I told #arol$n. went to m$ room. not !otherin% an$!od$. CIAm %oin% to order a meal.$ !iving in #ivine Prosperity until Thursda$ afternoon" I finished preachin% that da$. 0$ people are in financial famine. then Bust rela< and rest !efore we %o into the ser-ice toni%ht"C She went into the !edroom to lie down and rest while we waited for room ser-ice to !rin% us the meal I had ordered" I went into the li-in% room of our hotel suite. and propped m$ feet up on the coffee ta!le" Now I didnAt ask for this to happen" I didnAt pra$ for it. and IAm %i-in% $ou the assi%nment to tell them how to %et out"C Then He !e%an to re-eal to me the ke$s to deli-erance" That is part of what I will share with $ou in these pa%es" . sat down on the couch. He said these words to meD CSon. when suddenl$ the 3ord appeared unto me" 7hen He appeared. or e-en think a!out it happenin%" I was Bust sittin% there. mindin% m$ own !usiness. and sat down" /od had !een dealin% with me a!out some thin%s? sharin% with me a!out m$ own ministr$ and some new directions we were to take" There had !een some %reat thin%s happen in that con-ention.

I was so taken a!ack !$ what had happened" ut I !e%an to realiFe the ur%enc$ of what the 3ord had told meD CTell the people that I want them out of !onda%e"C 7hen we %ot to the ser-ice that ni%ht. His presence?the Shekinah %lor$ of /od?was still so stron% in m$ room that it woke #arol$n" She ran in and said. thatAs what I was %oin% to tell $ou"C C7ell. which I will share with $ou in this !ook" . CI sense in m$ spirit that /od wants $ou to preach toni%ht"C C6es. C7hatAs happenin% in hereEC I said.ntrod%&tion ' His presence en%ulfed me" It filled the room" In fact.C he said. G$ou do whate-er /od told $ou to do"C That ni%ht I preached a portion of what the 3ord had shared with me. after the 3ord had finished talkin% with me. CThe 3ord Bust -isited me"C 7e %ot so cau%ht up in His presence that when the waiter !rou%ht the meal. we couldnAt e-en eat" I could hardl$ talk or think. rother #opeland said to me. the part a!out sowin% in famine.

and the li-es of thousands of others as well" E-er$where I ha-e preached this messa%e since that time. the testimonies ha-e !een phenomenal" The messa%e I want to share with $ou in this !ook is thisD Put God first place in your life.() !iving in #ivine Prosperity 7ithout a dou!t. I want $ou to know that if $ou will open $our heart and recei-e what I ha-e to sa$ to $ou. IAm not in !onda%e"C /ood. then pass this !ook on to someone who is" /odAs people must !ecome free. C7ell. m$ life was chan%ed that ni%ht. or allowed carnall$ minded men and the worldAs s$stem to decei-e us into !elie-in% that it wouldnAt work" But I want you to know that God has a . for the Bo! we ha-e to do in these last da$s is tremendous and will demand %reat financial freedom on our part" I can show $ou on paper the names of indi-iduals and churches who ha-e !een !lessed and !ettered as a result of recei-in% the truth I share in this stud$" ItAs not an$thin% new" ItAs ri%ht out of the 7ord of /od" The pro!lem has !een that weA-e Bust i%nored it. $ou will come out of $our !onda%e" 6ou ma$ sa$.

and for those who will dare put it to work. great lessings are in store for the!. .ntrod%&tion (( higher way.


And when he had opened the boo. as his &%stom was.. and stood %p for to read. be&a%se he hath anointed me to prea&h the gospel to the poor . he went into the synagog%e on the sabbath day. And he &ame to Na-areth. !%. of the prophet /saias. And there was delivered %nto him the boo.. where he had been bro%ght %p+ and. And he ta%ght in their synagog%es.esus proclaimin% that /od had anointed Him 2to prea&h the gospel to the poor. he fo%nd the pla&e where it was written..e 0+(01($ Here we see .3 Now Cthe poorC can mean poor in spirit.. The Spirit of the !ord is %pon me. being glorified of all.1 " #reedo! #ro! Bondage And Jes%s ret%rned in the power of the Spirit into *alilee+ and there went o%t a fame of him thro%gh all the region ro%nd abo%t. poor in '= .

sociall$. poor financiall$. poor in !od$. the /ospel is for the poor" If $ou are sufferin% in an$ area of $our life. $he Higher %ay I donAt know a!out $ou.(0 !iving in #ivine Prosperity soul. there is a messa%e for $ou" If $ou are sufferin% mentall$. I am Gfed upC with all the carnal knowled%e Satan keeps tr$in% to put into the li-es of the od$ of #hrist" I ha-e made a decisionD As for me and !y house. !ut IAm a little tired of the world tellin% me how e-er$thin% is %oin% to turn out" IAm a little tired of the e-enin% news predictin% m$ destin$" IAm tired of readin% the newspaper and ha-in% it tell me what is %oin% to happen" In fact. there is a messa%e for $ou" If $ou are sufferin% ph$sicall$. poor sociall$" There are man$ people who are poor in some area of their lifeH some are poor in e-er$ area of their life" In an$ case. /od has somethin% He wants to sa$ to $ou" He wants to say so!ething to you a out every aspect of your life. we are not going to listen to the world& we are going to listen to God' . or financiall$. then I ha-e %ood news for $ou" If $ou are sufferin% spirituall$.

neither are yo%r ways my ways. so are my ways higher than yo%r ways.4reedom 4rom "ondage (5 I ha-e learned that /od has a few thin%s to sa$" IA-e disco-ered that /od has a -iewpoint. . saith the !ord.esus is not of this world.esus said. C ut I li-e here"C 6es. then we wonAt ha-e to li-e like this world" 3et me remind $ou that . b%t not of it. $ou do" ut that doesnAt mean $ou ha-e to li-e accordin% to the !e%%arl$ elements of this world" I/al" +D("J CThen what am I to do a!out itEC /et on a hi%her plane" C7here am I %oin% to find oneEC In the 7ord of /od" In Isaiah 11D2.ohn 2D*="J 6ou and I are the seed of A!raham" 7e are Boint9heirs with . and my tho%ghts than yo%r tho%ghts.esus.( /od tells usD My tho%ghts are not yo%r tho%ghts. then neither are we" 6ou ma$ sa$. partakers of the nature of /od" If . and He wants to %et it across to His people" If we will dare to !elie-e it. 4or as the heavens are higher than the earth.6 I. 6 am in the world.

There once was a time in m$ life when I li-ed in sickness" ut I found out that !$ the stripes of . thatAs the pro!lem" /odAs wa$s are past findin% out"C No.noweth the things of a man.esusK 7hen $ou la$ hold on the 7ord of /od and !ecome filled with the Hol$ / the things that are freely given to %s of *od6 I-" '*J" 7eAre not in the dark an$more" Now we know who we are and what is ours in #hrist . that once was a pro!lem. this higher way whi&h saiah is tal. C6es. *od. !ut the Spirit which is of /od" 7h$E C""" that we might .(7 !iving in #ivine Prosperity Someone alwa$s sa$s. then /odAs wa$s can !ecome yo%r wa$s and His thou%hts can !ecome yo%r thou%hts" Then. save the spirit of man whi&h is in him86 I' #or" *D''J" 7e ha-e not recei-ed the spirit of the world.ohn ')D'=J The i!le sa$s. C4or what man . the Hol$ Spirit 7ho indwells us for the purpose of leadin% and %uidin% us into all truth" I. than. !ut itAs not an$moreK ecause now we ha-e the ook and we ha-e the abo%t be&omes yo%r way of doing things.esus I was healed" I' .et" *D*+"J I found out that He !ore m$ sicknesses and carried m$ diseases" I0att" 2D'5"J I disco-ered .

C7e pass them !$"C IAm too !us$ to !e sick" I donAt ha-e time to let the Le-il put sickness and disease on me. CLonAt $ou e-er ha-e opportunities to %et sickEC 6es. there is a hi%her wa$ to li-e ph$sicall$" 7ell.4reedom 4rom "ondage (9 that in the e$es of /od IAm not the sick tr$in% to %et well" Since #al-ar$. all the time" ut as /loria #opeland sa$s. !ut deep down inside. especiall$ since . I want $ou to know that there is also a hi%her wa$ to li-e financiall$. a!o-e the !e%%arl$ elements of this world" As far as the world knows.esus has alread$ !orne m$ sicknesses in His !od$ so that I donAt ha-e to !ear them" 6ou see. IAm the healed and IAm protectin% m$ health !$ standin% on /odAs 7ord and resistin% e-er$ s$mptom that comes to m$ !od$" 4or the past twel-e $ears m$ famil$ and I ha-e enBo$ed health" Someone once asked me. the$ are hopeless" The$ donAt know the outcome of an$thin%" The$ . the$ can put on a front. there is no hope for financial prosperit$ and securit$ an$more" The i!le sa$s in Ephesians that people who are without /od are without hope" IEph" *D'*"J The$ donAt ha-e a co-enantH the$ are without /od. without hope" Oh.

and I donAt know that"C 6ou should" I didnAt sa$ $ou would know e-er$ detail of e-er$ step of $our life" ut $ou should know thisD CNo weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper6 IIs" 1+D'5J. $ou ma$ ha-e heard the reports recentl$ that the unemplo$ment rate in our nation has reached its hi%hest peak in decades" . and nothin% shall !e a!le to separate us from the lo-e of #hrist" IRom" 2D=1"J These are a few of the thin%s IA-e learned from /odAs 7ord a!out how m$ tomorrows are %oin% to turn out" IA-e learned how to take /odAs 7ord and make circumstances line up with what /od sa$s" 7e ha-e that pri-ile%eH thatAs our hi%her wa$" The world is sufferin% toda$" This countr$ is sufferin% financiall$" The news media will -erif$ that" In fact. CIAm a #hristian. and C f *od be for %s.($ !iving in #ivine Prosperity donAt know what is %oin% to happen tomorrow" 6ou ma$ sa$.eople are hurtin%" The world is in trou!le" /o-ernments are failin% all o-er this planet" Economic s$stems are crum!lin%" 4inancial institutions are not workin% properl$" I canAt remem!er the last time I read an$ %ood . who &an be against %s86 IRom" 2D='J.

6 I3uke *'D*2"J /od will ne-er let that rat take o-er" HeAll ne-er let him winK /od will ne-er let the Le-il %et the !est of this thin%" Satan has !een tr$in% to do that for centuries. tooK If $ou donAt !elie-e it. $ou can look up. !ecause C""" yo%r redemption draweth nigh.4reedom 4rom "ondage (' news in the paper a!out the financial situation of this countr$ or an$ other countr$" #an $ouE Thin%s are crum!lin% all around us" #arnall$ minded men for the most part ha-e destro$ed the %odl$ principles upon which this nation was founded" Howe-er. that is chan%in%" Humanism has almost wrecked our educational s$stem. !ut that is chan%in% too" IAm %oin% to tell $ou somethin%" LonAt %et down in the dumps when $ou see Satan on the rampa%e !ecause 6where sin abo%nds. read the !ack of the ook? it sa$s we winK HalleluBahK %e don(t have to live according to the eggarly ele!ents of this world' . gra&e does m%&h more abo%nd.6 IRom" 1D*8"J . !ut $ou can read histor$ and seeD /od always comes out the winner" And /od is %oin% to win this one.ust when it appears that the Le-il has finall$ taken o-er. thy wor.ev.(7 0an$ of /odAs people think it is oka$ to da!!le in the thin%s of the world" The$ want to keep one foot in the 7ord and Bust sort of pla$ around with it" I want $ou to know. /od is a%ainst that?totall$ a%ainst it" He will not accept a people with a di-ided heart" . the i!le %i-es us /odAs opinion of this matter of commitment" He tells usD . <+(5. for m$ assi%nment" In the !ook of Re-elation. . will sp%e thee o%t of my mo%th. So then be&a%se tho% art l%.:) !iving in #ivine Prosperity Believe to )eceive The pro!lem with most #hristians is a lack of commitment" 0an$ #hristians are tr$in% to li-e !$ !oth the worldAs s$stem and /odAs s$stem at the same time" It canAt !e done" I realiFe that this ma$ !e a little stron%. and neither &old nor hot. !ut itAs time we talked stron%" I donAt !elie-e in pullin% punches" I donAt !elie-e in paddin% thin%s or Bust sa$in% thin%s that people want to hear" IAm responsi!le for m$ callin%. No man &an serve two masters+ for either he .esus said. that tho% art neither &old nor hot+ wo%ld tho% wert &old or hot.

or NaFarene. for $our hurtin%" ut what I am doin% is definin% the pro!lem" IAm dealin% with some of the reasons wh$ we are not enBo$in% all of the !lessin%s /od has for us" 6ou see. and love the other= or else he will hold to the one. or #atholic. part of the pro!lem has !een dissension amon% /odAs children" It is eas$ to %et identified with a %roup of #hristians and pick up a !it of the lin%o?talk the talk?and $et li-e differentl$ from what the$ preach" ItAs a shame that #hristians ta% and la!el themsel-es as aptist.4reedom 4rom "ondage will hate the one. 7+:0 :( 6ou cannot ser-e two masters" Our i!le tells us that /od is a Bealous /od and will ha-e no other %ods !efore Him" Either $ou are %oin% to %et in the world. or #hurch of /od. $ou will not enBo$ the !lessin%s of Almi%ht$ /od" Now donAt misunderstand me" IAm not writin% or preachin% condemnation or ne%ati-ism" There is %ood news for $ou" There is an answer for $our need. or whate-er" Some still ha-e the idea that when we %et to hea-en we are %oin% to !e . Matt. and despise the other. or $ouAre %oin% to %et into /od" If $ou sta$ in the world.

nor #hurch of /od" The$ are C7ord people"C The$ sa$ proudl$. nor #atholic. the 0ethodists. the NaFarenes. nor 0ethodist. weAre faith people" 7e !elie-e /od" 7e o-ercome the world" 7e mo-e mountains" 7e !elie-e the 7ord" 7e wonAt tolerate un!elief" 7eAre 7ord peopleKC 6et $ou would !e shocked if $ou were to follow some of them around and see how man$ of them still ha-e one foot in the world. how is that different from the aptists. nor NaFarene. and so forthEC COh. . and the #atholics someplace else" ut itAs not %oin% to !e that wa$ at all" /od ne-er ordained denominations" Those came out of strife" The$ de-eloped !ecause people were fussin% amon% themsel-es" So now we ha-e a new !reed of people who pride themsel-es on the fact that the$ are neither aptist. the 0ethodists o-er there. the #atholics. what do $ou !elie-eEC C7e !elie-e the 7ord"C C7ell.:: !iving in #ivine Prosperity se%re%ated !$ denomination with all the aptists o-er here. C7eAre 7ord people"C COh.

C/odAs 7ord is so simple $ou need help to misunderstand it"C Throu%h the $ears we ha-e had plent$ of help" Oh. ma$ I ask. are so man$ C7ord peopleC fussin% o-er /odAs 7ordE It is ridiculous the wa$ some mem!ers of the od$ of #hrist ha-e !een so decei-ed a!out certain areas of /odAs 7ord. the clarit$ and the simplicit$ of /odAs 7ordK 7hen $ou !e%in to search /odAs 7ord and stud$ it. then letAs trul$ !e 7ord people" If we are 7ord people. then we ou%ht to !e e<cellin% in e-er$ area of our li-es" 7hat do 7ord people !elie-eE The 7ord" 7ord people !elie-e the 7ord" Then wh$.4reedom 4rom "ondage :< compromisin% /odAs 7ord continuall$" If we are %oin% to !e 7ord people. !ased on the redempti-e truths that took place at #al-ar$. e-er$thin% in it makes sense" It all !e%ins to flow to%ether" 6ou will understand what happened in the /arden of Eden" 6ou will understand what is happenin% in the !ook of Re-elation" 7hen $ou . the redempti-e truths He has spelled out so clearl$" A person would ha-e to !e totall$ duped !$ reli%ious ideas to miss the clarit$ of /odAs 7ord" As #harles #apps sa$s.

esus" He was made to !e poor that we mi%ht !e made rich" I* #or" 2D("J Some people will literall$ fi%ht for the ri%ht to sta$ sick" The$ will sa$. C7ell. our pastor tau%ht us that healin% has passed awa$" He sa$s the prosperit$ messa%e is Bust a cult"C IsnAt it a shame that A!raham didnAt know thatE He should ha-e !een warned a%ainst it so he wouldnAt ha-e recei-ed all those riches from . tooH !ut $ou can choose to li-e in po-ert$. e-er$thin% comes into focus.:0 !iving in #ivine Prosperity center it around the cross. $ou must recei-e them !$ faith" 6ou must !elie-e to recei-e" /od has pro-ided healin%H !ut $ou ha-e to !elie-e it !efore $ou will recei-e it" /od has pro-ided prosperit$. !ecause thatAs what the i!le is all a!out" The Old Testament is a promise of the crossH the New Testament attests to the fact that it happened" The first part of the i!le contains certain thin%s /od said would happenH the last part testifies that those thin%s did occur and e<plains their meanin% to us as !elie-ers" To enBo$ an$ of /odAs !lessin%s. ne-er ha-in% enou%h to meet $our needs" 6ou can li-e that wa$ if $ou want to" ut there is a !etter wa$D His name is .

4reedom 4rom "ondage :5 /od" I ha-e ne-er understood wh$ people ar%ue a!out somethin% that /od has %i-en us" 3et me clarif$ somethin% here" I know where much of this confusion and ar%ument comes from" It is a result of the misrepresentation that man$ so9called Cfaith peopleC ha-e %i-en" I realiFe that there are some amon% us who ha-e their e$es on nothin% !ut thin%s" The$ couldnAt care less a!out a real relationship with /od" All the$ want are thin%s" The$ are out to fulfill the lust of the flesh and of the e$e. !ut the$ do it unBustl$. the more I can do for m$ /od" There are people who re!el a%ainst the idea of di-ine prosperit$. the i!le tells us to !e Cfollowers of them who thro%gh faith and patien&e inherit the promises6 IHe!" )D'*J" I want to learn from these people. . !ecause the more !lessed I am. and to do it in the name of faith" ut letAs not reBect the whole messa%e of prosperit$ Bust !ecause there are a few like that" There are some other people on this planet whose hearts are ri%ht and pure !efore /od. and He is prosperin% them" IAm not %oin% to condemn those who prosper" In fact.

the$ ha-e done a %reat inBustice to /odAs 7ord and a %reat disser-ice to His people" ut that doesnAt mean e-er$one who preaches di-ine prosperit$ is in that trap and has !een decei-ed as the$ ha-e" 7e must !e -er$ careful not to reBect the truth of /odAs 7ord Bust !ecause some ha-e misinterpreted. distorted. healed.:7 !iving in #ivine Prosperity thinkin% that an$one who preaches prosperit$ is part of the minorit$ that has distorted it" There are those who ha-e distorted that truthH and in so doin%. be&a%se he hath anointed me to prea&h the gospel to the poor= he hath sent me to heal the . 6ou can take it or lea-e it" I trust that $ouAll take it.esus paid a precious price for it" Good +ews The Spirit of the !ord is %pon me >Jes%s said?. prosperous. filled with the Holy Ghost. and a!used that truth" 6ou see. apti*ed. all false teachin% is !ased on scriptures that men ha-e distorted" ut Bust !ecause the$ distort it does not mean we should throw out the entire messa%e" I want you to know that God wants you saved. !ecause .

And he began to say %nto them. and re&overing of sight to the blind.4reedom 4rom "ondage bro. And the eyes of all them that were in the synagog%e were fastened on him. and sat down. the one of whom the prophets had spoken !efore. to prea&h the a&&eptable year of the !ord. to prea&h deliveran&e to the &aptives. the one who would set up His kin%dom and rei%n" The$ were lookin% for Him and had !een awaitin% Him for centuries" Now He was standin% in their midst" 6et it was not %ood news" In fact. the one who would deli-er them. This day is this s&ript%re f%lfilled in yo%r ears. the$ %ot mad" The$ wanted to kill Him for sa$in% it" 7h$ didnAt the$ want to hear %ood newsE ecause their minds had !een !linded" The e$es of their understandin% had !een !linded" .. !%.enhearted. he was not speakin% of himself. to set at liberty them that are br%ised.ews" Here was their deli-erer.esus was sa$in% thisD CIn these writin%s !$ the prophet Isaiah. and he gave it again to the minister. And he &losed the boo.e 0+($1:( :9 . !ut of one to come" I am that One"C 6ou would ha-e thou%ht that e-er$!od$ would reBoice at that news?especiall$ the .

and !e corrected is much %reater than the man who does much.. admit he was wron%. E-er$ person in that con%re%ation who was poor.. %ot mad.esus out of . be&a%se he hath anointed me to prea&h the gospel to the poor . /od did not take . deli-erance has come at lastKC ut the$ didnAt" The$ re!elled a%ainst it" The$ !ecame an%r$ at what He was preachin%" The$ decided it was not /odAs wa$ of doin% thin%s" The$ %ot mad at the messa%e and at the 0essen%er" The$ tried to kill Him" ut the$ couldnAt stop Him" . it seems.ust !ecause a %roup of people re!elled. capti-e. and wouldnAt !elie-e. the man who is willin% to swallow his pride.enhearted. for the @in%dom of /od !ut does it in error" The Spirit of the !ord is %pon me. CThank /od. and !lind should ha-e reBoiced and said. !ut a%reea!le to their denominations or traditions" The$ wonAt let them %o !ecause of pride" In the si%ht of /od. !rokenhearted.:$ !iving in #ivine Prosperity Some people canAt let %o of reli%ious traditions !ecause of pride" Some ministers toda$ will not let %o of thin%s the$ ha-e !een teachin% which are contrar$ to /odAs 7ord. to heal the bro.

He didnAt do that" 7hat did . the$ !elie-ed the 0essen%er. the$ !elie-ed the 7ord of the 3i-in% /od?and it set them free" In the earl$ A)8s.esus went to #apernaum" The people there didnAt ha-e an$ !etter sense than to !elie-e the /ood NewsK The$ didnAt ar%ue with it. C6es. I !elie-e that"C The$ !elie-ed the messa%e. Son" ItAs a waste of time" No!od$As %oin% to listen" I made a mistake"C No. C4or%et it.esus doE He simpl$ took His messa%e to the heathen" . %i-e us re-i-alKC And it was happenin% all around themK .4reedom 4rom "ondage :' the earth and sa$. there was a mi%ht$ mo-e of the Hol$ Spirit amon% the #atholics" These #atholics were %ettin% filled with the Hol$ /host and turned on to the 7ord of /od" 0iracles were happenin% all around them" Lo $ou know what man$ of the C4ull /ospelC people were doin% while this was %oin% onE The$ were pra$in% COh. and miracles took place" Si%ns and wonders occurred as the power of /od was manifested in their midst" 7h$E ecause the$ !elie-ed" The$ didnAt ar%ue with /od" The$ didnAt fuss a!out the messa%e" The$ Bust said. /od.

There is a mi%ht$ mo-e of the Spirit of /od toda$.esus was a messen%er of %ood news. at what@s happening. this man@s got t%nnel vision. and itAs o!-ious that a lot of people did not want to hear %ood news" 7hat a!out $ouE 6ou should. and no amount of people can stop what /od has ordained" The$ ma$ fuss and %ripe and complain. Ae needs to get o%t of here and ta. !ecause thatAs what the /ospel is?%ood news" ItAs important that $ou realiFe that $ou cannot stop a mo-ement of /od" 6ou can onl$ stop $our in-ol-ement in it" No one is %oin% to stop /od from !lessin% . and enBo$ it" Purpose of Prosperity . !ord.e a loo. CI ha-enAt seen an$thin% like this since '(1+" I donAt know wh$ /od quit mo-in% then"C I thou%ht.<) !iving in #ivine Prosperity I preached in a 4ull /ospel church in '(58 and /od mo-ed !$ His Spirit" 7e had a tremendous meetin%" 7hen it was o-er. recei-e it. the pastor came to me and said. !ut all the$ can do is sit !ack and watch the rest of us who dare !elie-e it.

this planet has to !e e-an%eliFed" And. then there are a few thin%s we must take control of" One of them is tele-ision" Tele-ision is a -ital tool in %ettin% the /ospel out" The i!le sa$s all thin%s were made for .4reedom 4rom "ondage <( His people !ecause it is in His mind" It is the plan of /od to prosper His people and it has a -er$ important role in !rin%in% .esus !ack" 6ou see.ust sittin% and discussin% this with all the people who are in-ol-ed in it is mind9!o%%lin%" The plan /od has %i-en me almost sta%%ers m$ mind" ut I want to tell $ou somethin%" /od is /l ShaddaiBnot El #heapo" He is the /od of a!undance. what I want $ou to realiFe is thisD In order for the od$ of #hrist to set the sta%e Iif $ouAll allow me to put it that wa$J for the thin%s that are %oin% to !e happenin% in this earth !efore the return of the 3ord . m$ friend. and if He sa$s to do it.esus. then we can do it" IAm e<cited a!out it and ea%er for the responsi!ilit$ of it" Now. $ou canAt do it for M("'5" It takes enormous amounts of mone$ to %et the /ospel out these da$s" At the time of this writin%. we are in the process of producin% pro%rams for our national tele-ision ministr$" .

man would ha-e !een stopped at .nowledge of the glory of the !!s '=D**. weAre %oin% to ha-e control of themK Some!od$ asked me. CHow can $ou sa$ thatE How can the od$ of #hrist do thatEN IAll tell $ou how we can do it" The i!le sa$s in . or an$ of the dia!olical thin%s comin% across it now" Tele-ision was made for /od" Satellites were made for the /ospel" And !efore itAs all o-er.<: !iving in #ivine Prosperity Him" Tele-ision was not made for porno%raph$. mechanicall$.6 /od will put it into our hands" On numerous occasions the i!le sa$s. scientificall$. C The earth shall be filled with the . murder. C""" the wealth of the sinner is laid %p for the C%st. how are we %oin% to fill the earth with the knowled%e of /od if we donAt ha-e the means at our disposalE How is the whole earth %oin% to !e filled if we #hristians donAt ha-e some a-enue to %et that knowled%e to themE The onl$ reason man has pro%ressed this far technicall$.6 IHa!" *D'+J" 7ell. prostitution. and electronicall$ is !ecause /od is %oin% to use all of that mar-elous knowled%e and technolo%$ for His %lor$" If /od did not ha-e a plan for all these thin%s.

#ear !ord. han% around /od some more" HeAs a !i%. o%r &h%r&h &an@t even pay for the new ed%&ation abo%t flying to another &o%ntry in a Cet and ta. and here this g%y is tal.esus was a messen%er of %ood!o Bets werenAt in-ented for the CBet setC to peddle sin all o-er the world" The$ were made for the sake of the /ospel" Some people are %rum!lin% now !ecause their preacher dri-es a nice car" 7hat are the$ %oin% to do when he owns a 5+5 and is a!le to carr$ a whole con%re%ation into a nationE $ now. 6 t is more profitable for yo% that go . if that shakes $ou. 5*5s. for our useJ" Lid $ou know that 585s. for His use Ior more precisel$.ing it over for the !ordD 7ell. constructi-e thinkerK ThereAs no limit to HimK .4reedom 4rom "ondage << the steam en%ine lon% a%o" The onl$ reason men ha-e !een a!le to achie-e what the$ ha-e is !ecause /od has a plan" All these mar-els were made for Him. and 5+5s were not made for sinnersE . and His messa%e is still %oin% forth" He told His disciples. TiltK 6ou are pro!a!l$ thinkin%. I am sure $our mind is %oin%. !road.

ohn '+D'*"J . and mentall$" At one point in m$ life.ohn ')D5"J He said.esus is totall$ unlimited" He can !e in thousands of places at one time !ecause He is not limited to one earthl$ -essel an$more" He has the od$ of #hrist. and all of us are the messen%ers of %ood news" Once upon a time I was li-in% in !onda%e? spirituall$. a person had to %o there to hear the messa%e of %ood news" ut %reater works than those are !ein% done toda$ !ecause . and greater wor. mentall$ tormented. 6The wor. spirituall$ dead. sociall$.s than these shall yo% do be&a%se go to my 4ather. and ph$sicall$ wrecked" I Bust wanted to throw up m$ hands and quit" There . Bust like we are.s that do shall yo% do also. !ut He was limited in how man$ people He could reach with that %ood news" ecause He was in an earthl$ !od$.<0 !iving in #ivine Prosperity away.6 I. He could onl$ !e in one place at a time" If He was preachin% in a s$na%o%ue in NaFareth.6 I. ph$sicall$.esus was a messen%er of %ood news. I had no relationship with /od at all" I was financiall$ !roke. in '()(. thatAs the onl$ place people could hear Him" If He was on the shores of /alilee or in the cit$ of #apernaum. financiall$.

meant what he said. C e a #hristian" Ser-e /od" 3ose e-er$thin% $ouA-e %ot"C I was alread$ li-in% that kind of insecurit$ !efore I %ot sa-ed" I had alread$ lost it allK Thank /od. and pro-ed it !$ the 7ord of /od" He pro-ed that if $ouAll !elie-e it. I !e%an to come out of that !onda%e" I %ot deli-ered" 0$ marria%e %ot healed" /od deli-ered me financiall$ and spirituall$" He put m$ mind at ease and made a man out of meK Thank /od for @enneth #opeland who preaches %ood newsK .4reedom 4rom "ondage <5 seemed no wa$ that I could e-er pa$ !ack all the mone$ I had lost in m$ !usiness" 0$ marria%e was on the rocks" I was a misera!le wreck at a%e *'" ut a man named @enneth #opeland came to town and preached the uncompromised 7ord of /od" It was the first time in m$ life I had e-er heard a preacher who wouldnAt water down the /ospel" He said what he meant. it will workH !ut if $ou donAt. it wonAt" 0ost of the preachers I had heard until that time would cr$ and tell me. some!od$ dared to preach the /ood NewsK 7hen I %ot it in m$ spirit.

salms.esus is a messen%er of %ood news. and the$ came out of !onda%e" The rest of those folks %riped. I wasnAt !orn under a luck$ star" I Bust made up m$ mind. complained.6 I. and sta$ed the same" ut I am not the same man I was at that time" 0$ /od has caused me to ride upon the hi%h places of the earth" IIs" 12D'+"J 7hatAs the differenceE The$ re!elled a%ainst the messa%e" I recei-ed it" 6ou see. so all those who ha-e His messa%e in their hearts should !e !earers of %ood news" %ell. I have so!e good news to share with you. the !ord shall not want any good thing. edience . CThey that see. God wants you out of ondage' He wants you free' * 2 I!portance of . CIAm %oin% to !elie-e the 7ord of /od re%ardless of what an$!od$ else thinks"C I !e%an to seek the 3ord" The i!le sa$s in .s" =+D'8J" /odAs !lessin%s !e%an to come upon me and o-ertake me" .<7 !iving in #ivine Prosperity There was a handful of people in that meetin% who !elie-ed the 7ord. /od is no respecter of persons" IActs '8D=+"J I wasnAt somethin% special.

nor the mort%a%e compan$" /od wants us to possess the %oods of this world and to make them a-aila!le to Him for His purposes" 4or us to %et in that kind of position is %oin% to take a tremendous commitment to /odAs 7ord" #arol$n and I had to make that decision in '()(" It was not reall$ a maBor decision on our partH we had no choice" 7e were forced to do it" 7e were !roke and the !ank wouldnAt %i-e us an$ more mone$" 7e had !orrowed all we could from the finance compan$" 7e had e<hausted e-er$ a-enue" .mportan&e of Obedien&e <9 It has ne-er !een the will of /od that His people !e in !onda%e of an$ kind" 7e need to !e free. nor the finance compan$. especiall$ in the da$ in which we are now li-in%" 7hen /od speaks and tells us to do somethin%. we possess?not the !ank. we ha-e reached the point on /odAs timeta!le that we can no lon%er !e dependent upon the financial s$stem of this world" /od wants us free from all that" He wants the od$ of #hrist in such a position that e-er$thin% we ha-e. we must !e a!le to do it quickl$. and without ha-in% to consult others a!out it" 0$ friend. without hesitation or hindrance.

esus %a-e His -er$ life for us" And thatAs e<actl$ what /od wants from us?He wants our li-es" /od doesnAt want Bust part of $ou" He doesnAt want $our mone$" He wants more than $our mone$" He wants you-all of $ou" If He can %et $ou.<$ !iving in #ivine Prosperity 7e had !een li-in% in de!t for $ears. and to give his life a ransom for many. it would ha-e taken me to mid90illennium to pa$ off all that I owed" ThatAs how lon% m$ notes were" Thank /od for deli-eranceK ThatAs not how /od wants us to li-e" He wants His people free. Bust tr$in% to keep up the interest pa$ments on all we owed" I didnAt know an$ other wa$ to li-e" I thou%ht the onl$ wa$ to %et what $ou needed was to !orrow the mone$ for it" Then if that wasnAt enou%h. !ecause we are the e<tension of .esus had a tremendous reputation as a %i-er" He didnAt come into this world to takeH He came to %i-e" 6The Son of man &ame not to be ministered %nto. to !orrow some more" If /od hadnAt deli-ered me out of that mess.esusA ministr$ in the earth" . then e-er$thin% $ou possess will !e a-aila!le to Him" . b%t to minister.6 I0att" *8D*2J" .

and &%rse him that &%rseth thee+ and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed. and will bless thee. and ma. chapter '*E 3etAs look at itD And will ma. $he /ssence of Living Now I want $ou to realiFe that /od is not tellin% us that we cannot ha-e Gthin%s"C /od does not want $ou to %o without" Some people ha-e the mistaken idea that /od does not want us to ha-e an$thin%" The$ think that is wh$ He wants us to %i-e all the time" The$ ha-e interpreted all this to mean that $ou ha-e to !e poor to ser-e /od" Now letAs ri%htl$ di-ide the 7ord of /od" 7hene-er /od asks $ou to give. !ut itAs somethin% else to !e a !lessin%" If I am !lessed.e of thee a great nation. itAs !ecause I need to !e !lessed" ut if I am a .mportan&e of Obedien&e <' Giving. it is first of all !ecause He wants $ou to receive.6 ItAs one thin% to !e !lessed. *enesis (:+:. 6 will bless yo%.e yo% a blessing.e thy name great= and tho% shalt be a blessing+ And will bless them that bless thee. and will ma. Lo $ou remem!er what He told A!raham in /enesis.< /od said.

C t is more blessed to give than to re&eive. C/i-e it to him.0) !iving in #ivine Prosperity !lessin%. then $ou should %i-e with Bo$. then I !ecome an instrument of /od to help someone else" I !ecome a -essel throu%h which His di-ine fa-or flows out into someone elseAs life" There is nothin% that can compare to !ein% an instrument of /od to help someone else !e deli-ered" I ha-e had more fun !ein% /odAs instrument to !less someone else" I ha-e learned in m$ own life Bust e<actl$ what .C then to see it pre-ent misfortune in that personAs life" There is nothin% on earth that can surpass that Bo$" /od wants us !lessed so we can !e !lessin%s" /od is not askin% us to %i-e and to make oursel-es a-aila!le to Him. so we will ha-e nothin%" If He asks $ou to %i-e. thatAs .6 IActs *8D=1J" There is no %reater Bo$ in life than to !e a !lessin%" It is a thrill to ha-e somethin% a person needs and to hear /od sa$. and praise" 6ou canAt out%i-e /od" He is %oin% to see that $ou are !lessed in return" IAm con-inced that we need to chan%e our attitude a!out %i-in%" The attitude of man$ people has !een that we %i-e to %et" No.esus meant when He said. e<citement.

C0$ people are in financial famine. so it should !e the most natural thin% in the world for the children of /od to !e %i-ers" It is unnatural for a child of /od to !e stin%$ and to withhold" 0 Life12tyle.esusA life was all a!out. and I want them out" I want . and thatAs what our li-es should !e all a!out" Now itAs o!-ious that spiritual laws are set in motion when we %i-e" 7e %i-e and we recei-e?thatAs a spiritual law. !ut to see how much of oursel-es we can %i-e awa$ to humanit$ !efore we meet the 3ord" ThatAs what . and His nature has !ecome m$ nature"C His nature has !ecome our nature.mportan&e of Obedien&e 0( !ackwardsK 7e donAt %i-e to %etH we li-e to %i-eK The essence of li-in% is %i-in%" ThatAs what life is all a!out" ThatAs the reason $ou and I are on this planet?not to see how much we can acquire !efore we die. like sowin% and reapin%" ut %i-in% to %et should not !e the moti-ation in our li-es" Our moti-ation should !eD CIAm %i-in% !ecause thatAs life" /i-in% is the nature of /od. +ot a 2che!e The 3ord told me.

esus with a desire for thin%s. not Bust so we can prosper. I ha-e had the pri-ile%e of tra-elin% around this nation. ministerin% for the 3ord" I li-e in hotels. then IA-e seen them %et decei-ed and follow after somethin% else" There is one thin% I ha-e noticed o-er the $ears which I know must %rie-e our 3ord" .eople hear the messa%e of freedom and are set free onl$ to start centerin% e-er$thin% the$ do around themsel-es. and auditoriums all o-er the countr$" IA-e seen people come and %o" IA-e seen people %et into the flow of what /od is doin%. we need to tap into the laws that will put us into that position. !ut so we can !e instruments of /od" 4or man$ $ears now. Therefore.0: !iving in #ivine Prosperity them free" I donAt want them in !onda%e"C God needs us out of ondage in order to acco!plish what needs to e done in this earth efore 3esus co!es. for%ettin% a!out the rest of humanit$" 7hen an$ person replaces his Feal for winnin% people to . and !e o!edient to them. he is in error" ThatAs the pro!lem with a . airplanes.

ye first the .ingdom of *od. $et the$ ha-e no concern a!out the spiritual condition of their nei%h!or" C ut I donAt ha-e time to witness.C the$ sa$" CIA-e %ot to make a li-in%" IA-e %ot !ills to pa$" IA-e %ot to %et a new car"C . houses. clothes. and wise people donAt sta$ !roke" 7ise people prosperK That is the messa%e of this !ookD G See. that !urnin% desire to share the /ood News with some!od$ elseE 0an$ people sit in churches e-er$ Sunda$ Bust to hear somethin% else that will ena!le them to %et more thin%s. CAe that winneth so%ls is wise6. airplanes. and his righteo%sness= and all these things >yo% need? shall be added %nto yo%.3 I0att" )D==J" 6ou see.mportan&e of Obedien&e 0< lot of people in the od$ of #hrist ri%ht now" I meet people who ha-e their minds on thin%s?!s ''D=8 sa$s. e-er$thin% their flesh could possi!l$ lust after?so much so that the$ ha-enAt won an$!od$ to #hrist in $ears" 7hate-er happened to the Feal we had when we first %ot !orn a%ain. man$ people who come to our .


!iving in #ivine Prosperity

meetin%s to hear me preach prosperit$ think IAm %oin% to tell them how to %et rich quick" 3et me tell $ou somethin%" An$ time $ou hear a %et9rich9quick messa%e, $ouAd !etter check it out !ecause itAs pro!a!l$ ille%al" /od has no %et9rich9quick, o-er9ni%ht9total9 success, all9a!undance9in9the9ne<t9hour formulas" /odAs 7ord deals with a life9st$le" This is not somethin% we tr$ for two weeks to see if it works" Either $ou are committed to this for life, or $ou are Bust pla$in% around with it" If $ou ha-e one foot in the worldAs wa$ and one foot in /odAs wa$, $ou will not succeed" 7e need to realiFe that /od has a plan for His people" He has paid a tremendous price for this plan and for pro-ision to !e made a-aila!le to His people" It is our responsi!ilit$ to %et our hearts ri%ht !efore /od, to !e upri%ht in character and pure in heart" If we will do that and make oursel-es a-aila!le to Him, if we will allow His !lessin% to come upon us and in turn !e a !lessin% to the rest of humanit$, then there is nothin% the Le-il can do to keep us in !onda%e" ut it must !e done /odAs wa$, not our wa$"

mportan&e of Obedien&e


, edience 4ields Prosperity
Then he sheweth them their wor., and their transgressions that they have eE&eeded. Ae openeth also their ear to dis&ipline, and &ommandeth that they ret%rn from iniF%ity. f they obey and serve him, they shall spend their days in prosperity, and their years in pleas%res. "%t if they obey not, they shall perish by the sword, and they shall die witho%t .nowledge. Job <7+'1(:

7here did we %et the idea that /od lo-es po-ert$E He lo-es the poor man, !ut po-ert$ is a curse in the si%ht of /od" Thank /od, weA-e !een redeemed from the curse of po-ert$" I/al" =D'=,'+"J /od has set forth laws, rules, requirements, and conditions, which, if o!ser-ed and carried out, will result in a life of prosperit$ and pleasures" Howe-er, if these laws, rules, re%ulations, requirements, and conditions are i%nored, !onda%e will !e the result" 6ou see, /od ne-er sets thin%s in motion to !e i%nored" 7h$ would /od waste His time to put this in print Ifor which men ha-e shed their -er$ !lood that $ou and I mi%ht ha-e a cop$J if we


!iving in #ivine Prosperity

were Bust to i%nore itE 0an is /odAs most priFed creation, His crownin% achie-ement" Howe-er, man is the onl$ creature /od made that re!els a%ainst Him" The mule is supposed to !e the most stu!!orn animal in e<istence, $et he wonAt diso!e$ /od" There was a time when /od told the prophet alaam to preach, !ut the prophet wouldnAt o!e$" So /od anointed the prophetAs donke$ and the donke$ preached" INum" **"J Now that ou%ht to tell us somethin% a!out how stupid men can %etK The mule, !ein% a stu!!orn animal !$ nature, had !etter sense than to diso!e$ /od, while man re!elled a%ainst Him" Lid $ou know that the !irds wonAt re!el a%ainst /odE /od told the prophet EliBahD
*et thee hen&e, and t%rn thee eastward, and hide thyself by the broo. Gherith, that is before Jordan ... have &ommanded the ravens to feed thee there. ( Kings (9+<,0

7hen /od commanded those !irds to !rin% the prophet !read and meat twice a da$, the ra-en didnAt sa$, CI donAt want to, I did it last time" /et the sparrow"C irds donAt ar%ue with /od" The

mportan&e of Obedien&e


ra-en wouldnAt think of diso!e$in% /od" 4ish wonAt diso!e$ /od either" One da$ when .eter needed ta< mone$, ;esus told him, 2*o fishing. The first fish yo% &at&h will have money in its mo%th. Ta.e that money and pay yo%r taEes and mine.6 I0att" '5D*5"J IAm con-inced that when ;esus said that, e-er$ fish around there immediatel$ started huntin% mone$, !ecause none of them knew which was %oin% to !e the first one .eter would catch" The fish didnAt Bump up out of the water and sa$, C;esus, weAre not %oin% to do this" 7eAre tired of huntin% mone$ down here in the deep, scrapin% our !ellies on the !ottom of this lake" 7eAre tired of huntin% mone$ for i%norant folks who canAt pa$ their own ta<es" 6ouAre Bust %oin% to ha-e to %et it some other wa$" .eter %ot himself in this messH let him %et himself outKC No, the$ wouldnAt ar%ue with /od" 7h$E ecause /od created all thin%s, and all thin%s are su!ordinate to /od" It was onl$ to man that /od %a-e a free will" He wanted man to !e as close to Himself as possi!le" It is our choice to o!e$ or diso!e$" 7e can choose to o!e$ /od, or we can choose to diso!e$"

when /od would speak to me.esus is the e<press ima%e of /od" IHe!" 'D="J He came into this earth and perfectl$ e<pressed the will. HeAs the All9 knowin% One" ut !ecause I was faced with a pro!lem which looked !i%%er than an$thin% I had e-er e<perienced !efore. I would answer. we shall?not ma$ or mi%ht possi!l$. !ut shall-spend our da$s in prosperit$ and our $ears in pleasures" He has also made it -er$ clear that if we do not o!e$. 6ou donAt understand"C Now isnAt that stupidE If an$!od$ understands. the . our answer is pro!a!l$ somethin% like thisD C ut /od doesnAt understand. /od. C ut.0$ !iving in #ivine Prosperity Here /od plainl$ tells us that if we o!e$ and ser-e Him. I ha-e this pro!lem"C IA-e said that m$self" In times past. the pro!lem in m$ estimation !ecame !i%%er than /od" Suddenl$ /od didnAt understand what I was %oin% throu%h" The i!le sa$s . then we ou%ht to ha-e sense enou%h to o!e$ /od" 7h$ donAt we alwa$s o!e$ /odE If we are totall$ honest. the nature. we shall perish" Now we consider oursel-es intelli%ent !ein%s" If so. /od does" After all.

requirements. I-" '1"J .6 I.hil" +D'("J ut we need to realiFe that /od has set forth certain laws. He was Cin all points tempted li. yet witho%t sin. and conditions which we must o!e$ if we are to recei-e our . $ou will !e rich" /od will see to it that $ou ha-e e-er$ need met" I.6 IHe!" +D'1J" There is nothin% $ou and I can e-er e<perience that .mportan&e of Obedien&e 0' a!ilit$.riest 7ho can !e touched with the feelin% of our infirmities.esusD C The 4ather hath not left me alone= for do always those things that please him.esus has not alread$ conquered" He knows what itAs like to li-e on this planet" The i!le sa$s that we ha-e a Hi%h . If $ou will please /od. and the wa$s of /od" The i!le sa$s that while He was here.esus knows what itAs like !ein% here" He knows how mean and u%l$ people can !e" He e<perienced it Himself" He knows the pressures and trials of this world !ecause He confronted them too" ut He o-ercame them all.ohn 2D*(J" This should !e our num!er one %oal" .ur pri!ary goal in this life should not e to get rich& it should e to please God.e as we are. and He left us an e<ample to follow" ut listen to the testimon$ of .

CMy people are destroyed for la&.6 IHos" +D)J" ut thereAs no e<cuse for a lack of knowled%e in the da$ and a%e in which we li-e" The 7ord of /od is %oin% forth in the world like ne-er !efore" There is no e<cuse for the od$ of #hrist !ein% i%norant of the thin%s of /od" If there were ne-er another meetin% or cassette tape or paper!ack !ook made a-aila!le to $ou. CIf $ou are intelli%ent enou%h to do what I sa$. then hereAs what I will do for $ou" If $ou wonAt do it.nowledge.5) !iving in #ivine Prosperity needs met" /od is not %oin% to make us o!e$ them" He is not %oin% to force us to li-e !$ His commands" He Bust simpl$ sa$s. $ou still ha-e the i!le" If $ou will %et with the Hol$ /host. of . then I ha-e no choice !ut to let $ou lead $our own life" 6ou will li-e like the rest of the world and $ou will perish with them" 6ou will die without knowled%e"C /od has said. $ou can learn it" There is no e<cuse for the od$ of #hrist to !e destro$ed !ecause of a lack of knowled%e" All the seals ha-e !een taken off /odAs 7ord" The Hol$ Spirit is re-ealin% to us the inner workin%s of our co-enant with /od and showin% us how to li-e !$ it" The Amplified "ible .

. to the wa$s of this world" Lo $ou realiFe that man?carnall$ minded man?and /od are diametricall$ opposed to each otherE The world has one wa$ of doin% thin%sH /od has another" If $ou listen to most forms of mass communication toda$. O simple ones ...ames =D'1J" 4or the most part. and in her left hand are ri&hes and honor.. !ength of days is in her right hand.(7 So the wisdom of /od is a-aila!le to us" 7hat we need to do is to make the decision to !e o!edient to /od" 7e ha-e to quit leanin% to the!s 'D**D 6Aow long..mportan&e of Obedien&e 5( sa$s in .. devilish I.(0. fort%nate HenviableIBis the man who finds . Proverbs <+(<.. that is what is !ein% con-e$ed to the world" The sad thin% is that the od$ of #hrist has . and the profit of it than fine gold .. will yo% love being simple86 The wisdom of /od is a-aila!le" ItAs cr$in% out in the streets" AappyBblessed. Jisdom . sens%al. $ou will hear the worldAs wa$" ut the i!le sa$s there are two kinds of wisdom in the earth" One is earthly. 4or the gaining of it is better than the gaining of silver.

the od$ of #hrist accepts as the G%ospel truth"C ut it is not the /ospel truthK There is another truth.6 I-" '5J" This truth tells us that we #hristians are not su!Bect to this worldAs s$stem" 7e !elon% to a hi%her orderK 7e !elon% on a hi%her planeK +eed for Discipline It is sad to report. whate-er the world sa$s. then we %et depressed" If it sa$s there is inflation. another wisdom Cthat is from above.5: !iving in #ivine Prosperity fallen into the trap of %oin% alon% with what the world sa$s" If the world sa$s there is depression. then we %et inflated" /enerall$. howe-er. if9it9feels9%ood9do9 itC attitude" The od$ of #hrist has allowed . han%9loose. that man$ of /odAs children are not enBo$in% all the !enefits of that hi%her life" The$ simpl$ lack the self9 discipline necessar$ to %et into /odAs 7ord and to make up their minds that the$ are %oin% to li-e in this hi%her realm whether an$!od$ else does or notK It takes determination to do that" 0ost people ha-enAt !een trained to e<ercise self9 discipline" Our societ$ toda$ is %eared to a sort of Ctake9it9eas$.

no wonder so man$ people are ha-in% a hard time spirituall$. and IAm not %oin% to li-e that wa$ an$more" IAm not %oin% to follow those paths an$more"C 7hen $ou make that decision.eth away the word. and ta. and suddenl$ the$ !e%in .mportan&e of Obedien&e 5< those principles to creep into the #hurch" The pre-ailin% attitude seems to !eD CIf the preacher sa$s somethin% I donAt like. CIn the name of . IAll Bust lea-e"C CIf thin%s donAt %o the wa$ I like.6 I0ark +D'1J?if $ou let himK e assured that the Le-il will tr$ to force $ou !ack to $our old wa$ of life" 0an$ times people stand up and sa$. those are deeds of the old man" IAm a new man. and financiall$" Somewhere down the line $ou ha-e to draw a !oundar$ in $our life and sa$. ph$sicall$. IAll Bust quit"C GIf I donAt feel like %oin% to church. IAll Bust sta$ home"C 7ith such a Ctake9it9or9lea-e9it. CIAm %oin% to do it /odAs wa$ from now on"C Then Satan comes to attack. !e forewarned" It wonAt !e lon% until $ou %et a mar-elous opportunit$ to %o !ack to the old wa$" 7h$E ecause C Satan &ometh immediately. an$thin%9 %oesC attitude.esus #hrist of NaFareth.

50 !iving in #ivine Prosperity to weaken" The pressure !uilds. actin%. !ut. -ictims of the worldAs s$stem" ItAs time we were deli-ered from that" ItAs time we make the decision to %o /odAs wa$" This is not the easiest decision $ou will e-er make. and the$ fall apart" All of a sudden the$ realiFe that the$A-e compromised" COh. the$ end up li-in% like the rest of the world around them. the$ are totall$ !ack into the worldAs wa$ of thinkin%. and li-in%" Oh. dear /od. I know this is not ri%ht. $ou wouldnAt consider %oin% an$ other wa$K I canAt ima%ine li-in% the wa$ I used to li-e" I canAt ima%ine turnin% m$ !ack on /odAs s$stem now" IAm !lessed" /od is prosperin% me" IAm in health" IAm ha-in% the time of m$ life" IAm not sa$in% that I ne-er ha-e pro!lems" IAm not sa$in% that I ne-er e<perience ad-ersit$" . !ut I donAt know an$thin% else to do"C Sooner or later. the$ still lo-e /od" ut !ecause of a lack of commitment and discipline. itAs worth itK It is worth all of the hours spent in /odAs 7ord and in fellowship with Him" It is worth the effort and the discipline it takes to refuse to %o the worldAs wa$" It is worth it !ecause one da$ pa$da$ will come" 7hen it !ecomes a life9st$le.

2 f they obey and serve Me. they shall spend their days in prosperity. "%t if they will not obey Me. the !etter $ou resist" The !etter $ou resist. I ha-e %reater ad-ersit$ now than IA-e e-er known.nowledge. $ou !ecome more dan%erous to him. they shall perish by the sword. 0$ people are sufferin% financiall$ in this da$ and time !ecause of three maBor factorsD diso!edience. and shall die witho%t . re!ellion. CSon. the quicker he flees" /od has made pro-ision so that e-en thou%h Satan does come to tr$ to steal the 7ord from us.6 In His -isitation.6 I3uke '*D+2"J The Le-il does not stop attackin% $ou Bust !ecause $ou %ain knowled%e" If an$thin%. and he will attack harder" ut the more knowled%e $ou %et.mportan&e of Obedien&e 55 If an$thin%. the 3ord told me. and their years in pleas%res. we %et stron%er in the 3ord and can o-ercome e-er$ attack" %hy God(s People 2uffer Now notice that /od sa$s. !ecause 6to whom m%&h is given. the stron%er $ou %et" The stron%er $ou %et. m%&h is reF%ired. and lethar%$"C 3etAs consider these for a moment" .

and not so well with them when the$ donAtE The i!le sa$s. CAono%r thy father and thy mother . do $ou demand o!edience from themE Is it not well with them when the$ o!e$.. !ut we ha-e said that it wonAt work" He has told us how to do thin%s His wa$. the e-enin% news sa$s """C /od is tellin% us one thin%H the world is tellin% us another" 7e stand in the strate%ic position of choosin% which one we are %oin% to !elie-e" 0an$ times !ecause of a lack of commitment to /odAs wa$. CIt is not well with thee. C ut. we lean to the worldAs wa$" 3et me ask $ou a question" Lo $ou ha-e childrenE If $ou do. and it is not %oin% to !e well with thee until thou doest ri%ht" 7hen thou doest ri%ht.57 !iving in #ivine Prosperity Diso edience /od has told us what to do.6 ILeut" 1D')J" ThatAs what I tell m$ kids e-er$ time the$ are diso!edient" I sa$.. !ut we ha-e said. it will !e well with thee a%ain"C If there is one scripture m$ kids know itAs thisD CIt wonAt !e well with thee unless thou o!e$s th$ papaKC I demand o!edience from m$ children" It . that it may go well with thee. 3ord.

C then turn ri%ht around and sa$ to /od. and so does /od" If we sa$ to our children. and then diso!e$ed /od m$self.C what kind of e<ample is thatE 7hat do $ou think will !e the result of that kind of h$pocris$E No wonder so man$ families end up with re!ellious children. I would !e a h$pocrite" 7hat kind of an e<ample would that !e for m$ childrenE If I e<pect them to o!e$ me. it is not %oin% to !e well with them" The$ open themsel-es up for trou!le" If the$ o!e$. then Bust what has !een promised is %oin% to come to pass" If I demanded o!edience from m$ children. 6ou donAt understandH I donAt want to do that. like an$!od$ elseAs kids" The$ tr$ thin%s here and there. then the$ ha-e e-er$ ri%ht to e<pect me to o!e$ m$ 4ather. and the$ %et punished for it" The$ are corrected and disciplined" 7e sit down to%ether and talk a!out whatAs ri%ht and wron%" I can show them from /odAs 7ord wh$ what I sa$ is the wa$ to !eha-e" Then the$ ha-e the choice of either o!e$in% or diso!e$in%" If the$ diso!e$.mportan&e of Obedien&e 59 displeases me when the$ are diso!edient" Now the$ are Bust kids. C6ou are %oin% to o!e$ me or !e punished. 4ather. C ut. !ecause the parents themsel-es re!el" .

!ecause of his Cattitude of %ratitudeC for what . as New Testament creatures we are e<empt from it" ThatAs not so" Tithin% was part of the Old Testament 3e-itical 3aw" 7e find the tithe first mentioned as a requirement of the 3aw in the twent$9se-enth chapter of 3e-iticus" ut that is not the first time tithin% is mentioned in the i!le" Tithin% %oes !ack to /enesis. it was not /od 7ho instituted the tithe?it was A!raham" A!raham did not tithe !ecause it was a law" The law hadnAt e-en !een %i-en $etK He did it !ecause of his lo-e for /od. C ut IAm not re!ellin% a%ainst /od"C 7ell.5$ !iving in #ivine Prosperity )e ellion 6ou ma$ sa$. letAs consider what re!ellion is" 3etAs take tithin% for e<ample" Lid $ou know that tithin% is a principle of / od8 Some people ar%ue a!out whether tithin% is a New Testament teachin% and whether New Testament people should !e tithers" Those who want to ar%ue a%ainst it sa$ that tithin% was instituted in the Old Testament under the 3awH therefore.6 I/en" '+D*8J" In fact. the first !ook of the Old Testament" There we read that A!raham %a-e /od Ctithes of all.

then his diso!edience has !ecome re!ellion" 6ou see. $ou are diso!edient" Once $ou realiFe $ou ha-e !een diso!edient in an$ area II Bust used tithin% as an e<ampleJ and ha-e !een told to correct that diso!edience. then that is re!ellion" The i!le sa$s Crebellion is as the sin of wit&h&raft. !ut then refuse to do so.6 I' Sam" '1D*=J" And /od wonAt !less witchcraftK 7hen $ou fail to o!e$ /od. man$ times the reason we ha-e not known the kind of prosperit$ that /od has . that is simple diso!edience" ut if $ou point out to him what he was supposed to do. then $ou are no lon%er Bust diso!edient?$ou are re!ellious" Liso!edience leads to re!ellion" If $ou tell $our child to do somethin% around the house and he doesnAt do it. that is diso!edience" Once $ou ha-e !een told that it is diso!edience and still refuse to tithe. !ut $ou still refuse to o!e$.mportan&e of Obedien&e 5' the 3ord had done in his life" 7e tithe !ecause we want to" 7hen $ou realiFe from /odAs 7ord that tithin% is a principle in which /od e<pects $ou personall$ to take part. clearl$ instruct him to do it?and how to do it?and he still refuses to o!e$.

we cannot in-ite /od into the midst of our pro!lem . I wished I hadnAtK I didnAt want to hear it.6 I. you see. 7hen we i%nore the thin%s /od has spelled out -er$ clearl$ in His 7ord. and as soon as I saw it. He will sa-e us and deli-er us from destruction" There ha-e !een times in m$ own life when /od has instructed me !$ His 7ord to do somethin%. we can(t ignore God(s instruction and e5pect to receive His enefits. C"less the !ord. and forget not all his benefits. it leads to re!ellion" 7hen we are in re!ellion. I would tr$ to for%et I had e-er read #hristAs teachin%s a!out strife and disharmon$" I would find somethin% in the i!le I liked !etter.s" '8=D*J" I liked the part a!out all His !enefits" But. O my so%l. somethin% like. it leads to re!ellion" And there is no wa$ /od can !less re!ellion" ut there is a cure for diso!edience and re!ellionD repentance" If we will turn to the 3ord in sincere repentance. so I tried to i%nore it" If I was mad or an%r$ at some!od$. thatAs diso!edience" 7hen we continue to diso!e$.7) !iving in #ivine Prosperity made a-aila!le to us is !ecause there are areas of diso!edience in our li-es" 7hen we continue to !e diso!edient. It 6ust won(t work.

CNow. C/o. C0ama.esus" He wipes the slate clean and sa$s to us. for%i-e me"C 7hen we do. should I put on . thatAs when He takes char%e" He for%i-es and cleanses. and sin no more" LonAt !e diso!edient an$more"C Thank /od for His %race and for His merc$K ut somewhere down the line we should mature enou%h that we donAt need special manifestations of His %race" 7e should !e%in to %row up spirituall$" 7e e<pect our children to %row up" 7e e<pect the principles that we la$ down to !ecome a part of their nature and their life so that the$ follow them unconsciousl$. start afresh"C Then He sa$s.mportan&e of Obedien&e 7( until we ha-e rid oursel-es of that diso!edience and re!ellion" He is alwa$s there with open arms. she made me realiFe I couldnAt lea-e the house without m$ clothes on" I donAt ha-e to call up m$ mother e-er$ mornin% and ask her. waitin% for the moment that we sa$. C4ather. Bust like %ettin% dressed in the mornin%" It is a part of m$ nature to wear clothes" 0$ mother tau%ht me how to put on m$ own clothes when I was a little !o$" Thou%h I didnAt understand wh$. puttin% that sin under the !lood of .

thatAs another thin%" ut if $ou know deep down in $our heart that /od told $ou to do it. $ou will spend $our da$s in prosperit$ and $our $ears in pleasures" Are $ou %oin% to do itE Lethargy 3ethar%$ is another thin% which has run rampant in the od$ of #hrist" . then $ou donAt need a confirmation" /odAs tellin% $ou is confirmation enou%h" 7ell. /od told me to do somethin%" Lo $ou think I shouldEC If /od told $ou to do it. we should do it without hesitanc$" 7e should not e-en think twice a!out whether or not we ou%ht to o!e$" It almost amuses me when people come up to me and ask. /od has told $ou that if $ou will o!e$ Him. of their -er$ natures" In the same wa$ when /od instructs us in an area or leads us in a path we are to take.err$. !$ all means do itK If $ou are not sure whether or not it was /od.eople %et laF$ .7: !iving in #ivine Prosperity m$ clothes toda$EC The thin%s we are teachin% our children should e-entuall$ !ecome an inte%ral part of their li-es. C rother .

IAll miss the Super owl"C And those people canAt understand wh$ the$Are ha-in% such a stru%%le with pro!lems all the timeK IAm so %lad /od doesnAt ha-e that attitude when IAm in needD CIAm sorr$. .astorKC So he does it" efore $ou know it. CIf I take that Bo!. I couldnAt -isit with him"C . the pastor asks for people to %et in-ol-ed. heAs doin% all the Bo!s" No matter what the need is?teachin% a Sunda$ School class. cleanin% the restrooms?this %u$ is ri%ht there to do it" E-er$thin% %ets piled on that one person" 7h$E ecause there are a multitude out there who are laF$" The$ sa$.mportan&e of Obedien&e 7< and slothful sometimes" In e-er$ church there is usuall$ one %u$ who is turned on and who wants to do e-er$thin%" 7hen the pastor %i-es him somethin% to do. !ut IAm so !us$ with rother #opeland" I canAt help $ou ri%ht now" If I met yo%r needs.C or CIf I %et committed to that. CIAll do it. I wonAt !e a!le to do this.err$. !ut no!od$ will" Then this %u$ pops up and sa$s. keepin% the nurser$. .C or CIf I %et in-ol-ed in that. he %ets in there and does it" 7hen another need arises. IAll !e too tied down.

I knew he was one of the rare kind who Bust canAt %et enou%h of the 7ord of /od" This $oun% man wanted to work with us. !ut at the time we didnAt ha-e an$ positions open" He started comin% to our church" He took notes on e-er$thin% that was preached" He studied the 7ord constantl$" A few months went !$. then one da$ our office mana%er said to me. I ha-e /odAs full attention? and I donAt ha-e to stand in line to %et it" ThatAs the wa$ He wants me to !e where HeAs concerned?a-aila!le" If I make m$self a-aila!le and o!edient to Him. ha-e $ouE 7hen I %o to /od. then He sa$s I will spend m$ da$s in prosperit$ and m$ $ears in pleasures" There was a $oun% man who worked with our ministr$ a few $ears a%o" The first time I met him.70 !iving in #ivine Prosperity ArenAt $ou %lad /od isnAt like thatE I ha-e ne-er run into @enneth #opeland at the throne room of /od. we need another maintenance man to clean up around here"C So I su%%ested that he check with that $oun% man and see if he was interested" . C6ou know. I ne-er see an$ of /odAs children there" E-er$ time IAm in need.

he would read it o-er and confess those scriptures" One da$ he came in with a piece of wire wrapped around his neck and stickin% out in front of his face" He had some scriptures on it so he could read them while he was hoein%K I ne-er saw an$thin% like it" IAm not su%%estin% that $ou %o to such an e<treme" That %u$ was desperate for the 7ord. . the first thin% he did was work outside on the %rounds" 7hen I dro-e up. he was out there workin%" He had a cassette recorder a!out '2 inches lon% strapped to his side. with headphones on his head and wires runnin% all o-er his !od$" He was pla$in% some of m$ teachin% tapes while he worked" One da$ he read in Leuteronom$ ) where /od said to !ind the 7ord around $our neck and ha-e it on $our wrist" He came in the ne<t da$ with that recorder and headset on as usual. CIAll do an$thin%"C 7hen he came on staff. !ut there was a !i% !and around his arm" He had put some scriptures on that !and" E-er$ time he looked at it.mportan&e of Obedien&e 75 0ost people who come around lookin% for a Bo! want to start at the top" The$ want to preach" ut this $oun% man said.

the$ can learn"J I was not a disciplined indi-idual when I came to . and pla$ dead" 3ots of people are affected !$ this spirit" One reason is the wa$ the$ were !rou%ht up" Some people ne-er had an$ responsi!ilit$. and he didnAt care what it took to do itK He Bust kept o!e$in% /od and doin% what /od said to do" Toda$ he is the pastor of a -er$ successful church" /od prospered him" 3ethar%$ is actuall$ a spirit that comes upon people?a spirit of laFiness and slothfulness" It is an effort of the ad-ersar$ to %et us to la$ down. %i-e up.esus" In fact. I would Bust quit" Lurin% m$ first semester at colle%e.77 !iving in #ivine Prosperity and he didnAt care what he looked like or what people thou%ht or said a!out him" Some folks thou%ht he was nuts" He did look like a nut" ut. so the$ donAt know how to handle it" I ut. I did fine until final . I was totall$ undisciplined" I was a compromise %oin% somewhere to happen" I went throu%h at least ten Bo!s the first $ear and a half of m$ marria%e" 7h$E ecause when thin%s %ot tou%h and pressure came. thank /od. $ou see. he had made up his mind that he was %oin% to %et the 7ord.

/od alwa$s demanded that His people o!e$" If the$ did.6 I. it was well with them" If not. $ou will ha-e to %et disciplined" It puts a demand on $our life" 0an$ people re!el at what the$ call the Gfaith messa%e"C The reason the$ re!el is !ecause it demands that the$ do somethin%" Some people simpl$ donAt want to do an$thin%" ut in !oth the Old #o-enant and the New #o-enant.ohn 2D='J" #is&iple comes from the word dis&ipline. C f ye &ontin%e in my word. it will discipline us" In fact.esus said. if $ou e<pect to li-e !$ /odAs 7ord. the$ suffered the consequences of their diso!edience" Co!!it!ent %hen you get so desperate for the %ord . ThatAs what a disciple is?a disciplined one" If we continue in the 7ord.mportan&e of Obedien&e 79 e<ams" I quit school two weeks !efore the semester ended" I did not ha-e the principle of discipline !uilt into me as I do now" It was not somethin% I had alread$ de-eloped" The 7ord of /od made a new man out of me" . then are ye my dis&iples indeed.

then you will spend your days in prosperity and your years in pleasures.7$ !iving in #ivine Prosperity that you will o ey God no !atter what. we will do" 7e must not !e children who are diso!edient and re!ellious. and . he it is that loveth me. $ou will perish" . nor the fault of the %ord of God-it is !y fault. !ut alwa$s pleasin% to our 4ather" %here the Bla!e Goes I said that the three maBor thin%s which ha-e caused /odAs people to !e in !onda%e are diso!edience. and lethar%$" The cure.6 I. CAe that hath my &ommandments. $ou need to reco%niFe and admit one simple fact" Read it out loudD 7If I a! failing.7 . If $ou donAt o!e$. if I a! not prospering. if I a! not successful. as we ha-e seen.eepeth them.ohn '+D*'J" If we donAt keep His 7ord.esus said. it is not God(s fault. there is e-er$ reason to question whether we reall$ lo-e /od" ItAs important to realiFe these thin%s and make the decision to do whate-er we see in /odAs 7ord" 7e must make the commitment that whate-er /od sa$s to us !$ the Hol$ Spirit. is simpl$ to repent and !e%in to o!e$ /od" Now. re!ellion.

mportan&e of Obedien&e 7' Too man$ times people donAt want the responsi!ilit$ put on them" ItAs so much easier to place the !lame on some!od$ else when thin%s are %oin% wron%" 7e %ot that from Adam" 7hen /od asked Adam wh$ he had diso!e$ed. Adam said. C0eCE Not -er$ often" ut thatAs where the fault lies?with us" If there is an$ failure. C7hatAs $our pro!lemEC The$ will pro!a!l$ answerD C0$ wife """ m$ hus!and """ m$ kids """ m$ pastor """ m$ !oss """ m$ emplo$ees """ the %o-ernmentKC How man$ times will someone answer. !e%in to o!e$ /od. CIt wasnAt me" It was that woman 6ou %a-e meKC E-er since that time. we donAt ha-e to stop there" 7e donAt ha-e to accept thin%s as the$ are" 7e can chan%e them" 7e Bust need to reco%niFe the truth of our failure and quit !lamin% others for it" Then repent. praise /od. and reap all the !enefits of that o!edienceK IAm so %lad that /od isnAt %oin% to wait until e-er$!od$ in the world shapes up !efore He . an$ defeat in our li-es. we are responsi!le" 7e ha-e no one to !lame !ut oursel-es" ut. people ha-e !een pointin% their fin%er at some!od$ else" Ask some!od$.

saiah 55+$. economic s$stems are in chaos. and my tho%ghts than yo%r tho%ghts. financial institutions are crum!lin%. we donAt ha-e to %o with it" .' If we make the decision to %o /odAs wa$. %o-ernments are failin%. or depression. so are my ways higher than yo%r ways. then we will !e on a hi%her plane than the one on which this world is operatin%" E-en thou%h the world ma$ !e headed for ruin. saith the !ord. neither are yo%r ways my ways.9) !iving in #ivine Prosperity does somethin% with me" The responsi!ilit$ is on me" 0$ !lessin%s will !e%in to flow when I %et m$self lined up with /odAs 7ord" It is o!-ious that the world is not o!e$in% /od" ThatAs wh$ the world is sufferin% like it is ri%ht now" The world is hurtin%. 4or as the heavens are higher than the earth.ust !ecause the world is headed for a recession. does not mean we ha-e to %o that . and people as a whole are sufferin%" ut Bust !ecause thatAs the wa$ the world is %oin% does not mean the od$ of #hrist has to follow that trend" 7e donAt ha-e to %o down that ne%ati-e stream" /od has saidD My tho%ghts are not yo%r tho%ghts. or inflation.

C7hat are $ou %oin% to do if %asoline reaches M1 a %allonEC As lon% as /od has M1"'8.s" =5D*1J" Thou%h we are in this world.en. I make an appointment with m$ 4ather and sa$. we do not ha-e to !e %o-erned !$ that" Some!od$ asked me. and this world is headed in a ne%ati-e -ein.mportan&e of Obedien&e 9( wa$" 7e are in the world. I need an increase in m$ allowance"C I ha-e ne-er !een forsaken and ha-e ne-er !e%%ed for !read" It doesnAt make an$ difference if !read %oes to M'("5* a loaf? /od has M'("5=K And itAs a-aila!le to all His kids" If we are o!edient to /od. we donAt ha-e to !e %o-erned !$ what is happenin% in this world" As for me and m$ house. and it works" It supercedes the laws !$ which the world li-es" If we are not prosperin% !ecause . C4ather.6 I. and %rocer$ prices %o up. and now am old= yet have not seen the righteo%s forsa. we can %o" E-er$ time %as prices %o up. !ut not of it" The . nor his seed begging bread. and rent %oes up. we are %oin% /odAs wa$ !ecause /odAs wa$ worksK How a!out $ouE /odAs s$stem is a hi%her s$stem.salmist saidD C have been yo%ng.

9: !iving in #ivine Prosperity we are followin% the course of this world. we must !e o!edient" Sa$ this with me out loudD GIf I o!e$ and ser-e /od. and $ou will see it come to pass in $our lifeK . I shall spend m$ da$s in prosperit$ and m$ $ears in pleasures"C Now stand firm on that promise. itAs our fault" ItAs !ecause of our diso!edience" All it takes for us to turn the situation around is to make a true commitment to /odAs wa$ of doin% thin%s. then refuse to !ack off from that commitment" I ha-e ne-er re%retted m$ decision to li-e !$ /odAs 7ord?and neither will $ou" ut in order to reap the !enefits.

3 8 %illingness to 2erve It is the will of /od that His people prosper" This is especiall$ important to the #hurch !ecause of the times in which we li-e and !ecause of our responsi!ilit$ as #hristAs representati-es and am!assadors in this world" /od tells us in His 7ord that Cthe wealth of the sinner is laid %p for the C%st.6 I. !ut its primar$ purpose is so that we can !ecome 5= .ro-" '=D**J" 7h$ is thatE 7hat is the purpose of that wealthE 7hat are Cthe BustC %oin% to do with itE 7e are %oin% to finance the %reatest re-i-al this planet has e-er seen" /od has not promised wealth for us so we can spend it on our lust" /od is not a%ainst our possessin% thin%sH He is a%ainst thin%s possessin% us" The wealth of the sinner is laid up for the Bust so that our needs will !e met.

ro-er!s '=D** is a commandment of /od which has alread$ !een released. so assured of its authenticit$ and so confident of our success" /od wants us to prosper !ecause in these last da$s we ha-e a tremendous responsi!ilit$.6 The Amplified "ible puts it this wa$D 6The wealth of the sinner Hfinds its way event%allyI into the hands of the righteo%s.6 ThatAs wh$ I am so thrilled with the messa%e .esus has %i-en to me.90 !iving in #ivine Prosperity channels of !lessin% or instruments of Almi%ht$ /od" It is %oin% to take lots of mone$ to finance the re-i-al that is comin% on this planet !efore the return of the 3ord . and it will come to passD CThe wealth of the sinner is laid %p for the C%st. for whom it was laid %p. a -ital role to pla$ in !rin%in% .esus !ack to the .esus" Ri%ht now Satan is usin% people in the world as reser-oirs of the wealth which ri%htfull$ !elon%s to the od$ of #hrist for the sake of the /ospel" Satan wants people who will follow him and do e<actl$ as he instructs them to do" Then he can use those people as reser-oirs to funnel %reat sums of mone$ into acti-ities that are e-il and detrimental to societ$" ut .

Jillingness to Serve 95 earth to catch awa$ the saints" There is an enormous Bo! to !e done" To accomplish that Bo!. /od needs for us as His people to !e prosperous" $he Lord(s )e uke As I ha-e alread$ stated. 3et me make this statementD If $ou will sta$ pure !efore /od and allow Him to re-eal $our work to $ou.ohn 2D=*"J If I am in error. we ha-e not prospered to the de%ree that /od desires !ecause of diso!edience. re!ellion. and their transgressions that they have eE&eeded.o! =)D( once a%ainD Then he sheweth them their wor. !ut the truth will set $ou free" I. and lethar%$" 7e simpl$ ha-e !een laF$ where /odAs instructions are concerned" 3etAs read . He will show $ou where $ou are missin% it" He will !rin% $our error to $our attention and show $ou what $ou ha-e !een doin% wron%" I want $ou to realiFe that we as mem!ers of the od$ of #hrist should welcome a re!uke from the 3ord" If IAm in error. I want /od to .. I donAt want to sta$ thereH I want /od to correct me" Error creates !onda%e.

it is not !ecause He is condemnin% us" 7hen $ou are actin% in conflict with /odAs 7ord.err$. re!uke. and instruction" 7e need to welcome /odAs correction in our li-es" 7hen /od re-eals that we are in error. and e<hortE ecause these thin%s !rin% perfection to the od$ of #hrist" Second Timoth$ =D') sa$s that all Scripture is %i-en !$ inspiration of /od and is profita!le for reproof. He will not condemn $ou. hereAs $our pro!lem"C It ma$ hurt. $ou ma$ not want to accept it" ut the i!le sa$s it is a fool who refuses instruction" I. eEhort with all long s%ffering and do&trine.e. !ut thatAs !etter than li-in% in !onda%e all m$ life" 7hen /od points His fin%er at $ou and sa$s. C. correction. reb%. o%t of season= reprove.aul said to Timoth$D C Prea&h the word= be instant in season.C it ma$ hurt" At" 'D5"J A wise man welcomes a re!uke" ThatAs how we are corrected and !rou%ht out of error" 3et me call to $our attention what the Apostle . !ut He will con-ict $ou !$ .aul instruct Timoth$ to repro-e. COuit doin% that.97 !iving in #ivine Prosperity tell me plainl$.6 I* Tim" +D*J" Two of these three instructions are not comforta!le for the od$ of #hristD repro-e and re!uke" 7h$ did .

/od will e<pect $ou to discipline $ourself in that area" In other words. 2 f they obey and serve him.Jillingness to Serve 99 His Spirit" I welcome /odAs correction and instruction !ecause I donAt want to li-e in !onda%e" Ae sheweth them their wor. and &ommandeth that they ret%rn from iniF%ity.3 Once a%ain. Job <7+'. and their years in pleas%res. we ha-e a .C /od will do it" Then He will open $our ear to discipline" Once $ou ha-e !een shown $our error.() ThatAs %ood instruction" If $ou will %o !efore /od and sa$. $ou will !e held responsi!le for that instruction" He will e<pect $ou to walk in the li%ht of it" 6ou will !e e<pected to determine that no matter what the pressure or temptation. C4ather. they shall spend their days in prosperity.. $ou will not compromise and $ield to it a%ain" /od will e<pect $ou to Creturn from iniquit$"C 0n 0ttitude of 2ervitude Then -erse '' sa$s. show me m$ error. and their transgressions that they have eE&eeded. Ae openeth also their ear to dis&ipline.

... CSatan.. not Bust %i-e lip ser-ice to him" 7hen $ou relinquish $our relationship with Satan...3 Some people think a!out !ein% o!edient. we sa$ the$ are Cin the ser-ice.9$ !iving in #ivine Prosperity condition" /od sa$s. we are soldiers of the 3ord.esus the 3ord of m$ life. in the ser-ice of the 3ord" Ha-e $ou e-er !een to !oot campE If so. C f they obey and serve.C meanin% Cin the ser-ice of our nation"C As #hristians.C $ou take upon $ourself an attitude of ser-itude" 6our entire e<istence should then center around ser-in% Him" 7hen $oun% men are called into the armed forces of this nation. 2 f they obey and serve .esus said that no man can ser-e two masters" No man can ser-e two masters" Apparentl$ there is a responsi!ilit$ where the od$ of #hrist is concerned to ser-e one master. !ut the$ will not ser-e" /od sa$s.3 E-identl$ /od wants us to ha-e an attitude of o!edience and an attitude of ser-itude" I realiFe we are no lon%er under the 3aw" Howe-er. $ouAre no lon%er the %od of m$ life" I make .. $ou !ecome lo$al to /od" 7hen $ou sa$. then $ou can relate to the followin% stor$" .

kill. that o!edience and ser-ice will pa$ off" Too . Lear /od. re%ardless of whether we liked it or not" 7hen $ouAre in the Arm$.Jillingness to Serve 9' 7hile I was in !asic trainin%. $ou do thin%s the Arm$ wa$" 0an$ times that wa$ seemed a!solutel$ ridiculous to us. the wron% wa$. killC !efore I can eat !reakfastE I donAt want to kill an$!od$H I Bust want to eat" 7e had a sa$in% in the ser-iceD CThere is the ri%ht wa$. I thou%ht. m$ friend. and the Arm$ wa$"C 7e learned to do thin%s the Arm$ wa$. !ut we did it" 7e learned o!edience" 7e were tau%ht discipline" 7e learned to ser-e" There comes a time in the life of an$ soldier in com!at when he !ecomes %rateful for the thin%s he was tau%ht in !oot camp" Sooner or later he realiFes and appreciates the -alue of o!edience to commands. we are in the ser-ice of the 3ord" The i!le sa$s if we o!e$ and ser-e Him. whatAs a nice %u$ like me doin% in a place like thisE 7hatAs wron% with these peopleE 7h$ donAt the$ let me sleepE 7h$ donAt the$ let me eat what I want toE 7h$ do I ha-e to run throu%h those e<ercises $ellin% Ckill. !ecause his -er$ life depends upon it" 7ell.

$) !iving in #ivine Prosperity man$ times p e o p l e m i s i n t e r p r e t t h e t e r m Ccharismatic"C The$ think the$ are free of their denominational restriction" ut CfreeC usuall$ is interpreted to mean irresponsi!le" That is not what !ein% charismatic means" The Apostle .aul warned us a!out this kind of attitude" In /alatians 1D' he saidD C Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Ghrist hath made %s free. in His ser-ice. read$ for whate-er He desires us to do" Purpose of #aith .6 Then in -erse '= he wroteD C""" only %se not liberty for an o&&asion to Iser-eJ the flesh.esus #hrist" 7e !elon% to Him" 7e are to !e at His disposal. !ut letAs not for%et that the i!le still teaches us to !e committed and totall$ dedicated" 7e need to strai%hten our thinkin% where this freedom is concerned" 7e are in the ser-ice of the 3ord and our li-es are not our own" 7e ha-e !een !ou%ht with a price?the shed !lood of the 3ord .6 Some people think that !ecause the$ are freed from denominational !onda%e that the$ are freed from commitment of an$ kind" That is not true" /od wants a commitment from us" 7e are free from reli%ious tradition.

/od will see to it that all the thin%s $ou need will !e added unto $ou as well" 0an$ times we ha-e %otten our priorities in the wron% order" 7e seek thin%s instead of seekin% the #reator" ThatAs !ackwards" /od has said that if we will seek first His @in%dom and . ThatAs what this thin% is all a!out" If $ou will %et in-ol-ed in !lessin% others. to stop the ravages of 2atan(s warfare in the lives of others. that we can do whate-er we want" Such people ne-er channel their faith toward meetin% the needs of humanit$ and ser-in% /od" ut thatAs what itAs all a!out" ThatAs what faith is forK /od ne-er intended for $ou to de-elop $our faith so $ou could %o around accumulatin% the thin%s $ou want" God wants your faith strong so you can e His instru!ent of lessing to hu!anity.Jillingness to Serve $( 0an$ people ha-e %otten the Cfaith mo-ementC so confused" Now donAt misunderstand me" IAm not preachin% a%ainst faith" IAm a faith teacher" I am preachin% a%ainst the error that has somehow crept into the mo-ement" Some people ha-e the mistaken idea that we donAt ha-e to commit oursel-es to an$thin%.

then m$ actions will ro! me of that da$As prosperit$" If I refuse to follow the instructions . then e-identl$ He wants me to prosper e-er$ da$" 0$ o!edience will cause me to prosper dail$H diso!edience will ro! me of a da$As prosperit$" If I am not willin% to o!e$ and ser-e. 2They will spend their days in prosperity.6 In other words. they shall spend their days in prosperity. 2 f they obey and serve Me. "%t if they do not obey. /od desires that we prosper e-er$ da$" There is a -erse in /odAs 7ord that sa$s He desires that whate-er we set our hand to prospers" 7ell. and they will die witho%t . and their years in pleas%res. all the thin%s we need?e-en the desires of our own heart?will !e added unto us" 7e need to realiFe that we are in the ser-ice of the 3ord" 4aith has !een %i-en to us !$ Him to %et His work done.$: !iving in #ivine Prosperity His ri%hteousness.6 O!edience causes prosperit$ to come to us dail$" He said. not to ser-e our own selfish ends" Daily Prosperity /od has told us. they will perish by the sword. m$ little hands are !us$ e-er$ da$" If /od wants to prosper whate-er I set m$ hand to.nowledge.

and ask His for%i-eness?then /od will cause that sin to !e remo-ed" 7hen the sin is remo-ed. the i!le is for all of us" I am e<pected to li-e !$ it. the hindrance to our prosperit$ is remo-ed" 7e can start afresh. as I ha-e said. I mean the instructions that are for all the od$ of #hrist" 6ou see.Jillingness to Serve $< /od has %i-en me in His 7ord and !$ His Hol$ Spirit. edience 0an$ times people want /od to talk to them a!out their dail$ %uidance. !ut are not willin% to follow the %eneral instructions in His 7ord" $ %eneral. confess our sin of diso!edience. Bust as . and our prosperit$ will !e%in to flow a%ain" ut He will e<pect us to walk in o!edience and ser-e Him dail$" 7e should prosper e-er$ da$ as we follow /odAs instructions dail$" Daily . there is a cureD repentance" If we are willin% to repent?to %o !efore /od. then I cannot e<pect prosperit$ that da$" That has happened to lots of people" Their da$s ha-e !e%un to mount up. and $ears of prosperit$ ha-e !een ro!!ed from them" That is not the will of /od" ut.

there ma$ !e some indi-idual instructions /od %i-es to me personall$ that He ne-er speaks to $ou a!out" He ma$ tell me to do somethin% He would ne-er ask $ou to do" Howe-er.$0 !iving in #ivine Prosperity $ou are" Howe-er. the$ ha-e a hard time hearin% specific instructions" I hear people complain. and $ou wouldnAt read or o!e$ it. C/od ne-er talks to me"C I ask them. I wouldnAt !other to tr$ to instruct $ou -er!all$"C Some people keep /odAs 7ord out on the coffee ta!le so e-er$!od$ will !e sure to see it . CAre $ou o!e$in% the 7ordEC CNo"C CThen $ou shouldnAt e<pect /od to talk to $ou" If I had written $ou a letter with instructions a!out how to li-e. then we are willin% to o!e$ the specific instructions to us personall$" ecause some people wonAt o!e$ the %eneral instructions. we are all required to o!e$ the written 7ord" Our o!edience to that 7ord puts us in a position to ha-e /od speak to us indi-iduall$ !$ His Spirit to %uide us dail$ in our own personal li-es" If we are willin% to o!e$ the %eneral instructions.

or their finances. then we are in a position to recei-e specific instructions a!out our own situations" 0an$ people are wantin% /od to help them in their !usiness. $et the$ wonAt follow /odAs %eneral instructions a!out !usiness" The$ want /od to %i-e them specific instructions a!out their marria%e. C3ord. CLid $ou read 0$ ookEC C7ell. their health. $et the$ wonAt o!e$ what He has said in His 7ord a!out these thin%s" . !ut the$ will not o!e$ its contents" Then the$ %o to /od and sa$.Jillingness to Serve $5 when the$ come in" The$ ma$ pick it up now and then to read a -erse or two at ni%ht !efore the$ %o to sleep" Some ma$ e-en read it reli%iousl$. please help me" I need some ad-ice"C /od asks. read the Book' It will %i-e $ou a %eneral concept of how /od operates" 4rom His 7ord we learn /odAs thou%hts and wa$s" 7hen we know such %eneral thin%s and are o!edient to His %eneral instructions. no" I donAt %et an$thin% out of it" ut IA-e %ot to ha-e some help on this situation here" 6ouA-e Bust %ot to tell me how to handle itKC If this descri!es $ou.

CHow can $ou possi!l$ !ase $our life on the i!le when men wrote it. IAm Bust not %oin% to !ase m$ life on somethin% men wrote"C CAre $ou sa-edEC I asked" C6es"C CHow did $ou %et that wa$EC . not Bust the parts we likeJ. C7ell. then /od will ha-e dail$ communication with us !$ His Spirit" $rust the %ord Someone asked me one time. I Bust !elie-e that an$!od$ smart enou%h to create a uni-erse is surel$ capa!le of %ettin% somethin% across to a man clearl$ enou%h that he could %et it down on paper the wa$ He wanted it written"C Another person told me once.$7 !iving in #ivine Prosperity 7e cannot e<pect to recei-e help from /od if we i%nore what He has alread$ told us" 7e must learn to o!e$ /odAs 7ord" There is no other wa$" 7hen we are willin% to o!e$ /odAs 7ord Iall of it. C7ell. and men are capa!le of makin% mistakesE How do $ou know those men were accurateEC I told that person.

and I ha-e the audacit$ to !elie-e it" IAm %oin% to hea-en !ecause I !elie-e what .ohn *" If he was accurate in either one.ohn wrote" If I can !elie-e . wish above all things that tho% mayest prosper.ohn =D')"C CA man wrote that" ItAs 3ohn =D').ohn was accurate in . CHow can $ou !ase success on the 7ord of /od when it was written !$ mere menE How can $ou ha-e the audacit$ to !elie-e that circumstances are %oin% to chan%e !ecause of somethin% written !$ a manEC I answered. he should ha-e !een accurate in !oth" If he was inaccurate. /od inspired it. our 3ord .Jillingness to Serve $9 C.esus did"C On the mount of temptation. C ecause thatAs what . !ut /od inspired it"C C6es.esus .6 The same man wrote !oth -erses" It was the same man hearin% /od" If . then we are wastin% our time !ecause none of it can !e trusted.ohn =D'). I can also !elie-e = .ohn =D').ohn * in which he said. C"eloved. none of it will work"C Someone else asked me. itAs possi!le he was accurate in = . not God =D')" A man wrote that"C C6es.

ohn =D') was inspired of /od.aul wrote that /od shall meet all of m$ need accordin% to His riches in %lor$ !$ #hrist .esus would ha-e !een !asin% His -ictor$ o-er SatanAs temptations on a falli!le source" 7hat if 0oses had missed itE ut he didnAt miss it. I ha-e no reason to dou!t that the whole i!le was inspired of /od" If .esus told Satan.$$ !iving in #ivine Prosperity #hrist didnAt !ase His -ictor$ and success on somethin% /od had said to Him in an audi!le -oice" He quoted somethin% 0oses had written ?somethin% written !$ a CmereC man" If 0oses had missed it.6 7ritten !$ whomE 0oses" Not /od.esus would ha-e !een in trou!le" .et" 'D*'"J Thank /od. we can !ase our li-es on it" I know IAm not %oin% to hell !ecause /od %a-e the words to a man" /od inspired it. . !ut 0oses" If 0oses had not written the messa%e the wa$ /od intended it.hil" +D'(J.eter said that these thin%s were written in times past !$ hol$ men who were mo-ed !$ /od" I* . .ohnAs tellin% . and anointed it" 0$ eternal destin$ was chan%ed !ecause of it" Since I !elie-e .esus I. !reathed upon it. to me that is Bust as real and powerful as . C t is written. !ecause he had heard from /od" .

then $ou are %oin% to prosper" If $ou hesitate. then our dail$ communication with Him will !ecome -er$ intimate" He will %uide us in our dail$ affairs" If $ou are alwa$s willin% to do what /od tells $ou.rdered 2teps The steps of a good man are ordered by the !ord+ and he delighteth in his way. $et ha-e trou!le with another part" The onl$ reason for that is !ecause the$ ha-enAt de-eloped their faith in that particular area" 7hen we !elie-e /odAs 7ord Iall of itJ is inspired of /od and we are willin% to o!e$ the principles outlined in it.ohn =D')" Some people can !elie-e one part of the 7ord. and tr$ to talk /od out of it.esus #hrist I shall not perish !ut ha-e e-erlastin% life" I ha-e no more pro!lem with . Psalm <9+:< /od wants to order our steps" The word order is a militar$ term" To order is to .hilippians +D'( than I do with .Jillingness to Serve $' me that if I !elie-e on . $ou will !e ro!!in% $ourself of prosperit$" ItAs Bust that simple" . ar%ue.

then send us His Hol$ Spirit I7ho knows how the$ operateJ to indwell us. and to lead us in the wa$ we should %o" .. All9 successful /od?was willin% to put the principles upon which He li-es into a !ook. then we will profit and prosper" If an$!od$ ou%ht to know how to profit.') !iving in #ivine Prosperity command" /od orders IcommandsJ our steps. itAs /od" I am so thrilled that this personalit$?this All9knowin%. saiah 0$+(9 /od wants to lead us in the wa$ we should %o" If we will o!e$ and ser-e. All9mi%ht$. to teach us how to profit. am the !ord thy *od whi&h tea&heth thee to profit. whi&h leadeth thee by the way that tho% sho%ldest go. if we will o!e$ those orders" 0an$ people ha-e no idea that /od is tr$in% to lead them step !$ step in this life" The$ Bust take off in some direction" The$ tr$ and fail in different areas" Then finall$ the$ !e%in to %et smart and see their mistakes" 6et all the time /od was wantin% to order their steps and pre-ent those mistakes" %e don(t have to learn y trial and error& we can learn y si!ple o edience' .. itAs /od" If an$!od$ knows how to li-e well.

then prosperit$ will come to me" E-er$thin% I set m$ hand to is %oin% to prosper.Jillingness to Serve '( All we ha-e to do is !e willin% to o!e$ and ser-e" If I want to prosper and succeed in m$ life. edience Now let me share somethin% with $ou a!out an attitude of o!edience" In Ephesians )D'9= . obey yo%r parents in the !ord+ for this is right. and tho% mayest live long on the earth. Aono%r thy father and mother= whi&h is the first &ommandment with promise= that it may be well with thee.aul writesD Ghildren. and IAm %oin% to spend m$ da$s in prosperit$" ut if IAm diso!edient. the whole wheel of pro%ress is stopped" 0ttitude of . . /od alread$ knows the steps necessar$ to %et there" He has alread$ laid out the path I should take" He knows what is necessar$ to reach e-er$ %oal or am!ition or -ision that He has placed in m$ heart" He knows what steps I need to take" If I am willin% to let Him order m$ steps and if I will do e<actl$ what He tells me without hesitation or ar%ument.

m$ hea-enl$ 4ather" IA-e had some situations with m$ two dau%hters" 7hen the$ !ecame teena%ers. He would e<pect from His spiritual children" In fact. I donAt like it" I e<pect m$ %irls to o!e$" 7hen the$ donAt. and it was not well with them" 7hen I come home and find that m$ dau%hters ha-e !een diso!edient. and we are the children" Surel$. it was not pleasin% to me. thin%s definitel$ donAt %o well with them" 7hat pleases me most is when the$ o!e$ what I sa$ without ar%ument" I detest ar%ument when instructions ha-e !een %i-en" I donAt like . e-er$thin% I ha-e learned a!out !ein% a %ood father to m$ children has come from /od" The similitude of m$ fatherhood comes from /od" In other words. I had to la$ down some new rules" These rules were not alwa$s too popular with the %irls" There ha-e !een times when the$ ha-e diso!e$ed me" IThe$ knew !etter.': !iving in #ivine Prosperity /od has a famil$" He is the 4ather. an$thin% %ood that I do as an earthl$ father was imparted to me from /od. the Head of that famil$. that the$ ha-e re!elled a%ainst the instructions I left. !ut the$ did it an$wa$"J 7ell. an$thin% He would tell children in the natural to do.

C3isten to meK Are $ou listenin% to meEC C6es. !ut I donAt want to. sir. !ut I also donAt want them to i%nore what I tell them" Ha-e $ou e-er %ra!!ed $our child and said. and neither does /od" It is dishonora!le to ar%ue with /od" I donAt want m$ children to ar%ue with me. I use words and . IAm listenin%"C C7hat did I sa$EC CI donAt know. !ut we are so !us$ doin% somethin% else that we donAt hear Him" C/od told me to %i-e that awa$. so IAll Bust act like I didnAt hear what He said"C If $our child did that. itAs not /od who !eats us in the flesh?itAs the Le-il" /od is the 4ather of spirits" He chastises His children with His 7ord" He will scour%e I!eat onJ us with His 7ord" /od is a spiritual 4atherH He does not use carnal methods to train spirits" As a father in the natural.Jillingness to Serve '< that in an$ kind of relationship. $ou would spank him" Lo $ou see what diso!edience doesE It opens the door to the ad-ersar$" 7hen /od has %i-en us instructions which we refuse to o!e$. !ut IAm listenin%"C 0an$ times /od is tr$in% to tell us somethin%.

CIAll ne-er do that a%ainKC I could ha-e sa-ed m$self that hard lesson if I had listened to /od" 0$ dad used to tr$ to %et throu%h to me when I was a teena%er" 6ou see. !ut e<perience is the !est teacher"C No.'0 !iving in #ivine Prosperity rods" The i!le sa$s. !ut $ouA-e decided $ou want to learn it the hard wa$"C And He Bust has to !ack off and let us ha-e our little e<perience" Someone has said. IAm %oin% to take $our ke$s awa$ from $ou" 6ouAre %oin% to tear up $our car" 6ou could hurt . Bust as m$ dad lo-ed me" ut /od uses words" If I re!el at His words. ha-e $our e<perience then"C 3ater I would sa$. itAs almost as if He has to fold His arms and sa$. C6es. I was a hotrodder. alwa$s dra% racin% in the streets. CAe that spareth his rod hateth his son. and Lad didnAt like it" He would sa$. if $ou donAt quit dra% racin% in the streets. CSon. CIAm tr$in% to tell $ou.6" '=D*+J" 0$ kids know I lo-e them. we will learn the eas$ wa$" 0ost people are hard9headed" I was so hard9headed in the past" I wanted an e<perience" So /od would !ack awa$ and sa$. COka$. e<perience is second !est" The Hol$ /host is still num!er one" If we will o!e$ /od.

no. it wasnAt deli!erate" I would Bust %et tempted to race" I would !e fine until some!od$ pulled up ne<t to me and re--ed his en%ine" I reall$ didnAt intend to race" I didnAt . sometimes we Bust ha-e to learn the hard wa$" 0$ dad told me wh$ I shouldnAt dra% race in the street" He told me what would happen if I continued to do so.Jillingness to Serve '5 $ourself and endan%er the li-es of others" IAm not %oin% to put up with it"C He told me all the consequences that could happen if I continued to diso!e$" Lo $ou know wh$E He didnAt want me endan%ered" He didnAt want m$ life snuffed out !ecause of some foolishness" He knew what he was talkin% a!out" ut as a $oun%ster. I thou%ht I knew more than Lad" As children we think we know it all" Some of /odAs kids think the$ know more than He does" The$ ha-e the same attitude toward Him as $oun%sters sometimes ha-e toward their parentsD COh. what does He knowE He doesnAt understand"C If onl$ we could learn once and for all that /od knows what is !est for usK Then o!edience would !e so much easier and quicker for us" 7e could sa-e oursel-es so much miser$" ut. !ut I i%nored his ad-ice" At first.

then we let it carr$ o-er into our relationship with our 4ather /od" All /od is askin% us to do is to o!e$ and ser-e Him !ecause He knows what is !est for us" He led the path of . C7hat did $ou doEC CLra% raced in the street"C C7hat happenedEC CTore up m$ car"C CLidnAt I tell $ou that would happenEC C6es.ohn ')D'="J He knows how to lead us throu%h . Lad asked. !ut I couldnAt resist the temptation" I couldnAt refuse a challen%e" Then one time I left the rear end of m$ car la$in% in the middle of the street when I !lew up the transmission" 7hen I %ot home. sir"C G7h$ didnAt $ou o!e$ meEC CI will now"C IsnAt that dum!E ut thatAs what we do" 7e %row up with that kind of attitude.esus was a total success" /od knows the pitfalls alon% our wa$" The i!le sa$s He will show us thin%s to come" I.esus throu%h this earth.'7 !iving in #ivine Prosperity intend to !reak the law or to diso!e$ Lad. and .

6 I-" +J" The !iving "ible sa$sD 6Ae m%st have a well1behaved family. not after weA-e tried e-er$thin% else. C6ou should o!e$ """. not when we %et around to it.6 ThatAs an attitude of o!edience" Ouickl$ and quietl$" 0$ kids ha-e heard that so much" In fact. with &hildren who obey F%i&. I was %ettin% read$ to %o to 0emphis. having his &hildren in s%bCe&tion with all gravity. we know?quickl$ and quietl$"C ThatAs the attitude there should !e in o!edience" ThatAs the kind of attitude /od wants us to ha-e" He wants us to o!e$ Him. without hesitation" 3et me %i-e $ou an e<ample from m$ own e<perience to illustrate what I mean" A num!er of $ears a%o. C6es. for a meetin%" 7hile I .aul %i-es some instructions a!out the office of !ishop" One of the requirements is that he rule Cwell his own ho%se. now when we tell them. !ut the moment He sa$s it" Ouickl$ and quietl$" That means without ar%ument.Jillingness to Serve '9 this life if we are willin% to o!e$ and ser-e Him" 9uickly and 9uietly In the third chapter of ' Timoth$ the Apostle .C the$ sa$. not when we finall$ decide that He knows !est. and F%ietly.

oe was !elie-in% /od for a need he had ri%ht then.oe Ia minister friendJ some mone$"C I said.oe li-ed less than twent$ miles from m$ home.oe"C . suddenl$ I woke up" /od said. CI told $ou to send . 3ord. I for%ot" ut IAll do it Bust as soon as I %et to 0emphis"C And I Bust kept on dri-in%" . the Spirit of /od spoke to me a%ain. I want $ou to sent .'$ !iving in #ivine Prosperity was packin%. CSon.oe was pra$in% and !elie-in%H the 3ord was mo-in%?!ut I wasnAt doin% m$ part" The sad thin% a!out it was that . Bust as soon as I %et throu%h packin%"C ut I %ot !us$ and for%ot a!out it" As I was dri-in% toward 0emphis. /od spoke to me and said. CIAll do that. CI told $ou to send that mone$ to . !ut I was %oin% to wait until I had dri-en all the wa$ to 0emphis !efore I sent him that mone$" It mi%ht ha-e taken a week to %et to him" I %ot to 0emphis and checked into m$ hotel" As I was l$in% in !ed asleep in the middle of the ni%ht. and /od was wantin% me to help meet that need?!ut I was too !us$" The$ were !oth doin% their part" .oe that mone$"C C3ord.

CThe ne<t time $ouAre in need and $our help doesnAt come when $ou need it. !elie-in% 0e to meet his need" IA-e talked to se-eral people toda$ a!out meetin% his need and all of them ha-e responded like $ou"C Then He added. A#o %nto others as yo% wo%ld have them do %nto yo%.@ ThatAs wh$ $our needs sometimes %o da$s !efore the$ are met" ItAs not 0$ fault" I spoke. !ut $ou caused 0e to . donAt sa$ a word"C 7hen I heard that. 3ord. CSon. C/et that mone$ o-er to . itAs the middle of the ni%ht"C CHe needs it nowH in fact. IAll do it Bust as soon as I %et !ack home"C CThatAs not %ood enou%h" #all $ou wife and tell her to %et that mone$ o-er to him ri%ht now"C C ut. there is a spiritual law that $ou released in $our life when $ou acted that wa$" I said. I wanted to %et in m$ car and dri-e !ack home ri%ht thenK I called #arol$n and said. he needed it hours a%o" He is standin% in faith.Jillingness to Serve '' C/od.oe" LonAt hesitate" /od said to do it nowKC She %ot it to him as quickl$ as she could" /od tau%ht me somethin% in that e<perience" He said.

I will do it ri%ht awa$" IAm %oin% to allow 6ou to order m$ steps and lead me in the wa$ I should %o" IAm willin% to o!e$ and ser-e 6ou" 7hate-er 6ou tell me to do. hesitation. IAll do without ar%ument. especiall$ in the presence of others" It is em!arrassin% when $ou ask $our children to do somethin% for $ou in the presence of others and the$ make e<cuses or act like the$ didnAt hear $ou" ThatAs not pleasin%" Neither is it pleasin% to /od when He sa$s. who hesitate and put it off" 6ou set the pattern in $our own life !ecause of the wa$ $ou act" Is that the wa$ $ou want to li-e the rest of $our #hristian lifeEC I said.()) !iving in #ivine Prosperity ha-e to speak to people who dela$. who wonAt o!e$ quickl$ and quietl$. or dela$"C The attitude in o!edience is quickl$ and quietl$" It does not !rin% deli%ht or pleasure to $ou as a parent when $our children ar%ue with $ou a!out somethin% $ouA-e told them to do" If the$ %et around to doin% it in a week. Sir. CNo. thatAs not pleasin% either" 7hat is pleasin% to $ouE It pleases me when m$ children do what IA-e instructed them to do without ar%ument. . IAm %oin% to correct that" 4rom now on when 6ou tell me to %i-e.

/od. whoAs %oin% to clean mineE esides I didnAt like what he preached last week"C If $ou act that wa$. C/o tell $our pastor that I donAt want him sweepin% the church floor an$more" 6ou %o down there and sweep it"C 7e ha-e to learn to o!e$ /od" It ma$ not alwa$s !e eas$.C !ut we answer. I onl$ ha-e M+8" 6ou know I canAt do that"C If /od tells $ou to do somethin%. and /od sa$s to $ou. C ut. ey IAm %oin% to tell $ou somethin% -er$ important" To prosper the wa$ /od wants us to. !ut it alwa$s pa$sK 2erve and . we must !e willin% to o!e$ and ser-e" .ones is in dire need" u$ her some %roceries"C ut $ou sa$. CIf I do that. $ou will ro! $ourself of that da$As prosperit$" Suppose $ou %o to the %rocer$ store. He is !i% enou%h to help $ou carr$ it out" Our pro!lem has !een that we Bust ha-enAt !een willin% to o!e$" 7e come up with all these e<cuses and ro! oursel-es of that da$As prosperit$" /od sa$s.Jillingness to Serve ()( C/o to the pastorAs house and %i-e him a da$ offH clean his house for him. CSister .

And she said %nto her mistress. Jo%ld *od my lord were with the prophet that is in . be&a%se by him the !ord had given deliveran&e %nto Syria+ he was also a mighty man in valo%r.esus said. CJhosoever of yo% will be the &hiefest. was a great man with his master. shall be servant of all. And the Syrians had gone o%t by & of Syria.(): !iving in #ivine Prosperity . &aptain of the host of the . and hono%rable. b%t he was a leper.eople willin% to ser-e are people who are e<alted" E-er$!od$ wants to !e num!er one" ut . and had bro%ght away &aptive o%t of the land of srael a little maid= and she waited on Naaman@s wife.6 I0ark '8D++J" The chiefest of all are those who are willin% to ser-e" 0en and women who are willin% to ser-e will !e e<alted !$ /od" He will !rin% them to honor and prosper them" 3et me show $ou an e<ample of a man in the i!le who wasnAt willin% to o!e$" In the fifth chapter of * @in%s we see a man who almost ro!!ed himself of his prosperit$ !ecause of his attitude toward o!edience" He was not willin% at first to o!e$ /odAs instructions !ecause the$ didnAt line up with what he thou%ht he should do" Now Naaman.

and he shall . that tho% mayest re&over him of his leprosy. And he bro%ght the letter to the . Th%s and th%s said the maid that is of the land of srael. And he departed. that he rent his &lothes. And it &ame to pass. and see how he see.e alive. And the . And one went in. and told his lord. pray yo%. saying. Now when this letter has &ome %nto thee. that there is a prophet in srael. saying. when the .eth a F%arrel against me. when /lisha the man of *od had heard that the . and ten &hanges of raiment. and siE tho%sand pie&es of of srael had rent his &lothes. And it was so.ill and to of Syria said. *o to. Jherefore hast tho% rent thy &lothes8 let him &ome now to me. that this man doth send %nto me to re&over a man of his leprosy8 wherefore & of srael had read the letter. that he sent to the .ing of srael. So Naaman &ame with his horses and with his &hariot. to . Am *od. and said.Jillingness to Serve SamariaD for he wo%ld re&over him of his leprosy. have therewith sent Naaman my servant to of srael. with him ten talents of silver. saying. behold. and stood at the door of the ho%se of /lisha. and too. ()< . and will send a letter %nto the .

saying. the$ would ha-e said. had I asked peopleAs opinion. C"%t Naaman was wroth. and thy flesh shall &ome again to thee. inspired !$ /od. CThatAs craF$KC ut I didnAt ask people. were -er$ simpleD C/o Bump in the ri-er"C ut Naaman %ot mad" The King James Version sa$s. *o and wash in Jordan seven times. he wouldnAt e-en come out" He Bust sent out a messa%e that $ou were to %o Bump in the Arkansas Ri-er" How would $ou feelE 7ould $ou do what the messen%er said to . I asked /od and He said to do it" So I did it.6 I-" ''J" ThatAs understanda!le" Suppose $ou were deathl$ ill and went to Tulsa. or he wonAt !e healed of lepros$" 0an$ times what /od tells $ou to do will not make sense to the natural mind" IA-e had /od tell me to do thin%s that.()0 !iving in #ivine Prosperity And /lisha sent a messenger %nto him. to ha-e Oral Ro!erts la$ hands on $ou and pra$ for $our healin%" 7hen $ou %ot there. and tho% shalt be &lean. and it workedK Here the messen%er of /od has told this man what to do" The instructions. : Kings 5+(1() At this point Naaman must !e willin% to o!e$. Oklahoma.

CIAm sorr$. rother #opeland and I were sharin% a room" 7e had Bust returned from a meetin% and rother #opeland was ph$sicall$ drained from ministerin% to the people for hours" He had Bust %otten settled in !ed for the ni%ht. sir. !ut heAs in !ed asleep"C CI donAt care" I want to see him"C C7ell. if I can"C C6ou wonAt do"C C7ell.Jillingness to Serve ()5 doE I had an e<perience similar to this while I was workin% as associate minister for @enneth #opeland" It was m$ responsi!ilit$ to take rother #opeland to this hotel room after each meetin% and attend to his needs" Also I was supposed to answer an$ questions the people mi%ht ha-e" One ni%ht in @ansas #it$. when suddenl$ there was a knock at the door" 7hen I opened it. there stood a $oun% man who wanted to see rother #opeland" I said. thereAs nothin% we can do for $ou toni%ht" #ome to the meetin% in the mornin%"C CI want to see him now"C . IAm sorr$. ma$ I help $ouE IAd !e %lad to help $ou.

C7hate-er this fellow tells $ou. that@s not the way yo% told "rother Aagin to do it. !ord. as lon% as it worksE Some people think.()7 !iving in #ivine Prosperity CSir. IAm tr$in% to !e as nice as I can. and pushed me down" 7hen I hit the floor. !ut $ou canAt see him now" He is asleep and $ou canAt come in"C CIAm comin% in. it woke up rother #opeland" He %ot up and told that man in no uncertain terms. $ouAd !etter !elie-e what he sa$sKC I was Bust followin% rother #opelandAs instructions" Some people wonAt o!e$ /od if He doesnAt conform to their preconcei-ed notions" Naaman was like that" He should ha-e reBoiced o-er the instructions" 7ho cares what /od tells $ou to do. Jhy do have to do it this way8 ecause $ouAre not @enneth Ha%inK 6ou had !etter not tr$ to do somethin% a certain wa$ Bust !ecause /od told rother Ha%in to do it that wa$" 6ou need to do what /od wants $ou to do" /et rid of all $our preconcei-ed ideas and listen to /odAs instructions to $ou" Then o!e$ those instructions without question or hesitation" Notice what Naaman didD . "%t.C he insisted.

and stand.? .e his hand over the pla&e. wo%ldest tho% not have done it8 how m%&h rather then. and be &lean8 -" '= In other Ae will s%rely &ome o%t to me. didnAt heE He had the whole script written in ad-ance" This thin% was %oin% to !e dramatic" Sometimes /odAs instructions are -er$ simple. >.Jillingness to Serve "%t Naaman was wroth. wouldnAt $ou ha-e done itE Then wh$ donAt $ou do thisE All heAs askin% $ou to do is to dip $ourself in that ri-er se-en times" He said $ou would . and went away.. G3isten. v. if the prophet had bid thee do some great thing. and said.. "ehold.ight there is one of o%r main problemsBwrong thin. tho%ght. Jash. and finall$ left" ut one of his ser-ants came to him and askedD 0$ father. so simple that some people miss them" Naaman was not willin% to o!e$ and simpl$ follow /odAs instructions" He was mad. if the prophet had told $ou to do somethin% reall$ hard. when he saith to thee. and stri. and &all on the name of the !ord his *od. and re&over the leper.. (( ()9 This %u$ had it all fi%ured out.

and let down yo%r net for a dra%ght. and have ta. who had !een out fishin% all ni%ht lon% with his partners. 2Master.eter.esus was preachin% one da$ and a crowd of people had %athered around Him and were a!out to push Him into the water" He saw a fisherman.3 I-" 1J" . .3 I-" '+J" ut do $ou see how his diso!edience. he did do it and the Scriptures tell us his 2flesh &ame again li. C !a%n&h o%t into the deep. Bust comin% in to shore" 7hen .eter was still in the !oat.esus turned around to .ames and .en nothing K. and he was &lean.ohn. and their father" The$ were all on the shore washin% their nets.eter.esus saw .eter replied.()$ !iving in #ivine Prosperity reco-er from the lepros$" 7h$ not do itEC Thank /od. !ut . his attitude of hesitation and dela$.e %nto the flesh of a little &hild.eter and said. .6 I3uke 1D+J" . we have toiled all the night. his unwillin%ness to do it the wa$ /od said.eter in the !oatE . He asked if he could stand in his !oat and preach from it" 7hen He had finished His sermon. . could ha-e cost him his healin%E Lo $ou remem!er the situation with .

to %i-e somethin%. C6es. /od will lead us in the wa$ we should %o and e-er$thin% we set our hand to will prosper" 7e will spend our da$s in prosperit$ and our $ears in pleasures" . at Th$ 7ord I will do it"C 7hen we create that attitude of o!edience in our li-es.Jillingness to Serve ()' That attitude almost cost .eter the !est da$As fishin% he e-er had" C3ord.esus wants us to respond to His instructions" 7hen He sa$s to do this or that. weA-e !een out there all ni%ht lon% and ha-enAt cau%ht a thin%"C ut then his whole destin$ for that da$ was chan%ed with these wordsD C""" nevertheless at thy word will let down the net. to %o here or there. He wants us to answer. or to make oursel-es a-aila!le for some particular work.6 I-" 1J" ThatAs how . 3ord.


the 3ord referred to him as His friend" IIs" +'D2"J ecause /od knew A!raham would !elie-e Him and !e o!edient to Him. Cthe father of all them that believe6 I-" ''J" Perse = tells us that CAbraham believed *od.6 ecause A!raham !elie-ed /od. /od would a!undantl$ !less him Iand his seedJ" Perse '= tells usD ''' .4 : +ature of #aith In the fourth chapter of Romans we read that A!raham is known as the father of faith. a%reementJ /od promised that if A!raham Iand his seedJ would o!e$ and ser-e Him. and indeed for all people who will accept it !$ faith" In this co-enant Icontract. /od chose him to !e the man throu%h whom He would esta!lish His co-enant of !lessin% for His people. and it was &o%nted %nto him for righteo%sness.

b%t thro%gh the righteo%sness of faith. then we need to understand certain thin%s a!out faith" 7e need to understand how to li-e it and how to full$ consecrate our li-es to /od so that the$ are pleasin% to Him and so that there will !e no hindrance to His !lessin%s . or to his seed.((: !iving in #ivine Prosperity The promise. !$ faithJ. /od promised that A!raham Iand his seedJ would inherit the world" ut that promise did not come !ecause of the 3aw Iwhich would come some +=8 $ears laterJ" It came !ecause of A!rahamAs faith in /od" /alatians =D( tells us that 2they whi&h be of faith are blessed with faithf%l Abraham. thro%gh the law. that he sho%ld be the heir of the world.3 $hat !eans everything God pro!ised 0 raha! elongs to us' %e are 0 raha!(s seed. and heirs a&&ording to the promise.3 and -erse *( assures us that 2if ye be Ghrist@s. was not >given? to Abraham. then are ye Abraham@s seed. and the lessings of 0 raha! are ours' A!raham was the father of faith" Perse '' of /alatians = declares that Cthe C%st shall live by faith.6 If we are %oin% to li-e in accordance with the wa$ /od has ordained Ithat is.

how he entered into that life of faith" #aith %orks 3etAs look a%ain at the fourth chapter of Romans where the Apostle . usin% him as an e<ample of the life of faithD And he >Abraham? re&eived the sign of . it was A!raham who dictated the conditions for that destruction" I--" *=9=="J Now that is intimac$ with /od" 7e ha-e the a!ilit$ to walk that closel$ with /od" ut to do it.Nat%re of 4aith ((< comin% upon us as the$ did upon A!raham" I would like to !e called the friend of /od" I would like to !e so intimate with /od that He would not do an$thin% without first re-ealin% it to me" ThatAs the wa$ it was with A!raham" /od had such an intimate relationship with A!raham that He would not destro$ Sodom and /omorrah until He had first talked it o-er with His friend" I/en" '2D')9**"J In fact.aul is descri!in% A!rahamAs life. we need to know somethin% a!out how A!raham %ot into that fa-ored position" 7e need to know what he did to !e a!le to enter into that kind of !lessin% and prosperit$.

a seal of the righteo%sness of the faith whi&h he had yet being %n&ir&%m&ised+ that he might be the father of all them that believe.omans 0+((.(: Notice that phraseD C""" who also wal. in the steps of that faith of o%r father Abraham. whi&h he had being yet %n&ir&%m&ised. the opposite is true" 0$ i!le sa$s. the father of faith" To some people li-in% !$ faith means Cquit th$ Bo!"C It does not" 6ou can li-e !$ faith and ha-e twel-e Bo!s. b%t who also wal.6 /od is instructin% us New Testament !elie-ers to walk in the steps of the faith of our father A!raham. Bust as lon% as $ou donAt make them $our source" 3i-in% !$ faith does not mean quit $our Bo!" In fact.eth.6 I/al" 1D)"J Some people !elie-e that the life of faith is a life of laFiness" . tho%gh they be not &ir&%m&ised= that righteo%sness might be imp%ted %nto them also+ And the father of &ir&%m&ision to them who are not of the &ir&%m&ision only. if $ouAre %oin% to quit $our Bo!. in the steps of that faith of o%r father Abraham. or $ou will star-e" 3i-in% !$ faith does not mean $ou can quit work" In fact. .((0 !iving in #ivine Prosperity &ir&%m&ision. Cfaith wor. then $ou had !etter know how to li-e !$ faith first.

and He said.. eys 7e are to walk in the steps of the faith of our father A!raham" ut what was it a!out A!raham that caused /od to !less. 6 m%st wor. even so send yo%6 I. when he was &alled to go o%t into a pla&e whi&h he sho%ld after re&eive for an inheritan&e. and wor. and esteem him so muchE His faith. $ou will ne-er work so hard nor enBo$ life more" I donAt work less now that I li-e !$ faith" I work more..esus li-ed !$ faith.ohn *8D*'J" 7hen $ou li-e !$ faith.. obeyed . and I enBo$ it more" #aith .eth hitherto. and He told us. the wor.ohn 1D'5J" In another place He said. honor.s of him that sent me6 I. CAs my 4ather hath sent me.6 I.ohn (D+J" . Aebrews ((+$ . 6My 4ather wor. of course" 3etAs look at the ele-enth chapter of He!rews?the %reatest faith chapter in the entire i!le?and see if we can pinpoint what it was a!out A!rahamAs faith that /od likedD "y faith Abraham.esus was sent into this world !$ the 4ather to work.Nat%re of 4aith ((5 ut .

and their years in pleas%res. Remem!er . C7ell. !ut o!edience is the ke$ to the miraculous" O!edience is the door9opener to prosperit$" #aith $rusts "y faith Abraham.6 4aith is essential to recei-e /odAs !lessin%s" That is undenia!le" 7ithout faith we cannot please Him" IHe!" ''D)"J ut faith without works Icorrespondin% actionsJ is dead" I. when he was &alled to go o%t into a pla&e whi&h he sho%ld after re&eive for an inheritan&e. Aebrews ((+$ There are some people who wonAt act on /odAs 7ord and do what /od sa$s unless the$ ha-e a!solute proof that it is %oin% to work" CIf I knew this was %oin% to work.((7 !iving in #ivine Prosperity 6ou ou%ht to underline that word o eyed. IAm %lad that all $ou need is some indication that this will . not . they shall spend their days in prosperity.o! =)D''?the ke$ to di-ine prosperit$D C f they obey and serve him.nowing whither he went. obeyed= and he went o%t.ames *D*)"J 4aith is necessar$ if we are to !e !lessed !$ /od. then I wouldnAt mind o!e$in% /od"C I answer that !$ sa$in%.

IAm still %oin% to act on it. it is impossi!le for the !um!le!ee to fl$" His !od$ is too !i% for his win%s" It is scientificall$ impossi!le for a . C less /od.Nat%re of 4aith ((9 work" Here it isD t is writtenD6 6ou see. read He!rews ''?the hall of fame of faith. there are a few around toda$ for whom it has worked" Now I understand human nature" I understand wh$ people want to !e assured that it will work !efore the$ %o out on a lim! with it" ut as #hristians. and itAs %oin% to work for meKC 2o!e people will tell you that whatever it is you are trying to do can(t e done' Lid $ou know that accordin% to the laws of aerod$namics. people who e<ercised faith and won" Not onl$ that. not !ecause some other person said it would" If I ne-er see someone it has worked for. if I Bust knew someone that it has worked for"C If thatAs all $ouAre lookin% for. our attitude ou%ht to !e. IAm %oin% to act on /odAs 7ord whether an$!od$ else does or notK IAm %oin% this wa$ !ecause /od said it would work. thatAs all the proof we need" 7hat else should we wantE C7ell.


!iving in #ivine Prosperity

!um!le!ee to %et off the %round" The onl$ pro!lem is, the !um!le!ee doesnAt know that" 6ou see, !um!le!ees donAt read scientific Bournals" The$ donAt listen to what the scientists sa$, and if the$ did, the$ wouldnAt !elie-e it" The !um!le!ee !elie-es he can fl$, so he Fooms ri%ht o-er the heads of those learned men of science who stand earth9!ound and shout up at him, C#ome !ack down here" ItAs impossi!le for $ou to do what $ouAre doin%KC ThatAs what I like a!out !ein% a !elie-er" 7hile the world stands around sa$in%, CIt canAt !e done,C we Bust keep on fl$in%" ThatAs what the life of faith is all a!out" 7hen the world sa$s we canAt do it, that ou%ht to !e like Csic AemC to a !ulldo%K

#aith Is Patient
A!raham was called of /od to %o into a place he knew nothin% a!out" He had no e-idence in the natural that such a place e-en e<isted" /od Bust told him to %et up and lea-e, so he o!e$ed"
Ae went o%t, not .nowing whither he went. "y faith he soCo%rned in the land of promise, as in a strange &o%ntry, dwelling in taberna&les

Nat%re of 4aith with saa& and Ja&ob, the heirs with him of the same promise. Aebrews ((+$,'


3etAs look !ack at He!rews )D'','* to see a !eautiful e<ample of how this man entered into the !lessin%s of /od, into di-ine prosperit$D
And we desire that every one of yo% do shew the same diligen&e to the f%ll ass%ran&e of hope %nto the end+ That ye be not slothf%l ...

The Amplified "ible sa$sD 6That yo% may not grow disinterested and be&ome Hspirit%alI sl%ggards.6 LonAt !e laF$"
... b%t followers of them who thro%gh faith and patien&e inherit the promises.

Notice, the$ inherit the promises" That should %i-e us some idea of how we recei-e /odAs !lessin%s" ut it is not enou%h for us Bust to ha-e faithH we must also ha-e patience" 7e must G let patien&e have her perfe&t wor., that >we? may be perfe&t and entire, wanting nothing3 I;ames 'D+J, 2... for in d%e season we shall reap, if we faint not.3 I/al" )D(J" 7e inherit the promises Cthro%gh faith and


!iving in #ivine Prosperity

patien&e.6 IHe!" )D'*J"

#aith ;nows
4or when *od made promise to Abraham, be&a%se he &o%ld swear by no greater, he sware by himself, saying, S%rely blessing will bless thee. Aebrews 7+(<,(0

E-er$!od$ is lookin% for a sure thin%" 7ell, this looks like one to me" /od didnAt sa$ He mi%ht !less us or that there was a stron% possi!ilit$ He would !less us" He said, CS%rely blessing will bless thee.6 Surel$" 7e donAt need an$ other e-idence than that" Th%s saith the !ord ou%ht to !e e-idence enou%h for an$ #hristian" If /od sa$s $ou are healed, then $ou are healed" If /od sa$s $ou are !lessed, then $ou are !lessed" If /od sa$s $ou are an o-ercomer, then $ou are an o-ercomer" If /od sa$s $ou are more than a conqueror, then $ou are more than a conqueror" If /od sa$s no weapon formed a%ainst $ou shall prosper, then no weapon formed a%ainst $ou shall prosper" If /od sa$s it is His will that $ou prosper, then it is His will that $ou prosperK 7h$E ecause /od said, S%rely. And /od is

Nat%re of 4aith


not a man that He should lie" INum" *=D'("J Some people seem to think that li-in% !$ faith is a life of !ein% insecure" ut IAm not stum!lin%" The steps of a %ood man are ordered !$ the 3ord, and thou%h he fall, he will not !e cast down" I.s" =5D*=,*+"J The 3ord will %rip him !$ the hand and lead him on" His 7ord is Ca lamp %nto my feet, and a light %nto my path6 I.s" ''(D'81J" IAm not walkin% insecurel$" IAm not walkin% in darkness" If an$!od$ is walkin% in darkness, itAs the world?people who donAt know m$ /od" I walked in darkness !efore I met /od, !efore I had de-eloped this relationship with Him" ut now I walk in the li%ht" I donAt walk in uncertaint$" 3ike the Apostle .aul, IAm confident, I walk !$ faith and not !$ si%ht, I know in whom I ha-e !elie-ed, and I am full$ persuaded that He is a!le to perform that which He has promised" Some!od$ has said, C ut those people who li-e !$ faith ne-er know whatAs %oin% to happen"C 6es, we do" I know whatAs %oin% to happen in e-er$ area of m$ life" 7hen IAm !elie-in% /od and standin% on His 7ord, then the

(:: !iving in #ivine Prosperity fulfillment of His 7ord is %oin% to happen" I donAt know how /od will do it. one step at a time. and the i!le sa$s %reat !lessin%s came upon him" /od promised A!raham that if he would walk in the li%ht of His 7ord and do all that he was commanded. C am &onfident6 I. to follow what He sa$s. He would !less him Iand his seedKJ a!undantl$" A!raham entered into that co-enant with /od" He walked in the !lessin%s of the Old #o-enant" . IAm not walkin% in uncertaint$" The Apostle . to listen to Him. and to !elie-e He is a!le to perform His 7ord" /odAs responsi!ilit$ is to confirm His 7ord with si%ns followin%" How He does it is His !usiness" 7hen I walk in the li%ht of /odAs 7ord.hil" 'D)J" That doesnAt sound like an insecure man to me" 3i-in% !$ faith is not li-in% in uncertaint$ an$ more than li-in% !$ dou!t is li-in% in assurance" #aith )eceives A!raham was a man who o!e$ed /od.aul said. and I learned lon% a%o to quit tr$in% to fi%ure it out" ThatAs not m$ responsi!ilit$" 0$ responsi!ilit$ is to walk in o!edience to Him.

and we have a right to live in those lessings' 7hen . I would like to share se-en factors of A!rahamAs life. and the i!le tells us that Cafter he had patiently end%red.esus %a-e Himself at #al-ar$. He did not do awa$ with the !lessin%s of A!raham ?He enlar%ed upon them" The$ are still ours toda$" /od promised to !less A!raham. we are 0 raha!(s seed' %e are heirs according to the pro!ise. se-en steps that will lead $ou into the !lessed state which A!raham enBo$ed with /od" .Nat%re of 4aith (:< $hank God. he obtained the promise6 IHe!" )D'1J" Lo yo% want to o!tain the promiseE Then letAs walk in the steps of the faith of our father A!raham" To help $ou do that.


*et thee o%t of thy &o%ntry.5 < 2even 2teps to the Life of #aith Now the !ord said %nto Abram. %nto a land that will shew thee+ And will ma. So Abram departed.. and will bless thee. and &%rse him that &%rseth thee+ and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.en %nto him ... and from thy father@s ho%se. *enesis (:+(10 The first thin% we notice is that /odAs call upon A!rahamAs life demanded a!solute confidence in and o!edience to the 7ord of '*1 . as the !ord had spo.e of thee a great nation.e thy name great= and tho% shalt be a blessing+ And will bless them that bless thee.indred. and ma. and from thy .

there would !e no need for preachin%" 7e would alread$ !e li-in% /odAs wa$ naturall$" ut the natural world does not li-e . as He seems to ha-e done with A!raham" /od ma$ not tell us to ph$sicall$ pack up and lea-e our home countr$. to mo-e to some unknown . /od ma$ not speak to us audi!l$. there are se-en thin%s we must do" 2tep ". faithful ser-ice to /od which A!raham set for us. 2eparate 4ourself fro! the $ies of this %orld A!rahamAs call was a call of separation from the ties of this natural world" 6ou cannot !e !lessed !$ /od if $ou tr$ to li-e in the world and in /odAs s$stem at the same time" /odAs s$stem and the worldAs s$stem are in direct opposition to one another" The$ do not a%ree" If the$ did.(:7 !iving in #ivine Prosperity /od" The same call is upon our li-es toda$" If we are to reap the !lessin%s of A!raham.romised 3and. as He instructed A!raham to do" If we are to follow the e<ample of o!edient. we must displa$ the same a!solute confidence in and o!edience to the 7ord of /od that A!raham showed" ut how do we do that toda$E After all.

9E9S9U9SKN . C. sho%ld live %nto righteo%sness+ by whose stripes ye were healed.Seven Steps to the !ife of 4aith (:9 /odAs wa$" The natural world tells us.esus !ore $our !i% headaches"C ThatAs a Sa-elle paraphrase of ' . C. CThereAs a !i% headache out there waitin% for $ouKC ThatAs not what /od sa$s in His 7ord" /od sa$s. Cthere are coldsKC And then the$ set in to sell $ou somethin% for the cold the$ are tr$in% their !est to talk $ou into" Then thereAs this oneD CHow do $ou spell reliefEC I alwa$s want to Bump up and shout. $ou will soon disco-er that $ouAre either sick or a!out to %et sick" CAs lon% as there are winters and hus!ands. being dead to sins. pickin% up where the world lea-es offD GHow do $ou spell reliefE .eter *D*+D C Jho his own self bare o%r sins in his own body on the tree.6 The world does not sa$ $ou are healed" On the contrar$" If $ou listen to the tele-ision. that we.9 E9S9U9SKC IAll !e so %lad when #hristians %et some *+9hour9a9da$ 7ord TP stations to put out the /ospel" Then we can start doin% our own GcommercialsC for the 3ord.C the tele-ision pronounces.

and I will make of $ou a %reat nation"C A!rahamAs call demanded a!solute confidence in and o!edience to the 7ord of /od" It was a call of separation from the ties of the natural world" 7e are to walk in the steps of the faith of our father A!raham" His call e<presses to us the startin% point of the life of faith. $our relati-es. and $our fatherAs house" /o to a land which I will show $ou. and it shall be given %nto yo%6 I3uke )D=2J" 0$ friend. C3ea-e $our home countr$. C*ive.(:$ !iving in #ivine Prosperity It should !e o!-ious to an$one with an$ spiritual perception at all that the world and /od do not a%ree" The world sa$s. it is time we %et !oth feet out of the world and into /odAs 7ord" 3etAs quit han%in% onto the worldAs wa$. G7atch outK ThereAs a famine in the land" Hard times are comin%" Lepression is upon us" Recession is here" Hold on to what $ouA-e %ot" LonAt let it %et awa$ from $ou" Thin%s are %oin% to %et worseKC ut /od sa$s. and the first requirement of that life of faith is separation from the world" The Apostle . usin% it as an alternati-e in case the 7ord doesnAt work" /od called A!raham and said.aul sa$s. 2"e not &onformed to .

and be ye separate.ness83 6ou canAt keep min%lin% in the worldAs wa$s and e<pect to !e !lessed of /od" 6ou ha-e to separate $ourself from the ties of the world" /et rid of the worldAs attitude" Ouit han%in% on to what the world tau%ht $ou" Lecide once and for all that $ou are %oin% /odAs wa$" The #hurch does not need to !e worldl$" 7e should not ha-e the same passions and desires that the world has" I donAt ha-e that nature an$more" I am a new creation" 0$ desire should ha-e chan%ed" If I catch m$self still cra-in% the thin%s that the world cra-es.Seven Steps to the !ife of 4aith (:' this world+ b%t be ye transformed by the renewing of yo%r mind3 IRom" '*D*J" 7e ha-e to separate oursel-es from the 7orld" 7e ha-e to %et rid of the worldAs attitude a!out life and take on /odAs attitude" Second #orinthians )D'5 tells us to 2&ome o%t from among them.3 Perse '+ sa$s. I didnAt sa$ that $ouAre not supposed to ha-e the material necessities of life" And . 2Jhat fellowship hath righteo%sness with %nrighteo%sness8 and what &omm%nion hath light with dar. then IAd !etter %o spend some time with /od" I need to separate m$self from the ties of this world" Now. He said that . saith the !ord.esus didnAt sa$ that either" In fact.

(<) !iving in #ivine Prosperity if $ou will seek first the @in%dom of /od and His ri%hteousness. and shelter?material thin%s" /od wants $ou to ha-e the material thin%s of life" /od doesnAt want $ou to li-e !elow the world" He wants $ou to !e more prosperous than the world" In fact. He wants $ou more fashiona!leK 7here did we e-er %et the idea that /od has no taste. He is not talkin% . He doesnAt e-en want $ou to !e less fashiona!le than the world" If an$thin%. all these things will !e added unto $ou" The thin%s He was talkin% a!out were food. no e$e for !eaut$E Some people are still hun% up on whether a #hristian woman should wear earrin%s and lipstick" GLid $ou see rother Sa-elleAs wife on that platform this mornin%E Lid $ou see that lipstick on her lipsE She canAt !e hol$ and wear that stuffKC It doesnAt make an$ difference if a woman comes to church wearin% 3ucite house paint on her faceK ThatAs !etween her and /od" 0$ wifeAs lipstick has ne-er stopped the anointin% in our meetin%s" 7hen /od sa$s we are to separate oursel-es from the world. clothin%.

yo%r father@s ho%se. yo%r . or $ou donAt pla$" 6ou see. then He will see that $ou prosper e-er$ da$ and that $our $ears are filled with pleasure" 2tep =. ha-in% the same un%odl$ desires that the world has" If $our am!ition and %oal in life is to !e rich.Seven Steps to the !ife of 4aith (<( a!out %oin% around in sackcloth and ashes" He is not opposed to our ha-in% nice thin%s" 7hat /od is opposed to is our followin% after the lust of this world. !ut the$ want it to !e on their terms" Some!od$ alwa$s wants to pla$ C3etAs 0ake a LealC with /od" It wonAt work that wa$" 6ou either pla$ !$ His rules.6 He insisted that A!raham lea-e them and follow Him" This commandment si%nified that /od required a totall$ consecrated life" He demanded that A!raham !e willin% to forsake all to o!e$ Him" 0an$ people want to o!e$ /od.indred. 6!eave yo%r &o%ntry. then $ou ha-enAt separated $ourself from the world" 6our moti-ation and lifeAs am!ition should !e to know /od more intimatel$ than an$ other personalit$ in this uni-erse" If it is. #orsake 0ll to #ollow God /od said to A!raham. /od is smarter than $ou and I" He .

6 All He wants from $ou is total dedication to Him" 7hen I was %rowin% up. and not man$ people are willin% to pa$ it" ut /od is not tr$in% to take an$thin% awa$ from $ou" He is not tr$in% to squeeFe $ou into a mold and make $ou into a ro!ot" It is not His intention to depri-e $ou of an$ %ood thin%" . m$ dad and I would talk a!out it at the !reakfast ta!le almost e-er$ da$" CLad. one of these da$s weAre %oin% to ha-e our own shop"C . and he tau%ht me e-er$thin% he knew" 0$ %oal in life was to !e a !etter !od$ repairman than m$ father and to one da$ ha-e m$ own !usiness" In fact. CNo good thing will he withhold from them that wal. %prightly. He will lead $ou into an ad-enturous and e<citin% life" There is a price to pa$.(<: !iving in #ivine Prosperity isnAt tr$in% to !e hard" He knows how to make life work at its !est" If $ou are willin% to forsake all to follow Him. m$ %reatest am!ition in life was to operate m$ own auto paint and !od$ shop" I %rew up around wrecked cars" 0$ dad was an auto !od$ man with a reputation as one of the !est in the state of 3ouisiana. when I was Bust a little fellow.salm 2+D'' sa$s.

AINT ANL OL6 7OR@S"C After #arol$n and I %ot married. when $ou finish school and %et $our colle%e education.C I would sa$. I quit colle%e and started workin% on cars" Then one da$ m$ dream came true" I finall$ %ot m$ own shop" I had arri-edK That !od$ shop !ecame m$ %od" It consumed m$ life" I was willin% to spend twent$ hours a da$ in that shop to make it %o. I worked at different Bo!s for a while until finall$ I couldnAt stand it an$more" I didnAt want to %o to colle%e" I wanted to work on cars" So after three and a half $ears. !ecause it was m$ %od" /od had called me to the ministr$ when I was onl$ twel-e $ears old as a result of seein% Oral Ro!erts on tele-ision" ut I re!elled a%ainst /odAs call on m$ life" I had m$ shop" It had !ecome m$ %od?and I was d$in% inside" Then @enneth #opeland came to m$ home town and I went to one of his meetin%s" He preached the messa%e of faith" I didnAt . weAre %oin% into !usiness and ha-e our own shop to%ether"C CI can Bust see it now.Seven Steps to the !ife of 4aith (<< C6es. Cwith a !i% si%n out front that sa$s. SAPE33E ANL LAL .

IAll preach"C I made up m$ mind that da$ to forsake all and o!e$ /od" At that moment I cut the strin%s that linked me to e-er$thin% I had li-ed for" I had ser-ed the Le-il dili%entl$ for the past few $ears. sat down on the floor. I canAt take this an$more" I donAt want to li-e like this" IAm tired of runnin%" I want to do what 6ou want me to do" I donAt know how to do it" I donAt know what to sa$" ut IAm tired of this kind of life" IAm %i-in% m$ life to 6ou" If 6ou want me to preach. and cried like a !a!$" I said. !ut the ne<t mornin% I went to m$ shop. so I was %oin% to !e no less dili%ent in ser-in% /od" 7hen I made the decision to forsake all and o!e$ /od. C/od. I didnAt care what an$!od$ said or thou%ht a!out me" I didnAt care whether or not the$ understood what I was doin%?and most of them didnAt" I made up m$ mindD CIAm forsakin% all" I donAt care what an$!od$ sa$s" IAm %oin% to o!e$ /od.(<0 !iving in #ivine Prosperity understand e-er$thin% he said that ni%ht. walked throu%h the office into the shop area. e-en if it means se-erin% m$ . and went into the tin$ restroom of that shop" I locked the door !ehind me.

and unload the New Testament on him" He had no choice !ut to %et sa-edK I forsook all to o!e$ /od. there is a price to pay. learnin% to talk the talk.esus" The Hol$ /host spoke to m$ heart and said. I was on fire inside to do the work of the 3ord" I didnAt ha-e a con%re%ation to preach to" I didnAt ha-e people in-itin% me to hold an e-an%elistic meetin% for them" So I went out into the streets and hun% around outside !ars and loun%es. and IAll teach $ou the 7ord"C 7hen I came out of that !edroom after !ein% locked up for three months with the 7ord. !ut the$ donAt . C3ock $ourself up for the ne<t three months. He has %i-en !ack to me more than a hundredfoldK >y friend. set him down.esus. waitin% for someone to come throu%h the door" I would %ra! some drunk. and e-er$thin% I %a-e up to ser-e . $here is a co!!it!ent to !ake.Seven Steps to the !ife of 4aith (<5 relationship with m$ own famil$"C 6ou see. the$ didnAt understand me" The$ thou%ht I was nuts" ut it made no difference to me whether the$ understood or not" I was %oin% for . But it(s worth it. Some people in this faith mo-ement toda$ are Bust da!!lin% around in it" The$ are pla$in% %ames.


!iving in #ivine Prosperity

know what real commitment is" The$ ha-e no root, no solid foundation" 0$ friend, it is time to %et in all the wa$? !oth hands, !oth feet, head to toe" 7e must !e willin% to forsake all to follow /od" C ut $ou donAt understand what IAd ha-e to %i-e up to do that"C An$thin% $ou %i-e up for the sake of the /ospel is well worth the %i-in%, I assure $ou" There is much in store for $ou when $ou do, such as life more a!undantl$"

2tep 8. Don(t $urn Back ?nder Pressure
And Abram Co%rneyed, going on still toward the so%th. And there was a famine in the land .... *enesis (:+',()

A!raham decided to o!e$ /odH !ut the moment he left his countr$, he walked ri%ht into a famine" He pro!a!l$ thou%ht, Oh, m$ /od, I wish I had ne-er left m$ countr$" Lo $ou suppose that was reall$ /od talkin% to me, or was it Bust somethin% I ateE 0an$ people decide, CIAm %oin% to li-e !$ faith ....6 ut when the Le-il slaps them in the

Seven Steps to the !ife of 4aith


face a time or two, the$ quit" The$ sa$, CI want to start %i-in%" I want to o!e$ /od and tithe"N ut then the car !reaks down and the$ quit %i-in%" Lo $ou know what this re-ealsE A lack of real commitment" Some people are committed as lon% as e-er$thin% is %oin% well" ut the moment thin%s start %ettin% a little !it uncomforta!le, their commitment weakens" It is -er$ eas$ to !e committed to /od while $ou are sittin% in church hearin% the 7ord and e<periencin% the anointin% of /od" ut commitment reall$ counts when the meetin% is o-er and $ou walk out the door !$ $ourself" It is out there, not in church, that commitment is reall$ measured" 7hen it looks like the world has ca-ed in on $ou, $our commitment will reall$ pa$ off" 6ou will !e a!le to stand in the midst of ad-ersit$ and sa$, CI will Bo$ in the /od of m$ sal-ation" I will not fear what man can do to me" IAm not lettin% depression attack me an$ lon%er" I know this doesnAt look like the time to do it, !ut IAm %oin% to reBoice in the 3ord"AA There will !e plent$ of opportunities to turn !ack under pressure" I will ne-er for%et the da$


!iving in #ivine Prosperity

I found out from /odAs 7ord that I was healed !$ the stripes of ;esus" I came out of m$ !edroom like a !olt of li%htnin% and said to m$ wife, C#arol$n, did $ou know weAre healed !$ the stripes of ;esusE 0$ da$s of sickness are o-erKC efore that da$ was o-er, as I was sittin% in m$ li-in% room, I heard a -oice in m$ mind sa$, C6ouAre %ettin% the flu" In Bust a moment $our e$es are %oin% to start waterin%, $our nose is %oin% to start runnin%, and $ouAre %oin% to %et chills" 6ouAd !etter %o to !ed"C 7hen I heard that -oice, I !elie-ed it" /od confirms His 7ord with si%ns followin%, and so does the Le-il" If $ou !elie-e what the Le-il sa$s, he will confirm his word with si%ns followin% too" 0$ e$es started waterin%, m$ nose started runnin%, and I %ot cold" The -oice said, C6ouAd !etter %et in !ed"C So I %ot up and went into the !edroom" C/et under the !lanket" 6ouAre %oin% to %et cold"C I %ot under the !lanket and was sittin% there in !ed shakin%" Then the -oice informed me, C6our muscles and Boints are !e%innin% to

Seven Steps to the !ife of 4aith


ache"C And, sure enou%h, I !e%an to ache all o-er" A!out that time #arol$n walked in and saw me" She said, C7hat are $ou doin% in !edE I thou%ht $ou were healed and that $our da$s of sickness and disease were o-er"C I said, CI thou%ht so too, !ut IA-e %ot the flu"C Ri%ht then I had an opportunit$ to turn !ack under pressure" 7hat #arol$n said made me so mad, !ut she was ri%ht" As I was l$in% there with the s$mptoms of the flu, I knew I didnAt ha-e an$ !usiness !ein% mad at her" She had told me the truth" I needed to channel that an%er a%ainst the Le-il" He was the one who had lied to me and %ot me into that condition" Instead of turnin% !ack under pressure and sa$in%, CAw, that healin% stuff has passed awa$" It doesnAt work" After all, IAm sickKC I stood on m$ feet and said, CSatan, in the name of ;esus #hrist of NaFareth, I resist $ou" I am healed !$ the stripes of ;esus, and $ou canAt keep these s$mptoms on me" I command $ou to flee"C So he fled and took his l$in% s$mptoms with him" 7hen $ou %et an opportunit$ to turn !ack

G4rom now on. friend. Bust like /od said. IAm %oin% to !e a %i-er"C race $ourself.AA !race $ourself. !ecause that attitude is dan%erous to the Le-il" Once $ou trul$ decide to make %i-in% the essence of li-in%. Oh. That thou%ht was nothin% more than an attempt !$ Satan to force me to turn !ack under pressure" One of his fa-orite weapons is fear" .(0) !iving in #ivine Prosperity under pressure is when $ou will find out how committed $ou reall$ are" 7hen $ou sa$. dear *od. !ecause some!od$ mean and u%l$ will cross $our path" 6ou will ha-e a %olden opportunit$ to %et into strifeK C4rom this moment on. IAm %oin% to walk in lo-e. wish hadn@t given that m%&h. &o%ld s%re %se that money right now. $ou !ecome a threat to him and his kin%dom" He will attack $our finances like ne-er !efore" He canAt afford for $ou to operate the principle of %i-in%" It will chan%e $our life and the li-es of others all around $ou" He must tr$ to stop $ou" ut he canAt stop $ou unless $ou let him" There ha-e !een times when I ha-e %i-en a lar%e amount to some #hristian endea-or" Immediatel$ the Le-il set in on me" I would think.

we can take the same 7ord he is tr$in% to steal and defeat him with it" LonAt turn !ack under pressure" Slap him on the head with the sword of the SpiritK @eep !an%in% him around with that sword" He will finall$ lea-e $ou alone" 2tep :. or @enneth Ha%in. The Apostle . not someone elseAs" 3et the li-es of such %reat men of /od !e a testimon$ and an inspiration to $our faith.aul said. !ut donAt tr$ to do what the$ ha-e done !ecause . lest he get the advantage over %s.6 I* #or" *D''"J 7e must realiFe that the Le-il comes immediatel$ to steal the 7ord" ut when he comes.Seven Steps to the !ife of 4aith (0( The moment some people put their offerin% in the plate. hope nothing bad happens. Satan puts his fear in their mindsD Oh. or @enneth #opeland" LonAt tr$ to !e $our pastor" 7alk on the le-el of $our own faith. or T" 3" Os!orn. %alk the Life of #aith .ne 2tep at a $i!e LonAt tr$ to fi%ure out the life of faith for ne<t month" Take it one step at a time" The steps of a %ood man are ordered !$ the 3ord" LonAt tr$ to !e Oral Ro!erts. 2Je are not ignorant of Satan@s devi&es. *od.

CI %a-e m$ car awa$. $ou will !e%in to accomplish the kinds of thin%s the$ ha-e accomplished" 0an$ people are tr$in% to !e some!od$ else" The$ hear a person sa$. to de-our His 7ord as the$ did" 7hen $ou ha-e de-eloped the kind of relationship with /od that the$ ha-e. !ut I donAt do thin%s Bust !ecause he does them" I do what /od tells me to do" @enneth #opeland has done thin%s in faith that sta%%er m$ ima%ination" ut !efore he attempted such audacious thin%s.(0: !iving in #ivine Prosperity the$ did it" 3et their faith9filled actions inspire $ou to %et close to /od as the$ did.C so the$ think. he spent hours meditatin% the 7ord and fellowshippin% with /od" He %raduall$ de-eloped his faith so that it would not !e shaken" I would !e craF$ to tr$ to do what rother #opeland has done without ha-in% m$ faith on the le-el of his faith" . CI need a new carH IAll %i-e mine awa$ too"C If their onl$ moti-ation is to do somethin% !ecause someone else did it. and /od %a-e me a !etter one. the$ will !e sadl$ disappointed" It wonAt work" I thank /od for the inspiration @enneth #opeland is to m$ life.

and without un!elief" If necessar$. to act foolhardil$.Seven Steps to the !ife of 4aith (0< The thin%s that %reat men of faith accomplish should not inspire us to take risks. without hesitation. and hearing by the word of *od6 IRom" '8D'5J" Spend the time with /od that these men spent. to %am!le with our own li-es and the li-es and well!ein% of our lo-ed ones" C4aith &ometh by hearing. Bust as $ou clim! or descend a fli%ht of stairs one step at a time" To tr$ to skip steps and Bump directl$ up or down is risk$ !usiness" If $ou tr$ it. then will come the time when $ou can act in o!edience to Him and do %reat thin%s as these men ha-e done" 7hen /od tells me to do somethin%. I can do it without dou!t. !elie-e me. itAs the wisest" . !ut keep at it lon% enou%h" 6ouAll make it" It ma$ not !e the quickest wa$. de-elop $our own faith in the 3ord and in the inte%rit$ of His 7ord. He will perform miracles in m$ !ehalf to confirm His 7ord" LonAt tr$ to li-e some!od$ elseAs faith" 6ou need to walk the life of faith one step at a time. $ou will %et hurt" I realiFe that takin% one step at a time is slow" It ma$ seem that $ou will ne-er %et there. !ut.

people start %i-in% /od less instead of %i-in% Him more" 7hen the !lessin%s of /od start comin% in. the i!le sa$s in /enesis '=D* that A!raham was rich as a result of his o!edience to /od" In /enesis '+ we see him immediatel$ %i-in% /od tithes of all" I-" *8"J /od made A!raham rich. the$ should honor Him all the more !ecause of His !lessin%s" Notice what /od sa$s in Leuteronom$ 2D59 . /odAs !lessin%s will come on $ou" 7hen the$ do. Honor God with your 2u stance If $ou follow these principles.(00 !iving in #ivine Prosperity CIAm too impatientK I want it nowKC ThatAs not faith" 4aith is patient" /od tells us in His 7ord to !e Cfollowers of them who thro%gh faith and patien&e inherit the promises6 IHe!" )D'*J" LonAt tr$ to imitate what others are doin%" 4ollow /odAs leadership" /et to know Him" Le-elop $our own faith" Take it one step at a time" 2tep <. so A!raham honored /od with his su!stance" 0an$ times when the pressure is relie-ed. honor Him with $our su!stance" Remem!er.

and vines. 6JhenBnot if?$ou !e%in to prosper. tho% shalt not la&. donAt for%et to honor . from the ho%se of bondage. and fig trees. in not . and o%t of whose hills tho% mayest dig brass. of fo%ntains and depths that spring o%t of valleys and hills= a land of wheat. and thy silver and thy gold is m%ltiplied. a land of broo.s of water. and all that tho% hast is m%ltiplied= Then thine heart be lifted %p and tho% forget the !ord thy *od. whi&h bro%ght thee forth o%t of the land of /gypt. whi&h &ommand thee this day+ !est when tho% hast eaten and art f%ll. and pomegranates= a land of oil.eeping his &ommandments. and honey= A land wherein tho% shalt eat bread witho%t s&ar&eness. and his C%dgments. then tho% shalt bless the !ord thy *od for the good land whi&h he hath given thee.s m%ltiply. "eware that tho% forget not the !ord thy *od. and barley. Notice first of all that /od sa$s. and hast b%ilt goodly ho%ses. and his stat%tes.Seven Steps to the !ife of 4aith (05 '+D 4or the !ord thy *od bringeth thee into a good land. Jhen tho% hast eaten and art f%ll. and dwelt therein= And when thy herds and thy flo&. olive. any thing in it= a land whose stones are iron.

honor 0e. C7hen 0$ !lessin%s come upon $ou. donAt quit %i-in% !ecause the pressure is %one" If $ou were in !onda%e and /od has set $ou free. it is I 7ho deli-ered $ou from po-ert$. honor Him" Ne-er for%et that it is He 7ho deli-ered $ou from the house of !onda%e" Now letAs read the rest of this passa%e" /od . /od knows there is a dan%er that when His people !e%in to reap His !lessin%s and a!undance. I am the One 7ho %ot $ou out of !onda%e" Remem!er. remem!er 0e" Remem!er. and set $ou on a solid rock"C 7hen /odAs !lessin%s come upon us Iand the$ will if we will !e o!edientJ we should not honor /od less. He knows that if $ou !elie-e and put these principles into practice in $our life. from defeat. !ut He also cautions us a!out for%ettin% to praise and honor Him Cfrom whom all !lessin%s flow"C /od is tellin% us here. we should honor Him more" If $ou were a %i-er when the pressure was on.(07 !iving in #ivine Prosperity 0e"C God elieves that these principles work. the$ will !ecome la< in their worship and o!edience" He has promised us %reat a!undance. $ou will !e prospered" Secondl$. from sickness.

My power and the might of mine hand hath gotten me this wealth. wherein were fiery not. #e%teronomy $+(51($ A!raham was !lessed of Almi%ht$ /od" /od made him -er$ wealth$" He walked in the !lessin%s that are outlined in Leuteronom$ *2D'9'+" He was !lessed comin% in and !lessed %oin% out. where there was no water= who bro%ght thee forth water o%t of the ro&. of flint= Jho fed thee in the wilderness with manna. whi&h thy fathers . to do thee good at thy latter end= And tho% say in thine heart. as it is this day. that he may establish his &ovenant whi&h he sware %nto thy fathers. that he might h%mble thee. and that he might prove thee. "%t tho% shalt remember the !ord thy *od+ for it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth. !lessed in the cit$ and in the field" E-er$thin% he set his hand to was !lessed" He was the head and not the tail" He was a!o-e and not !eneath" 7hen his enemies came a%ainst him one . and dro%ght. and s&orpions.Seven Steps to the !ife of 4aith (09 reminds us that it was HeD who led thee thro%gh that great and terrible wilderness.

thank /od. that ratio is chan%in% as we keep feedin% on the 7ord" 0an$ people who come to our meetin%s are hurtin%" The flood has alread$ struck" The$ are li-in% under pressure and stress" 7hen the$ learn these principles. There@s no need to be so diligent now.(0$ !iving in #ivine Prosperity wa$. the$ make up their minds to put them into practice in their li-es" The$ do so. /od caused them to flee from him se-en wa$s" A!raham walked in the !lessin%s of Leuteronom$ *2" If we are to walk in those same !lessin%s. and miracles start happenin%" Their !lessin%s start comin% in" Then the$ start thinkin%. we need to follow the steps of faith of our father A!raham" One of the thin%s A!raham did when those !lessin%s !e%an to o-ertake him was to honor /od with his su!stance" He %a-e /od tithes of all" Now I am a !lessed man" /od has deli-ered me out of !onda%e" I donAt %i-e /od less of m$ life now. The . I %i-e Him more" If we were to take a sur-e$ of the people who attend our meetin%s across the countr$. we would pro!a!l$ find that more are under the circumstances of life than on top" ut.

Seven Steps to the !ife of 4aith (0' !ord has blessed it easier.esus of NaFareth were to walk up to $ou in the flesh and work a miracle in $our finances so that $ou suddenl$ had unlimited and a ni&e &ar to drive. The press%re is" =D'=. /od would still demand from $ou total dependence upon HimK 6ou will ne-er reach the place where $ou donAt ha-e to !elie-e /od" 6ou will ne-er quit . CAappy is the man that findeth wisdom . Je gave o%r way o%t of that mess.eep giving li.e we were before. Now we &an start ta. Je have money in o%r po&. Now things are loo.. we were Bust ha-in% to !elie-e /od for our own needs" All I had to !e responsi!le for was m$ famil$" Toda$ I am the president of a corporation with a lar%e staff" I must !e concerned not onl$ for m$ own famil$ !ut also for the finances to run a ministr$" I ha-e people who must !e paid" I canAt afford to !ecome less dili%ent now that I ha-e more responsi!ilities" I must sta$ on top of thin%s" If . The i!le sa$s.'2J" LonAt e-er %et less dili%ent" ecome more dili%ent" 7hen #arol$n and I first started out. Je don@t need to . and happy is every one that retaineth her6 I.

the$ wonAt ha-e to use their faith" ut the$ willK /od is a faith /od" It is impossi!le to please Him without faith" 7e will use our faith in hea-en" The onl$ difference is. cau%ht up with the !and of thie-es. and did !attle with them" He defeated them soundl$ and !rou%ht 3ot and the others out of capti-it$" The 7ord of /od sa$sD And the .. And the . had !een taken capti-e !$ a !and of marauders" A!raham took three hundred of his own ser-ants. 3ot. there wonAt !e an$ resistance to our faith in hea-en" The Le-il wonAt !e there to interfere with it" /od has deli-ered us out of !onda%e" 7e are !lessed. and !lessed people honor /od with their su!stance" 2tep @. )ecogni*e God as your 0 solute 2ource of 2upply A!raham reco%niFed and acknowled%ed /od as his a!solute Source of Suppl$" In the fourteenth chapter of / of Sodom went o%t to meet him >Abraham? after his ret%rn from the sla%ghter .(5) !iving in #ivine Prosperity operatin% in faith" Some people think that when the$ %et to of Sodom said %nto .. A!rahamAs nephew.

that will not ta. lest tho% sho%ldest say.Seven Steps to the !ife of 4aith Abram. *ive me the persons >yo% have liberated?. Pursue the Creator LonAt make riches the am!ition of $our life" 0ake knowin% /od and !ein% His instrument the am!ition of $our life" If $ou will do that. /od will see to it that $ou are pro-ided with all the thin%s $ou need for $ourself and to meet . not the world or man or natural means" He said.e any thing that is thine. have lift %p mine hand %nto the !ord. the possessor of heaven and earth. the most high *od. !ut Almi%ht$ /od"C 7e need to walk in the steps of the faith of our father A!raham and make /od our a!solute Source of Suppl$" 2tep A. *enesis (0+(9. and that will not ta. have made Abram ri&h. CI donAt want so much as the shoestrin% out of $our sandal" I donAt want it e-er said that a man made A!raham rich.e the goods to thyself. And Abram said to the . Don(t Pursue )iches.e from a thread even to a shoelat& of Sodom.:(1:< (5( A!raham made up his mind that his a!solute source of suppl$ was /od. and ta.

$ou canAt %i-e what $ou donAt ha-e" /od places the same kind of call on our li-es toda$ that He did on A!rahamAs life. Tho% . ()+(91:) 7h$ was this $oun% man wealth$E ecause he o!e$ed /od" /od had said in the A!rahamic #o-enant that if His people would ser-e Him and do all that He commanded them. Jhy &allest tho% me good8 there is none good b%t one. and .neeled to him. Mar. And he answered and said %nto him. what shall do that may inherit eternal life8 And Jes%s said %nto him. a call of dedication and separation unto Him" In the tenth chapter of 0ark. Master.nowest the &ommandments.(5: !iving in #ivine Prosperity the needs of others" After all. the$ . there &ame one r%nning. *ood Master. #o not steal. #efra%d not. #o not bear false witness. Aono%r thy father and mother. we read the stor$ of a man who was not willin% to make a wholehearted commitment to /od !ecause of a wron% attitude a!out thin%sD And when he >Jes%s? was gone forth into the way. that is. *od. and as. #o not &ommit ad%ltery. all these have observed from my yo%th.ed him. #o not .ill.

and said %nto him. and tho% shalt have treas%re in heaven+ and &ome. and went away grieved+ for he had great possessions. Mar. One thing tho% la&. and follow me. and saith %nto his dis&iples. Mar. ()+:(.:: This $oun% manAs pro!lem was not his possessionsH it was his attitude toward those possessions" He was not willin% to separate himself from them" He was not willin% to dedicate himself to a life of consecration to /od" He was sad and %rie-ed !ecause he was not willin% to forsake all" And Jes%s loo.est+ go thy way.Seven Steps to the !ife of 4aith (5< would !e !lessed" This man had done that" ThatAs wh$ he was rich" /od made him rich !ecause he honored Him and kept the commandments" Then Jes%s beholding him loved him. ()+:<.:0 . sell whatsoever tho% hast. Aow hardly shall they that have ri&hes enter into the .ed ro%nd abo%t.ingdom of *odD And the dis&iples were astonished at his words.esus did not sa$ it was impossi!le for the . And he was sad at that saying.e %p the &ross. and give to the poor. ta.

ohn werenAt poor fishermen.esus called him to the ministr$ than on an$ other da$ in his career as a commercial fisherman" .eterE His dedication" He wasnAt perfect.eter cau%ht more fish on the da$ that .eter e<perienced the most prosperous da$ of his career the da$ . partners in a thri-in% commercial fishin% operation" 3et me remind $ou that . and .eter to follow Him on the da$ of .esus said" The$ were taken a!ack" 7h$E ecause the$ werenAt poor men" .ames.(50 !iving in #ivine Prosperity rich to !e sa-ed" He said it was hard for them to enter into the @in%dom of /od" 7h$E ecause of their attitude toward their possessions" ut notice that the disciples were astonished at what .esus called . he made some mistakes" He was impetuous.esus called him" Lo $ou know what thrills me a!out . .eterAs miraculous catch" .eter. as we so often see them portra$ed" The$ were !usinessmen. alwa$s Cshootin% his mouth off"C ut that da$ he was faced with the opportunit$ of realiFin% the %reatest am!ition of his life?to !e the !est fisherman in the land and produce more fish than an$!od$ else?$et he turned his !ack on it .

esus"C So he went awa$ sad" ThatAs wh$ .esusA statement alarmed . then to . 6!ord. in essence.esus was pointin% His fin%er at him and sa$in% he couldnAt !e sa-ed" ThatAs wh$ he immediatel$ said. 6Jho then &an be saved86 In other words. $et he failed" He said. CI canAt do it" I canAt turn m$ !ack on it all and lea-e it !ehind to follow . we@ve left all to follow Lo%.eter and the other disciples must ha-e had possessions. or the$ could not ha-e Cleft allC to follow .Seven Steps to the !ife of 4aith (55 all to follow after an itinerant preacher" That took ner-e" He didnAt know where he was %oin% or what he was %ettin% into" ut he left it all and followed .6 I-" *2"J . not hard for /od"J ut .eter" 7h$ should .esus said it was so hard for the rich to enter the @in%dom of /od" IIt is hard for them.eter.esus" ThatAs dedication" ThatAs consecration to /od" This rich $oun% ruler was faced with the same choice" He was put to the same test as .esus. the$ wouldnAt .eter !e concerned a!out the rich %ettin% into the @in%domE ecause he had riches" He asked . if it was hard for the rich to !e sa-ed.esus" If the$ were poor.eter it seemed that .

how hard is it for them that tr%st in ri&hes to enter into the . and saith %nto them.esus didnAt sa$ it was hard for those who ha-e riches to !e sa-ed" He said it was hard for those who trust in riches to enter the @in%dom" 6ou can ha-e riches without trustin% in them" ut most people who ha-e riches trust in those riches" I ha-e spent time with millionaires. !ut faith can" Some thin%s that mone$ canAt !u$.esus e<plains to .(57 !iving in #ivine Prosperity ha-e had an$thin% to lea-e" In -erse *+ . teachin% them how to trust in /od rather than in their riches" The$A-e trusted in riches so lon% that the$ donAt know how to trust /od" There are man$ thin%s that riches canAt produce.eter wh$ itAs hard for some rich people to enter the @in%dom of /od" ItAs not !ecause of their mone$.ingdom of *odD Mar. ()+:0 . !ut !ecause of their love of it" And the dis&iples were astonished at his words. our faith can %et" No amount of mone$ can !u$ healin% for an incura!le disease" ut faith can %et it" The same faith that can heal $our ph$sical !od$ can also meet $our financial needs and put food on $our ta!le" . "%t Jes%s answereth again. Ghildren.

3ord.esus was onl$ tr$in% to deli-er him of his trust in riches" He wasnAt tr$in% to take an$thin% awa$ from him" .Seven Steps to the !ife of 4aith (59 . !ut $ou ha-e a lot of trust in itK There are people with onl$ *1 cents who are committin% the sin of trustin% in richesK . GIAll ne-er ha-e that pro!lem" All I ha-e is M'+"AA Has /od e-er talked to $ou a!out %i-in% awa$ that M'+E G ut.ride had entered into his heart" . this is the onl$ mone$ I ha-e" 7hat am I %oin% to do if I %i-e it awa$EC 6ou ma$ not ha-e -er$ much mone$.esus put him to the test to see if he would make a commitment.esus said the rich $oun% ruler lacked onl$ one thin%" He lacked commitment" 7hen .esus said it is hard for people who trust in riches to enter the @in%dom of /od" 6ou ma$ sa$. he failed" It wasnAt what the rich $oun% ruler had that kept him out of the @in%dom?it was what he lacked' He had done what Leuteronom$ 2 said not to do" He had taken /odAs co-enant principles and !ecome a rich man" Then he had turned his trust from /od to his riches" .

There is no man that hath left ho%se. for my sa. or mother. ho%ses. And Jes%s answered and said. who has made this kind of consecration of his life to 0e with inte%rit$ and sincerit$ of heart.eter to sa$D !o. and have followed thee. Mar. and lands. "%t he shall re&eive an h%ndredfold now in this time.esus said it is hard for those who trust in riches to enter the @in%dom" This prompted . or sisters. an$ man. or brethren. CI challen%e $ou to find a man. or father.esus issues a challen%e to the disciples" He is tellin% them. Verily say %nto yo%.(5$ !iving in #ivine Prosperity . forsakin% all to follow 0e. and &hildren. and brethren. or lands.e. and sisters. or wife. ()+:$1<) Here . and the gospel@s. who did not recei-e a hundredfold in this life"C Some men toda$ are preachin% a%ainst the hundredfold principle" The$ are doin% it !ecause people ha-e taken it out of its settin%" The$ ha-e %i-en mone$ without %i-in% their lifeH then ha-e e<pected to recei-e a . we have left all. and mothers. with perse&%tions= and in the world to &ome eternal life. or &hildren.

that /od pro-ides !ountifull$ for those who are trul$ and totall$ committed to Him" .Seven Steps to the !ife of 4aith (5' hundredfold return" That is not what .rosperit$ !elon%s to us. !ut it is not to !e sou%ht after" Riches and wealth !elon% to us.ingdom of *od. this thin% has %otten distorted" All the$ are after is thin%s" The onl$ reason the$ attend our meetin%s is to tr$ to learn a formula for %ettin% thin%s" The$ think that the faith messa%e is a %et9rich9quick messa%e" It is notK It is a success stor$.esus was talkin% a!out" He was emphasiFin% the fact that the$ did not ha-e to !e afraid of losin% if the$ followed Him. !ut it is not a %et9rich9quick messa%e" The life of faith does not in-ol-e takin% a formula from /odAs 7ord and usin% it to fulfill the lust of the flesh" The life of faith is a life of total consecration to /od" If we will seek first /od and His ri%hteousness. !ut in the minds of some people. ye first the . He has promised that we will not lack an$ %ood thin%" If we . C See. !ut the$ are not to !e pursued" .rosperit$ !elon%s to us. and his righteo%sness= and all these things shall be added %nto yo%6 I0att" )D==J" .esus said.

e thee a blessing. the more I can do for /od" The more !lessed we are.6 ThatAs what life is all a!out. spirituall$. !ein% !lessed of /od so that $ou. or li-e in !onda%e" I ser-e /od" He has first place in m$ life" IAm not in !onda%e to an$thin%?morall$. or financiall$" IAm not seekin% richesH IAm followin% /od" ecause IAm followin% Him. the more of a !lessin% we can !e" ThatAs what /od told A!rahamD 6 will bless thee and ma. can !e a !lessin%" /od wants $ou to ha-e $our needs met and much left o-er so $ou can !e an instrument to help some!od$ else" There is no %reater Bo$ on earth than to !e a!le to help some!od$ out of a misfortune" There is no %reater thrill than !ein% a!le to keep someone from losin% their home" There is no %reater deli%ht than to %i-e to someone who is hun%r$ and to see them fed" ThatAs lifeK ThatAs li-in%K This messa%e is not desi%ned to teach $ou . mentall$. or suffer. we will not want. HeAs %oin% to prosper me" 7h$E So I can !e a !lessin% to humanit$" The more I am !lessed. in turn. ph$sicall$.(7) !iving in #ivine Prosperity ser-e Him.

help us to see that truth" . can !e His instrument to Cset at li!ert$ them that are !ruised"C /od.Seven Steps to the !ife of 4aith (7( how to %et all the thin%s $ou ha-e wanted for so lon%" Its purpose is to set humanit$ free" /od wants His people free from !onda%e so we. in turn.


or stressE ThatAs not prosperit$" /odAs estimation of prosperit$ includes not onl$ mone$ to meet our needs and to help ')= . $ou ma$ e<perience a temporar$ prosperit$. worr$. or whose mind is tormented !$ dou!t.6 @ Consecration-. whose famil$ life is in sham!les.ey to Prosperity Total consecration to /od is definitel$ the ke$ to di-ine prosperit$" If there is not a total dedication of $our life to /od. fear. !ut it will not !e real or permanent" 0an$ people toda$ are considered prosperous from the worldAs -iewpoint. !ut I donAt call a person prosperous whose stomach is eaten up with ulcers or cancer. re%ardless of how much mone$ he has in the !ank" How can an$ person !e called prosperous whose health is ruined.

ph$sical health and well9!ein%. !ut to learn more a!out m$ lo-in% hea-enl$ 4ather. to !ecome more like Him and more pleasin% to Him. material. !ut also peace of mind. not !ecause it will produce somethin% for me. mental. success in marria%e. and spiritual" It is prosperit$ produced !$ the wisdom of /od that in-ol-es all of the aspects of human e<istence" 0one$ is Bust a part of /odAs prosperit$" /od wants us to prosper in e-er$ wa$?spirit. sociall$. soul. social. lon% life?the list %oes on and on" Real i!le prosperit$. !ut !ecause it is His personal lo-e letter to me" I donAt read it to learn how to acquire thin%s. and !od$.(70 !iving in #ivine Prosperity others. honor and fa-or with others. as defined in .ro-er!s = is total prosperit$?ph$sical. and financiall$" The ke$ to that di-ine prosperit$ is total consecration to /od" This is where we ha-e missed it" 7eA-e had the mistaken idea that we were in this thin% to see what we could %et out of it" ut we are in this to please /od" That should !e our moti-e" I deli%ht m$self in the 7ord of /od. to !etter ser-e Him" The thin%s that come as a result of such consecration and dedication are Bust Cfrin%e .

CJhat shall it profit a man. then we must seek /od first. the$ for%et their /od" I hear people sa$.esus. . if he shall gain the whole world. and ne-er will enBo$ a %reat de%ree of prosperit$. CIAd rather ser-e . and !less $ou. then /od can trust $ou" /od isnAt interested in keepin% thin%s from $ou so $ou will sta$ out of sin" He wants to see $ou mature so He can trust $ou.esus said. not thin%s" Be $rustworthy 0an$ times people ha-e not prospered as the$ should.Gonse&rationBKey to Prosperity (75 !enefits"C . CThatAs the reason /od ne-er %i-es me much" He knows if I had an$thin%. !ecause the$ canAt !e trusted with it" As soon as life !e%ins to %et a little easier. I would !ecome proud and for%et Him"C #han%e $our attitude.esus and !e !roke than !e rich and %o to hell"C 7ell. $ou can ser-e . and lose his own so%l86 I0ark 2D=)J" Someone ma$ sa$. and still not !e !roke" /od wants us to prosper" If we are %oin% to prosper and li-e in di-ine prosperit$. accordin% to /odAs s$stem. miss hell.

and meet for the master@s %se.888 to '1. meet for His use" Then He can entrust $ou with His riches" At times /od has told me.(77 !iving in #ivine Prosperity and use $ouK It isnAt hard to chan%e $our attitude and lifest$le" Second Timoth$ *D*' tells usD C f a man therefore p%rge himself from these IsinsJ.6 All $ou ha-e to do is to spend time in /odAs 7ord.888 people as I do now" Thank /odK I wasnAt immediatel$ made responsi!le for hundreds of thousands of dollars" I couldnAt ha-e handled it" ThatAs wh$ some preachers %o !ad" /od !e%ins to ad-ance them. the$ !e%in to pro%ress. and prepared %nto every good wor. CI can trust $ou with a %reater anointin% and with more finances now"C At other times I ha-e had to pro-e I was read$ for more" The da$ I left @enneth #opelandAs or%aniFation to launch into m$ own ministr$ I wasnAt preachin% !efore crowds of 1. fellowshippin% with Him" He will cleanse $ou of that sin and remo-e that e-il thinkin% from $our heart" He will make $ou into a -essel of honor. san&tified. he shall be a vessel %nto hono%r.. then the$ %et their e$es off /od and on thin%s" ThatAs when the$ start %oin% downhill" I ha-e learned .

!ein% !rou%ht down" 7h$E ecause itAs lawD CJhosoever shall eEalt himself shall be abased= and he that shall h%mble himself shall be eEalted6 I0att" . and I want people to know the$ donAt ha-e to li-e in !onda%e" An$thin% I %et as a result will !e /odAs doin%. not mine" I couldnAt care less a!out !ein% a millionaire" 6ou see. !ut in that suppression the$ ha-e pro-en themsel-es honest !efore /od" /od will not let such folks remain suppressed" Then there are others who ha-e had all the$ wanted of this worldAs %oods" The$ ha-e !een selfish and %reed$ with them" The$ will find themsel-es !ecomin% a!ased. $ou will prosper !ecause /od can trust $ou" Some people ha-e !een suppressed financiall$ o-er the $ears.Gonse&rationBKey to Prosperity (79 from othersA mistakes" I ha-e watched what has happened to those people and learned how to a-oid those pitfalls" I didnAt enter the ministr$ to %et rich" IAm not preachin% for wealth" IAm preachin% !ecause I ha-e compassion for humanit$" I am a messen%er of /od. I know m$ heart" And thatAs the ke$" 6ou need to search $our heart and find out what $our moti-es are" If $ou ha-e a pure heart and are sincere !efore /od.

. for that man to ha-e remained poor after o!e$in% . /od is the 0ost Hi%h /od" The i!le sa$s He is a Bealous /od" IE<" *8D1"J He will not allow Himself to !e shared with an$ other %od" He will not accept a di-ided heart from His people" $rust God(s Laws of 0 undance 7hen .6 . nor alter the thing that is gone o%t of my lips.(7$ !iving in #ivine Prosperity *=D'*J" The rich $oun% ruler had this kind of wron% attitude toward thin%s" His trust had turned from /od to riches" He could not let %o of them to follow . He did not intend for him to remain poor after he had %i-en e-er$thin% awa$" In fact. CAe that hath pity %pon the poor lendeth %nto the !ord= and that whi&h he hath given will he pay him again.esus wanted that man to put his trust in .ro-er!s '(D'5 sa$s.salm 2(D=+ /od said.esus" He had !ecome a sla-e to his wealth" That reall$ constitutes idolatr$" 0one$ can !ecome an idol?a %od?to people" 6ou see.esusA commands would ha-e -iolated the laws of /od" .esus instructed this man to dispose of his possessions.6 He would ha-e %otten it all !ack a%ain !ecause it is the law of /od" In . 6My &ovenant will not brea.

he will recei-e a hundredfold in this life"C ut this fellow was shortsi%hted" All he could see was what he had ri%ht in front of him" He !lew the !est deal he could e-er ha-e !een offered" . /od would ha-e seen to it that he %ot !ack e<actl$ what he had %i-en awa$" And he had %reat possessions" All of it would ha-e come !ack to him" ut thatAs not all" /od has an e-en !etter deal for those who are o!edient to Him" . and follow Him" .esus commanded.esus was offerin% this %entleman the %reatest financial -enture Iand ad-entureJ of his entire life" If he had done what . %i-e the mone$ to the poor. GIf an$ man will forsake all for 0$ sake and the /ospelAs. puttin% his trust in /od and not in his riches.esus is not askin% us to sta$ !roke" He is askin% us to lea-e all and ser-e Him" If we do that.esus knew what it would take for this man to put his trust !ack in /od" He required that he sell what he had.Gonse&rationBKey to Prosperity (7' /od. He wonAt allow us to remain in need" 4or Him to do so would -iolate /odAs law" .esus said. not in riches" E-identl$ his trust in riches was so stron% that the onl$ wa$ to !reak it was to ha-e him %i-e it all awa$" .

ingdo! I know !usinessmen all o-er the countr$ who were once stri-in% to !ecome wealth$" Their lifeAs %oal and am!ition was simpl$ to !e a success" Their !usiness !ecame an o!session with them" It !ecame their %od" Then the$ met the real /od and made . that $our life is totall$ dedicated to Him.esus the 3ord of their life" Their attitude chan%ed" The$ decided. that $ou can !e trusted C""" !ecause $ou are pursuin% Him and not thin%s """N?/od will !e%in to pour out His !lessin%s upon $ou" He will continue to pour them out on $ou. and /od !e%an to !less their !usiness" /od could trust them" The$ would take that increase and in-est it . more and more and more" 2eek #irst the . CIAm not %oin% to let this thin% %i-e me ulcers" I will do what is necessar$ to run this !usiness. !ut itAs not unaltera!le" It can !e chan%ed" The moment $ou pro-e to /od that $our trust is in Him and not in $our possessions?the m o m e n t $ o u demonstrate that $our heart is sincere and pure.(9) !iving in #ivine Prosperity . !ut IAm %oin% to ser-e /od first"C The$ started ser-in% /od.erhaps $ou ha-e done the same thin%" ItAs re%retta!le.

7 It stirs me to put m$ trust in /od" It stirs me to keep Him in first place. once and for all. the more that person is %oin% to %et" ThatAs the wa$ it works" But we have to give trust if we e5pect to e trusted. all those who criticiFe me and this messa%e of di-ine prosperit$K How I wish the$ could realiFe. If we want God to trust us with His riches. IAll ne-er %o without" 0$ /od will suppl$ all m$ needs from His riches in %lor$ !$ #hrist . and it keeps %rowin%" The more /od can trust a person. If we want God to less our usiness. to keep m$ heart pure. in the needs of the saints.esus" I. then we have to trust Hi! with ours.Gonse&rationBKey to Prosperity (9( wisel$ in the poor. or to teach them how to acquire thin%s for themsel-es" That isnAt /odAs messa%e. and in the ministr$" So /od keeps !lessin% their !usiness.hil" +D'("J How I wish m$ critics would read this !ook. that we Cfaith teachersC are not preachin% a C%et9rich9quickC scheme" 7e are not tr$in% to trick people out of their mone$. then we have to 7 e a out our #ather(s usiness. . to keep m$self in a position where He can alwa$s trust me" As lon% as He can trust me.

C%et all we canC peopleH He is seekin% a peculiar people. it wonAt work" /od is not seekin% a %reed$. selfish. a ro$al people. tr$in% to make this thin% work for them in a wa$ that /od ne-er intended it to work" If we donAt do it /odAs wa$.eter had a hard time .esus ne-er implied that those who follow Him are to li-e in po-ert$ and lack" He didnAt require that of an$ who followed Him when He walked this earth in the flesh" It was not His intention to depri-e the rich $oun% ruler of his wealth" Neither was it His intention that the disciples li-e as paupers" He was careful to point out to them that an$one who had %i-en up an$thin% to follow after Him would recei-e that thin% !ack a hundred times o-er" 7h$ werenAt the disciples immediatel$ richE ecause the$ didnAt learn e-er$thin% o-erni%ht" . r i n c i p l e s l i k e t h e hundredfold return are not set up !$ /od to !e used to fulfill the lust for thin%s" Too man$ of /odAs people are -iolatin% /odAs laws.(9: !iving in #ivine Prosperity and it isnAt our m e s s a % e " . a people who ha-e their minds on Him and not on thin%s" Be %illing to Learn .

and IAm sure the others did too" E-en A!raham didnAt learn e-er$thin% in one ni%ht" A!raham was !rou%ht up in a home which knew a!out . he failed.i n d i c a t e d h i m w h e n h e consecrated his life to Him" /od called A!raham His friend.eho-ah. $et he !ecame the father of faith" He made mistakes. !ut it wasnAt until /enesis '5 that /od re-ealed Himself to A!raham as /l Shaddai. $et *od . could !ecome the father of faith and the friend of /od. !ut he took his father and 3ot alon%" The$ mo-ed to another cit$ and sta$ed there fi-e $ears" A!raham didnAt lea-e his own countr$. with all of his mistakes. surel$ $ou and I can !ecome somethin% in this world. !ut his father was an idol worshipper" ThatAs one reason /od told him to lea-e his kindred and his fatherAs house" A!raham did lea-e. A!raham had to learn a!out /od" He didnAt know an$thin% a!out faith" He had ne-er li-ed this wa$ !efore" The !eautiful part of the stor$ is that A!raham was Bust like us. as /od had told him to do.Gonse&rationBKey to Prosperity (9< %ettin% all this strai%ht.eho-ah /od" It was in /enesis '* that he set out. if we will do what he did" . until his father had died" A!raham didnAt know much a!out the . the father of faith" If A!raham.

thank /od.. and failures" 7h$E ecause . and well stri&. with the same results" /od !lessed . or father. Bust as .. for my sa. or wife.eter had to learn" And he didK A!raham was -er$ rich.esus" He did the same works . /od !lessed him in e-er$ wa$" That same !lessin% is ours toda$ if we will !e o!edient and faithful disciples IlearnersJ of . mistakes. !ecause he was o!edient and faithful. or sisters. or lands.eter was willin% to learn" )eceive God(s Blessings Verily say %nto yo%. the disciples didnAt learn it all o-erni%ht" ut.e. CAnd Abraham was old. or &hildren.eter in the !ook of Acts" He acted Bust like .esus did.eter. the$ learned it" T h e $ dedicated themsel-es to /od" It thrills me to read a!out . or brethren.esus #hrist" 3ike A!raham.(90 !iving in #ivine Prosperity A!raham had to learn. and the gospel@s.en in age+ and the !ord had blessed Abraham in all things.6 In all thin%s" ecause A!raham learned.. or mother. "%t he shall re&eive an h%ndredfold. -er$ !lessed" /enesis *+D' sa$s. e-en with all of his !lunders. . There is no man that hath left ho%se.

$ell !e a out the struggles you didn@t have. it will remo-e the stru%%le from $our life" Ha-e $ou e-er !een in need of thin%s. 2"%t he shall re&eive . not in riches" E-en thou%h riches !elon% to us.ver the ne5t thirty days. ()+:'. /od wants our trust in Him" . and it seemed that $ou Bust stru%%led and stru%%led tr$in% to %et themE 7ell. not pursued" If $our desire is to !ecome rich.esus said.3 ThatAs affirmati-e" . lessin%s are recei-ed.. don(t try to get anything else you need& 6ust e a lessing every !o!ent that you possi ly can. $ou are headed down a hard road" Those who seek to simpl$ please their /od recei-e wealth and riches and !lessin%s" Such people donAt stri-e after richesH the$ are conferred upon them" If $ou will learn this simple fact. not pursued" . write and tell !e a out the lessings that have co!e upon you. $ou are headed for trou!le" If thatAs $our %oal.Gonse&rationBKey to Prosperity Mar.esus is teachin% us here that our trust must !e in /od. 0t the end of those thirty days. Notice that the !lessin%s of /od are recei-ed.. I want $ou to do somethin%" ..esus .<) (95 There is a ke$ word in this scripture" The word is receive.

Le &annot serve *od and mammon >or ri&hes?.3 6ou cannot ser-e !oth /od and mone$" 6ou will either ser-e one or the other" If $our alle%iance is to riches. and love the other= or else he will hold to the one and despise the other.(97 !iving in #ivine Prosperity said in 0atthew )D*+D 2No man &an serve two masters+ for either he will hate the one. itAs not to /od" If $our lo-e is toward riches. itAs not toward /od" 6our carnal mind will tr$ to reason awa$ $our lo-e for mone$. C6ou donAt lo-e mone$. sa$in%. !ut $our heart wonAt %o alon% with it" 6our heart will con-ict $ou" The -oice of the heart is sometimes called the conscience" The i!le e-en talks a!out the conscience !ein% seared as with a hot iron" 6ou can %o a%ainst the con-ictions of the Hol$ Spirit in $our heart for so lon% that $ou can actuall$ sear $our conscience" 6ou can ne%ate the -oice of $our conscience so that it wonAt e-en talk to $ou an$more" Some people ha-e done wron% and ha-e Bustified it for so lon% that the$ ha-e seared their conscience" The$ donAt e-en hear from their spirit an$more" It takes a supreme act of . $ou Bust need it" 6ou reall$ lo-e /od"C 6our mind will Bustif$ e-il.

. and . And he did that whi&h was right in the sight of the !ord . who had %nderstanding in the visions of *od+ and as long as he so%ght the !ord.0..e down the wall of *ath.. IAm throu%h" IAm in-itin% 6ou to take o-er"C He will !e there in a moment to do so" . all the$ ha-e to do is to sa$.. C3ord. and made him . M--iah. . C. : Ghroni&les :7+(. And he so%ght *od in the days of Ne&hariah. *od made him to prosper. and the wall of Jabneh.ursuin% riches will onl$ hinder us from enBo$in% real i!le prosperit$" I want to %i-e $ou an e<ample of a man who had prosperit$ on his mind and what happened to him as a result" Then all the people of J%dah too.6 Some people sa$.Gonse&rationBKey to Prosperity (99 /od to %et such people strai%htened out" ut.ust !ecause $ou ser-e /od is no %uarantee $ou are %oin% to prosperKC Is that what the 7ord sa$sE And he went forth and warred against the Philistines. *od made him to prosper. e-en then.5 Notice that last sentenceD CAs long as he so%ght the !ord. and the wall of Ashdod. who was siEteen years old.

. invented by &%nning men... and slings to &ast stones.(9$ !iving in #ivine Prosperity and b%ilt &ities abo%t Ashdod. and habergeons. and digged many wells+ for he had m%&h &attle. Also he b%ilt towers in the desert. he was . till he was strong.s.. and helmets. both in the low &o%ntry.9. : Ghroni&les :7+7. his heart was lifted %p to his destr%&tion+ for he transgressed against the !ord his *od. And M--iah prepared for them thro%gho%t all the host shields. And *od helped him against the Philistines . and in Garmel+ for he loved h%sbandry. to shoot arrows and great stones withal.()1(:. Moreover M--iah had an host of fighting men . The whole n%mber of the &hief of the fathers of the mighty men of valo%r were two tho%sand and siE h%ndred . and spears. And his name spread far abroad= for he was marvello%sly helped. and among the Philistines. and bows.(01(7 Not onl$ was UFFiah prospered. and vine dressers in the the mo%ntains. "%t when he was strong.. to be on the towers and %pon the b%lwar. And he made in Jer%salem engines.. and in the plains+ h%sbandmen also.

cut off from his throne and his famil$.aco!. and ended up in a sad condition" In Leuteronom$ 2 /od warned the children of Israel that when the$ had settled in the . that it was He 7ho had %i-en them power to %et wealth" UFFiah didnAt do that" As a result he was struck with lepros$.aco! desired to !e rich" He had seen the prosperit$ of his %randfather A!raham. the %randson of A!raham" He was alread$ entitled to !lessin%s !ecause he was the seed of A!raham" Howe-er. we see that UFFiah turned his trust from /od to his own stren%th. the$ were to remem!er the 3ord their /! put riches and prosperit$ a!o-e /od" He sou%ht them first" ecause of his lust . and died in shame and a%on$" I-" *'"J In chapters *1 throu%h =1 of /enesis. he had an older !rother named Esau" As the eldest son.romised 3and and were prosperin%.Gonse&rationBKey to Prosperity (9' -er$ stron% Cfor he was marvello%sly helped6 !$ the 3ord" He recei-ed honor and %lor$" His name was spread far a!road" 6et !$ readin% the rest of the stor$. we read a!out . and he wanted to !e like him" The onl$ pro!lem was that .aco! didnAt want to do what his %randfather had done to recei-e that prosperit$" He didnAt want to consecrate his life to /od" . to his own riches. Esau had a !irthri%ht" .

that .aco! could ha-e her in marria%e in e<chan%e for se-en $ears of la!or" So .aco! was forced to flee from his enra%ed !rother" He had to lea-e home. ne-er to see his mother a%ain" ISeekin% the wron% thin% will %et $ou into trou!le"J 3ater .aco! !ar%ained his !rother Esau out of his !irthri%ht and decei-ed his father Isaac into !estowin% EsauAs !lessin% upon him" As a result of his deception and his cunnin% wa$s.($) !iving in #ivine Prosperity for wealth. and thou shalt !e decei-ed"C He had to pa$ dearl$ for the tricker$ .aco! settled down in a certain area of the countr$" There he saw a woman he desired" Her name was Rachel" Her father said .aco! worked that se-en $ears for Rachel" 7hen the time was up and the !ride was! was learnin% a hard lesson a!out deceptionD! was tricked into workin% se-en lon% $ears for a woman he didnAt want" Then he had to a%ree to work se-en more $ears for Rachel" 7hile he was workin% that fourteen $ears for his father9in9law. he would do an$thin% to o!tain riches" .aco! %ot" . it was 3eah. his wa%es were cut !ack ten times" . not Rachel. .

dishonest$ wonAt work" Impurit$ of heart wonAt work" Leception has a wa$ of fallin% !ack on the head of the one who practices it" .C so /od called him srael. .aco! had an e<perience with /od" ut it was not until he had put /od in first place in his! !ecame a new man" He was chan%ed" To mark that transformation in him. /od %a-e him a new name" Ja&ob means Cdecei-er. Cthe prince of /od"C .aco! had wanted riches. that .aco! !ecame a prosperous man" 3ater in his life when he was returnin% to .Gonse&rationBKey to Prosperity ($( he had practiced a%ainst his father and his !rother" 6ou see. as his %randfather A!raham had! had an encounter with the 3ord and wrestled with the an%el that he !e%an to prosper" The onl$ reason he was wrestlin% with that an%el was !ecause he was fleein% for his life" He had heard that his !rother Esau and a compan$ of +88 men were out to kill him" 6ou see. !ut he ended up workin% for a man who decei-ed him and reduced his wa%es continuall$" It was not until . this fellow had hard times" He had to learn commitment the hard wa$" After he had met that an%el and wrestled with him.

my blessing that is bro%ght to thee= be&a%se *od hath dealt gra&io%sly with me. and /od !lessed him" /od increased his su!stance and prospered him" 7hat kind of -ow did . he could sa$ to his !rother EsauD C! had made a -ow unto /od. and into many foolish and h%rtf%l l%sts. and be&a%se have eno%gh6 I/en" ==D''J" .6 #an $ou see the ke$ to prosperit$ hereE ItAs total dedication to /od" Seek /od. pray thee. 4or the love of money is the root of all evil+ whi&h while some &oveted after.aul warns the od$ of #hrist a%ainst pursuin% wealth and riches and puttin% them !efore /od" "%t they that will be >want to be.e. they have erred from the faith. whi&h drown men in destr%&tion and perdition. of all that tho% shalt give me will s%rely give the tenth %nto thee. not riches" Be +ot High1>inded In ' Timoth$ )D(9'' the Apostle .aco! make to !e so !lessed !$ /odE The i!le sa$s in /enesis *2D*89**D CAnd Ja&ob vowed a vow. and pier&ed themselves thro%gh . saying ..($: !iving in #ivine Prosperity his own countr$ laden down with possessions.. desire to be? ri&h fall into temptation and a snare. try to be.

patience. nor tr%st in %n&ertain ri&hes.888K . love. ($< 7e see clearl$ that those who seek after riches ha-e erred from the faith and will pierce themsel-es throu%h with man$ sorrows" ut we are not to follow their e<ample" 7e are to learn from it and sa-e oursel-es from their unhapp$ fate !$ keepin% our hearts pure. that they be not highminded. faith.ness. Notice that riches are uncertain" 6ou canAt depend on mone$" A!out the time $ou think. mee.Gonse&rationBKey to Prosperity with many sorrows. meekness?and !e !roke" ut $ou will not !e !roke !$ followin% after ri%hteousness. and meekness" 3etAs look at -erse '5 of ' Timoth$ )D Gharge them that are ri&h in this world. CI ha-e M1. I can !u$ me a car. patien&e. "%t tho%. and !$ allowin% the fruits of the Spirit to operate throu%h us" Some people think that /od wants us to follow after ri%hteousness. flee these things= and follow after righteo%sness. godliness. faith. lo-e.888. faith. O man of *od. lo-e. !$ followin% after ri%hteousness. %odliness. patience. %odliness.C the$ %o up to M'*.

clothin%. !%. b%t in the living *od.<: If we put our total trust in /od. nor tr%st in %n&ertain ri&hes.ingdom.. what ye shall p%t on .noweth that ye have need of these things . that they be not highminded.= for it is yo%r 4ather@s good pleas%re to give yo% the .esus said the same thin% in 3uke '*D Ta. our da$s of worr$ a!out prosperit$ and material necessities ?food. Loes that sound like those who totall$ dedicate their li-es to /od will %o withoutE NoK /od has said.. Lo%r 4ather .<).e (:+::.. patience. CIf $ou will ser-e 0e. peace. IsnAt that amaFin%E I donAt lo-e mone$" I donAt pursue riches and wealth" I follow after ri%hteousness. that they be not highminded. what ye shall eat= neither for the body. 4ear not little flo&.e no tho%ght for yo%r life. If $ou make up $our mind to totall$ . meekness ?and /od %i-es me richl$ all thin%s to enBo$K )ichly all things. lo-e. shelter?are o-er" Gharge them that are ri&h in this world. who giveth %s ri&hly all things to enCoy. I will %i-e $ou richl$ all thin%s to enBo$"C .($0 !iving in #ivine Prosperity Gharge them that are ri&h in this world..

!aying %p in store for themselves a good fo%ndation against the time to &!s '8D** sa$s. it ma. CHow much are $ou puttin% in nowEC CNone" IAm waitin% for this to happen first"C CThen $ou wonAt do it then either"C . that they may lay hold on eternal life. CThe blessing of the !ord. then $ou will !e !lessed" . The richer $ou %et.s.Gonse&rationBKey to Prosperity ($5 consecrate $our life to /od. would $ou pra$ for meE IAm !elie-in% to ha-e a prosperous !usiness. and IAm reall$ %oin% to put some mone$ in the /ospel when it all happens"C I ask. the more /od e<pects of $ou" I %et amused sometimes !$ the people who come to me and sa$D C rother Sa-elle. ready to distrib%te. donAt %et hi%hmindedK ThatAs what happens to some people after the !lessin%s start comin% on them" The$ %et hi%h9minded and !e%in to trust in the riches more than in /od" Perses '2 and '( of ' Timoth$ continueD >Gharge them? that they be ri&h in good wor.eth ri&h. I here!$ char%e $ou.6 So. willing to &omm%ni&ate. rich person.

IAll ha-e thousands of dollars. !ut toda$ $ou ha-e se-ent$9fi-e. rother Sa-elle. if $ouAll Bust a%ree with me that /od will !less this !usiness deal. we la$ up in store for oursel-es a %ood foundation a%ainst the time to come" As we %i-e. we are to !e read$ to distri!ute and willin% to communicate" In so doin%. CI %ot mine" 3et them %et theirs"C /od wants them to !e rich in %ood works. $ou are richer than $ou were. read$ to distri!ute" That is di-ine prosperit$" /od wants us to !e distri!utors" As we increase in !lessin%. we !uild up reser-es for oursel-es upon which we can draw in our times of need" Be a Giver . if $ou had onl$ ten dollars $esterda$. and /od e<pects $ou to do %ood with that increase" /od wants the rich to !e rich in %ood works" ThatAs wh$ He made them rich" He doesnAt want them to !e hi%hminded. %oin% around with their noses in the air sa$in%. IAll reall$ put some mone$ in the /ospel" If this deal %oes throu%h. and IAll put the tithe into the /ospel"C 4riend.($7 !iving in #ivine Prosperity C ut.

willin% to communicate" ItAs the law of /od to %i-e" 3ife is centered around how much of oursel-es we can %i-e out. giving is the essence of living.Gonse&rationBKey to Prosperity ($9 7e are to !e a !lessin%" 7e are to !e %enerous %i-ers" No matter how much or how little $ou ha-e to!s '8D** sa$s. chapter 2. CI donAt ha-e an$thin% to %i-e"C ThereAs alwa$s $ou" ThatAs what /od wants more than an$thin% else?you.eth ri&h. $our house. we are to !e rich in %ood works?read$ to distri!ute. we are to %i-e" .6 As /odAs !lessin%s come upon us and make us rich. and he addeth no sorrow with it. so the$ %a-e themsel-es for the ministr$ of the saints" Ne-er sa$. !ut $ou can . ItAs the !asic element of life" 7hen we are !lessed. C The blessing of the !ord. or an$ of $our possessions" 6ou ma$ not ha-e an$ material thin%s to %i-e.aul said the$ didnAt ha-e an$thin% to %i-e. we read a!out a %roup of people in the #hurch who were in deep po-ert$" The$ had tremendous trials and afflictions" The Apostle . /od wants $ou !efore He wants $our mone$. !e a %i-er" /od will increase $our su!stance so $ou can %i-e more" Remem!er. it ma. $our car. not how much we can %et" In * #orinthians.

wor. or !a!$sit children. or nurse a sick child. or -isit with an old person who is lonel$" There are a thousand wa$s $ou can %i-e without %i-in% mone$" 6ou can do somethin%" /od will honor that %i-in% Bust like it was mone$" Sometimes we think that if we donAt %i-e mone$. what can I doEC 6ou can !e a help to some!od$ who needs a helpin% hand" 6ou can clean house. Once a%ain we see e<pressed the essence of li-in%D %i-in%" 7e are to work with our hands" 7e are to la!or" The -er$ moti-e for our la!orin% and workin% with our hands is that we ma$ ha-e somethin% to %i-e to those in need" Some!od$ asked me. that he may have to give to him that with his hands the thing whi&h is good.ewise6 I3uke )D='J" Ephesians +D*2 tells usD !et him that stole steal no more+ b%t rather let him labo%r. G7hat is all this . /od wonAt honor it" ThatAs not true" /i-e.($$ !iving in #ivine Prosperity alwa$s %i-e $ourself" C7ell. or fi< a roof. do ye also to them li. and it shall !e %i-en unto $ou" 6As ye wo%ld that men sho%ld do to yo%.

or salesman. $ou know I can understand how people would %i-e to $ou.eople tell me all the time. rother . so IAm %oin% to take it out of the ministr$ funds"C ThatAs ille%al" IAm not an em!eFFler" I ha-e to !elie-e /od for m$ needs. Bust like $ou" I ha-e a Bo! Bust like $ou" The mone$ we recei-e in offerin%s or throu%h the sale of tapes and !ooks %oes into a non9profit or%aniFation of which I happen to !e president" I am not that or%aniFation" I Bust work for it" I am paid a salar$ Bust like an$ other workin% person" 0ost of the time that salar$ doesnAt co-er all of m$ needs" 7hen that happens.err$. or housewife. or clerk.eople are used to %i-in% to ministers" ut IAm a !usinessman Ior teacher. Bust like $ou do for $ours" C7hat a!out all the mone$ that comes into $our ministr$ throu%h offerin%sEC .eople donAt %i-e to me" IAm not a nonprofit or%aniFation like $ou are"C IAm not either" IAm a workin% man.Gonse&rationBKey to Prosperity ($' %i-in% %oin% to do for meEC . $ouAre in the ministr$" . or whate-erJ" . G7ell. I canAt Bust %o into the office and sa$. CI need ten thousand dollars.

3 E-identl$ /od uses men to %i-e to us" . Bust as He does for $ou" CThen how does /od %et thin%s to $ouEC In miraculous wa$s. and sha. not !ecause IAm in the ministr$.eople ha-e an opportunit$ to %i-e free9will offerin%s" 7e sell tapes and !ooks" ut I donAt recei-e one dime from an$ of these sources" All these funds %o into the ministr$" I donAt %et a CcutC or a Cpercenta%eC or ro$alties or a commission" Therefore. !ut !ecause IAm in His willK /od is no respecter of persons" 7hat He will do for one of His children. 2*ive. unusual wa$s" The onl$ difference !etween me and some other people is that I !elie-e HeAll do it" The$ are con-inced He wonAt !ecause the$ are not in the ministr$" IAm con-inced He will do it for me. He will do for another if that child will !elie-e" In 3uke )D=2 . includin% me" I conduct meetin%s" . /od has to do miracles for me personall$. and r%nning over. and each is paid a salar$.esus said.en together. shall men give %nto yo%r bosom.(') !iving in #ivine Prosperity It %oes into a corporation" 7e ha-e a fairl$ lar%e staff of people. and it shall be given %nto yo%= good meas%re. pressed down.

as menpleasers= b%t as the servants of Ghrist. a%e. owner or worker. and if thou art in the ministr$. /phesians 7+71$ 3etAs rephrase that a !itD C7hether he !e . men shall %i-e unto $our !osom"C I donAt care what $our Bo! is or what mine is. and not to men+ Knowing that whatsoever good thing any man doeth. whether he be bond or free.ew or /entile. se<. doing the will of *od from the heart= Jith good will doing servi&e. race. educational le-el. as to the !ord. male or female. G/i-e. the same shall he re&eive of the !ord. $ou shall recei-e the same of the 3ord" 3et me %i-e $ou an e<ample of how /od %ets thin%s to people who need them" Ha-e $ou . mana%er or la!orer. or occupation. /od sa$s that whate-er %ood thin% $ou do for some!od$ else.esus didnAt sa$. preacher or la$man"C It doesnAt make an$ difference what $ou are or who $ou are" Re%ardless of $our social status. $oun% or old. economic class. !oth of us ha-e to act on /odAs 7ord" I e<pect /od to work miracles for me Bust like $ou do" Not with eyeservi&e. !lack or white.Gonse&rationBKey to Prosperity ('( .

6ouAre not tr$in% to do %ood works to win merit from /od" 6ou are alread$ His" He canAt lo-e $ou more than He alread$ does" All $ou are doin% is the will of /od from the heart" 6ouAre doin% %ood !ecause that is the nature of /od. then we will !e%in to . CI will see to it that e-er$ %ood thin% $ou do. Mary &o%ld %se one of those too. quit pursuin% riches and thin%s. seek /od with all our ThatAs an e<ample of $our %i-in% into someoneAs !osom" 6ou mi%ht sa$.(': !iving in #ivine Prosperity e-er !een in a store to pick up somethin% and think. Lo% . and do %ood to e-er$!od$ around us Ie-en our enemiesKJ. the same shall !e done unto $ou"C This is what creates di-ine prosperit$" If we totall$ consecrate our li-es to /od. thin. @ll C%st get that and give it to her. and He has promised. /od will see to it that $ou %et helped" 6ou are not doin% %ood works to impress /od" 4ou i!press God when you choose Hi!. C ut no!od$ e-er thinks of me like that"C Are $ou doin% an$ %ood for an$!od$ elseE Start doin% %ood thin%s for others" /od has said that the same will !e done unto $ou" If $ou help some!od$.

Gonse&rationBKey to Prosperity ('< enBo$ di-ine prosperit$" .


the 3ord said. the Shekinah %lor$ of /od so filled the room that there was nothin% I could do !ut stand in His presence" As I was standin% there. 0$ people are in financial !onda%e. the$ are not the head instead of the tail and the$ are not a!o-e instead of !eneath"C Then He told me. !ecause the$ ha-e allowed a spirit of lethar%$ to come upon them. GSon. CI donAt ha-e another *88 $ears to free them of that !onda%e"C Accordin% '(1 . and I want them out" IA-e %i-en them the principles in 0$ 7ord !$ which the$ can prosper" ut !ecause of their diso!edience and re!ellion.7 A 2owing in #a!ine I donAt know wh$ the 3ord chose to re-eal Himself to me in such a special wa$" 7hen He supernaturall$ -isited me in m$ hotel room that da$ in Octo!er of '(2'.

and it will work for $ou if $ou will !elie-e it and act on it" The decision is up to $ou" 6ou can take it or lea-e it" /od is %oin% to mo-e on our finances as ne-er !efore" If $ou !elie-e this messa%e and participate in this plan. $ou will see the power of /od in operation in $our finances in a phenomenal wa$" Since Octo!er of '(2' when /od supernaturall$ -isited me and shared . the %reatest re-i-al this world has e-er seen" /od is %oin% to supernaturall$ inter-ene on our !ehalf and pro-ide us with the a!undant prosperit$ we will need to accomplish His o!Becti-e in this a%e" If $ou will recei-e this messa%e as from the 3ord Himself. this thin% is a!out to wind up" /od needs us free" He doesnAt need us !ound up financiall$. !ecause we are responsi!le for financin% the %reat end9time re-i-al.('7 !iving in #ivine Prosperity to /odAs timeta!le. it wonAt" The choice is $ours" 0$ sole purpose in sharin% this messa%e with $ou is to !e o!edient to /od" IAm doin% what /od instructed me to do" 7hat $ou do with it is !etween $ou and Him" This messa%e is workin% for me. it will affect $ou" If not.

CSon. and IAm %i-in% $ou the assi%nment to tell them how to %et out"AA And thatAs what IA-e !een doin%" IA-e set up meetin%s in o!edience to /od to share these principles with others" IA-e had the pri-ile%e of sharin% this messa%e !efore crowds of thousands and ha-e seen the power of /od released as ne-er !efore" If $ou will !e faithful with what /od %i-es $ou. *od is finally going to do a mira&le on my finan&es so &an spend it on the l%st of my flesh.Sowing in 4amine ('9 these thin%s with me. it wonAt work" That attitude is wh$ man$ are in the situation the$Are in ri%ht now" . He has ena!led me to %i-e more than e-er !efore" And itAs not o-er $et" Some of the most astoundin% miracles ha-e happened to me and to those with whom I ha-e shared this messa%e" Testimonies ha-e come from people all o-er the countr$ documentin% these miracles" /od told me. I ha-e e<perienced the %reatest financial miracles of m$ entire life and ministr$" Not onl$ has /od !rou%ht in more mone$. 0$ people are in financial famine. when He %a-e me the ke$s to deli-erance from financial famine. He will see that $ou %et the desires of $our heart" ut if $ou think.

and itAs %oin% to take an enormous amount of mone$ to %et it done"C One of the thin%s that will happen in the near future is /odAs take9o-er of e-er$ form of mass communication" /od is Cfed upC with men controllin% thin%s that were made for the /ospel" #olossians 'D') sa$s Call things were &reated by him.('$ !iving in #ivine Prosperity Their minds ha-e !een on %ettin% thin%s" ecause of their selfishness and lust. all that is chan%in%" I am %oin% to !e o!edient to /od and %o throu%hout the land tellin% /odAs people how to !e deli-ered from financial !onda%e" %e >ust $ake Control /od said. weAll Bust !u$ the station.6 Tele-ision wasnAt made for porno%raph$" It was made for the /ospel" /odAs people are %oin% to take it o-er" If we canAt !u$ time on TP. or the whole network. praise /od. /od has not !een a!le to !less them as He wanted" Their priorities ha-e !een all wron%" ut. if . or the satellite. GThere are man$ thin%s that must !e accomplished !efore .esus can come. and for him.

and He hasnAt chan%ed" He is fed up with the od$ of #hrist !ein% on the short end" He is fed up with the od$ of #hrist not !ein% a!le to do what needs to !e done" He is %oin% to take action to see that the situation is remedied" And Satan canAt stop it.Sowing in 4amine ('' necessar$K The od$ of #hrist will control the means of communication !ecause /od has said so" It all !elon%s to Him. and He will see that it is put into the hands of those who will use it for His purposes" /od deli-ered His people out of the hands of one pharaoh.eader@s #igest instead of the i!leK No wonder our $oun%er %eneration didnAt want an$ part of #hristianit$" 7ith the dou!le standards the adults presented and the dou!le standards the pulpit presented. itAs no wonder the $oun% . and produced Sunda$ school quarterlies with teachin% so watered down it sounded like . filled our sanctuaries with pews and fanc$ carpets. if we wonAt let him" The Le-il canAt keep us from winnin%" ItAs time we take our ri%htful stand as /odAs kids and %row up" 7e donAt ha-e another *88 $ears to pla$ around" 7e ha-e wasted man$ $ears pla$in% church" 7e ha-e !uilt monuments. stained windows.

when $ouA-e !een in this thin% as lon% as we ha-e. and IAm %ettin% !older all the timeK ItAs workin% !etter now than it did then" ItAs not %ettin% less effecti-e?itAs %ettin% more effecti-eK Some #hristians %ot turned on to the 3ord when #arol$n and I did" The$ made the same . IA-e !een in it twel-e $ears now. the$ canAt !e shaken" It canAt !e taken awa$ from them" 7hen I went into the ministr$ in '()(. CI am redeemed from po-ert$" ItAs /odAs will that I prosper"C The$ would swell up like toads and sa$.:)) !iving in #ivine Prosperity people re!elled a%ainst the #hurch" ut that same %eneration is %oin% to put the Le-il under their feet like no other %eneration !efore" 7hen this %roup takes hold of the truth. C $ His stripes I am healed" 0$ da$s of sickness are o-er"C The$ actuall$ !ecame an%r$ at me !ecause I said. pastors who had !een #hristians lon%er than I had li-ed %ot mad at me for !ein% so !old" The$ didnAt like it !ecause I wouldnAt a%ree with their reli%ious traditions. !ecause I dared to sa$. IAll tell $ou one thin%. $oun% man. $ou wonAt !e talkin% like that" 6ouAll find out what itAs all a!out"C At the time of this writin%. C7ell.

feelin% sorr$ for . !ut IAm living the i!le"C It isnAt enou%h Bust to know what the i!le sa$s" The ke$ is to li-e it" And the most important place to li-e it is not in the churchH itAs in the home" ItAs time the od$ of #hrist %ot fed up with the Le-il runnin% our li-es and with carnall$ minded men dictatin% to us" The od$ of #hrist needs to !ecome .oshuas and #ale!s" ItAs time we quit runnin% around with ne%ati-e reports. CI want to tell $ou somethin%" I donAt like it one !itK I spent four $ears of m$ life in the seminar$ stud$in% /odAs 7ord" ut now IAm sellin% life insurance to pa$ m$ de!ts" 6ouA-e ne-er !een to the seminar$ a da$ in $our life" 6ouA-e onl$ !een sa-ed a!out three months" ut $ou are preachin% and /od is doin% miracles" IAm not seein% /od do an$thin%" I want to know wh$KC Then I told him. a %reat !i% %u$ %ra!!ed me !$ the collar and nearl$ lifted me off the floor" He said.Sowing in 4amine :)( decision to li-e !$ the 7ord that we made" ut the$ ha-e %otten under pressure and quit" Some of them are still mad at us for winnin%" The$Are Bealous" After one of m$ sermons. C6ou know a lot a!out the i!le.

or sword. or distress. weepin% and wailin% a!out how tou%h life is" ThatAs the worldAs testimon$K If $ouAre fed up with the Le-il. will b%ild my &h%r&h= and the gates of hell . C Mpon this ro&. not tri!ulation. or peril. or thin%s to come. then tell him where to %et offK Then see that he does itK /od is fed up with the Le-il controllin% our finances" Unemplo$ment is hi%her than itAs !een in decades" . or!a!l$ a lar%e percenta%e of those unemplo$ed people profess to !e #hristians" That ou%ht not !e" There is a monster in this land called inflation" It is destro$in% homes and creatin% ha-oc all around us" The whole world is e<periencin% it" Half of the #hristians $ou talk to are affected !$ it.esus said.:): !iving in #ivine Prosperity oursel-es. or famine.esus #hrist" . or principalities. or persecution. or an$ other thin%K +othing can stop us from winnin%K +othing' No matter what kind of onslau%ht the Le-il !rin%s upon this earth. almost to the point of %i-in% up" That ou%ht not !e" 0$ i!le tells me that nothin% shall separate us from the lo-e of #hrist. it shouldnAt stop the #hurch of . or thin%s present Iinflation is presentJ.

we canAt !e !eaten" It is e<citin% to watch the mo-ement of /od and the ad-ancement of the #hurch of . /od is takin% o-er" The Le-il is resistin%. preachin% his propa%anda and stirrin% up trou!le e-er$where he can" ut he will ne-er %et ahead of /od" He canAt win" He that is in us is %reater than he that is in the world" 7e are -ictorsK In the past.Sowing in 4amine :)< shall not prevail against it6 I0att" ')D'2J" Nothin% shall pre-ail a%ainst the #hurch that . !ut I canAt" I donAt . !ut that is a!out to come to an end" /od is read$ to make His mo-e" He is not pleased to hear His people sa$in%.esus is !uildin%" %e %ill Be Bictorious The da$ has passed when the od$ of #hrist is in the minorit$" The da$ has passed in which the world dictates to us what we can and cannot do" 7eA-e alread$ pro-en to them that when we Boin to%ether. the od$ of #hrist has suffered financiall$. GI wish I could do more for the /ospel. of course" ThatAs to !e e<pected" HeAs %oin% to fi%ht" He has his e-an%elists runnin% throu%hout the world.esus #hrist in these last da$s" 4riend.

I had to release the church of which I was pastor in 4ort 7orth. CSon. ha-e %otten into !onda%e. and IAm re-ealin% to $ou the ke$s to deli-erance" IAm %i-in% $ou the assi%nment to %o tell them how to !e deli-ered"C As a result. He said. and &ame to the mo%ntain of *od.side of the desert.ept the flo&. 0$ people are in financial famine. to the ba&. Te<as" I ha-e !een on the road e-er since" 7e ha-e launched our national tele-ision ministr$ to %et this messa%e throu%hout the countr$" 7e are %oin% worldwide with this messa%e" /od is di-inel$ inter-enin% in our !ehalf" God(s People in Bondage E-er$ time /odAs people. the onl$ wa$ the$ %ot out of that !onda%e was throu%h di-ine inter-ention" Now Moses . if the$ will cooperate with Him" 7hen /od -isited me. And the angel of the !ord appeared %nto . the priest of Midian+ and he led the flo&. even to Aoreb. of Jethro his father in law.:)0 !iving in #ivine Prosperity ha-e it to %i-e"C He wants them to !e a!le to do what He wants done" He will see that the$ ha-e the means to do His work. as a whole.

And Moses hid his fa&e= for he was afraid to loo.ed. am the *od of thy father. Moreover he said. And he said. and. the *od of Abraham.. Aere am . and the *od of Ja&ob. #raw not nigh hither+ p%t off thy shoes from off thy feet. for the pla&e whereon tho% standest is holy gro%nd. And the !ord said. and said.. and see this great sight. and the b%sh was not &ons%med.. /Eod%s <+(19 :)5 Are $ou aware that /od can see the affliction of His peopleE /od isnAt surprised with an$thin%" He!rews +D'= tells usD Neither is there any &reat%re that is not manifest in his sight+ b%t all things are na. %pon *od. will now t%rn aside. why the b%sh is not b%rnt. And when the !ord saw that he t%rned aside to see. behold. *od &alled %nto him o%t of the midst of the b%sh. /od knows e-er$thin% a!out us. Moses. the b%sh b%rned with fire. the *od of saa&.ed and opened %nto the eyes of him with whom we have to do. Moses. And Moses said. have s%rely seen the affli&tion of my people .Sowing in 4amine him in a flame of fire o%t of the midst of a b%sh+ and he loo. And he said. e-en the .

esus knows how we feel" He knows the situation we are in" He is a compassionate and merciful Hi%h . thatAs .riest" In this passa%e from E<odus we see that /odAs people were in !onda%e in E%$pt !ecause of their diso!edience" E%$pt was not the will of /od for His people" onda%e has ne-er !een the will of /od for His people" ein% dominated !$ the world and Satan has ne-er !een /odAs will for His people" /od said. $ou are full of sorrow" 7hen $ou canAt do what $ou desire to do. C have s%rely seen the affli&tion of my people whi&h are in /gypt """C IIn our time.masters= for . /od has surel$ seen the financial !onda%e of His people"J C""" and have heard their &ry by reason of their tas. when $ou canAt %i-e the wa$ $ou want to their sorrows6 IE<" =D5J" 7hen $ou are financiall$ !ound.:)7 !iving in #ivine Prosperity num!er of hairs on our heads" He knows everything a!out His people" He can see the affliction and !onda%e of His people" He!rews +D'1 sa$s. in our %eneration. 6Je have not an high priest whi&h &annot be to%&hed with the feeling of o%r infirmities. itAs !onda%e" 7hen $ou sta$ up all ni%ht worr$in% a!out how $ouAre %oin% to pa$ those !ills.6 .

defeat. men who otherwise would ne-er commit a crime" The$ %et under pressure !ecause the$ donAt ha-e enou%h to sustain their families.Sowing in 4amine :)9 !onda%e" Some hus!ands are afraid to face their families at the end of the da$ !ecause the$ donAt !rin% home enou%h to meet the needs" Some families are so tormented !$ financial !onda%e that it is destro$in% their household" 4inancial !onda%e is one reason man$ men are in Bail ri%ht now.esus told us to take no thou%ht for those thin%s !ecause our hea-enl$ 4ather knows we ha-e need of them" He said that if we seek first the @in%dom of /od and His ri%hteousness. and worr$" /od promised that the !lessin%s of A!raham are ours" In Leuteronom$ *2D'9'+ He assured us that we are the head and not the tail. depression. frustration. weA-e missed somethin%" Somethin% is wron%" . a!o-e and not !eneath" He said He would !less . so the$ steal or cheat or %am!le to %et it" And the$ end up in prison" ThatAs !onda%e" 7hen mem!ers of the od$ of #hrist sit up at ni%ht worr$in% a!out finances. all those thin%s would !e added unto us" It isnAt ri%ht for the od$ of #hrist to !e filled with an<iet$.

It isnAt ri%ht that an$ mem!er of the od$ of #hrist !e suppressed !$ financial !onda%e" Deliverance #ro! Bondage 6 am &ome down to deliver them o%t of the hand of the /gyptians6 IE<" =D2J" There comes a time when our hea-enl$ 4ather wonAt put up with a situation an$ lon%er" As a parent. for%i-e us" . in the cit$ and in the countr$" These promises are ours now. that we would !e !lessed comin% in and %oin% out. the people cried out. $ou will intercede on his !ehalf" If $our child is !ein% unBustl$ treated. wh$ should it seem so unusual that our hea-enl$ 4ather would do the same for His kidsE 7here do $ou think we %ot that kind of protecti-e lo-eE 7e %et the similitude of our fatherhood from the 4ather /od" 7hen /odAs children are !ein% hurt. $ou wonAt stand !$ and allow it to continue" If we take action on !ehalf of our children when the$ are a!used. or e-en twice" ut if someone keeps hurtin% $our child. C/od. there comes a time when He cries. $ou ma$ o-erlook some mistreatment of $our child once. CEnou%hKC At one time in the histor$ of the children of Israel.:)$ !iving in #ivine Prosperity the work of our hands.

Psalm ()9+('. for%i-e us for %ettin% into this mess" 4or%i-e us for lettin% the Le-il run our li-es" 3ord.haraoh that He is the 0ost Hi%h /od" . C am &ome down to deliver them. /od showed .salmist tells usD Then they &ry %nto the !ord in their tro%ble. and he saveth them o%t of their distresses. !ut please for%i-e usKC The .haraoh thou%ht he could stand up to /od.:) 7hen /odAs people %et fed up with !ein% lorded o-er !$ the Le-il. C4ather. the$ will cr$ unto the 3ord. Ae sent his word. and delivered them from their destr%&tions.Sowing in 4amine :)' ItAs our fault that we %ot into this !onda%e.haraoh when /od came down on him" He wished he had ne-er heard of /l Shaddai. !ut he quickl$ learned that he was no match for the Almi%ht$" Neither is SatanK God(s >essenger . deli-er us"C And He will deli-er His people out of their !onda%e" /od told 0oses.6 It was !ad news for . and healed them.

GTake healin% to $our . behold. so He called Oral Ro!erts and told him. Gome now therefore. that the power of /od was no lon%er in manifestation.:() !iving in #ivine Prosperity am &ome down to deliver them o%t of the hand of the /gyptians. %nto a land flowing with mil. and will send thee . CIA-e come down. Now therefore. that miracles had passed awa$ with the disciples" /odAs people were d$in% of sickness and disease.salmist sa$s that /od sent His 7ord and healed His people" How did /od %et His 7ord to themE How was His 7ord sentE $ a messen%er" /od sent a man named 0oses to take His 7ord of deli-erance to His people" /od sent a man named Oral Ro!erts to !rin% healin% to our %eneration" Reli%ious9 minded men had pushed aside the doctrines of the i!le sa$in% that healin% had passed awa$.. the &ry of the &hildren of srael is &ome %nto me+ and have also seen the oppression wherewith the /gyptians oppress them. and IAll send thee"C The ... and to bring them %p o%t of that land %nto a good land and a large. and honey= %nto the pla&e of the Ganaanites .. /Eod%s <+$1() /od said to 0oses.

and Oral Ro!erts is directl$ responsi!le for that knowled%e" /od used him as a messen%er" He stirred up other messen%ers. then people !e%an to !elie-e and to preach that messa%e" I am healed toda$ !ecause one man took healin% to his %eneration" I !elie-ed the messa%e he preached. C/od sent me to !rin% healin% to this %eneration"C ut. these men kept preachin% the messa%e" Toda$ this nation knows a!out the healin% power of /od.Sowing in 4amine :(( %eneration"C It was not an eas$ Bo! to stand !efore the world and sa$. C7h$ are 6ou tellin% me these thin%sE 7h$ am I in-ol-ed in thisEC C ecause I can trust $ou" 6ouA-e pro-en to . and I walk in di-ine health toda$ !ecause of it" /od told one man. he did it" I ha-e the %reatest respect for Oral Ro!erts and for men like @enneth Ha%in who will stand and preach what /od said despite the opposition and anta%onism of people" Re%ardless of the consequences. GIAm tired of 0$ people !ein% sick and d$in% prematurel$" IAm tired of seein% 0$ people oppressed with sickness and disease" Take healin% to $our %eneration"C And he did it" I asked the 3ord. thank /od.

I ha-e learned to do what /od sa$s the wa$ He sa$s to do it. that $ouAll !e 0$ man re%ardless of what the$ sa$"C I ha-enAt alwa$s !een that wa$" I remem!er pra$in% one time. fearin% peopleAs reaction or opinion. I fail" ItAs that . %i-e me a %reater anointin% in m$ life"C ut /od said. !ut $ou canAt pla$ %ames with /od" I knew what He was talkin% a!out" The first time some!od$ said somethin% dero%ator$ a!out the wa$ /od told me to minister healin%. when He sa$s it ou%ht to !e done" 7hen I am o!edient to His instructions.:(: !iving in #ivine Prosperity 0e that $ou donAt care what men sa$. C4or a %reater anointin% $ou ha-e to o!e$ 0$ commands without hesitation" At this point $ou arenAt willin% to do that" 6ou are afraid of what people mi%ht sa$ if the$ donAt understand $our technique"C I wanted to pretend that it wasnAt so. C6ouAre not read$ for that $et" 6ou donAt know the price it takes for a %reater anointin%" 6ouAre too easil$ influenced !$ people"C Then He went on to e<plain. miracles occur" 7hen IAm not o!edient. C3ord. m$ feelin%s were hurt !adl$" ut throu%h time and e<perience.

He was hi%hl$ anointed" /od said He chose me to carr$ this messa%e !ecause I donAt care what people think or sa$" The messa%e is thisD /od is %oin% to deli-er His people from financial !onda%e" He is comin% down to deli-er us" He said. that sho%ld go ...en %nto thee. that have sent thee+ Jhen tho% hast bro%ght forth the people o%t of /gypt"""C I-" '*J" Notice /od didnAt sa$ Cif. !ut He didnAt care what men thou%ht" ecause of His o!edience.86 IE<" =D''J" ThatAs e<actl$ what I said" That is one of the most hum!lin% e<periences of m$ life" It is a tremendous responsi!ilit$ to !e chosen as /odAs messen%er" I treat that call with the %reatest respect and honor" I ha-e -owed !efore /od that I will ne-er let His call %o to m$ head.esus was misunderstood. now therefore I will send $ou"AA 0oses said to /od.C He said Cwhen"C I ha-e !een anointed and sent !$ . CI ha-e come down.Sowing in 4amine :(< simple" 7e must alwa$s !e more concerned a!out o!edience to /od than a!out pu!lic opinion" Our 3ord . !ut I will hum!l$ fulfill the responsi!ilit$ and trust He has %i-en me" /od told 0osesD CGertainly will be with thee= and this shall be a to. CJho am .

"ehold. AM hath sent me %nto yo%. ".haraoh was" . and He will do it a%ain" This time our oppressorAs name is 4inancial onda%e. AM TAAT AM+ and he said. and shall say %nto them. that have sent thee+ Jhen tho% hast bro%ght forth the people o%t of /gypt. when &ome %nto the &hildren of srael. I %ill Bring 4ou . $ou are comin% out of !onda%e" God(s >essage. Th%s shalt tho% say %nto the &hildren of srael. ye shall serve *od %pon this mo%ntain. And Moses said %nto *od.haraoh once. Jhat is his name8 what shall say %nto them8 And *od said %nto Moses. /Eod%s <+(:1(0 I 0> sent me to $ou" He is %oin% to deli-er $ou Bust as He deli-ered those people out of the !onda%e of E%$pt" He took care of .:(0 !iving in #ivine Prosperity /od to !rin% $ou a messa%e of deli-erance from !onda%e" If $ou !elie-e and recei-e this messa%e. The *od of yo%r fathers hath sent me %nto yo%= and they shall say to me.en %nto thee.ut of Bondage Gertainly will be with thee= and this shall be a to. !ut 4inancial onda%e is no match for /od an$ more than .

and gather the elders of srael together. of saa&. will bring yo% %p o%t of the affli&tion of /gypt.. The !ord *od of yo%r fathers.haraoh didnAt take it l$in% down either. !ut the children of Israel came out of !onda%e an$wa$" Notice how /od accomplished their deli-eranceD !$ a mi%ht$ hand and wonders" It . and of Ja&ob. and smite /gypt with all my wonders whi&h will do in the midst thereof+ and after that he will let yo% go. *o. and seen that whi&h is done to yo% in /gypt+ And have said. And am s%re that the .Sowing in 4amine And *od said moreover %nto Moses.en to thy voi&e . /Eod%s <+(51:) :(5 6ou can !e sure that the Le-il isnAt %oin% to take this l$in% down" ut he canAt stop it from happenin%" . and this is my memorial %nto all generations. the *od of Abraham. and the *od of Ja&ob. And will stret&h o%t my of /gypt will not let yo% go. and say %nto them. have s%rely visited yo%. Th%s shalt tho% say %nto the &hildren of srael. The !ord *od of yo%r fathers. the *od of Abraham.. saying. the *od of saa&. appeared %nto me. hath sent me %nto yo%+ this is my name for ever. not by a mighty hand. And they shall hear. no...

toda$.haraoh finall$ let the Israelites %o. ye shall not go empty >v. /od has not for%otten how to mo-e with a mi%ht$ hand" He split the Red Sea supernaturall$" He drowned the armies of . marched out in triumph carr$in% all the %old and sil-er which ri%htfull$ !elon%ed to the E%$ptians" 7e are comin% out of financial !onda%eK 7e are %oin% to march into the enem$As camp and take !ack what !elon%s to us" The i!le sa$s the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the Bust and that it will e-entuall$ find its wa$ into their hands"" '=D** A0. he stood and watched as the people. m$ friend."J 7e are %oin% to take !ack what Satan has . when ye go. that. :(?. formerl$ his sla-es. and fore-er" IHe!" '=D2"J He can drown 4inancial onda%e in our midst Bust as He drowned the E%$ptian arm$" He can do it with a stron% hand" And will give this people favo%r in the sight of the /gyptians+ and it shall &ome to pass.haraoh supernaturall$" And He has not for%otten an$ of His techniques" HeAs the same $esterda$. Lo $ou remem!er the stor$E 7hen .:(7 !iving in #ivine Prosperity will take a mi%ht$ mo-e of /od to %et us out of financial !onda%e" ut.

and I am %oin% to command 0$ !lessin% upon them"C I want $ou to realiFe how powerful the command of /od is" 7hen darkness was co-erin% the earth. cassettes. not in porno%raphic mo-ie houses" It doesnAt !elon% in Bet planes full of prostitutes and un%odl$ men" It !elon%s in the /ospel" 7e canAt reach the masses in onl$ meetin%s. it took onl$ a command of /od to remo-e that darkness" 7hen the earth was without form . =. and !ooks" 7e ha-e to %et to them where the$ li-e?in their homes" ThatAs wh$ we must take o-er tele-ision" It will take a lot of mone$ to do it.Sowing in 4amine :(9 stolen from us" That mone$ !elon%s in the /ospel. !ut we will ha-e it" 7e are comin% out of this !onda%eK God(s >essage. and in all that tho% settest thine hand %nto= and he shall bless thee in the land whi&h the !ord thy *od giveth thee. #e%teronomy :$+$ In His supernatural -isitation with me. I %ill Co!!and >y Blessing ?pon 4ou The !ord shall &ommand the blessing %pon thee in thy storeho%ses. the 3ord said. CI am %oin% to di-inel$ inter-ene in !ehalf of 0$ people.


!iving in #ivine Prosperity

and -oid, and darkness co-ered e-er$thin%, /od said, C!et there be light+ and there was light6 I/en" 'D=J" All /od had to do to chan%e the condition of this earth was to issue a command" It didnAt take $ears" /od spoke the word, and it came to pass" /od said, CI will co!!and the !lessin% to come upon 0$ people"C All it would take to wipe out e-er$ financial de!t is for /od to sa$, C4inancial de!t, %oKC /od is capa!le of chan%in% e-er$thin% with Bust one word" ThatAs how powerful He is"
!et them praise the name of the !ord+ for he &ommanded, and they were &reated. Ae hath also ... made a de&ree whi&h shall not pass. Psalm (0$+5,7

7hen /od commands, neither Satan, nor e-il forces, nor e-en man can ne%ate it" 7hen /od makes a decree, it stands" It is esta!lished" /od is %oin% to co!!and His !lessin% upon $ou" I am !lessed !ecause /od has commanded His !lessin% upon me" E-er$ time I turn around, I am !ein% !lessed" In fact, in #harlotte, North #arolina, when He %a-e me this messa%e

Sowing in 4amine


for $ou, /od told me, CSon, IAm %oin% to use $ou as an e<ample to pro-e to the od$ of #hrist that when I command the !lessin% upon 0$ people, lack is a thin% of the past"C Since that moment, I ha-e e<perienced some of the most tremendous financial miracles of m$ entire life" 0ore than e-er !efore, I ha-e !een a!le to %i-e into %ood works and to families that are in need"
Th%s saith the !ord, Jhere is the bill of yo%r mother@s divor&ement, whom have p%t away8 or whi&h of my &reditors is it to whom have sold yo%8 "ehold, for yo%r iniF%ities have ye sold yo%rselves, and for yo%r transgressions is yo%r mother p%t away. saiah 5)+(

/od is sa$in% to us, CLonAt !lame 0e for $our situation" 6our trans%ressions put $ou in !onda%e"C Now notice -erse *D
Jherefore, when &ame, was there no man8 when &alled, was there none to answer8 s my hand shortened at all, that it &annot redeem8 or have no power to deliver8 behold, at my reb%.e dry %p the sea, ma.e the rivers a wilderness.

Lo $ou !elie-e that /od is Bust as capa!le of redeemin% a people toda$ as He was in the


!iving in #ivine Prosperity

da$s of oldE 0$ /odAs hand is not shortened" He is still quite a!le to sa-e us from our situation" Notice how He connects deli-erance and redemption with wordsD CAt my reb%.e dry %p the sea.6 To re-erse an$ situation, /od onl$ has to speak the word and it is done" To !e redeemed from financial !onda%e, all we need is for /od to speak" If thatAs the case, then I want /od talkin% to m$ mone$, donAt $ouE I want Him to speak to m$ finances" 4riend, weA-e listened to the world lon% enou%h" 7eA-e listened to the news reporters and commentators lon% enou%h" 7eA-e read Time, Newswee., M.S. News, and the Jall Street Jo%rnal lon% enou%h" Now letAs find out what /od has to sa$ a!out this situation" He sa$s, CI will command 0$ !lessin%s upon $ou" All I ha-e to do is to speak to the sea and it will dr$ up"C An$one who is capa!le of doin% that can surel$ chan%e m$ economic condition without an$ trou!le" ut the question isD Lo $ou !elie-e He will do that for youC If $ou !elie-e He will, then act like it" /od can turn the tide of e-ents with a word" ;esus pro-ed that one ni%ht when His men were a!out to drown durin% a storm at

Sowing in 4amine


sea" To chan%e those circumstances, He simpl$ stood up in the !oat and said, C.eace, !e still"C The wa-es stopped roarin%, the wind ceased, and the sea calmed" The elements knew !etter than to diso!e$ the -oice of Almi%ht$ /od" .eople i%nore /odH the elements donAt" ;esus spoke and the elements o!e$ed" The men with Him were astounded and asked themsel-es, CJhat manner of man is this86 I0ark +D+'J" That is e<actl$ what the world will !e sa$in% as /od !e%ins to command His !lessin%s upon the od$ of #hrist" Our /od can do it" Our /od will do it"

God(s >essage.
8. I %ill )e uke the Devourer for 4our 2ake
will reb%.e the devo%rer for yo%r, and he shall not destroy the fr%its of yo%r gro%nd= neither shall yo%r vine &ast her fr%it before the time in the field, saith the !ord of hosts. And all nations shall &all yo% blessed+ for ye shall be a delightsome land, saith the !ord of hosts. Mala&hi <+((,(:

/od told me that afternoon, CSon, tell 0$

the -oice of . CIAm %oin% to command 0$ !lessin%s upon 0$ 6 will reb%. to reprimand"C /od said.::: !iving in #ivine Prosperity people that I will command 0$ !lessin% upon them.6 Satan cannot withstand /odAs re!uke" As !elie-ers we ha-e the authorit$ to re!uke the Le-il" 7hen $ou re!uke the Le-il. $ou %et !older" ut $ou ne-er re!uke him until $ou %et totall$ fed up with what heAs doin% to $ou" 6ou put up with his harassment until $ou %ot tired of it" Then when $ou ha-e taken all $ou can stand from him.e the devo%rer for their sa. $ou started re!ukin% him" Lo $ou know what the word reb%. all hell trem!les" In the !ook of Re-elation. and accordin% to 0alachi =D''.esus is .e reall$ meansE CTo address sharpl$. and IAm %oin% to re!uke the de-ourer for their sake" IAm %oin% to talk to their finances and command !lessin%s to come upon them" IAm %oin% to take care of the ad-ersar$ for them while those !lessin%s are comin% upon them" IAm %oin% to address him -er$ sharpl$" IAm %oin% to reprimand him" IAm fed up with his controllin% their finances"C It e<cites me to know that /od is talkin% to m$ finances and that He is re!ukin% the Le-il for me" 7hen /od re!ukes.

I re!uke $ouKC all of hell and the principalities and powers of darkness reel under the force of that re!uke" As lon% as our /od re!ukes the de-ourer and commands !lessin%s upon us. to consume. there . there is alwa$s a condition that must !e met" 7hen /od mo-es with a stron% hand to deli-er His people. to a!sor! completel$. to destro$. CSatan. :. to swallow up"C 6ou see. a!sor!in% them completel$. 2ow in #a!ine E-en in di-ine inter-ention.esus from the skies and e-er$!od$ thou%ht it thundered" I.ohn '*D*("J 7hen /od sa$s. CI will re!uke the de-ourer for $our sake"C God(s >essage. to keep us in !onda%e" /od has said. thatAs what the Le-il has !een doin% to our finances" He has !een swallowin% them up. there is nothin% the Le-il can do to keep us in !onda%e" The word devo%r means Cto eat up.Sowing in 4amine ::< descri!ed Cas the so%nd of many waters6 IRe-" 'D'1J" Ha-e $ou e-er !een to Nia%ara 4allsE The roar of those falls can !e heard for miles" ThatAs how it is when /od speaks" At one time /od spoke to .

6 The New nternational Version readsD 6One man gives freely. b%t it tendeth to poverty. CSon.6 A time of famine is not the time to hold on to the little !it $ou ha-e" That is the time $ou need to sow out of famine" ThatAs how $ou %et out of famine?!$ sowin%" . b%t &omes to poverty.::0 !iving in #ivine Prosperity are conditions which must !e met to recei-e that deli-erance" The 3ord dealt with me a!out this" He said. yet gains even more= another withholds!s ''D*+ sa$s. I will command 0$ !lessin% upon the people. and I will re!uke the de-ourer for their sakes" I will chan%e their financial condition if the$ will do what I tell them to do"C 7hen people are in famine and in financial !onda%e. which is the worst thin% the$ can do in that situation" That is totall$ contrar$ to the principles of /odAs 7ord" . people start hoardin% up" The$ withhold. CThere is that s&attereth. the$ tend to hold !ack what the$ ha-e" 4earin% that the$ wonAt %et an$ more. and yet in&reaseth= and there is that withholdeth more than is meet. the$ look around at circumstances and %et stin%$" In times of famine.

and said. if people will do what IAm tellin% them.Sowing in 4amine ::5 /od told me.. /od told Isaac not to run or !e afraid of it. my &ommandments. e-en in the midst of the famine" Then saa& sowed in that land. will give all these &o%ntries.. "e&a%se that Abraham obeyed my voi&e. and %nto thy seed. !ut to sta$ where He had told him to dwell" He assured Isaac that He would !e with him and take care of him. And the !ord appeared %nto him > saa&?. chapter *)D And there was a famine in the land . *enesis :7+(15 Notice that in the midst of famine. my stat%tes. 6#on@t r%n away from the famine6?= dwell in the land whi&h shall tell thee of+ SoCo%rn in this land. and .ept my &harge. CSon. and will be with thee. I will %i-e them the !lessin% of Isaac when he sowed in famine"C 3etAs look at that stor$ in /enesis. and will bless thee= for %nto thee. and my laws.. and re&eived in the same year an h%ndredfold+ and the !ord . and will perform the oath whi&h sware %nto Abraham thy father .. *o not down into /gypt >in other words.

*enesis :7+(<. and IAll use $ou as an e<ample"C I too was in famine at the time" I didnAt ha-e all I needed and was tired of it" That $ear had !een one of the hardest periods financiall$ for m$ ministr$" 7e stood on the 7ord of /od constantl$" There was not one da$ that we could let up" 7e had to keep our faith a%ainst that mountain e-er$ da$" It seemed that the more I recei-ed. C6ou start. !$ sowin% in famine rather than withholdin%. CAre $ou fed upEC .::7 !iving in #ivine Prosperity blessed him. son. and possession of herds. and went forward.s. the more it would take" There was ne-er enou%h" /od said to me. and grew %ntil he be&ame very great+ 4or he had possession of flo&. IAll %i-e them the !lessin% of Isaac"C Then He said. CIf 0$ people will %i-e in the same spirit that Isaac %a-e. and great store of servants+ and the Philistines envied him.(0 /od told me. *enesis :7+(: Isaac didnAt withhold in famine" He sowed in famine" He %a-e in famine" And the man waEed great.

then $ou are in famine" Success to one person ma$ not !e success to someone else" Someone ma$ sa$ proudl$. one from each of the ten maBor departments that were in famine" 7e wrote each check for a thousand dollars. IAm fed up too" IAm %oin% to command the !lessin% upon $ou and re!uke the Le-il for $our sake" If $ouAll do what IAm tellin% $ou to do.Sowing in 4amine ::9 I said. thatAs famine" I was in famine" And I was fed up with it" . C6es. IAll %i-e $ou the !lessin% of Isaac?and in the same $ear a hundredfold"C #arol$n and I sat down to%ether and took ten checks out of our ministr$. a total of ten thousand dollars" 6ou mi%ht sa$. CI made a hundred thousand dollars this $ear"C ut to the person who normall$ makes fi-e hundred thousand a $ear. IAm fed up"C He said. if $ouAll sow in famine. then ten thousand is a!undance" ut when ten thousand dollars doesnAt come close to meetin% $our needs. C6ou %a-e awa$ ten thousand dollarsE That doesnAt sound like famine to me"C It is when $ou need millions" Now if $ou onl$ need fi-e dollars. C7ell.

CI will use $ou as an e<ample to pro-e to the od$ of #hrist that I will do what I sa$"C 7ithin one week Inot one $ear.::$ !iving in #ivine Prosperity So #arol$n and I wrote out those ten checks for a thousand dollars each" 7e needed that ten thousand dollars desperatel$H !ut we sowed in famine. in o!edience to /od" /od was %oin% to command the !lessin% upon us and re!uke the de-ourer for our sake" The !lessin% of Isaac was %oin% to come on us" Then #arol$n and I took a thousand dollars from our own personal account. and sowed it in famine" /od had told me. the last thousand we had.888 for which I owe not one thin dimeK The ne<t ni%ht I was %i-en a check for M'88. !ut one week?se-en da$sJ. /od %a-e me an airplane worth M'18. o-er a quarter of a million dollars came to meK Isaac sowed in famine and recei-ed a hundredfold return" /od told me to tell $ou that He is %oin% to %i-e $ou the !lessin% of Isaac" 6ou donAt ha-e to !e a preacher for this to .888" And it has ne-er stoppedK In one weekAs time.888 for the e-an%elistic ministr$" Then I recei-ed another check for M'8.

sowin% in famine. in their need" 3ater the pastor asked how man$ in the con%re%ation had recei-ed financial miracles since the$ sowed in famine" O-er 51Q of his con%re%ation stood to their feetK O-er 51Q of that church had recei-ed financial miracles !ecause the$ had sowed in famine" That is a documented fact" A woman called our office and said she had !een tr$in% to sell her house for months" She %ot tired of it takin% so lon%.e %nto all the &ongregation .1 we read these wordsD And Moses spa. is a documented fact" I could %o on and on" 0$ files contain a folder full of such documented testimonies" /od is commandin% His !lessin% upon His peopleK Are you li-in% in famineE Lo you !elie-e that /od is no respecter of persons and that what He has done for me and for these I ha-e mentioned. too.Sowing in 4amine ::' work for $ou" All $ou ha-e to !e is a !elie-er" I preached this messa%e in a church in Oklahoma #it$" The people took it and acted upon it. He will do for $ouE In E<odus =1D+. so she sowed in famine" Her house sold the ne<t da$" That.

then sow. an offering of the !ord.:<) !iving in #ivine Prosperity of the &hildren of srael. saying. This is the thing whi&h the !ord &ommanded. /od wants a -oluntar$ act of faith on $our part" He wants $ou to !e of a willin% heart" If $ou will sow out of $our need for the spread of the /ospel in these last da$s. !ut a lifest$le" All /od wants is an opportunit$ to command His !lessin% upon $ou and to re!uke the de-ourer for $our sake" If $ou are of a willin% heart and are read$ to come out of $our !onda%e. and sow. /od has promised that $ou will reap a !ountiful har-est" LonAt make this a one9time effort. let him bring it. Ta. and keep on sowin%" 6our freedom is at hand" .e ye from among yo% an offering %nto the !ord+ whosoever is of a willing heart. saying.

on 4e!ruar$ ''.err$ Sa-elle 0inistries is far reachin%" esides tra-elin% throu%hout the United States. CAd-entures In 4aith"C .err$ conducts a dail$ radio pro%ram.err$ was watchin% the healin% ministr$ of Oral Ro!erts on tele-ision.rior to enterin% his own ministr$. . !ut with a lo-e that deli-ers the messa%e directl$ to the heart" His down9to9earth approach and d$namic illustrations clearl$ present the a!solute authorit$ of /odAs 7ord" At the a%e of twel-e as .err$ made . #anada. '()(. /od spoke to his heart and called him into the ministr$" Se-eral $ears later. . he has !een mo-in% in the li%ht of /odAs callin% on his life" . and i!le teacher who tra-els e<tensi-el$ throu%hout the United States" .err$ teaches the uncompromisin% 7ord of /od with a power and authorit$ that is e<citin%. and other parts of the world.3erry 2avelle is a noted author. e-an%elist.err$ was an associate minister with @enneth #opeland E-an%elistic Association" The scope of .esus #hrist the 3ord of his life" Since that time. .

err$As life is powerful. writeD .The anointin% of /od upon . T: 5)''= ."O" o< ***2 4ort 7orth.err$ Sa-elle.err$ Sa-elle 0inistries . and people are set free as the 7ord %oes forth unhindered" 4or a complete list of tapes and !ooks !$ .

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