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{ Volume XXIV, Number 5 } September & October 2009 A Publication of the Women’s Community Center of San Luis Obispo

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Photo by Monique Snow

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2 Women’sPress Women’s Press | September & October 2009 |

Courtney’s Quill The other force capable of stimulating

some good, “cram for the exam” practice
is fear. All you need is an upcoming event
where you will be expected to play, possibly
With all the glory and chaos surrounding Fall—
a bit better than you have in the past, per-
children returning to school, the days getting
haps with other more well rehearsed players
cooler, and the beginning of the holiday sea-
and presto! You’re in business. I find myself
son—I often feel overwhelmed. As a single mom
in this position from time to time because I
of two children, juggling working full time, vol-
tend to accept or create performance chal-
unteering, and trying to get a few minutes to
lenges. At these points I am often employ-
myself each day, I often start my day off with a
ing techniques either beyond my normal
knot in my stomach. And by the time the sun
recedes into the west, I fall in bed exhausted,
Drum Circle Magic Part Eight: skills or pertaining to a pattern or drum
with which I am less familiar.
wondering what happened to those late night
writing jaunts I used to love so much. But as all And the Beat Goes On Practicing may take more than one
form. Playing along with a piece of music is
our wonderful Women’s Press writers constantly
Photo by Kathleen Deragon a great way to get the feel , but usually this
remind me, I need to focus on taking one day
By Francesca Bolognini must be preceded by much repetition of a
at a time. Soon, my children will be grown, my
Inspiration, the preferred stimulus, can practice pattern to create a muscle memory.
work will be finished, and time (and writing)
Welcome back to the circle. In previous arrive in a number of ways, often from I frequently do this, like many musicians,
will return to me in a slower fashion. Those days
columns, I have presented an overview of hearing a moving piece of music that makes while watching TV, a habit that can get on
will come. Now, however, I have beautiful and
some important historical, practical, and you want to pick up your drum. I recom- your partner’s last nerve. But it does yield
funny faces to wake up to each morning, eager
spiritual aspects of drumming and shared mend exposing yourself to good music on satisfying results in the chops department,
students to teach, a good book to get back to,
various experiences which might be help- a regular basis to keep this feeling alive. Put “chops” meaning technical skills. Getting
and angelic faces to kiss good night as the moon
ful to initiate or deepen your personal prac- on hot CD’s, watch music clips on you- together often with other players helps to
rises. I have a good life. I just need to remind
tice. This brings me to a key component tube, or go to concerts to see live musicians both encourage these developing abilities
myself of that every once in awhile.
of any successful approach, practice. We and watch their hands. With youtube you and test your progress.
One of the great things about Women’s Press
do not improve without it. For some, this can replay and pause to study technique, Just play. The more you do, the better
is our writers: the women who consistently write
comes easy. A bit competitive, they tend to but it is hard to beat the excitement of a you will become. There are so many ben-
articles, sharing their wisdom and advice for
use repetitions as a way of burning nervous live performance . The point is to connect efits to the act of drumming it becomes a
any age group. I consider myself lucky to read
energy. For others, it is a scheduled routine, to a source that makes you want to partici- win - win. So pick up that drum, give it a
these articles first and to really absorb their con-
not without pleasure, to accomplish a goal. pate, even if only in your living room and good work out and see how much better
tent before the first pages even hit the print-
But if you are like me, you sometimes need your dreams. Just reading about a culture or you sound and feel. And until next time,
ing process. I feel connected when I read about
motivation. Translation: inspiration or fear. a place will remind me how much I love the keep the beat!
the healing power of prayer (by Ruth Cherry),
Either one will do nicely. music and I will need to play.
the funny anecdotes of carrying around a mom
purse (by Jen Mowad), the amazing health
care system in Japan (by Susan Goya), and the


unsung heroes that help make our commu- About This Issue’s Cover Artist
nity better with every selfless endeavor they
make (by Berta Parrish). All these articles keep Monique Snow
my feet on the ground, my mind in the pres-
ent, and my heart open even wider than it was
Proving that adversity is often the mother
the day before. And if you have some wisdom to
of creativity, Monique Snow’s interest in
share, don’t hold back. You may not think you’re
photography as an art form grew from a
a writer or that your advice isn’t pertinent, but
condition that developed during child-
that’s just not true. Don’t be dissuaded. You’d
be surprised at how much your words can mean
to another woman in our community! Send in
hood—dyslexia. Since reading National
Geographic was out of the question, she ON THE CENTRAL COAST!
studied the amazing pictures found in that
your articles. Inspire me.
And for the board members of the Wom-
en’s Community Center—Angie King, Robin
publication and realized she wanted to cre-
ate her own. Linda Hamilton, a profes- Earn extra $$$
sional photographer, mentored Snow, and
Rinzler, and Sonia Paz Baron-Vine—thank you
Stephen Curtis, well-known local black
Join our advertising sales team and earn commissions!
so much for another spectacular Day With Cre- Contact
and white photographer, instructed her on
ative Women! The event was a huge success,
the basics of “F” stops and depth of field.
benefiting not only the WCC’s bank account
(helping to fund all those great resources they
Snow’s work has been featured in many
local establishments and earlier this year,
Join the Staff of the Women’s Press
provide for women, but also our modest little
Press), but also all the women, men, and chil-
she had a private show in San Luis Obispo We could always use help in many different areas!
at the Photo Shop. She recently expanded
dren who attended! This is definitely an event to
her print medium from the traditional pho- Contact for more details.
look forward to each year.
tograph to unique glass cutting boards and
Enjoy your Fall and all that choas and

Courtney Women’s Community Center Board

Angie King, President
Sonia Paz Baron-Vine
Robin Rinzler
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September & October 2009 | | Women’s Press LocalPerspectives 3

How Big Is Your Bowl? Photo by Emin Ozkan

Click Your Heels—Then Make Your Plans
For Where , with Whom, and How You Will Live for the Rest of Your Life

By Adele Sommers After writing one

or more articles,
Did you know that a goldfish can grow in you can plan to
proportion to the size of the con- submit them to
tainer it lives in? Its dimen- various online article
sions are not limited to directories. It’s ideal
the size of the typical to get into the habit
pet that you used to keep in a gallon of doing this regularly. These directo-
aquarium. In fact, the greater the bowl, the ries will then make your content avail-
grander the fish. And when you think of able for others to disseminate in their
the scale of a pond or a lake, imagine how own publications. The rules stipulate
large your goldfish can become! that your articles retain full copyright
Ask yourself: How do you communi- under your byline, regardless of where they
cate your passion, knowledge, wisdom, and are republished.
Photo by BazzleStock at
interests to the people you wish to influ- Be certain to include a “resource box”
ence? What helps you extend your reach in for the end of each article. This term refers be when aging slowed them down and chal-
your profession or industry? How do you to a few sentences that describe you, your By Kathleen Deragon lenged them with health problems?
create a rapport, even with people you don’t business, or profession and contain a link Out of personal self-interest, I’ve been
know, such as community members, pros- back to your Web site, if you have one. Dorothy clicked the heels of her red shoes reading and researching options for myself.
pects, clients, or customers? To locate article directories, do an Inter- together and said, “There’s no place like The biggest insight I’ve had is that to get
One way to do this is through a system- net search. Select a few that relate to your home.” I agree with what she said, but she what we need and want, we need to create
atic article-writing campaign. subject and sign up as an author. For exam- had pigtails and was able to go home to it now before we are too infirm to do the
Article-writing and publishing cam- ple take a look at: Auntie Em. I cut off my pigtails years ago, work it will take. Who the “we” is here is
paigns offer an ocean of possibilities for • (for a variety of top- refuse to wear heels, and have no Auntie important. “We” are women who under-
expanding your business, philanthropic, or ics) Em to go home to. stand the importance of human connec-
professional influences well beyond your • (for “how-to” I’m a single older woman (you decide tions in both families and communities. To
local “bowl.” With the advent of desktop articles) for yourself how old “older” is; for me, it’s manifest a secure future for ourselves, we
publishing software and the Web, you can • (for anyone over 50 – I’m 60) who is giving will be creating and re-imagining the role
persuade and inform people far and wide business management articles) some serious thought to what home will of community in our lives. We will explore
just through the power of your keyboard! mean for me in this last stage of my life. I how to share the caring about and for one
When we use article writing as a way to In conclusion, your articles can help know I’m not alone in admitting that occa- another, in what kind of structures we will
become well-known in our areas of inter- you, too, become a “big fish” in whatever sionally fears of the “bag lady syndrome” live in and with whom. The result of our
est, it represents a type of marketing. Even size pond you choose to swim! have chilled my heart, especially given the work will be as unique as we are unique.
though these articles are typically unpaid, recent economic crisis. But the Pollyanna in Think about it. We are the first popula-
they have the power of helping us build Adele Sommers, Ph.D. is a business per- me believes there is enough to go around— tion of women in human history that had
authority, credibility, and name recognition formance consultant who helps entrepreneurs we just need to come together and discuss access to birth control during our child-
in our local and global communities. You align their life passions with their business ways we can ensure we will have roofs over bearing years, which gave us the freedom
may be surprised to learn that you don’t purpose. She also guides organizations through our heads, ways to leverage our financial to get educated, hold down a job, and
need your own Web site or any funding “tactical tune-ups” and “strategic makeovers” and personal resources, and how to connect have financial and personal independence
whatsoever to conduct a viable article-pub- in individual or group sessions. Contact her to a community that will nurture us. And I unknown – though not unimagined – by
lishing program. today for a free initial consultation at Adele@ hope to help you do that in an upcoming our foremothers. So, of course, our wan-, or 805-462-2199. series of articles. ing years will also look different from those
When I moved here eight years ago, I of the women who preceded us. How they
met many older single women, especially will look is something we need to gather
after I started working as editor of the and discuss with one another now and take
Women’s Press. Often these older women action soon so we will be sure we can live
would talk about what life would be like the life we imagine.
when they left the workplace—would they I welcome your thoughts about this
be able to stay in their homes, still live in topic as I myself continue to explore it. Go
SLO County, what activities would they to and comment.
engage in, what would their support system

Another Good Reason Why I Don’t Have Children

By Dorothy Segovia

I am only here visiting overnight,

Nurturing Magic Moments yet I find myself bent over the kitchen sink,
rinsing, scrubbing and scraping the dog doo
from the bottom of my nephew’s fancy light-up sneaker.
I don’t remember the grooves being this deep
nor the patterns this intricate on the soles of my Keds when I was 11.
Photo by B. Lawless I also don’t remember being as clever as Christian,
aka - when I was his age.
By Jeanie Greensfelder I watched pigeon guillemot, black ocean The poop is almost gone and I’m searching for a tool narrow enough
birds with white wings and red feet, nest- for the final dig when Cool Guy suggests a toothpick.
On a stress-filled day driving between euca- ing in the cliffs. I love the reliability of their I suggest that he go find Abuela and say
lyptus trees, lyrics popped into my head, return each spring. “please shovel the rest of the shit from the yard,”
“You’re in the magic zone.” Entering Mon- Our world is magical when we remem- feeling only slightly evil,
tana de Oro, the day’s concerns faded and ber to notice: we are travelers on spaceship knowing that Christian will be doing the shoveling when Abuela hears the ‘s’ word,
my sense of wonder bubbled up. The brisk Earth, and don’t need spacesuits. I sure hope that Christian scoops fast.
breeze, stunning rock formations, and There are many entries into the magic I don’t want there to be a queue of nieces and nephews:
steady ocean waves opened a timeless real- zone. The natural world works for me from each holding a shoe, each child shorter than the other,
ity. wilderness to plants in my backyard. Other all waiting for a tender moment with Aunt Dot before she’s had her morning tea.
When a bunny paused on the trail I felt times I close my eyes wherever I am and Christian is 11 and wanted to hose the crap off of his $62.50 Nike himself.
like Snow White, expecting animals and feel the wonder of being alive. Music is I could teach him how to aim the hot water so that only the rubber part gets wet:
plants to converse with me. The rabbit told another portal. but the fear that his solitary sole wouldn’t be clean enough in time for church
me that I thought I knew the world, but I Thich Nhat Hanh says we are just a step grips my un-caffeinated heart, and I picture him following me
didn’t know anything about her. Then she away from the kingdom of heaven, and that through the chattering house, waiting for the others to return from Mass.
disappeared into the thicket, leaving me the kingdom of heaven is here. I yank the sneaker out of his hand,
curious about where she lived and what she What does your magic zone feel like? “this is what a loving aunt is supposed to do,” I tell him.
ate or feared? What transports you there? Plan some time
in your favorite place at home or elsewhere.
Take that step.
4 Women’sCommunityCenter Women’s Press | September & October 2009 |

The mission of the WCC is:

• TO maintain an accessible center to
collect and exchange information of interest
WCC Update
and concern to women
• TO organize and facilitate work-
shops, clinics, seminars, classes, and support From left:
groups on subjects of interest and need Robin Rinzler,
• TO engage in and facilitate interaction among local, state, and national agencies and organi- Angie King
zations working to benefit women and Sonia Paz
Supreme Court Update Photo by B. Lawless
at DWCW 2009
By Angie King the effect of promoting those with the
higher scores would result in discrimination By Robin Rinzler, Chairperson But Day With Creative Women could
With the new Supreme Court term begin- against the non-white candidates, a reverse Day With Creative Women 2009 not happen without the help and support
ning October 5 (first Monday in Octo- discrimination claim. It was race in this of many people, and I would like to take
ber) the Court will have its hands full and case, but it could just as easily have been The Women’s Community Center offers an the opportunity now to thank some of
a new face on the bench. Congratulations gender. instructional, informative divorce seminar those people, starting with the musicians
to Justice Sonia Sotomayor, the first Latina Even before the term officially starts, the on the third Wednesday of every month. that donated their time to perform. A huge
and only third woman to sit on the Court. full court will consider new arguments in a Jan Potter shares her personal insights from thanks to: Nu Monet, The Celebration
For the first time since Justice O’Connor case about whether sections of the McCain- her own difficult and complicated divorce Chorus, Café Musique, the Women’s Drum
retired in 2006, there will be two women Feingold Campaign Financing Act passed and the many valuable lessons she has Group, Poetry in Motion, Flute Fun, Chick
on the court! in 2002 are constitutional. The case turns learned. Robin Rinzler is a divorce medi- Tuesday, and Hear the Darlings Roar, and
The liberal-conservative balance hasn’t on the prohibition in the Act against ads ator and addresses the pros and cons of special thanks go to Renee Sanpei for put-
changed, however. Souter, whose place she aired within 60 days of an election which mediation vs. litigation. At the end of these ting it all together!!!
takes, was considered one of the four lib- come from corporations (including non- round table discussions, evaluations from Also, I’d like to thank the companies
erals. The Roberts/Scalia/Alito/Thomas profit corporations, like NOW) and which those in attendance often state that this that gave us our raffle items. They include
conservative bloc is still formidable, with support or oppose a named candidate. The seminar is informative and helpful. Call Baileyana Winery, Tigerlily Hair Salon,
Justice Anthony Kennedy still often the case arose when TV stations refused dur- The Women’s Community Center to sign The Palm Theatre, Novo Restaurant,
swing vote. ing the last primary election to air a movie, up at (805) 544-9313. Pizza Fusion, Taste of San Luis, Growing
According to scholar Erwin Chemer- submitted by a conservative non-profit Whew! Another year of hard work and Grounds, and Obispo Wills, Ltd. The raffle
insky, in the term just ended, the court group, which was derogatory toward Hill- here we are, basking in the glory of another was a fantastic success, and we truly appre-
decided almost one-third of the 75 cases ary Clinton. The group, Citizens United, successful Day with Creative Women. Our ciate their generous donations!
decided by 5-4 votes. Kennedy was in the sued the Federal Elections Commission 35th to be exact! Reading the evaluations We received gift certificates from Vons,
majority in 18 of those. In the 16 of those claiming the section of the law they cited that were completed by the vendors who Starbucks, and Costco in order to purchase
cases Chemerinsky identifies as splitting to ban the movie is unconstitutional. The had booths at Day with Creative Women the delicious food and drinks that we sold
on ideological grounds, Kennedy voted case is important because it may gut hard- always puts a smile on my face. The ques- at our booth.
with the conservatives in 11 cases, cases that fought bipartisan legislation designed to tion posed to them was, “What did you And finally, but very importantly,
drastically changed the shape of American curb electioneering excesses. like about the day?” The answers include: thanks to the women from Gate Help
jurisprudence. One such case was the New Let’s hope the wisdom of a Latina helps the people, the music, great energy, well Inc. and the many volunteers who were
Haven firefighters’ case, where the Court shift the Court’s balance. Let’s hope she attended, everyone positive, a great event, instrumental in selling food, raffle tickets,
found that the city violated the rights of makes friends with Kennedy and convinces very organized, helpful staff and volunteers, (wo)manning our barricades, and assisting
white firefighters when it did not use the him to join her and become the 5th vote for we loved it all! And the list goes on. our wonderful vendors. Thanks to you all!!!
test results of a promotion exam because a more liberal position.

With my sisters
Helen Bennett, 1921-2009 Sonia Paz Baron-Vine
WCC Board Member

The summer morning is perfect

By Angie King ing Helen, reached out to a new wave of arriving from near and far
activists for renewed energy. This group re- sisters of all ages, fill
San Luis Obispo lost another of its out- organized under the present name, Wom- the Mission Plaza
standing women when Helen died this year. en’s Community Center, and incorporated with colors and laughter....
She was actively involved in a number of as a non-profit tax-exempt organization,
community activities. As her obituary so but it has continued to provide that need Sisters hugging and smiling
rightly stated: she was always interested in in the community to “give women a place setting up their booths and sharing
music, architecture, art, dance, religion, to come for support, referrals, information their art.
politics, and psychology; she was a Mother and to learn a little more about who they The sound of the drums in the air
for Peace; she was dedicated to politi- are. It is a refuge for those not yet ready the smell of coffee and chocolate buns,
cal fairness and honesty. Her commitment to take a hard line feminist stand,” again, young girls running around with colorful
to the welfare of women and the women’s according to the history of WRC. From left: Melody DeMerritt and Helen Bennett. painted faces,
movement led to her involvement with the Her obituary noted her kind and gener- Photo taken at Day With Creative Women 1992 and volunteers in bright yellow shirts
Women’s Resource Center. ous nature and her genuine concern for the like sunflowers helping everyone..
Helen Bennett is synonymous in my welfare of others. When I remember Helen as I think back, I, as an upstart, self-impor-
mind with the Women’s Resource Center. Bennett, I get a warm feeling; she was tant college kid, might have taken more Day with Creative Women
In a compilation of the Center’s history always a comforting presence, calm, caring, in some ways, as I really can’t recall hear- music, art, poetry, fun, and sisterhood
printed in 1995, the Center was success- understanding. Apparently I’m not the only ing much about Helen’s life and or possible I sit under the ancient eucalyptus trees
ful “because it fulfills a need in this com- one. problems. But the exchanges were caring, and listen to the Mission bells ring,
munity and because dedicated volunteers Nancy Castle writes of Helen: “Ah, and the time together was very appreciated a bride like a fairy in white walks on the
have staffed the phone, listened empatheti- Helen. Memory comes back of a gracious on both sides, as she supported and encour- lawn
cally and have been there when they were lady, kind to the core. She was very aware aged me, and recognized my efforts on the and we smile to each other
needed.” I hope that’s still true today. of the foibles and challenges that confront behalf of the Center. both happy, both surrounded with joy
Helen first became active with the WRC humans, the continuum of brutality to At one point, I found that she had a I look around and see my sisters
about 1987, when she and her husband sweetness that is the potential of all human- number of magazines from a Gnostic orga- laughing, sharing, dancing,
Bruce retired to the area from Ohio. She kind, and choose to do what she could nization. She gave me a few, and I found all is well, all is peace.
was the group’s treasurer, represented WRC to make life better for the ones she could them light filled and inspiring. I think that
at public functions, and was in charge of reach. Her reach was long with the Wom- she found resonance with her core values Family Law Action Committee
the food booth at DWCW. And in the en’s Resource Center, serving those women within this philosophy. As Nietzche said:
Call 788-2491 for more information
years since, until her retirement from active who were boxed into blind corners, calling “There is enough for all. The earth is a gen-
involvement with the WRC, Helen did a in, desperate for help. Helen made sure that erous mother; she will provide in plentiful
Dealing With Divorce
little of everything – continued to serve on help was available, serving the Center in so abundance food for all her children if they 3rd Wednesday of each month – 7 PM
the board, as president in later years, vol- many roles: volunteer answering the phone, will but cultivate her soil in justice and in Sept 16, Oct 21 and Nov 18
unteered in the office, helped coordinate board member, president. She was the peace.” I think Helen knew this to be true, $10 donation
the Day with Creative Women, and repre- mainstay for many years, along with others, and worked to do her part to help spread Self-Represented Litigants’ Clinic
sented WRC at various community func- it is true, but Helen in so many ways held that word, along with the words of com- 4th Tuesday of each month – 5:30 PM
tions. the helm steady and true.” passion and love that are core to the move- Upcoming:
In the year 2000, those It was always a joy to see Helen. There ment. I have no doubt that she continues to Sept 22, Oct 27 and Nov 24
involved with WRC, includ- was a sense of give and take, although now be a force for good. Reservations required.
$40 donation
September & October 2009 | | Women’s Press Motherhood 5

Liberated Stay-At-
Home Mothers
The Children’s Bookshelf
By Lisa Pimental Johnson ing to win approval from her peers in her
new school. Ruby copies her new friend,
Smiles are blooming on mother’s faces, Angela, in every conceivable way from
panic laced with excitement is plastered on her red hair ribbons, daisy patterned pur-
children’s faces, teachers strategic planning ple sweater, and rainbow colored sneak-
has been going on for weeks: A new school ers. Angela grows resentful of the imitation
year is on the crest of waning summer days. and responds in a hurtful way. Wounded,
Here are a few books to get in the mood for Ruby dries her eyes and switches her focus
another successful school year. onto the teacher, Miss Hart, and begins the
They called her Camilla Crayon in same pattern. Gently and patiently, Miss
school because she would change colors and Hart encourages Ruby to express her own
shapes all over her skin, faster than chang- individuality. Ruby finds acceptance and
ing channels on a T.V. A Bad Case of Stripes, true friendship by being herself in her own
by David Shannon is a colorful story of a funny, unique way.
little girl named Camilla Cream who was It’s the first day of school and Cassie is
afraid of being herself and literally turned all set to go and her dog, Marely, thinks he
herself into the person she thought oth- is going too! In the book by John Grogan,
ers would like. She morphed into purple Marely Goes to School, this is every child’s
polka dots, checkerboard squares, and big dream of having their dog at school with Photo by Mary R. Vogt
bold stripes. She even sprouted roots, ber- them. Marley digs a tunnel out of the back-
ries, crystals, feathers, and a long furry yard and sniffs his way to school. As he By Gina Carmen Turley and more children are turning to drugs, sex,
tail. After feeling miserable and lonely, she roams the halls, he concocts lots of trou- and crime and/or becoming little adults
decided she really wanted to be just herself ble: releasing mice in the science lab, steal- Today, a woman has many choices when with their packed schedules so mom or dad
and ingested lima beans to transform back. ing the basketball in gym class, and wolfing she decides o be liberated. Back a few years can work and the kids can get “socialized”.
Lima beans may be the perfect first day of down hot dogs in the cafeteria. Marely ago a woman’s “liberation” may have come Nature is less of an option for children and
school food! eventually finds his best friend, Cassie, as from having more jobs available to her than socialization is more about how many peo-
Ruby the Copycat, by Peggy Rathmann is well as action and adventure in an academic a mom and wife. Maybe the choice to get ple your kids are around in a day than how
a charming tale of a desperate little girl try- setting too! out of her marriage may have been a fight much they are really learning and dealing
worth fighting for and still may be. In with emotions, relationships, and getting
today’s world, the new women’s movement along. Motherhood has been replaced by

A Bottomless Pit of Goodness has some of the olden ways and some of the
new. It is the movement of the new “stay at
home mom with a more balanced partner-
an overworked woman who has pressures to
find a way to occupy her child other than
nurture her child and find ways to co-oper-
By Jen Mowad hip print of my bag and the fact that six- ship in marriage.” atively work with her husband or partner
teen year old celebrities parade around with Although a woman may have had some so they find time to maybe see one another
Sterile bandages? Check. Hand wipes? handbags the size of their torsos, I feel like negative experiences back in the day with sometime during the week. And everyone is
Check. Trail mix? Check. Sunscreen? my bag fits both my early-thirty-something being a mom and a wife, she did have the too busy to get to know themselves or one
Check. Antibiotic ointment? Check. Water? age and my busy-mom lifestyle. respect as a mom or wife that today women another.
Check. Extra pair of underwear and socks? Now you may be wondering who bene- must ask for. It is true, many women have For those women who are looking to be
Check. fits the most from this massive bag of good- come far in having choices in their career “liberated” from the career that takes their
No, sadly this is not my camping or hik- ies and necessities, and most would assume world. Yet the other truth we don’t hear life away and keeps them busy looking for
ing checklist, this is an inventory of the it would be my kids. And to some extent, I about is many women do or want to choose a class or workshop on relationships or how
items in my handbag, and yes, these can do think they get the most use of my purse. motherhood and the art of homemaking to talk to their teenager, there is hope. I,
be found in my monstrous Mom-purse any It carries snacks and water, along with sun- as a career. The woman who chooses to be among other women in San Luis Obispo
ol’ day of the week. It’s my keeper of good- hats, diapers, hand wipes and the occasional a mother and educator and homemaker county, are among the many mothers in the
ies, my stash of distractions, my satchel of sweatshirt, all which see consistent weekly while also finding a way to provide for her country who are standing proud for our life
secrets, and my warden of sanity. I have use. But the person who most enjoys my family is limited and looked down upon as mothers, wives, and homemakers. Moth-
the ultimate Mom-purse, and I’m beyond Mom-purse is my husband. When we’re in our society today. The words “is that all erhood and being a wife is not a Christian
proud of it. I’m a sure-thing if you’ve got out and about, it has the ability to hold you do” are common words from people
items to check off on a scavenger hunt; his wallet, cell phone, and sunglasses so his who talk to moms these days. And yet more Continued in LIBERATED, page 11
hunt me down and I guarantee I’ve got a pockets can feel light and unencumbered.
bobby pin or nail clippers in my bag. And Never mind my lilting, numb shoulder, but
don’t think my toddler and preschooler are
unaware of the adventure awaiting them
hey, that’s another story. I should’ve known
my husband would enjoy my graduation to Onset
just by emptying the contents of my volu- a Mom-purse, as he’d mentioned more than She has surgery.
minous bag. You can see the gleam in their once how muzch he adored his own moth- By Kathy Bond Her port site infects.
eyes as they part the openings and extend er’s purse when he was a boy. And honestly,
their chubby little arms into its depths, the my mother-in-law’s purse puts my purse to My stomach plummets to the floor We visit and the priest,
unknown treasures buried deep within call shame, even today, so I can appreciate the when my daughter tells me surgeon, microbiologist
for them to explore and expunge. renown of her infamous purse. She may not over the phone, shattering and discharge nurse appear.
Now, if you’re picturing my Mom-purse have toddlers, but her handbag contains my peaceful Sunday morning
a beat-up version of your Grandmother’s everything that anyone from her grandchil- that she needs cancer surgery. One of the doctors, also a
purse, think again. There is no faux tan dren to her ninety year old father could ever survivor, relates that
leather here, no brass buckles or massive possibly require. That woman is a walking I thought “Take me.” she lost 30 lbs. and her hair
zippered compartments. Nowadays, every emergency kit and you’d better hope you’re Why is she the one on chemo. They leave
designer and house of couture has a line of near her in the event of a real emergency. who got the gene? and I bathe her; I soak her feet
oversized handbags, and every celebrity and As I clean out my Mom-purse this after- Her grandmother, who she looks and we share a joke about men.
her sister sports a purse the size of carryon noon, I am led to recall the events of my like, died from this 50 years ago--
luggage. After searching stores and websites past week. Ticket stubs to the county fair, a at the same age--mid 40’s. Our granddaughter answers
and finding nothing that fit my needs, I dis- crayon drawing made while in the doctor’s the phone at home and tells
covered a website of all things handmade, office waiting room, six and a half goldfish I tell my self a telemarketer--she spits, and spent hours creating my per- crackers, and a ball of twist-ties made by that modern medicine’s the words out with the
fect Mom-purse with one of the design- my toddler during our last trip to the gro- found some answers rattle of a machine gun--
ers. I had a list of necessities that correlate cery store (which diverted a screaming tan- in the interim. But, her mother can’t come
with my maternal lifestyle such as numer- trum and allowed for a quieter experience it still kills, to the phone because of
ous inner and outer pockets, a strap that for all shoppers, for which you can thank and she’s our child, breast cancer--
can be long or short, and washable fabric me later), and I realize that my mom bag is with children of her own her way of coping.
that will withstand the inevitable sippy cup not only full of all the things that make my and this disease doesn’t respect
leakage. The handbag I ultimately chose life with kids easier, but it holds the things family needs and dreams. Now, three years later,
meets all my requirements and is reversible, that remind me how full my life is with our daughter receives
so I get to enjoy a funky cream and orange kids. And it occurs to me that maybe that’s Fear freezes respirations good checkups. You know
bird print or a cream and brown damask why my mother-in-law still carries around and I can barely breathe. it’s changed everyone’s way
print depending on my mood. Between the her Mom-purse. of thinking about life and death.
6 Body&Soul Women’s Press | September & October 2009 |

Spirituality Matters
It Is All About Choice
By Heather Mendel give, as we forge a new pathway forward.
Having just returned from an enjoyable and
Our challenge is to find ways of releasing
the past instead of living in it in the pres-
Part 2
enlightening trip to the Balkan Peninsula, I ent moment.
am conscious of the importance of choos- The Balkans are a complex interweaving
ing to let go. Visiting the countries of the of histories, ethnicities, and cultures. Visi-
former Yugoslavia, the hope and aspirations tors marvel at medieval walled cities, now
for a better future were as tangible as the vibrant with internet cafes and people sip-
physical evidence of past conflicts, recent ping coffee and chatting on cell phones.
and ancient. The wounds from the recent Museums are filled with ancient weaponry
homeland war in Croatia, Slovenia, Monte- and swords— instruments of death, irre-
negro, and Albania were still fresh, both in spective of their beautiful mother-of-pearl
the physical landscape and the hearts of the and inlay designs, for those deemed differ-
people. Geopolitical boundaries are perme- ent. Just as buildings of ancient stone, par-
able and shift while ethnic divisions remain tially destroyed by earthquake or human
deeper than any marks on a map. greed and fear of the ‘other’ can be left to
As visitors, we are reminded of the accent the landscape, they are also used to
ethnic pain suffered over the globe in far- rebuild new lives and start anew. Can we
off lands and close to home. Whatever each learn to take past memories, remnants
our own ethnic background, we feel each scattered over the terrain of our individual
other’s pain and are reminded of our own inner landscapes, and build something new,
familial stories. What do we do with our creative, and hope-filled? By letting the past through the 90’s and practicing to be func-
own historical and ethnic pain? What to go, we can become conscious in the pres- By MaryAine Curtis
tional is past and any comfy, idealistic
we pass on to the next generation? With ent moment and build a new and different American dream story has shifted. When
the blessing of an education, we realize that future of mutuality, respect, and celebration If you’ve been practicing all these years to
be conscious and aware, the time has come we get out of the trance and face our fears,
we have choices. We can teach our children of diversity. It is challenging, possible, and say it like it is, then we are less vulnerable
not to forget and at the same time to for- worth our striving. to know the dress rehearsal is over. We are
on stage now, and if you’ve forgotten your to the terrorism that is undermining our
lines, you will have to wing it. life. It’s internal. We terrorize ourselves and
Marianne Williamson is one of my per- we see it outside of us as a group vision per-
petuated by the media. Notice if the things
The Greatest Prayer
sonal mentors and has inspired me for
many years. I wanted to meet her in per- that you resist just happen to be the things
son, so I drove to a big Reno casino. Her that keep showing up in your life. “It’s not
familiar opening prepared me for inspira- up to you whether you learn, it’s up to
tion; however this message was about world you whether you learn from joy or pain”
affairs, religious wars, and hunger and had (Course in Miracles).
a bit of an edge. Marianne’s message was The question is: how do we all mature
crisp, to the point, and commanding. Grow in our life and communicate consciously
up and stop fighting about what doesn’t even if we are scared to speak up? Try it..
really matter. Whether you are being pas- Can we be aware that we all really want the
sive or aggressive makes no difference. Get same thing? The need for food and shelter
over yourself. for our family is universal. It’s time to move
By Ruth Cherry, PhD Choosing to align with the flow in the beyond our fears and take action within
Universe reflects our awareness of our one- Collectively we have lowered the bar
on education, values, integrity, morality, ourselves first and discover who we are.
Some say our greatest prayer is “Thank ness. We are one, but when we say “Thank What are my values and am I living them?
you.” It’s a prayer available to us when you,” we acknowledge it consciously. We and ideals. We’ve come so far we are going
backwards. How many workshops have you When we know this, then we can take it to
we are overwhelmed. It’s a prayer we can release our struggle and any resentment or those in this world.
choose when we feel hopeless. It’s a prayer frustration. We relax and exhale and let it been to that raised your vibration exponen-
tially and then a month or so later, you’re I was simultaneously applauding and
which thrusts us from a perceived position be. also wanting the warm and fuzzy every-
of victim to one of partner. “Thank you. For whatever is right now, back in the same place? It’s an inside job so
let’s commit to action. If you want some- thing is gonna’ be ok feeling. This was a
Saying “Thank you” empowers us. thank you.” call to action, a demand to grow up and
We actively choose to engage in the cur- thing to change, initiate the change in
yourself first. “Be the change you wish to quit pretending everything is ok. It’s not.
rent situation knowing that God works Ruth Cherry, PhD, is a clinical psycholo- We have to mature, be accountable for our
beneath the surface. We willingly cooper- gist in private practice in San Luis Obispo, see” (Gandhi).
We agree about getting into action and fellow man, and take care of the children’s
ate although we can’t say how or with what. CA. Her specialty is midlife when psychologi- need for food for the mind and body. We
We simply declare, “I am available and I cal and spiritual dynamics merge. The power out of complacency. Complacency is a can-
cer of the soul. Isn’t it time to release denial have to stop waiting for someone else to
trust.” And then we pay attention. of the unconscious at midlife to heal and to take care of it. We have to make what we
We always know that we are protected. transform is tapped in meditation. Besides and let go of the band aid? It’s time to stop
going ‘lalalala’ and sticking your head in the need to happen together, now. Say yes.
We prefer to move to the level of solution writing about meditation, Ruth leads guided One person can make a difference; a hun-
rather than wallow at the level of problem. meditation groups weekly. Her web site is sand. It’s time to stop justifying unaccept-
able actions and using proverbial crutches dred people can move mountains. A thou-
Power lies in that choice, and we own our sand people….miracles.
power when we say, “Thank you.” to stay tuned out of life. We have people
starving in America. We have working peo- If you’ve been practicing for years then
ple that have lost their homes and are living you are ready to show up fully expressed
in parking lots and tents while they main- allowing your full light to shine for all of

Knowledge Is Power… Unless It’s Not tain their jobs. Some are not so lucky and
the company closed and took their retire-
us. That’s how we learn from joy. The cur-
tain is up.

By Jill Turnbow Being self-aware does not seem to rouse ment. Do they even have a tent?
We as a nation have to come out of MaryAine Curtis (Cherry) Emissary of
me into action. Knowing is not doing it Change Now in San
I used to love the expression, “once you for me. And I am normally a “doer,” prob- any trance that has enabled us to ignore
the hard facts of what is happening in our Luis Obispo.
know better, you do better.” It opens a ably because keeping busy leaves no time to
floodgate of forgiveness opportunities and contemplate. When given time to ponder country and world. The time of the 60’s
justifications for the past. But I find it not and muse on life’s circumstances and my
always true. In the last several years, I’ve inner being, I crater. And then “doing” is
learned a lot of things. My knowledge has not possible. It’s as if my brain has created
grown by leaps and bounds. And now that its own off/on switch that requires a secret
I know better, I don’t seem to be doing bet- code. And the trouble is, I know the code, I
ter. just can’t throw the switch.
For example, I KNOW Ben & Jer- Throughout the years, I’ve read enough
ry’s Cherry Garcia is not good for me, yet self-help books to realize I’ve only helped
I continue to seek it out. I know that a the authors. But I did learn a few things I
nice walk in the sunshine can brighten my hold dear. I learned I can make a choice to
mood, yet I crawl back into bed. I know face each day with joy and a smile. I know I
getting angry doesn’t help a situation, and create my own universe and consequences.
yet sometimes I seethe. And when depres- I know the solution is within me. And I
sions strikes, nothing I know seems to bring know the next person that reminds me of
light to the dark corner I’ve created for that fact is going to get a verbal smack-
myself. down. That much, I do know.
Maybe it’s hormones.
September & October 2009 | | Women’s Press Body&Soul 7

The Cycle of Fasting

By Tricia Wolanin tion was asked, I realized if we have strayed
from our goals, it does not mean that those
I have started a 10 day cleansing, currently goals cannot be reestablished. I knew that
at Day 3. It was a tradition I started four I had accomplished this previous lifestyle,
years ago, though not always fulfilled to and I could return to it. I knew that if I
completion. Cleanses have existed for me started my 10 day fast, my body and mind
as a means to mark the end of a phase and would be prepared to be pescatarian again.
Is There Time to Listen to the Messages? progression towards the next goal. This cur-
rent cleanse will mark my return towards
In preparation for my return to pesca-
tarian life, I felt a fast would scrub away
being a pescatarian (only a seafood omni- the omnivore’s cravings. I have seen fast-
vore). At a recent wedding, as I ate Filipino ing as a metaphor for cycles in life. Prior to
pork filled lumpia and General Tso chicken, starting a fast, one needs a reason to begin.
another important goal for my last trimes-
an old roommate asked “You eat meat Generally this is because a behavior/life-
By Judythe Guarnera ter. I know it will take time to strengthen
now?” As I devoured the meal, I answered style had increased to the point of gluttony.
the positive/joyful reaction pathway in my
quickly “Yes, for the past year.” I could A goal was then set. A fast occurred, which
Important messages are coming at me as brain. It helps to realize that positive think-
not help but think “Why am I still eating entailed a limited period of sacrifice that is
fast as a toddler can get into trouble. My ing will increase my ability to communicate
meat?” For the past fifteen years of my life, endured in hopes to attain a goal. Yet, most
recent birthday unceremoniously dumped and connect with people.
ten have been pescatarian. I have identified people who fast generally do not engage in
me into the next decade of my life – the For several years I have been looking for
myself by my dietary constraints, but there this cycle once. The fast cycle is repeated.
seventies. So, as I sit at my computer on positive connecting opportunities. Most
have been cycles where I strayed. Previously We have fallen or strayed from our goals
this coastal Sunday afternoon, I am busy of the time these take as little as a minute
I had eaten meat because I could not afford temporarily, due to the fact we are human,
planning how I want to spend the last tri- or two. One day I had just parked my car
the pescatarian lifestyle. Most recently I had but we can return stronger. Fasting is a
mester of my life. when I noticed an older gentleman in the
begun to add meat to my diet because of metaphor of the cycle of straying from who
I very much value the volunteering parking lot struggling to get a large box into
becoming frequently ill with colds and flus. we are, to what we have become, to where
I do­—ten years as a mediator for Cre- his trunk. A young woman got out of her
I thought my protein dosage could be sup- we want to be.
ative Mediation and RSVP and six years car, approached him and offered to help.
plemented easily by meat. The push from What is your goal? What type of fast
as a Senior Peer Counselor. At this time of He responded abruptly, “No, I’m fine.”
my chef fiancé was also a driving force to will you engage in to achieve your goal?
major program cuts for non-profits who Her face fell and she hurried back to
serve our community, volunteering is criti- her car. I approached her open window become an omnivore. As this simple ques-
cal to maintain services for people in need. and said, “I really appreciate you offering
I would be remiss if I did not point out to help that man. You must feel sad that he
that volunteering has as many rewards for didn’t respond well.” Her face lit up and she
the volunteer as it does for the recipients. uttered an appreciative “Thanks.” That con-
One benefit is the friendships I have with nection made both of us happier.
my fellow volunteers, outstanding, talented My photographer friend, Dennis Young
people. Another is the opportunity for can’t walk out his front door, enter a room,
gaining new information and skills that add or walk down the street without connect-
to my goal of connecting through commu- ing with those in his path, with his warm
nication. and charming personality. He is always in
Several months ago our Senior Peer the business of making friends, although he
Director gave us an article on joyfulness. enjoys those encounters too much to call
In a study of one hundred people who them work. I am convinced he is an excel-
described themselves as happy, some had lent photographer because he genuinely
major health problems, others had grave
financial problems. The author of the arti-
likes and is interested in people. Seeing his
happiness and how it impacts others, I real-
Going to
cle indicated that we are born with a cer-
tain type personality, with some of us being
ized that he was giving me another message
I needed. It was time to ramp up my con-
the Source
more or less joyful by virtue of birth. That’s necting activities.
not all of it, though. Today I had some lab work done. By Photo by Julia Freeman-Woolpert
Each time we react joyfully (or not), we the time I left the room, the two techni- collect information about interesting sound
imprint a neural pathway in our brain. The cians and I were all smiling broadly, and I By Inglis Carre’-Dellard, M.F.A. effects, music, scents, weather, and lighting
more frequently we respond cheerfully or believe, genuinely feeling happy. We knew conditions.
joyfully, the more we strengthen that neural each other’s names, felt supported and As we go through our daily lives, we are We can change our point of view by
pathway. If the joyful pathway is stronger appreciated and all it took was a few min- bombarded with images, colors, scents, looking very closely at tiny things. By mak-
than the negative pathway, the individual utes of “Dennis behavior.” When I see how sounds, and textures. We hurry along, ing a window with our hands we can iso-
will more and more frequently, as the path- little effort it takes, it is fun to try to create our minds elsewhere, our senses register- late a particular view in the distance, or
way strengthens, respond in a positive or at least a small oasis of happiness in the day ing huge amounts of information which by moving up close we can isolate parts
joyful manner. of those with whom I come in contact. is edited out if it is not immediately use- of large things and uncover exciting possi-
Now, I consider myself a positive per- Sometimes, though, just like with the ful. This treasure of original experience that bilities for new subjects and compositions.
son, and I think most of my friends and my older man’s curt rejection, my efforts seem constitutes our worlds is the raw potential- This process will require a slowing down
family would say that I respond positively to have no effect. I feel sad when the other ity that could transform a muted creative and focus of concentration—something
more often than not. But, when I told my person doesn’t show any acknowledgment. output into something that really sings. most of us would welcome in our lives.
husband, Steve, that I wanted to become My sensitive and caring big brother (also in Magic is all around us and also within The more difficult, but also more
more joyful, his response was not partic- his last trimester) gave me the cure for that us. Our inner self is like a huge storehouse rewarding part, of our journey of discovery
ularly positive. He indicated that lately one. He suggested that I just pat myself on of images, symbols, feelings, archetypes, is the exploration of our inner landscape.
he had noticed me responding in a nega- the shoulder and say, “Good girl, Judy.” and memories. This archive contains ele- This is where thoughts and feelings live that
tive manner more frequently than usual. I He’s right; my body/brain doesn’t care ments of our lives all the way back to our are triggered by elements of our environ-
jumped right in with a challenge—“Give whether it is the other person or me who birth and back further in the form of genet- ment and subconscious.
me some examples.” Steve jumped right on responded. Once that little act of valida- ically imbedded information. How do you feel when you see a torn
that challenge. tion occurs, I can go a step further in posi- What happens to this abundance of piece of paper scurrying along in front of
“Remember last night when we sat tive thinking. Since I don’t walk in anyone’s raw materials when we enter our studio the wind? Or a flock of white gull catch-
down to dinner and you complained that shoes but my own, I have no way of know- or workshop with the intention of creat- ing brilliant sunlight off their wings as they
you kept finding cold spots in the casserole. ing what it going on in that other person’s ing “Art” or “The Great American Novel,” turn and wheel in the sky? What do you
I offered to reheat it in the microwave for life. or some other great thing? Do we use them think is the meaning of the people and ani-
you, but you preferred to sit there and be Recently, my good friend, Donna had as fuel for our creative fire, or do we leave mals that populate your dreams?
unhappy.” a “Juicy Crone” party to acknowledge my them outside the door? Do we end up with When we create from a need to express
He was ready with one more. I have 70th birthday. The wonderful and caring work that is a soaring aria about the ele- our feelings and question the discoveries
always been a worry-wart about money. people in my Senior Peer Counseling group ments of our world and how they deeply we have made from encounters with our
Someone had given us a shredder, more and their significant others helped cele- touch us? Or is the result of our labors world, we create something that has a qual-
expensive and far superior to our old one. brate. This event was another time when I more like a little jingle about the work of ity of freshness. This compelling presence
The first time I used it, I missed some sta- was served another serious dollop of joy and another artist, or another period of art his- prompts a new awareness in the viewer and
ples and stripped the gears. I was angry at a sense of awakening. My friends and I in tory, or an exercise from art school ? a new way of seeing. We have created art.
my carelessness. Steve replaced the shred- our mid to last trimesters are not dried-up There is much we can do to increase our
der, but I couldn’t let go of my unhappiness old crones. We are seasoned, experienced, absorption and utilization of sensory mate- Inglis Carre’-Dellard, M.F.A. is a Los Osos
about wasting money and adding to the educated woman who choose to spend our rials from our physical surroundings. We artist and teacher whose teaching style empha-
waste at the landfill. remaining years loving, communicating, can begin by making notes about the mul- sis individuality and self expression in a nur-
I appreciated Steve’s examples, as the connecting, learning to be more joyful and titude of large and small things we encoun- turing environment. For more information on
importance of working on positive think- more positive and hopefully enriching the ter every day. These notes can be written individual counseling or her fall creative pro-
ing took on more meaning. The mes- lives of those with whom we interact. descriptions, or sketches, or pictures torn cess classes in Los Osos, San Luis Obispo, and
sage from the article on joyfulness and No matter how busy you are, take the from magazines and pasted into a note- Pismo Beach contact her at ingartist@yahoo.
his observations convinced me that I had time to listen to those messages. book. In addition to visual samples, we can com or (805)534-9693.
8 LocalPerspectives Women’s Press | September & October 2009 |

By Berta Parrish grandchildren, and eleven great-grandchil-

dren. Nevertheless, she believes that her
Unsung Heroine I left the interview with Marie Brinkmeyer
singing, “Matchmaker, Matchmaker, make
grandmother was the most influential in
her career choice. “My grandmother’s house

Marie Brinkmeyer
me a match. Find me a find. Catch me a was known throughout the Hobo Jungle as
catch,” a popular song from Fiddler on a place to go for a good meal. She shared
the Roof. Not only do the lyrics describe soup and bread with whomever came to the
her lifework, but the upbeat rhythm and back door.” From her grandmother’s exam-
unflappable optimism describe her philoso- ple, Marie learned that it feels good to help
Matching phy of life. What keeps her so hopeful in
these troubling times?
Sixty years later, she is still benefiting
People with As the Director of the Retired and
Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) of the
from this lesson, just like the RSVP mem-
bers who discover that those who volun-

Opportunities Central Coast, Marie is constantly wit-

nessing successful partnerships, connect-
ing over 1500 volunteers to the needs of
teer live happier, healthier, and longer lives.
Our local RSVP is part of Senior Corp, a
national volunteer recruiting and placement
300 organizations, agencies, and nonprofit agency conceived during Kennedy’s presi-
groups in San Luis Obispo and northern dency. It currently links more than 500,000
Santa Barbara Counties. Not surprisingly, Americans to service opportunities through
the approximately 200,000 hours annu- its three programs—Foster Grandparents,
ally contributed by RSVP members result RSVP, and Senior Companions. Along with
in millions of dollars for the community. AmeriCorps and Learn and Serve America,
Marie’s greatest pleasure is marrying the Senior Corps is under the newly formed
desires of the person to those of the organi- Corporation for National and Community
zation. “I enjoy the openness of this effort,” Service which provides Americans of all
she says. “We are open to anyone over ages and backgrounds opportunities to give
55, no particular skills or experiences are back to their communities and their nation.
required. We’ll find the site and the activity Marie’s daily tasks of helping others
that’s best for their availability, talents, and make a difference in their community while
interests. We’re here to help both the volun- helping the community make a difference
teer and the organization thrive.” in the lives of its citizens would make any-
Three life experiences in particular make one feel good and hopeful. She is indeed a
Marie the best match to direct RSVP’s mis- Matchmaker who, like the marriage broker
sion. She brings administrative expertise in the song, will look through her book and
from working over thirty years in human make a perfect match.
resources in hospital and business settings
throughout California. Additionally, she If you’re interested in volunteering
developed patience and empathy from rais- with RSVP, call (805) 544-8740 or visit
ing ten of her own children plus six step-
children and from keeping up with thirty

Near Downtown
Deluxe Continental Breakfast
Pool & Spa

Fitness Room
Guest Laundry

Where the Public Option 2050 Garfield Street

San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
Works Great Toll Free: 800.544.7250
805.549.9911 Fax: 805.546.0734

Photo by Asif Akbar

By Susan Goya to about $166/month for a family. The
insurance covers 70% of the bill; the patient
Could it be? Was I really listening to the pays 30% out of pocket. Patients happily
pleasant song of birds? Looking around the pay 30% of a far smaller total bill than they
hospital, I saw birdcages affixed to the walls would in America. In the case of childbirth,
every twenty feet or so. Well, that’s differ- the local city hall reimburses families that
ent. So began my first visit to a Japanese 30%. In fact, on April 14, 2008, National
hospital. Over the years I would visit gen- Public Radio wondered if health care in
eral practitioners, optometrists, dentists, Japan was too cheap.
obstetricians, and pharmacists in public, Because health insurance premiums
private and church-run facilities, but that are withheld from income, Japanese peo-
was the only time I listened to finches sing- ple naturally pay slightly higher taxes than
ing while waiting to see the doctor.. what they would without premiums. Even
The media is full of assertive statements so, most Japanese people do not consider
based on unexamined assumptions about the additional tax to be burdensome. In
what a “government -controlled” plan must fact, most people pay total income tax of
certainly imply. Government administra- no more than 20% (about 15% for the sum
tion is not necessarily bad. I lived in Japan of national, prefectural, and municipal
for nearly twenty years. Patients in Japan, taxes) plus the 4% for health insurance). A
even foreigners like myself, can choose to rate of 19% compares favorably to American
be privately insured or join one of the two tax rates. Think of it. For approximately
public options available. I started out with the same tax burden Americans bear, the
a private health insurance company, but I Japanese have their health care premiums
joined the Japanese National Health Insur- included.
ance plan as soon as I could. All Japanese The American public option would
citizens automatically qualify. likely increase American taxes, but that
Japanese National Health Insurance is increase would be more than offset by the
affordable. Self-employed people pay the elimination of punitive health insurance
monthly premium out of pocket. Employ- premiums. Furthermore, medical bills
ers withhold the premium from employ- would decrease because there would be
ees’ salaries at around 4%. Considering a
median $50,000 salary, the premium comes Continued in JAPAN, page 14
September & October 2009 | | Women’s Press DayWithCreativeWomen 9


A Monthly Series of Spiritual Workshops

Save the World

Temple Beth David, 10180 Los Osos Valley Road, San Luis Obispo
Third Thursday of Each Month • 7-9 pm • $20

Contact or (805) 541-6874 for more information.

Day With
Creative Women
Thanks for a Beautiful Day!
September Workshop October Workshop
Hula Heart: Open
Hula is the soul of Hawaii expressed in Come experience yourself in a new way
motion. No one knows its exact origins but and allow gentle guidance along a pathway
Hawaiians agree that the first hula was per- of your creativity, delight and innocence.
formed by a god or goddess which makes This is the ‘heart open’ play space where
the dance a sacred ritual. Some believe the one remembers play, wonder , fun and joy.
hula was only danced by men, but legend A lesson, poem, visualization and color-
and historical sources tells us both men and ing wands will be part of the adventure. All
women danced. Hawaiian hula is unique that is required:
and totally different from other Polyne- • Desire.
sian dances. Although it began as a form • A copy of a picture of your young self
of worship during religious ceremonies, it under 10 yrs. if possible.
gradually evolved into a form of entertain-
ment. Kumu Hula (teacher of Hula) Sylvia Bring a friend! “What surprisingly won-
Hambly and Andrene Kaonohiokala Kaiwi- derful experiences I’ve had with your work.”
Lenting, members of Hula Halau Na Mele G.S.
O Ke Kai Halau (hula school), will share “She was such a joy to listen to and work
history and evolution of this expression of with I found myself using what I learned
aloha as well as give basic instruction in immediately and I’m very happy with how
hula. things are changing for me.” R.A.

Sylvia Rodriguez Hambly began the study MaryAine Curtis (Cherry) Emissary of
of hula as a pre-teen in southern California Change, internationally known presenter has
and began performing professionally at the recently relocated her office to Toro St. in SLO.
age of 15. Sylvia has been very involved with Guiding people to be “fully expressed, actively
halau Na Mele o ke Kai (Song of the Sea) being in life”, is her calling and joy. For
as an instructor, business manager, and now, info check out Release,
director of the halau. Her instruction is dedi- Believe, Inspire.
cated to proper hula technique so that the tra-
dition of hula is not lost and can be enjoyed
for years to come.

Andrene Kaonohiokala Kaiwi-Lenting,

of Hawaiian-Portuguese-Chinese decent, has
danced hula for most of her life. While grow-
ing up in Southern California, her main
kumu (teacher) was her mother. Fortunately,
Andrene’s parents immersed her into the
Clare B. Lowery L.Ac. Hawaiian culture, encouraging music and
dance even when so far away from their home,
Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine Hana, Maui. Andrene traveled through-
Diet, Exercise and Lifestyle Guidance out California performing at cultural festi-
vals and events prior to moving to San Luis
San Luis ObiSpa Obispo in 1984. Dancing on occasion for fam-
ily functions only, she recently joined Na Mele
4115 Vachell Lane
o ke Kai in Morro Bay and has reunited with
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 the Hawaiian language through mele (song)
805-541-6772 and hula.
10 CreativeWomen Women’s Press | September & October 2009 |

Angelo’s Spaghetti
By Phibby Venable

I am here for donuts, but today Angelo is pushing spaghetti.

He is ill with the waitress, the appliance man, the wife,
and mostly himself, for cooking too much spaghetti,
so that now he is cooing it like a common hawker,
words falling from his mouth like a forgotten language,
his rage held behind the windshield of his deep eyes.
His father is coming for lunch, passing through a city
of window seats, his long face ready with judgment.
Already he has placed Angelo in exile.
It was the white wine yesterday.
His father suggested he donate it to the synagogue
for the dead, they had no preference in taste.
Suddenly, there is a buzz at the back door.
It is a young driver, asking where he should back his truck.
Angelo suggests several unusual parking positions,
most of them bodily impossible.
He swears a dozen curses on the boy’s future
and implies canine concoctions on his ancestors.
The driver has no way of knowing
that he is the one person Angelo had hoped to see.
He is the white wine bought at a bargain
and the narrow contempt of a father’s eyes. Travel Safety Tips For Women Travelers
He is the rush hour on a bad day & a wife that refuses
to come near the kitchen.
Later Angelo offers him free spaghetti, Choosing a Hotel
as he whistles a love song his mother brought from Italy.
By Dianne Tuttle, CTC

Mountain Women Smaller is smarter: you want the staff to

be familiar with guests and with you. The
Look for a parking lot that is well lit and
secure. Find out if there’s valet parking and
if it will be available when you need it. Use
By Phibby Venable smaller the lobby, the more noticeable the it, even it costs a little bit more.
loiterers. Does the hotel gym have an attendant?
In the mountains women stash Aim for a well-trafficked street (neigh- Being alone and semi-dressed in the base-
their grief in dough bowls borhood restaurants and late-night stores ment is not good for your health.
and knead it on down mean traffic, corporate offices mean dark-
to a comfortable size ness). Affluent residential areas tend to Dianne Tuttle has been in the travel field
to be softened & beaten have more reliable transportation and fewer over 30 years and owns Academy Cruises &
into cathead biscuits threatening street people. Tours and Academy Travel School “In The
eaten Room numbers should be written on Creamery” 570 Higuera St. #225 in San Luis
and stored near the heart. the key envelope, not mentioned aloud Obispo.If you have a travel question send an
or inscribed on the key--this way, anyone email to: or call
finding your key won’t have access to your 805-781-2630 I’ll try and answer it in my next
Where to find Women’s Press room. column.
All Libraries and the following exceptionally fine establishments!

• NORTH COUNTY: Atascadero – The Coffee House and Deli, Starbuck’s at

Von’s Plaza, Green Goods, Player’s Pizza, Harvest Health Food Store, North
County Connection, Senior Center, Women’s Resource Center/Shelter Office,
Curves. Paso Robles – Cuesta College North Campus, Café Vio, Curves, DK
Central Coast Book & Author Festival
Donuts, Panolivo French Cafe, NCI Village Thrift Shop, Paso Robles Health Book lovers from around the county are display during the month of September at
Foods; Templeton – Twin Cities Hospital, Templeton Market & Deli, Affinity eagerly awaiting this year’s Central Coast various county public library branches, will
Chiropractic, Kinship Center, Jobella’s Coffee; Santa Margarita– Santa Margarita Book & Author Festival, which takes place be available for viewing and for sale at the
Mercantile. October 4th in San Luis Obispo’s Mission San Luis Obispo City Library on the day
• NORTHERN COAST: Baywood – Coffee & Things; Cambria – Cambria Plaza. of the festival. There will also be an exhibit
Connection, Cambria Pines Lodge, Chamber of Commerce, Gym One, Azevedo The festival is a fund-raiser for the showcasing the art of bookmaking.
Chiropractic, Lilly’s, Alloco’s, Cambria Drug and Gift, Bob & Jan’s Bottle Shop, Foundation for San Luis Obispo County The Central Coast Book & Author Fes-
Linn’s, Donna’s Nail Salon, Cookie Crock, Rainbow Bean and Coffee Shop; Public Libraries and benefits library pro- tival features authors with books addressing
Cayucos – Cayucos Super Market, Kelley’s EsPresso & Dessert, Ocean Front Pizza, grams such as the county-wide Children’s a range of women’s issues. Heather Mendel
Chevron Station, Mobile Balloons; Los Osos – Starbuck’s, Baywood Laundry, Summer Reading Program. is author of Dancing in the Footsteps of Eve:
Cad’s, Carlock’s Bakery, Chamber of Commerce, Copa de Oro, Garden Café, Los The event will feature free author pre- Retrieving the Gift of the Sacred Feminine for
Osos Deli Liquor, Volumes of Pleasure; Morro Bay – Backstage Salon, Coalesce sentations including workshops, panels and the Human Family through Myth and Mysti-
Bookstore, Coffee Pot Restaurant, The Rock, Southern Port Traders, Sunshine readings, at several venues in and nearby cism. It is a contemporary mythic and mys-
Health Foods, Two Dogs Coffee, La Parisienne Bakery. Mission Plaza. A complete event schedule tical reading of biblical Eve which reveals
• SAN LUIS OBISPO: Broad St. Laundry, Cool Cats Café, La Crepes, Edna Market, will be posted at her to be the hero who moves the human
Booboo Records, Creekside Center, GALA, Marigold Nails, Palm Theatre, Susan two weeks prior to the event. story forward.
Polk Insurance, Utopia Bakery, Unity Church, Zoe Wells, Naturopath, Cal Poly Over 50 exhibitors are booked for this Berta Parrish, Ed.D is author of Wise
Library and Women’s Center, Center for Alternatives to Violence, Chamber of year’s event, including publishers, non- Woman’s Way: A Guide to Growing Older
Commerce, Cuesta College Library, EOC Health Services Clinic, HealthWorks, profit organizations, and authors from a with Purpose and Passion. The book stimu-
Healing Alternatives, Laguna Laundry, Linnaea’s, Monterey Express, Natural broad range of genres including histori- lates and guides older women through the
Foods Coop, New Frontiers, Nautical Bean, Outspoken Beverage Bistro, Phoenix cal non-fiction, women/gender studies, life-changing experience of turning 60, a
Books, Planned Parenthood, West End Espresso & Tea, San Luis Obispo Housing mystery, cooking, self-help, children’s, and resource that our youth-obsessed society
Authority Office, SARP, The Secret Garden, SLO Perk Coffee, Spirit Winds young adult. There will also be children’s lacks.
Therapy, The Studio Fitness for Women, Uptown Cafe, Yoga Centre, Ahshe Hair story time, live entertainment, and a raffle B Lynn Goodwin’s book You Want Me
Salon, Apropos Clothing, Soho Hair Salon, Hempshak, YMCA, KCBX, Salon on for a $500 cash prize. to Do What? offers caregivers a means of
Monterey, Jaffa Café, Med Stop (Madonna Plaza), World Rhythm and Motion, A highly-anticipated event at this year’s self-care through journaling. According to
Steynberg Gallery, Correa Chiropractic, High St. Deli, Sunset N. Car Wash, festival is the action-packed multi-media Goodwin, journaling allows us to process
Jamaica You, United Blood Services. show featuring comic book super-hero, stress and celebrate what is right. The book
• SOUTH COUNTY: Arroyo Grande – Mongo’s, Act II Boutique, Central Spider-Man, which is made possible by gives readers open-ended instructions on
Coast Yoga, CJ’s Restaurant, Curves-AG, Cutting Edge, EOC Health Services Doc Burnstein’s Ice Cream Lab. There will spilling your guts in the safety of a private
Clinic, Girls Restaurant, Grande Whole Foods, Chameleon; Avila Beach– Avila be two shows at the San Luis Obispo City journal and offers two hundred sentence
Grocery, Custom House, Sycamore Hot Springs, Inn at Avila, Joe Mamma’s; Library, where the famous web-slinging starts to help you begin writing
Grover Beach – Back Door Deli, Cindi’s Wash House, Nan’s Pre-owned hero will share his love of books and read- The Central Coast Book & Author Fes-
Books, Therapeutic Body Center, 30-minute Fitness; Halcyon – Halcyon Store; ing with children and teens. The show is tival takes place Sunday October 4, 2009
Nipomo – Anna’s Creekside Coffee House, Healing Touch Spa, Curves, La Placita free, but tickets are required and are avail- from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. in San Luis
Market, Healthy Inspirations, World Gym, Trendy Sister Salon, Senior Centers; able at all county public library branches. Obispo’s Mission Plaza. The event is free.
Pismo Beach – Honeymoon Café, Pismo Athletic Club, RETurn to JOY!; Shell A new art show will feature original art For more information, visit www.ccbook-
Beach – De Palo & Sons Deli, Seaside Cafe, Steaming Bean. by approximately 20 local book illustrators, call (805) 546-1392, or send an
• SANTA MARIA: Café Monet, Hunter’s Landing, Library, Curves on Main and on and authors. The pieces, which will be on e-mail to
Broadway, Lassen’s.
• ORCUTT: Loading Dock, Oasis Spa.
September & October 2009 | | Women’s Press Voices 11

Mid-Life Psychology

Life, work, children, friends, spouses,

free time: How do you do it all?
Sonya Laurel White
Ohhhh how do I do it? Drink lots of wine.
Not taking things too personally, smil-
ing at my boss, taking a deep breath when Terry Brogno
things do not turn out like I want, and It’s important to recognize that you can’t
allowing life to flow around me. do it all. Having said that, you need to
L ike I tell my six children: surf with life, prioritize what’s most important for you
go with the flow, and do not go against the and your family. Nothing in life is perfect
current. and no one should expect perfection, so
ask for help and know that organization
By Ruth Cherry, PhD that they are not as large as we had thought Jen Mowad and good communication make life easier.
and not as long lasting and not as hardy Seriously? Who does it all and maintains At different stages of life, some things are
In our 20’s and 30’s we worked to develop as we are. In all these years we have devel- their sanity? I do my best and meet the more important than others. Younger chil-
competence in the world. We wanted to oped a maturity and strength of character basic needs of my family. In a good week I dren need more attention and time then at
establish a place for ourselves and to prove that allows us to confront our demons. And get a lot accomplished and feel good, and in other ages, so their needs come first. Don’t
our worth. We earned degrees, created and when we do, we see that in reality they are a bad week, at least we’re all wearing clean neglect your relationship with a partner and
organized a home, and developed an iden- children­—babies who need to be nurtured, underwear and have decent food in our bel- never forget that friends are your lifeline.
tity around our roles. We were what we did. toddlers who want to be encouraged, and lies and I can feel good about that too. Women tend to overextend themselves. We
Our inner worlds may have been a bit fuzzy adolescents who deserve to be heard. We should all find thirty minutes in a day to do
and incomprehensible but we focused on have made monsters out of our childhood Dorothy Segovia something for ourselves. We may be having
polishing our outer world facades and that wants and fears by ignoring them! But now Instead of doing it all - I’m the single Aunt a cup of tea, a glass of wine or taking a bub-
was sufficient. in mid-life we can allow them to heal by Dot who drops in and out of the kid scene ble bath at midnight, but it’s important to
But now in our 40’s and 50’s, it’s no seeing them, listening to their wants, and at my discretion! find some time each day to breath deep and
longer enough. We have achieved some holding them while they cry. We will not Hooray for the women’s movement— relax. Somehow we all do what we have to
measure of success but, strangely, we’re dis- be destroyed by these feelings now after and my lovely choice! do, but there is a very old and dated saying
satisfied and we can’t explain why. Nothing we have cultivated our personal reserves of that still stands true, “If mama’s not happy,
is wrong exactly, but nothing is quite right maturity and patience and trust. Now we Tricia Wolanin nobody’s happy!”
enough. We must have more and we must can surrender to the Life process. Over the years I have found it is difficult to
have it now. First we repaint the house. Surrender is the key mid-life term. balance these roles simultaneously. When Jenny Ashley
Then we buy that red sports car we’ve Through surrender—feeling whatever feel- all of these roles are juggled in the moment, I don’t do it all. (I rarely cook, I barely
wanted for three decades. We may even ings come and accepting whatever situ- they receive a frazzled me. I have learned clean. Family, job, friends and fun come
quit our jobs and sail around the world. ations arise—we find resolution. Our to focus and dedicate time to each role ,so first).
But something is gnawing at our souls and lifelong conflicts seem to melt away as we I can be fully present. I no longer answer
no matter what we “do,” we can’t assuage release our resistance. The crippling self every phone call, but return calls when I Denise Gibbons
the restlessness. doubt (and perhaps self hatred) loses its can truly be there to listen. Mindfulness is I don’t. Unfortunately, the free time and
Very slowly it dawns on us that it isn’t a force. We are not kids any longer looking key. friends get pushed to the back burner.
matter of “doing” at all. It’s time to “be” in up to a bigger world. We are on top of our
lives and not because of our efforts, but Jill Turnbow
a different way and we can’t willfully manu-
because we have relinquished efforting.
Next issue question:
facture that. Then the enormity of this shift “Pretty simple. I started by not having
hits us and we realize that we’re not “in con- The surrender we experience in mid-life spouses or children, and I work part-time. What are you most
trol” of anything any longer. We worked opens us to partnership. We don’t have to That leaves friends and free time. And that thankful for?
be religious or think of ourselves as mysti- is my life. So I should stop complaining.”
so hard in the first part of our lives to be
cal beings. This process of integration that
E-mail responses to
“in control”—to push away those niggling
doubts that we weren’t quite up to snuff, occurs (without our conscious assent) is
that we harbored some despicable vulner- a basically spiritual one. We reunite with
ability, and that not only did we not want parts of ourselves we have distrusted or
to be known in all our nakedness, we didn’t feared and disowned and through this inte-
even want to look at what lived inside us. gration we find peace. We realize a creativ-
ity and an aliveness that we have not before
By our mid to late 40’s, we’re way past
choosing what we do or don’t want. The known. We see opportunities that had been Liberated and age, it takes people looking for balance,
decision is out of our hands. Life has con- hidden when we relied upon our logic and
Continued from page 5 commitment and family to stick together
fronted us with the truth about who we suddenly we sense a loosening of limits.
and work together to create a beautiful
truly are in the depths of our hearts. And This process of integration happens only
value-- it’s a way of life for anyone no mat- way of life. It is possible to still honor the
it’s not pretty. We are not what other people through surrender and only at mid-life.
ter what religion they are. Work is also a woman you want to be and the mother you
see and we are not who we want to believe From that point on, this partnership with
part of the stay at home mom. The question want to be. You do need support. Don’t
we are. Those demons that have been liv- the larger whole, which we have established
of is that “all you do” can be answered with let the “liberated woman” confuse you. A
ing in the shadows inside roar and demand through listening to our inner worlds,
a no. Most of us believe in satisfying all of “liberated” woman is a free woman. If you
that we acknowledge them now. We must guides our days. We are not alone. The one-
our life and go to school as well as home- want to stay at home or find a way to work
feel the hurt from the childhood loneliness ness we experience inside is reflected by the
school our children and/or have a job that and still educate your children, you can. It
which we’ve pushed away with our life-of- oneness we experience with the world.
we do at home or away from home while takes a village and we are a village when we
the-party act. We can’t escape the anger And all this magic happens during mid-
we co-operatively work with our husbands believe in what we want and talk about it.
that still smolders. That seemingly bottom- life.
or partners to raise our family. We also look It doesn’t take a second mortgage to be the
less pit of need and want waits for us and to how we can improve our marriage and mother or wife or part-time worker that
will not be covered over. Now is the time Ruth Cherry, PhD, is a clinical psychologist
do not look for ways out of our marriage you want to be. It takes courage and belief
and our inner world is the place. Healing is in private practice in San Luis Obispo, CA. 
when it gets a bit tough at times. that whom you are as a woman is impor-
finally possible. Her specialty is midlife when psychological
Although in the past many women tant and sacred no matter what the T.V.
When we sit with those feelings that and spiritual dynamics merge. Her web site is
needed a way out of their marriage, today and magazines say or what you thought it
were terrifying fifteen years ago, we notice
many women need more support on how meant to be strong. Strength is following
to keep their marriage strong while raising what you know is right for you and your
a family. Many women and men are taking family. If that means wearing a dress and
the plunge into both being a part of their cooking and home schooling your children,
kids life and dealing with less money if they then do it. Join me and others who are cre-
have to in order to have a more balanced ating a co-op school in the fall where we
life. The more support these families get, all work together to teach our children in
the more balanced our society is as a whole. classes at people’s houses. You can choose
It takes a village to make this happen and 1 day a week or up to 5 days a week. We
you cannot pay for this village. You have to also are going to set up a support group for
create it. women who want support as a stay at home
Life with family, children, and in mar- mother or home school mom. So e-mail
riage does not mean we are living in the or call today and let us know you need us
stone-age as some may believe. In this day because we all need a village!
12 NOWNews Women’s Press | September & October 2009 |

This Page Presented by the National Organization for Women

The purpose of NOW is to bring women into full participation in the mainstream of American society NOW !

Coordinator’s Corner NOW News

Prop 207! Whichever tactic you think bet-
Acceptance Remarks by Incoming
By Angie King ter, I think we should insist the people we
National NOW President, Terry O’Neill:
vote for support passage of either or both of
I am honored and humbled to begin serv-
I hope everyone saw the Tribune on August these Congressional resolutions.
ing you as president of the National Orga-
26th last month – Women’s Equality Day! See the statement by our new NOW
nization for Women with my sister officers.
We took out a whole page ad, with the help president on this issue.
We take our charge seriously: We are here
of 2 AAUW branches, San Luis Obispo and The other topic I wanted to mention
to serve you, the grassroots arm of the
Atascadero, and Code Pink, and celebrated deals with self-esteem and the glass ceil-
women’s movement. Do You want this Man Running the
89 years of women voting. We have made ing. We all know the stereotypical trait
I share your vision of full equality and Army? On August 4, the Senate Armed
a difference! The 19th Amendment passed ascribed to women - that we underestimate
justice for all women and girls, and I pledge Services Committee approved Obama’s
in 1920, when the legislature in the last our own abilities. The reasons are legion:
to modernize the women’s movement by nomination of Rep. John McHugh as Sec-
state needed to ratify it, Tennessee, passed from not being encouraged to think well
tapping into the energy around the coun- retary of the Army with no opposition.
the measure – by one vote! Think of all the of ourselves as children, to belittling par-
try and bringing more women to the side- McHugh represents New York’s 23rd Con-
changes women voters have made – bet- ents, partners, or friends, to not wanting
walks, statehouses and in-person and online gressional District, which includes the
ter working conditions for women, an end to outshine a potential “boyfriend,” or for
forums where feminist dreams become real- large Fort Drum Army base, as well facili-
to child labor, equal pay, equal inheritance any other of a million reasons. We fail to
ity. I will work tirelessly to strengthen the ties owned by the nation’s largest defense
rights, and the list goes on. And just last develop confidence and initiative, conflict
grassroots, collaborating with you every contractor, Lockheed Martin. McHugh
year, almost a woman president. management, teamwork, and other skills
step of the way. has typically received large campaign dona-
But I ask, with 89 years of voting behind that translate into the workplace, according
I will support, empower and amplify the tions from Lockheed Martin employees,
us, why don’t we have the ERA? The Equal to a study at the University of New Mexico
change you’re leading in your own commu- as well as from employees of other defense
Rights Amendment was first offered by School of Management which was reported
nity. I will also lead cutting-edge national contractors, including Boeing and Gen-
Alice Paul in 1923 to codify women’s equal- in the Tribune. It found a gender differ-
action campaigns to demand the equality eral Dynamics. However, he also worked
ity in the federal system, and it was re- ence in reviewing the results of an industry
we deserve. Up immediately on the docket to reduce women’s opportunities in the
introduced every year until 1972 when it standard assessment tool, where over 250
are campaigns to: military by attempting to exclude women
passed Congress and was sent out for state male and female managers from all over the
• Build the feminist case for single-payer from positions where 17,000 Army women
approval. The ERA is the only US Amend- country were asked to rate their own job
health care, including coverage for the already were serving. He also opposed pro-
ment with a time limit for passage, and performance, to ask supervisors and sub-
full range of women’s reproductive ser- viding funds for abortions for military
only 35 of the required 38 states did so by ordinates to rate them as well, and then to
vices, so that every woman and girl, no women and even voted against the Led-
the deadline in 1982. predict what ratings those people would
matter her race or immigration status, better (equal pay) bill. We were alerted to
There are some activists who feel the give. Women were 3 times more likely than
has access to the health care that is her this nomination by Charlene Suneson,
best chance of success is a clean start, and men to underrate their supervisors’ assess-
human right member of NOW since 1967 and cur-
they have re-introduced a new ERA. In ment by an average of 11% lower on the
• Achieve equal marriage and full lesbian rently the Military Women’s Issues Rep-
recent years, Representative Carolyn Malo- study tool. According to the study, the 11%
and queer rights nationwide, imple- resentative for Hollywood NOW, who
ney (D-NY) continues to re-introduce the figure shows a distinct gender difference
menting a state-by-state, commu- points out: Since the National Organiza-
ERA in Congress. However, there are oth- in how women perceive how others per-
nity-by-community strategy alongside tion for Women’s decision to support the
ers—those who cite considerable legal ceive us, which researchers say could indi-
national efforts to immediately repeal Equal Rights Amendment in 1967, it has
grounds for accepting later ratifications of cate why many women don’t rise to head
the so-called “Defense of Marriage stood for equal rights and responsibilities
the original Amendment as still timely. For- companies or why there is the wage dispar-
Act” (DOMA) and “Don’t Ask, Don’t for women. NOW has been on record since
tunately, the two groups support each oth- ity between men and women (currently 78
Tell” 1990 as explicitly opposing the exclusion
er’s position. Therefore, resolutions are also cents to the dollar). The study concluded
• Pass the Equal Rights Amendment and of women from combat. This position was
introduced each year to mandate this result, that managers should find better ways to
ratify the Convention on the Elimina- reiterated on December 23, 2008 when the
to encourage those states that have not yet communicate to female employees that
tion of All Forms of Discrimination National Organization for Women submit-
ratified the ERA to do so. There has been they are valued, and women may need to
Against Women (CEDAW) with- ted Executive Action Proposals for Women
some movement in some of the unratified learn how to better seek positive and critical
out the addition of harmful reserva- to President-elect Obama which included
states to complete the process. The fifteen feedback. Is this another view of the glass
tions, understandings and declarations “Remove the combat exclusion for women,
states that have not ratified the ERA are: ceiling?
(RUDs) permitting commanders to assign qualified
Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Geor- October brings the Harbor Fest and our
I am committed to not just implement- troops where they are most needed with-
gia, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, Mis- fundraising activity. We volunteer to handle
ing, but also building, these campaigns with out regard to gender, and permitting female
souri, Nevada, North Carolina, Oklahoma, one of many jobs that make the festival a
your input, expertise and vision for justice. service members who are in fact serving in
South Carolina, Utah, and Virginia. success, and we get paid for it from the pro-
Soon I will reach out with my team to tap combat (although it is not called ‘combat’
California ratified the ERA early on; ceeds. If you would like to spend a couple
your ideas and solicit your feedback. We are because of the exclusion) to receive the pay
after all, we had a state ERA in place that of hours helping NOW at Harbor Fest on
putting together new ways to communicate and benefits related to combat service.”
was the envy of feminists in many other October 3 and 4, email us ASAP!!! You get
and connect with you, because we believe Action: Contact Boxer and Feinstein
states. However, we saw where that state into the festival free both days. And Morro
in the power of NOW, we believe in the and oppose this nomination for the above
protection went – out the window with Bay has perfect weather in October.
power of you and we know your voice gives reasons.
feminism the power to achieve full equality
for every woman and girl!
NOW Hails Reintroduction of the Equal Rights Amendment In sisterhood, Terry O’Neill

NOW President Terry O’Neill the disadvantaged subjects of a privileged

male system. As a result, we face many more

Get Involved — Join NOW!

The National Organization for Women hurdles in the fight to attain consistent and
welcomes the reintroduction of the Equal non-prejudicial applications of justice in
Rights Amendment H.J.Res. 61. Lead spon- the legal system. The recent appointments
sors are Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney of conservative judges throughout federal San Luis Obispo Chapter
courts have compounded these difficulties.
(D-NY) and Congresswoman Judy Biggert
We hope that progressive leaders will
National Organization for Women
(R-IL). We applaud Rep. Maloney for her
dedication and commitment in working join NOW to begin in earnest an important Every woman doesn’t have to join NOW,
tirelessly to help women achieve constitu- dialogue among our elected representatives,
just the 142 million who are discriminated against!
tional equality. legal scholars, women’s rights advocates,
Throughout the history of this country, and the public. This national dialogue Name: _ ______________________________________________
women have faced systematic and purpose- should seek to determine the many ways
Address: _____________________________________________
ful discrimination. Women were conspicu- in which an application of an equal rights
amendment can resolve sex-based discrimi- City/St/ZIP: ___________________________________________
ously absent from the U.S. Constitution
when it was drafted more than 200 years nation -- as it is much more than a problem Phone: ________________________________________________
ago, and today, women still have no explicit of unequal pay and bias in hiring and pro- Regular Dues ….$40, Sliding Scale…..$15-39
legal guarantee of equal protection. While motion. In fact, the broadest possible appli-
the 14th Amendment to the Constitution is cation of this constitutional amendment is
critically important as we go forward. Send your check and this form to Amount enclosed: _____________
commonly believed to be a source of pro-
tection for women, the amendment was The National Organization for Women PO Box 1306
not drafted to ensure legal protection from has a long and intimate history with the
ERA, having mobilized one of the largest SLO, CA 93406
sex discrimination, and the 14th amend-
ment does not provide women with suffi- grassroots advocacy campaigns in history Chapter # CA 565
in support of ratification during the 1970’s
cient legal remedies for sex discrimination.
and early 1980’s. We can and will undertake
As such, we know the ERA must be ratified
to ensure meaningful and lasting equality the same effort as we believe that the time is
for all women. long overdue for a constitutional guarantee
Women have been and continue to be of equality between the sexes.
September & October 2009 | | Women’s Press NOWNews 13
Illustration by Penny Mathews

Demand Health Care Reform NOW!

NOW Chapter # CA 565

PO Box 1306, SLO, CA 93406

General Meetings
11573 Los Osos Valley Rd, #B, SLO
and no exclusions
for reproductive health care services The topic of abortion 3rd Tuesday of every month
would be allowed. coverage in health care reform has become at 6:00 pm
Further news: An amendment to red hot in recent days as abortion rights
be offered by Rep. Anthony Weiner in opponents have pressed the Democratic
committee that would establish a
national single-payer system
leadership to accept restrictions against
abortion services in House legislation. Calendar
(H.R. 676) may take place A campaign of disinformation has been
before the floor vote, though mounted by these groups, claiming the pol- September 1:
Single Payer Option: we are not sure when and if icies the Obama administration are pursu- • Birthday Queen Liliuokalani of
The House of Representatives’ this may come up. Insiders ing “will result in massive public subsidies Hawaii, 1838
health care bill (America’s Affordable believe that the national for abortion and result in a massive increase September 4:
Health Choices Act of 2009, H.R. 3200) single-payer plan has in the number of abortions.” • 1995, fourth UN world conference on
still has a single-payer option although the little chance of being Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.), co-chair women, Beijing, China
Senate caved and took it out. The Edu- adopted in a floor vote. of the Pro-Life Caucus, has said that health September 6:
cation and Labor Committee approved Inclusion of Abortion Services: In care reform legislation should maintain • 1971, NOW adopts lesbianism as “a
an amendment offered by Rep. Dennis mid-July, fifteen anti-abortion rights restrictions on federal funding of abortion. legitimate concern of feminism;” first
Kucinich, (D-Ohio) that would allow states amendments offered by Republicans were Stupak was among a group of 19 conserva- national organization to do so
to pass and implement single-payer plans. narrowly defeated in the Senate Health, tive Democrats who sent a letter to Speaker September 15:
The amendment provides for automatic Education, Labor and Pension Commit- Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) in June threatening • Four girls killed in Birmingham
waivers from the Employee Retirement tee as the committee marked-up health care to vote against any reform legislation that church bombing, 1963
Income Security Act (ERISA), which might overhaul legislation. One, offered by Sen. does not specifically prohibit federal fund- September 15:
otherwise prevent states from enacting sin- Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), would have pro- ing from being used for abortion services. • NOW regular meeting, 6 PM
gle-payer plans. hibited abortion coverage in a health care Some observers believe that this height- • Birthday Karen Horney, first to chal-
Now the challenge is to keep single exchange for participants who receive gov- ened campaign against abortion rights has lenge phallocentric psychologists, 1885
payer in the bill when it goes to a floor ernment subsidized coverage. an ultimate goal of prohibiting private September 20:
vote. Your calls and emails to House mem- Another, offered by Sen. Tom Coburn health insurance plans from covering abor- • 1884 Equal Rights Party nominated
bers are critical to support retention of (R-Okla.), would have specified that fed- tion. A 2002 study found that 87 percent of women candidates for US president
a state single-payer option in health care eral health reform legislation could not employer-based health insurance policies and vice president
reform legislation. The Kucinich amend- override state laws on parental notification covered ‘medically necessary or appropriate
ment must be retained in the final version when minors seek abortion services. A sec- abortions’, while another study found that October 4-5:
of the House bill, H.R. 3200, and perhaps ond Coburn amendment was rejected that 46 percent of workers with health insur- • Morro Bay Harbor Festival, NOW
made even stronger. There is no time to would have advanced a broad version of so- ance had coverage for abortion. So, if abor- Fundraiser
waste. Pressure is needed directly on those called “conscience” exemptions for health tion rights opponents win on prohibiting October 7:
members who have the ability to act in sup- care providers with moral or religious private insurance from including abortion • Congress authorizes women in military
port of the amendment’s retention. objections to reproductive health care. coverage, millions of women will be affected. academies
The National Organization for Women On the House side, amendments that Anti-abortion rights groups are flooding October 10:
adopted a resolution in 1993 that supports sought to prohibit health care plans— members of Congress with thousands of • California women win vote, 1911
a single-payer type approach (Medicare for including a public plan—that partici- calls, opposing any provision in health care October 11:
all) as the best way to control costs and pate in the proposed health insurance reform that would permit the use of gov- • Birthday of Eleanor Roosevelt, 1884
cover everyone. Women, especially, will exchange from covering abortion services ernment funds to pay for abortion care as • National Coming Out Day
benefit from a single-payer system because was defeated. The House Ways and Means well as trying to stop private insurance cov- October 15:
all medically-necessary services are covered Committee also approved H.R. 3200 after erage of these services. • Love Your Body Day
and the single-payer system’s approach is spurning dozens of Republican amend- Please call or mail your representative October 16:
the only way to bring costs under control. ments, including several attempts to and senators right away. Take action now! • Margaret Sanger opens first birth con-
No up-front deductibles would be required exclude abortion coverage from the essen- trol clinic in US, 1917
tial benefit package created in the bill. October 17:
• Birthday of Mae Jamison, 1st black
woman astronaut, 1956
October 20:

Here’s some possible language to use: Where to Write and Call • NOW regular meeting, 6 PM
October 26:
• Birthday of Hillary Clinton, 1947
I appreciate your colleagues’ and your Senator Barbara Boxer
recent efforts to reform our nation’s fail- 112 Hart Senate Office Building,
ing health care system. But women’s repro- District of Columbia 20510-0505
ductive health care coverage must be a part
of any reform plan. Please do not bend to
Phone: (202) 224-3553
Fax: (202) 224-0454 NOW Goals
extremist pressure to prohibit coverage in a
public option and to restrict private insur- Senator Dianne Feinstein • Support reproductive choice
ers’ current coverage for abortion services. 331 Hart Senate Office Building, • Work to eliminate ALL violence
This is the time to demonstrate courage District of Columbia 20510-0504 against women
and stand up for women’s fundamental Phone: (202) 224-3841 • Fight against sexual harassment
human rights to receive needed and appro- Fax: (202) 228-3954 • Encourage tolerance and diversity
priate reproductive health care services. • Promote feminist issues
The campaign of intimidation of women, Representative Lois Capps • Commemorate Roe v Wade
health care providers and elected officials 1110 Longworth House Office Building, (January 22)
over abortion and contraception must stop. Reproductive health care is an impor- District of Columbia 20515-0523 • Celebrate Women’s Equality Day
Like all other health care services, deci- tant part of women’s health care; federal Phone: (202) 225-3601 (August 26)
sions about women’s reproductive health assistance for low-income women to access Fax: (202) 225-5632 • Participate in Farmer’s Market
care should be made by professional health this care is crucial. I ask that you support a • Support feminist politics
care providers and their patients—not poli- woman’s right to access all health services in Representative Kevin McCarthy
ticians. Please do not deny coverage of any any health care reform bill you support. 1523 Longworth House Office Building,
reproductive health services, especially con- District of Columbia 20515-0522
traception, emergency contraception and Sincerely, Phone: (202) 225-2915
abortion services. Your constituent Fax: (202) 225-2908
14 CommunityBulletins Women’s Press | September & October 2009 |

Bulletins Free Energy Balancing Sessions in SLO

Classifieds Opportunity to Volunteer!
K9s For Felines Walk Around The Lake Women’s Press is desperate for volunteers in
The Global Alliance for Balance and Heal- Reiki Koki Ho Therapy San Luis Obispo and North County! We
The North County Humane Society invites ing is offering free energy balancing sessions need a few people to committ to distrib-
you and your dogs to Canines for Felines on Saturday, September 19, from 11:00am Deep Relaxation Stress and Pain Relief uting papers in designated areas. This is a
in Atascadero. Saturday, October 3rd, from to 4:00pm. Reiki Usui Certified job that requires you to pick up papers at
7:00am to 1:30pm, bring your dog to the The free clinic will be held at Sierra Level 1, 2, and 3 Classes the WCC in San Luis Obispo and then dis-
Atascadero Lake Bandstand for a walk Vista Hospital in the Auditorium, 1010 Julie McKenna RP/RMT 805-235-6283 tribute them in designated places in your
around the park. Registration is $30 and Murray Avenue, San Luis Obispo. Sessions area. You will need to restock papers usually
includes a T-shirt and dog bandana. All pets are 25 minutes in duration and no appoint- CCY 900E. Grand Ave. Arroyo Grande twice a month (or more, depending on how
must be on a leash. All proceeds benefit the ment is necessary. All are welcome. popular the location is). It’s such a reward-
North County Humane Society. For more Visit or call 805- ing job: you get to distribute WP to your
info, call the NCHS at 466-5403. 438-4347 to learn about energy balancing or community, you get to meet local mer-
other offerings from the Global Alliance for chants, and you are helping a great organi-
Balance and Healing. To coordinate a clinic zation.
Pet Bereavement Support Group in your area, e-mail Wendy McKenna at We are also looking for someone with a van/truck/large automobile to pick up
If you’ve recently lost a cherished pet, the Women’s Press at Cal Poly and deliver the
North County Humane Society invites papers to the WCC. This is a volunteer job
you to a Pet Bereavement Support group SoulCollage that needs to be done only once every two
offered at the Shelter the last Thursday eve- months! That’s only 6 times a year!!!
ning of each month from 6:30 to 7:30 pm. Judy Mandler, licensed Marriage and Fam- Please let Courtney Brogno know
The group is free to the public and lead by ily Therapist and certified SoulCollage if you are interested by emailing
a professional Bereavement Counselor. The Facilitator, will be presenting an exciting
Shelter is located at 2300 Ramona Road in workshop in Arroyo Grande on Saturday,
Atascadero, just off the Del Rio Rd. exit. October 24. SoulCollage is a powerful com-
For more information, please contact the bination of imagination and intuition using

Photo by Áron Balogh

Shelter at 466-5403 or visit the web site at: basic collage techniques to create a deck of cards. Your personal collages form a kind
of visual journal and invite you to explore
your inner self. No art experience is neces-
Detoxify sary!
For further information about the
Wellspring Health Services and Longevity October workshop, contact Judy Mandler
Healthcare is offering a Wellspring Detox- at 805-927-2585 or email judymandler@sbc-
ification Workshop, Oct, 20th and 27th.
These informative sessions are presented
by Sandy Muran, a nutritionist and health
educator. Both Tuesday sessions will be Living The Eternal Way:
held at Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort
in Avila Beach from 6-9pm. Cost is $65 and
reservations are required. A light dinner is
A Spiritual Training Course

What is it we seek? We naturally want to

included. Call 548-0987 by Oct.16th to reg- be happy, to be successful, and to make a Continued from page 8
ister. For more info on toxin detoxification, useful contribution to life. The “Living the
visit Eternal Way” course, taught by Reverend considerably less infrastructure to support. prenatal care. Doctors may also work for
Nancy Ballinger, provides the spiritual tools A public option is simply much leaner than large hospitals. Patients may go to any doc-
for turning our lives around in the direction what we have right now. More than 40% of tor or specialist they choose anywhere in
Leap! The Movie To Be Screened of true fulfillment, and demonstrating how premiums go to cover an insurance com- the country. A patient’s own residence is of
in Atascadero to prosper from the soul level in every area pany’s overhead plus profit. Medical care no consequence. There is no such thing as
of our life. This course, based in the tradi- costs are also higher than they need to be a preferred provider network. Thus there
Wendy McKenna, holistic healer and tion of Kriya Yoga, is about discovering the to cover the health care provider’s cost of is far more consumer choice in Japan than
founder of the Global Alliance for Bal- best of who we are and being it. Classes are dealing with private insurance companies. with America’s HMOs and PPOs.
ance and Healing is hosting a screening of Thursdays, Sept. 3rd thru Nov. 19th, from Clearly, health care consumers would real- Hospital are generally full service,
Leap!, the movie, Tuesday, September 15 at 6:30pm-8:30pm, at the Awakening Inter- ize substantial savings with a public option. at least from the patient’s point of view.
6:00pm at the Atascadero Library. A discus- faith Spiritual Community, 1130 Napa Ave. The government of Japan does not stand Patients do not go to a separate facility for
sion period will follow. Admission is $10.00 in Morro Bay. For more info, call 772-0306. between the doctor and the patient in any labs or x-rays. If a doctor sent, for exam-
per person at the door with 100% of the way. In fact, there is no feeling of govern- ple, a biopsy sample to a pathology lab,
profits donated to Global Alliance. ment presence at all. Patients go to the doc- the patient doesn’t receive a separate bill
For more information about Leap! visit tor, the doctor orders treatment, patients from the lab. There is no subcontracting of Calling All Highly Sensitive People - HSP’s pay their 30%, and go home all done with health services generating bills from all sorts
I wanted you all to be aware of a large it. The closest thing to government intru- of random providers. In the example of the
Blessing Of The Animals movement that is forming around HSP’s sion is the government’s requirement that pathology sample, the pathology lab bills
spearheaded by Dr. Elaine Aron (who doctors and dentists participate in the gov- the doctor directly who bills the patient. In
The North County Humane Society invites did the research on HSP’s) and Jacquelin ernment preventative health program by the case of x-rays, there is no bill for tak-
you to bring your pets to the Blessing of Stickland, LPC, HSP who has held many conducting free physical and dental screen- ing the x-ray separate from a bill for read-
the Animals Ceremony on Saturday, Oct. HSP gatherings here and in England. Go ings once a year in every elementary school, ing the x-ray. If a hospital wants a second
10th, from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. This to kindergarten, and preschool. The govern- party to read an x-ray, the hospital pays for
event is free and open to the public. The summer-09/index and scroll down to “Fea- ment also sends new parents reminder it, not the patient. It is crazy that an Ameri-
NCHS is located at 2300 Ramona Road in tured Highlights” to learn about HSP notices for free well-baby clinics. That’s the can hospital signs a contract with an out-
Atascadero, just off the Del Rio Rd. exit. Gathering Retreats, a new HSP magazine extent of government “interference.” The side radiologist committing a third party,
For more information, contact the NCHS (Tribe), and the HSP World Network that government never contradicts the doctor’s the patient, to paying the contract. If a
at 466-5403 or visit the web site at: www. puts you in touch with HSP’s worldwide order or refuses to pay its portion for ser- patient goes to a Japanese emergency room, for conversation and travel. (Some of you vices or prescriptions. the patient pays one bill, not multiple bills.
may remember I prefer the term Highly Although most health care facilities Ditto for surgeries.
Book Publishing 1-2-3: From the Writer’s Fin- Sensitive Nature because HSPerson suggests are privately owned, there are some public One reason why the Japanese public
gers to the Reader’s Hands that it completely defines you; I’m using facilities. Doctors usually do not work for option works is the lack of profit motive.
Curious about publishing? Join us for this HSP here because that’s how it’s commonly the government. They may be sole propri- Whether health insurance should ever be a
“behind the scenes” glimpse at how a man- known.) etors of their own hospital which may be for-profit business is a matter of debate. The
uscript actually becomes a printed book. Barbara Atkinson is a spiritual and HSP quite small, sometimes with as few as four profit motive creates an inherent conflict of
Led by longtime editor, Laurie Gibson, this mentor and can be reached at blisspapers@ beds. I saw no dedicated out-patient facil- interest; the higher the premiums and the
talk will also include practical tips to help ities; every facility had the ability to take less the company pays out, the greater the
writers increase their chances of getting admissions (except optometrists and den- profits. It is in the company’s interest to
published, such as ideas for finding liter- tists). Wait times for service are about the collect premiums but deny benefits. Ameri-
ary agents. The workshop will be held Tues- same as in America. can private insurance companies are fond of
day, Sept. 29, 7:00 p.m. in the conference While many of the large hospitals offer the current system because the patient must
room of the San Luis Obispo Library, 995 comprehensive care, some hospitals are pay for decisions made by health care pro-
Palm St., SLO. The cost is $10 (no RSVP specialized. For example, a patient with viders and insurance companies. In Japan,
needed). Each attendee will receive a free heart disease may go to cardiac hospital. people can self-pay, participate in the pub-
professional evaluation of 10 pages of writ- My maternity doctor had one of those lit- lic option or purchase private health insur-
ing (hard copy). tle four-bed hospitals, several nurses, and ance, as they choose. This is something that
For more information, call (831) 646- a cook. His patients gave birth in the same all Americans should consider.
4610 or email familiar environment where they received
September & October 2009 | | Women’s Press Resources 15
ABUSE Project Lifesaver Planned Parenthood
Adults Molested as Children Support Group (AMAC) 548.0909 SLO 549.9446
Rape Survivors Support Group, SLO Safe and Sober Support Group Stroke Support Group
Support Group for Sexual Assault Survivors 473.6507 471.8102 (SLO)
545.8888 St. Barnabas (Depression/Divorce/Grief) Caregivers of Stroke Survivors
Center for Alternatives to Domestic Violence 489.2990 544.2266 (SLO)
781.6406 Talk/Listen - Emotional support Women’s Support/Therapy v (general)
North County Women’s Shelter & Resource Center, 489.5481 534.1101
(inc. domestic violence support groups) Transformations Counseling Center Women’s Healthcare Specialists
461.1338 Free monthly workshops 541.7908 544.4883
SARP (Sexual Assault Recovery & Prevention) FINANCE/BUSINESS POLITICAL
545.8888 or 800.656.HOPE (4673) Consumer Credit Counseling Services Code Pink
Women’s Shelter Program of SLO 800.540.2227;
781.6401 Commission on Status of Women
GAY & LESBIAN 545.8412; Dawn Williams
ADDICTIONS Gay and Lesbian Alliance of the Central Coast
AA Meeting Democratic Women United
541.4252 541.4252
541.3211 PFLAG.Parents & Friends of Lesbians & Gays
Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACA) League of Women Voters
438.3889 543.2220
498.2176 SOL (Single Older Lesbians)
Al-Anon NOW (National Organization for Women)
Mostly socializing! Call 474.9405
Cambria Connection (12 step support) HOSPICE READERS/WRITERS
927.1654 Hospice of SLO County, AIDS Bereavement Group Adult Literacy
Casa Solana 544.2266 and 434.1164 541-4219
Women’s Recovery Home 481.8555 Hospice Partners of the Central Coast Creative Writing Group
Chemical Dependency intensive 782.8608 748-2676; contact Gloria
outpatient program Nightwriters
Compulsive Eaters Anonymous, H.O.W. Concept
549.9656; contact Shirley Powell
AARP Sisters in Crime
546.1178 788.2643
Drug & Alcohol Services Cal Poly Foundation
781.4275 Jobline 756.7107 SENIORS
Narcotics Anonymous Cal Poly University Adult Day Care
549.7730 and 800.549.7730 756.1533 489.8894 (Arroyo Grande);
Overeaters Anonymous Cuesta College 434.2081 (Templeton); 927.4290 (Cambria)
541.3164 Jobline 546.3127 Adult Protective Services
SCA, SLAA & SAA (Sex, Love & Romance Addictions) The Creekside Career Center 781.1790
461.6084 788.2600 or 237.3014 Computerooters:
TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) Department of Rehabilitation Computer help: 489.6230
929.1789 549.3361 Department of Social Services:
Women for Sobriety Mission Community Services Corporation In-Home Support 781.1790
215.536.8026 Women’s Business Partners Nursing help for the terminally ill 781.5540
595.1357 Elder and Dependent Adult Advocacy and Outreach –
CHILDREN & FAMILIES Private Industry Council (PIC) Victim Witness Assistance Center
Birth and Baby Resource Center 788.2601
546.3755 781-5821
LEGAL Elder Law, Geraldine E. Champion, Attorney
Childcare Resource Connection
541.2272 or 800.727.2272 Core Mediation Services 473.4747
Foster Grandparents.Senior Companions
Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) 544.6334 782.9200
“A child’s voice in Court in SLO County” District Attorney’s Office – Victim Witness Center Senior Ballroom Dance club
541.6542 781.5821 489.5481
Children’s Services Network Family Law Facilitator Senior Peer Counseling
781.1847 788.3418 Free, trained in.home counseling for 60+
First 5: Children & Families Commission Lawyer Referral and Information Service
781.4058; ask for Susan Hughs 541.5502 547.7025 ext. 15
Homeschooling in SLO County (HSC) Pro Per Divorce Workshop SPIRITUAL
462.0726; ask for Barbara 544.9313 Circle of Spiritual Enlightenment
La Clinica De Tolosa 238.5334 Senior Legal Services 541.1963;
La Leche League 543.5140 Awakening Interfaith Spiritual Community
489.9128 Meditation Monday evenings 7-8 pm
Migrant Childcare Program MEDICAL SUPPORT/SERVICES
ALS Support Group (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) Open to all. 772-0306
544.4355 and 466.3444 Hungry Hearts Spiritual Community
MOMS Club of South SLO county 227.4785 or 674.4162
RC liturgy with womanpriest 546.8672
473.2548; Alzheimer’s Support Meditation Group
Partnership for Children 547.3830, 534.9234 (SLO/Los Osos) Mondays, 7:30–8:30 PM; 772.0306
541.8666; ask for Beth 888.488.6555 New Beginnings Church
Real F.A.C.T.S. (Forum on Abused Children) American Cancer Society Every Sunday, Coalesce Bookstore, MB
460.9016 San Luis Obispo 543.1481, 238.9657 Self-Realization Fellowship
Social Services Templeton 434.3051 Sunday Services 995-1599
781.1600 Anorexia Nervosa & Bulimia Support Group
Support for Kids Coping with Domestic Violence 541.9113 WOMEN’S CENTERS/SHELTERS
473.6507 Arthritis Foundation Homeless Shelter
892.5556 781-3993
EMERGENCY/CRISIS Cancer/ Breast Cancer Support Groups Housing Authority
Hotline 543.1481 ext. 3 for information 543.4478 800.549.8989 Caregivers of Aging Parents North County Women’s Resource Center, Shelter
Sexual & Rape Prevention (SARP) 543.7969 461.1338
545.8888 or 800.656.HOPE (4673) Celiac Disease Support Group Prado Day Center (for the homeless)
Temporary Restraining Order & Victim Witness 226.9893 786.0617
Program 781.5821 Endometriosis Association Women’s Community Center, SLO
Enhancement, Inc. (for breast cancer survivors) Women’s Shelter Program of SLO
A.D.A.P.T. (Aid in Divorce Adjustment Problems Today) 771.8640
543.0388 549.8989 (crises), 781.6401 (business)
EOC Health Services Clinics
Alzheimer/Dementia Resource Center no or low cost reproductive health services
800.443.1236 544.2478 (SLO); 489.4026 (Arroyo Grande) OTHER WOMEN’S ORGANIZATIONS
Alzheimer’s Association Healthworks of the Central Coast Altrusa International, Inc.
547.3830 No or low cost reproductive health services 481.1039; Cici Wynn, President
CALL–Concerned Agoraphobics Learning to Live
543.3764 542.0900 American Association of University Women
Co-Dependents Anonymous (CoDA)
Hearst Cancer Resource Center 781-0922 Karen
542.0577 (SLO) 481.5093 (Grover Beach) 542.6269 Camping Women
IC Interstitial Cystitis/Painful Bladder Syndrome 440.2723
927.1654 (Cambria) 466.8600 (North County) 3rd Thursday, SLO, 7 -9 pm 464-0564 Hadassah.SLO
Community Counseling Center Long-term Care Ombudsman Services of SLO County 543.9452
543.7969 785.0132
Dealing With Divorce Lymphedema Education & Support Group OTHER GROUPS & GATHERINGS
544.9313 2nd Monday, 4-5 pm, 782-9300 Central Coast Peace and Environmental Council
Depresson and Bipolar Support Alliance Group Parkinson’s Support Groups 544.3399 or 783.2383
927.3703 466.7226 (Atascadero/Templeton) Compassion & Choices (or Final Exit)
Divorce Discussion Group 800.247.7421 or 489-5481
489.2990, 481.7424 (Arroyo Grande)
Eating Disorders Support Group 541.8633 (SLO)
546-3774; free, meets weekly in SLO Please send additions, corrections or deletions to: or leave a message
at the WCC: 805.544.9313. Last update 9/9/09.
... looking for a spiritual change?
The Circle of Spiritual Enlightenment is an interfaith community
dedicated to celebrating diversity and honoring
the spirit that connects all things.

Spiritual Leader: Laura V. Grace

Sunday Services 10:00am

Please join us for meditation at 9:30am each Sunday before the service
Sunday School Provided: Educational and Fun
1500 Lizzie St., Room J-2, Adult School, San Luis Obispo

For more info: 805.541.1963


Please join us for a celebration of expanding consciousness and love.

Grand Opening!
New Larger Location!
672 Higuera Street, SLO

Get 20 off! %

Dine-in • Take-out • Full Catering Service

All three locations are open: Mon.- Sun. 10:30 AM to 9:00 PM
570 Higuera St., #130 • San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 - tel. 805.544.0861
325 Pier Ave. • Oceano, CA 93425 • tel. 805.473.2383
In Avila Hotsprings • San Luis Obispo, CA 93405 • tel. 805.627.0288 Offer valid until October 31st, 2009
Also, order online: