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Debunking Dunk Myths Jesyl Gabrielle V.

Gubatanga October 12, 2013 The Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) was the first professional basketball league in Asia and is the second oldest in the world following the National Basketball Association (NBA. It may seem to be new information to anyone who is busy with their other specialized fields when it comes to the world of sports. Basketball for us Filipinos is innate, more like a backbone in our lives. The passion when it comes to basketball has always been within us. Our ancestors learned it in 1936, the same year it was played as an official Olympic sport. The Philippine Team joined the elite group of Olympic Basketball Pioneers as they competed in the Berlin Olympic Games. The Philippine Basketball Association was inaugurated last April 9, 1975. It brought forth fame and gain through the years. However, there were instances that the government was not fully supportive when it comes to their endeavors. A lot of sacrifice and dedication led basketball in the Philippines to what it is now, all high and mighty in its pedestal in Filipino culture. Of course, why would it not be logical for us Filipinos to love basketball? You can see every barangay has its own court and own team. Even though we were not bestowed with towering heights, our passion fuels the popularity of the game. However, There has not been a single player to play or even legitimately considered to make an impact in the NBA or any same caliber league in the world. Nevertheless, the myth was put aside when the names of Raymond Townsend, Chip Engelland, Nate Robinson, and Erik Spoelstra brought forth the Filipino blood in the world of major league basketball. If we look closely, all of them are not even pure Filipinos. All of them have foreign blood which gives them an advantage (such as their built and height suited for basketball) but there is no question about their connection with the Philippines. However, when will we see a native Filipino rub elbows with the likes of O’neal, Lin and Bryant? The dream might not be over yet. The second-place in the FIBA Asia Championship result gave the Philippines Smart Gilas Team a ticket to the FIBA World Cup in Spain on 2014. The team moved up 11 places in the latest world rankings and the Philippines are now the 34th ranked basketball nation in the world, up from 45th prior to the Asian tournament. This made a spark in the hearts of the Filipinos who are constantly rooting for their dream team. If we take a close look at history, the Philippines has accomplished many feats in Basketball. We had the Bronze Medal at the World Championships, a fifth-place Olympic finish, five FIBA Asian Mens Championships, four Asian Games Men's Basketball Gold Medals and two William Jones Cup Championships. The Philippine Team is also a consistent winner at the Southeast Asian Games and at the Southeast Asia Basketball Association. The Philippines has also participated in four FIBA World Championships and seven Olympic Basketball Tournaments. This goes to show that a Filipino can make it in the international arena. Hopefully, the Philippine Basketball story will not end there. Driven by pride and the love for the sport, there is no denying that a Filipino can break boundaries and go global in the world of Basketball. Go Philippines!