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Active and Passive Voice Tenses Revision Key

1. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 1!. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 1!. 2. )hen the *o th and +outh %inally laid down thei a #s in 1865 at the end o% the ,#e ican -ivil )a they had been %ighting %o ove %ou yea s and the +outh. which had won seve al battles but had lost the wa . was econo#ically e"hausted. (t was a t agedy that ,b aha# /incoln. who had led the *o th to victo y and was now eady to be gene ous to the +outh. didn0t su vive/hadn0t su vived to #ake the peace. 1ive days a%te 2ene al /ee 3had4 su ende ed at ,ppo#atto". /incoln was assassinated. ')hat have you been doing with you sel% lately5 ( haven0t seen you %o ove a #onth.' '( have been in +tockhol# since ( last saw you.' '6eally5 7ow long we e you the e and what did you do/we e you doing5' '*ea ly th ee weeks. ( did/was doing so#e esea ch at the 6oyal /ib a y. ( think ( have al eady told you that ( a# wo king on a book about +candinavia.' '8es. 7ow is it going/has it been going5' '*ot so bad. ( hope/a# hoping to have it in the hands o% the publishe by the end o% the yea .' 3. 1 passive9 we e dest oyed/have been dest oyed 2 active9 a ived 3 active9 e"ists/e"isted 4 passive9 was p evented 5 passive9 a e needed 6 active9 have happened 4. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. has been sent was stopped was %ound have d unk hea d had been dis$uali%ied was banned 8. 9. 1!. 11. 12. 13. 14. said had used said was dep essed went d ank was caught 7 active9 dete io ated/ has dete io ated 8 active9 eceded 9 passive9 we e wo n 1! passive9 has been developed/ is being developed/ was developed 11 active9 %ollowed 12 passive9 will be eleased/a e being eleased has been studying/has studied will be taking/ takes/is taking passes will then specialise will take will not be is will then have been studying/have studied will have ea ned has been wo king/has wo ked &oined had been wo king/ha'd wo ked had ac$ui ed wo ked/was wo king was wo king a# ( doing a# babysitting have gone ae was babysitting sta ted a e being is eating gave le%t 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. has been suppo ting/ has suppo ted is e"pecting will be giving up/is going to give up/will give up will live/a e going to live stops a e not wo ying/do not wo y will #anage is going to/ will $uali%y takes

6. 7. 8. 9. 1!. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19.

beca#e has been wo king/has wo ked has p oved wo ks is wo king have %ound a e happily painting assu e/have assu ed have done had hope a e telling/have told has got have been t ying

his wasn0t ve y success%ul. <y house is being watched.he t ouble is that at the sa#e ti#e I had #y e"pense allowance reduced by nea ly hal%. ( had been told to a ive 8. 2. . 4. 5. wo k. ( hadn't been . 3.. You may be forbidden any contact . all the %lowe s will have been wate ed.4 >y lunchti#e things hadn0t got any bette . because ( had been given no in%o #ation about the building o whe e ( was going to wo k.he lette hasn0t been sent yet.. . 2. 7. 6. 11.. Have you eve had you washing stolen when . 12. 5. . 3.. but when ( got the e the whole place see#ed to be e#pty.3!. 7. %ou #onths when I was taught the ele#ents o% #a keting and 3was4 made a sales ep esentative. 13. 9. =o you think the ink stain will wash out5 14. *othing happened %o an hou ? then ( was given so#e lette s to type on a co#pute by one o% the senio sec eta ies. 1. 8ou have been wa ned. . 1!. 7e will be seen o%% by his elatives at the ai po t. . 314was 324being 334 kicked/ th own/ booted 344 we e 354 had 364 %ollowed / pu sued 8. 7e had his wallet with all the cash and c edit ca ds stolen last yea .5. 1. so ( &ust waited a ound until so#e o% the sec eta ies began to tu n up. so ( walked out and didn0t go back. 3(n the lette ( was sent when ( was o%%e ed the &ob. 6. I have been lent a book on co#pute s and (. 3. . d y5 I have. and 3has been4 jailed. 1. .he latest news is that he has been charged with conspi acy... 7ave you had you ca epai ed yet5 8. 2. 3. >y the ti#e you co#e. 1. 4. =ictiona ies can0t be used. 1inally ( was shown a di ty little o%%ice on the %i%th %loo . ( didn0t know what to do. 7as the docto been sent %o 5 you have had you %inge p ints put on police %iles you can neve have &ust got to get so#ething done about this %o you help ( would not have got #y passpo t o% us can get eve ything o ganised all at the sa#e #ust take ca e not to get you %a#ily involved in any such dange ous 374 been 364 be 394 housed / acco##odated / installed 31!4 wo ked / thought / so ted 3114 being 3124 being/closely was co#pletely dest oyed by the ca was awa ded second p i:e was e%used pe #ission to appeal against the decision has ea ned the# seve al #illion pounds we e eco##ended 3to t y4 a new #ethod o% checking how #uch we we e spending has %aded in the sun sailing 3being sailed4 into the ha bou > (0ll neve %o get #y %i st day at that o%%ice. ( was p o#ised co#pute t aining.. 7e is o%ten taken %o his b othe .his %ab ic c eases easily. (n %act I have been having #ine stolen a bit at a ti#e . 7e is having his hand luggage sea ched. ( had #y ceiling whitewashed yeste day.. 17. )eapon #ust be handed in. and ( decided that ( wasn0t being paid enough to put up with this nonsense. but they0d obviously %o gotten about this. 9. e you having you house painted5 16. 7. because ( had neve been taught how to use a co#pute . 4. 6. . 15. whe e ( was given a desk in a co ne . 5. I ecently had #y sala y increased by thi ty pe cent. 5. . 2.his oo# hasn0t been used %o ages. 3has been4 refused bail. I had neve had the# explained to #e be%o e... 4.

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