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Chapter 45. Avasthas of Planets 1.

O sage, you have earlier stated that the Avasthas (states) of planets be considered in the conte t of planetary effects. !e "ind to tell #e about the sa#e. $. O e cellent of !rah#ins, various "inds of planetary Avasthas have been e pounded. Out of these, % tell you the su##ary of infant and other states (in the first instance). &. %'(A') *)A)+ +)C, %nfant, youthful, adolescent, old, and dead are the states of planets placed in the ascending order at the rate of si degrees in odd signs. )his arrange#ent is reverse in the case of even signs. 4. -+*./)*, One fourth, half, full, negligible, and nill are the grades of results due to a planet in infant, youthful, adolescent, old, and dead states. 5. A0A1+'%'2, 3-+A4%'2, A'3 */++P%'2 *)A)+*, %f a planet is in its o5n sign or in e altation, it is said to be in a state of a5a"ening (or alertness). %n the sign of a friend or of a neutral it is in drea#ing state, 5hile in ene#y6s sign or in debilitation it is in a state of sleeping. 7. According to a planet being in A5a"ening, 3rea#ing, *leeping states, the results due to it 5ill be full, #ediu#, or nil. 8. O)9+- 1%'3* O( *)A)+*, )here are nine "inds of other states, vi:. 3eepta, *5astha, Pra#udita, *anta, 3eena, ;i"ala, 1hala, and 1opa. <=1>. %f a planet is in its e altation sign, it is in 3eeptavastha, in o5n sign *5astha, in thic" friend6s sign Pra#udita, in friendly sign *anta, in neutral6s sign 3eena, in the co#pany of a #alefic ;i"ala, in an ene#y6s sign 1hala, and in being eclipsed by the *un = 1opa, 3epending on such a state of the planet, the house occupied by it 5ill obtain corresponding effects. 11=1<. ?+) O)9+- A;A*)9A*, /a@@ita, 2arvita, 1shudita, )rushita, 4udita, and 1shobhita are the other "inds of (si ) states due to the planets. Placed in the 5th house if a planet is associated 5ith a node or 5ith the *un, *aturn, or 4ars, it is in /a@@itavastha. %f a planet is in e altation or in 4oolatri"ona, it is 2arvitavastha. )he Avastha is 1shudita if the planet is in an ene#y6s sign, or con@unct an ene#y or aspected by an ene#y or even be in con@unction 5ith *aturn. %f a planet is in a 5atery sign and be in aspect to a #alefic but not a benefic, the Avastha is called )rushita. %f a planet is in a friendly sign, or con@unct or aspected by a benefic or is con@unct Aupiter, it is said to be in 4uditavastha. %f a planet is con@unct the *un and is aspected by or con@unct a #alefic or is aspected by an ene#y, it is said to be in 1shobhitavastha. )he houses occupied by a planet in 1shuditavastha or 1shobhitavastha are destroyed. 1B=$&. )he learned should esti#ate the effects due to a house in the #anner cited above (i.e. 5ith the help of various "inds of avasthas), after ascertaining the strength and 5ea"ness (of

troubles fro# ene#ies. *ayana. %n e altation. 2a#ana. physical 5ea"ness.A-%O. financial debacles. interest in evil speeches. 4ars $.A. 'ote the nu#ber of the stars (fro# As5ini) occupied by the planet for 5hich Avastha is to be calculated. Add to this the nu#ber of birth asteris#.A*)9A +)C. 4oon $. %f a planet in the 5th house is in /a@@itavastha. destruction of ene#ies. +((+C)* O( 2A-. Aupiter 5. . and an eclipsed #ind due to #iseries.enus &. etc. 3ivide the product so obtained by 1$. loss of intelligence. the native 5ill incur digestive deficiency. 4ultiply that nu#ber by the nu#ber denoted by the planet (*un 1. *abha.various planets). leading over 5ic"ed (or evil) deeds.. 4oon $. )his figure be divided by 1$ and the re#ainder 5ill indicate the corresponding Avastha of the planet. A planet in 4uditavastha 5ill give residences. . &>=&8. grief on account of relatives. +((+C)* O( C9+*)A +)C. or there 5ill be only one surviving child.) by the sa#e figure and increase it by the figure denoted by the An"a value for the first syllable of the native6s personal na#e. loss of 5ealth due to one6s o5n #en. . happiness fro# lands and 5ife. regalhood. *urely the 5ife of the native 5ill die if there is a planet in the 8th in 1shobhitavastha or in )rushitavastha.ichestha. the nu#ber of ghatis of birth and the nu#ber of signs the ascendant gained fro# Aries. A planet in )rushitavastha 5ill cause diseases through association 5ith fe#ales. *un 5. and i#prove#ent in business.). and the Chesthas of such avasthas. +((+C)* O( )9+ *. Pra"asana. %f a planet posited in the 1>th house is in /a@@itavastha. )he sub state in the said Avastha can be found out thus. happiness fro# relatives. financial distress. etc.%)A. .* P/A'+)* 4>=51.) )he product so arrived at be divided by &. s"ill in arts. (9ere the planet #eans the one for 5ho# the the sub state is being "no5n. %n the process if the re#ainder is 1. Aaga#ana. and decline in honor. *ayana 1. *aturn &. #any diseases. and 'idra. 1autu"a. evil disposition. #iseries. )he figure so arrived at be again #ultiplied by the nu#ber of 'ava#sa the planet is in. CA/C. !ho@ana. there 5ill be destruction of progeny.pavesana. A planet in 1shobhitavastha 5ill give acute penury. distress to feet and obstruction to inco#e due to royal 5rath. #iseries caused by evil people. -ahu 4 ( and 1etu 4)./A)%O' O( *A?A'A A'3 O)9+. clothes. A planet in 1shudhitavastha 5ill cause do5nfall due to grief and passion. A planet in /a@@itavastha 5ill give aversion to 2od. it is 3rishtiD if $ Cheshta. loss of physical strength. living in royal palaces.A*)9A* A) !%-)9. #ultiply the figure denoted by the Avastha concerned (i. 'etrapani. )he re#ainder there of be further increased by constant planetary addita#ents thus.'6* A. +((+C)* O( )9+ . physical decline.A*)9A*. the person 5ill al5ays be sub@ected to #iseries. and if > . %f the *un is in *ayanavastha. financial gains at all ti#es. and listlessness in good things. %6ll no5 tell you of the avasthas vi:. 1shudhitavastha or 1shobhitavastha. Aga#a. A planet in 2arvitavastha 5ill cause happiness through ne5 houses and gardens. 'rityalipsa. the results being stated for the Avastha 5ill be #ediu#. )he good and bad effects of planets be deciphered based on the strength and 5ea"ness of the planets. &<=&B. and neglibible in . the planets reveal effects in a pronounced #anner due to (good) avasthas. loss of child.e. full in Chestha. 0ea" planets cause reduction in good effects 5hile stronger ones give greater effects. orna#ents. %f the sub state is 3rishti in an Avastha. 4ercury &.ichestha. $4=$B.pavesana $. and acCuisition of 5isdo# and learning.

and be short= te#pered. and heart stro"es. 5ill eat re#nant food. conveyances. the native 5ill be troubled by diseases. 5ill subdue the passion of 5o#en. and into icated 5ith pride. e#aciated. the native 5ill be distressed due to ene#ies. indolent. the native 5ill be honored by the learned. be char#ing faced. the native 5ill be interested in other6s 5ives. 5ill suffer diseases of feet. 5ill secretly indulge in sinful acts. the native 5ill be distressed due to fear. %f the 4oon is in !ho@anavastha. the native 5ill be fa#ous in the 5orld. and 5ill lose in his underta"ings. 5ill do un5orthy acts. and orna#ents. %f the *un is in 'idravastha. be a significant spea"er in the asse#bly. the native 5ill be honorable. 5ill live in foreign (or distant) places. %f the 4oon is in 'rityalipsavastha and be endo5ed 5ith (fortnightly) strength. 5ith decreasing rays. 5ill have only negligible 5ealth). the native 5ill suffer poverty. and 5ill steal others6 5ealth. be untruthful. the native 5ill be sinful. be virtuous. %f the *un is in !ho@anavastha. given to se ual lust. devoid of virtuous acts.pavesanavastha. sluggish. 5ill indulge in litigations. be very garrulous. cruel and al5ays troubled by afflictions of sightD if 5ith increasing rays. be #iserable. 5ic"ed. be al5ays endo5ed 5ith 5ealth and ge#s. very affectionate to his friends.pavesanavastha. be endo5ed 5ith spiritual "no5ledge. the native 5ill possess eyes laden 5ith sleepiness (i. 5ill have fear fro# ene#ies. be interested in #ove#ents. %f the *un is in 2a#anavastha. very happy. be dull=5itted. bereft of intelligence and 5ealth. 5ill incur headaches. be devoid of his o5n #en. be poor and devoid of intelligence and happiness. *hould the 4oon be in Pra"anasavastha. 5$=7&. and 5ill ta"e to bad 5ays. be hi#self a scholar. 5ill perfor# #any #eritorious acts. 5ill perfor# sacrificial rites. the native 5ill be e#inent a#ong #en. the native 5ill be disposed to help others. 5ill lose #oney on account of others6 fe#ales. be very strong. %f the *un is in 'rityalipsavastha. 5ill carry loads. and be adored by "ings on the earth. and be endo5ed 5ith char#ing beauty. and 5ill visit shrines. and 5ill indulge in bad deeds. the native 5ill be troubled by great diseases (long lasting in nature). provided she is fullD if she is in dar" fortnight these auspicious effects 5ill fail to co#e. the native 5ill .stoutness of legs. %f the *un is in 1autu"avastha. be dirty. %f the *un is in Pra"asanavastha. be very beautiful. endo5ed 5ith pro5ess and 5ealth. and be very "indly disposed. fe#ales. %( the *un is in . be distressed due to fear. and 5ill face financial destruction. and 5ill gain royal favors. fic"le=#inded. attendants. honored by "ings. be heard= hearted. %f the *un is in Aga#anavastha. %f the 4oon is in . social status. and be virtuous. the native 5ill be endo5ed 5ith honor. the native 5ill be disposed to live in foreign places. be surrounded by horses. and "ings of "ings. 5ill have his virtues e posed through royal patronage. bilious vitiation. %f the #oon is in *ayanavastha. 5ill incur har# to 5ife. 5ise. s"illful in doing evil deeds. endo5ed 5ith lands. helpful to others. 5ill have strength declining off and on.e. %f the *un is in Aaga#avastha.A*)9A* A) !%-)9. %f the *un is in 'etrapani Avastha. %f the *un is in *abhavastha. 5ife and daughters. ill disposed. elephants. be greatly strong. the native 5ill al5ays be happy.e. %f the 4oon is in 'etrapani Avastha. 5ic"ed. %f the 4oon is in 2a#anavastha. and 5ill face financial destruction. the native 5ill e perience pains in @oints. ulcer in the anus. 5ill #ove a#id "ings. the native 5ill al5ays be happy. the native 5ill be honorable. and be endo5ed 5ith "no5ledge of poetry. be s"illful in se ual acts. etc. 5ill have plenty of 5ealth. %f the 4oon is in *abhavastha. 5ill have "no5ledge of poetry. evil=#inded. +((+C)* O( )9+ 4OO'6* A. %f the 4oon is in Aga#anavastha. be not endo5ed 5ith #entionable 5ealth (i. be hard=hearted. and be a tale=bearer. the native 5ill be liberal in disposition. al5ays dro5sy). ne5 houses and robes.

itch and ulcer. ho5ever. 5ill adore a sharp s5ord. 5ill hold the flag of righteousness aloft and be 5ealthyD if 4ars be in the said state in the 5th or Bth. %f 4ars be in . and satisfaction but be honorableD if 4ercury be in the 5th house in the said Avastha. %f 4ars be in the ascendant and be in 'etrapani Avastha. if in the 1$th childlessness and no 5ife and no friends 5ill result. itches etc. 5ell5ishers. penury 5ill result and if by benefics financial happiness 5ill follo5. 4ars in Pra"anasavastha in the 5th house 5ill. the native 5ill be short=te#pered. and charitable. %f 4ars is in the said state and be 5ith -ahu. and 5ill gain abundant finance . %f 4ars be in 1autu"avastha. be endo5ed 5ith (#ore) fe#ale children. 3evoid of Aupiter6s con@unction. the native 5ill possess (the seven principle) virtuesD if aspected by or con@unct #alefics. dia#onds and corals in his house. the native 5ill earn 5ealth through "ing and 5ill be endo5ed 5ith fullness of gold. and s"ill in se ual acts and in sporting 5ith harlots. the native 5ill shine 5ith virtues and 5ill be honored by the " strong. %f the 4oon is in 1autu"avastha. and bereft of virtues. %f 4ars be 5ith strength 5hile in !ho@anavastha. the native 5ill be la#e and 5ill have reddish eyesD if 4ercury be in the said Avastha in other houses. and fe#ale @ac"als 5ill be crying around his abode (as though it 5ere a ce#etery). and troubled by diseases. %f 4ars be in Aga#anavastha.pavesanavastha in the ascendant. *houd 4ercury in *ayanavastha be in the ascendant. 5ill acCuire diseases of the foot of the ears and severe gout pains. the native 5ill be bereft of learning. the native 5ill be strong. devoid of intelligence and 5ealth. untruthful. endo5ed 5ith precious ge#s. and 5ill incur financial decline. the native 5ill be s"illful in conducting 5ars. 74=85. %f 4ars be in 'idravastha. the native 5ill be devoid of learning. the native 5ill eat s5eet food. a severe (positional) fall 5ill descend on the native. and 5ill re#ove the #iseries of his people. the sub@ect 5ill be bereft of happiness fro# 5ife and son. if 4ars be si#ultaneously e alted. %f 4ercury be in . 5ill 5al" 5ith the (#a@estic) gait of an elephant (i#parting surprise in the onloo"er). the native 5ill be troubled by 5ounds. %f 4ars be in *abhavastha and be in e altation. %f 4ars is in *ayanavastha. fallen fro# virtuous path. lordship over 5ealth. 5isdo#. the native 5ill be devoid of virtues and good deeds. the person 5ill be sinful. 5ill be distressed by diseases.pavesanavastha.A*)9A* O( 4A-* A) !%-)9. 87=<7. there 5ill be penuryD in other houses this state 5ill confer rulership of a city. +((+C)* O( A. be 5ic"ed. the native 5ill lose his 5ealth on account of fe#ales. 5ill have fear of #ultiple ulcers. the native 5ill indulge in base acts and be dishonorable. the native 5ill be Cuite e#inent. e#inent. be very 5ealthy. and 5ill befriend evil lot. %f 4ars be 'rityalipsavastha. %f 4ars be in Aga#avastha. *hould 4ars be in 2a#anavastha the native 5ill be al5ays roa#ing. 5ill incur #isunderstandings 5ith fe#ales. cause loss of children and of 5ife. the native 5ill be curious in disposition and be endo5ed 5ith friends and sons. the native 5ill atain "ingship. *hould 4ars be in Pra"anasavastha. and if be devoid of strength. %f 4ercury be in 'etrapani Avastha. honorable. *hould increasing 4oon con@unct Aupiter be in 'idravastha. if the 4oon is in the said Avastha. and if 4ars be in other houses than these in the said Avastha. 5ill have "no5ledge of songs and be a critic of beauty of thingsD if said 4oon is of dar" fortnight. 5ill destroy his ene#ies. be ti#id. the native 5ill be virtuous. the native 5ill be addicted to licentious pleasures and be 5ic"ed.-?6* A. 5ealthy. 5ill be afflicted 5ith boils.A*)9A* A) !%-)9. the native 5ill be a scholar in a "ing6s court. sinful. the native 5ill be honored by the "ing and virtuous and be hi#self virtuous. +((+C)* O( 4+-C..

the native 5ill be charitable. and 5ealth. the native 5ill receive royal honors. and recognition in asse#bly due to his scholarshipD if 5ith the said state 4ercury be in a #alefic6s sign the native 5ill be addicted to prostitutes and 5ill long for licentious pleasures. and 5ill be supre#ely learned. face and hands. retinue. sons.through royal patronage. be troubles by "ing and ene#ies. and the goddess of 5ealth 5ill never leave the native6s abode. %f Aupiter is in 2a#anavastha the native 5ill be adventurous. be endo5ed 5ith great faculty of discri#ination. be supre#e a#ong the learned . and 5ill destroy evil people. 5ill physically lose on account of fear fro# "ing (i. %f 4ercury be in Pra"anasavastha. fic"le= #inded. very proud. ta5ny in co#ple ion. %f 4ercury be in 'idravastha. the native 5ill serve base #en and gain 5ealth thereby and 5ill have t5o sons and one fa#e=bringing daughter. and be in the ascendant.edic learning. the native 5ill be garrulous. and endo5ed 5ith various "inds of 5ealth and 5ith . conveyances. 5ill cross the boundaries of ocean in respect of #any branches of learning. friends.A*)9A* A) !%-)9. libidinous. %f Aupiter be in Pra"anasavastha. the native 5ill en@oy virtues. splendorous. and be a great gra##arian. honors. be happy. and 5ill be bereft of physical and con@ugal felicity. e tre#ely noble. %f 4ercury be in Aga#anavastha. be rich 5ith elephants. <8=B<. afflicted by #iseries galore. %f Aupiter be in Aga#avastha. %f 4ercury be in !ho@anavastha. be devoid of coborn. horses and chariots.P%)+-6* A. and 5ill have fear fro# ene#ies. be 5ealthy. children. be eCual to a "ing. the native 5ill be affluent and #eritorious at all ti#es. the native 5ill not en@oy co#fortable sleep. %f Aupiter is in *ayanavastha.pavesanavastha. elephants and chariots 5hile /a"sh#i. corals. endo5ed 5ith "no5ledge or #oral la5 and )antra (a branch of learning dealing 5ith #agical or #ystical for#ularies to attain superhu#an po5ers). be endo5ed 5ith superior corals. 5ill have pro#inent chee"s. %f 4ercury be in *abhavastha. 5ill lose 5ealth and honor. #eritorious. and be in e altation. %f Aupiter be un . and learning. %f Aupiter be in !ho@anavastha. the native 5ill al5ays beget e cellent food and horses. and 5ill attain final e#ancipation. 5ife. friends. %f Aupiter be in 'rityalipsavastha. the sa#e effects due to his being in 2a#anavastha 5ill fructify. 5ill never leave his house. the native 5ill attain greatness a#ong #en. scholarly. the goddess of /ucre. %f 4ercury be in 1autu"avastha. the native 5ill be afflicted by diseases. %f Aupiter be in Aga#anavastha. the native 5ill be endo5ed 5ith honor. be virtuous. the native 5ill be #eritorious and attain heavens after death. %f 4ercury be in 'rityalipsavastha. +((+C)* O( A. be devoted to /ord . *hould 4ercury be in Aga#avastha. and 5ill visit places holy to /ord 1rishnaD if Aupiter in the said Avastha is e alted. be fond of #usic and dances. shan"s.ishnu and /ord *iva. be very ta5ny in co#ple ion. rubies. e cellent 5o#en. %f Aupiter be in *abhavastha. devoid of 5ealth. and 5ill ta"e to virtuous path. be eCual to 1ubera = the lord of 5ealth. 5ill enter into litigations 5ith his o5n #en. the native 5ill visit the court of "ings on #any occaisions and 2oddess /a"sh#i (denoting 5ealth) 5ill d5ell in his abode. be eCual to 1ubera (the lord of 5ealth). . the native 5ill face financial losses through litigations.e 5ill beco#e thin due to royal 5rath). and be attached to other caste#en. be afflicted by nec" or nec" @oint diseases. #erciful. serving force. the native 5ill be endo5ed 5ith various conveyances. %f Aupiter be in 'etrapani Avastha. %f 4ercury be in 2a#anavastha. or be a "ing or a #inister. and 5ill have ulcers on feet. pro5ess. be happy on account of friends. fond of literature. the native 5ill be s"illful in #usicD if be in the 8thE<th 5ith the said Avastha one 5ill be addicted to courte:ans and if in the Bth. the native 5ill be strong but 5ill spea" in 5hispers. the native 5ill attain co#parability 5ith Aupiter (the 2od of speech) in the #atter of speech.

*hould . very 5ealthy. and be an eloCuent spea"er. and punished by the "ing. be endo5ed 5ith great @udicial (or political) "no5ledge. %f . 5ill shine li"e the *un in his circles. intelligent. and 5andering all over the earth. %f *aturn be in 2a#anavastha.+'. 5ill attain greatness in the asse#bly. the native 5ill be very rich and 5ill be honored by scholars. diseases and lac" of pleasures fro# the 5ife. 5ill see" union 5ith courte:ans. %f . 5ill al5ays roa# pitiably 5ithout anybody6s patronage. the native 5ill incur diseases. the native 5ill be troubled by hunger and thirst. and be a scholar in the the "ing6s court. separation fro# children and relatives.A*)9A* O( . be eCual to a "ing. 5ill contract dangers. 5ill destroy ene#ies. %f *aturn be in Pra"anasavastha. in o5n sign. %f *aturn be in Aga#avastha.e. charitable. and be a scholar at royal court. and if the said planet is in . 5ill la#ent over separation fro# his o5n people. bereft of 5ealth. %f *aturn be in 'etrapani Avastha. %f *aturn be in Aga#anavastha. %f . be happy. the 8th or 1>th. be learned and 5ill have /a"sh#i al5ays d5eeling in his abode. be ever enthusiastic. be self=respected.enus be in Aga#anavastha. e altation sign of friendly sign. #erciful. although strong. the native 5ill be distressed due to hunger. foolish). be very short=te#pered. and devoted to /ord *iva. 5ill incur diseases in boyhood and later on 5ill beco#e 5ealthy. %f . be eCual to 1ubera in 5ealth. the native 5ill be foolish in all his underta"ings. honored by the "ings. endo5ed 5ith sonsD 5ill grab ene#y6s lands.pavesanavastha. and be licentious. intelligent. garrulous. 111=1$$. and 5ill not be s"illful in earning royal patronage. bereft of happiness fro# 5ife and children. 5ill destroy ene#ies.enus is in other houses.enus be in 'idravastha. the native 5ill be very virtuous. 5ill ride on horses. %f *aturn is in *ayanavastha. be very strong. the native 5ill be endo5ed 5ith a char#ing fe#ale. great) possessions of abundant precious stones and gold. there 5ill be no advent of 5ealth but troubles fro# ene#ies. %f Aupiter be in 'idravastha. the native 5ill co##and abundant 5ealth. be e ceedingly "ind. and if the said Avastha occurs 5hen . be ever happy. the native 5ill be very rich. %f . %f . and 5ill have fear fro# ene#ies. 5ill bla#e others. the native 5ill be eCual to /ord %ndra. 5ill play #usical instru#ents li"e lute. %f . 5ealth and @ust disposition. %f .* A) !%-)9. there 5ill be large houses o5ned by the native. the native 5ill sport li"e a lofty elephant.e.enus be in *ayanavastha.enus be in *abhavastha.enus be in 'etrapani Avastha in the ascendant.enus be in 2a#anavastha. and 5ill contract diseases of hand and foot. very rich. and 5ill have highly increased honors. and be s"illful in poetry and #usic. royal favor and friends. the native 5ill be a"in to a don"ey (i. 5ill incur dental diseases. the native 5ill be trouble greatly by ene#ies. be honored by the "ing. endo5ed 5ith sons. and 5ill be e cellent a#ong #en. %f *aturn be in *abhavastha. 5ealth.%f Aupiter be in 1autu"avastha. 5ill underta"e to visit superior shrines.enus be in 'rityalipsavastha.enus is in Aga#avastha. diseases and #any "inds of fear fro# ene#ies. +((+C)* O( A.enus be in !ho@anavastha.enus be in Pra"asavatha. %f *aturn be in .irgo in !ho@anavastha. %f . the native 5ill earn e#inence in the "ing6s court. be heroic. taber etc.. and be e tre#ely brilliant. sportive. 5ill suffer irredee#able penury. the native 5ill be curious in disposition.-'6* A. the native 5ill be endo5ed 5ith #ultitude of nine ge#s and golden orna#ents. 5ill have "no5ledge of #any arts. be #eritorious and very affluent. and 5ill be devoid of righteous acts. 5ill have ulcers all over the body. the native. .enus be in 1autu"avastha. splendorous. there 5ill be loss of 5ealth on account of sight afflictions.A*)9A* A) !%-)9. the native 5ill be s"illful in literature. +((+C)* O( *A). *hould . be very virtuous. %f . the native 5ill have suprising (i. the native 5ill not have a long living #other.pavesanavastha. BB=11>. the native 5ill be interested in serving others.enus be in .

brave. be a chief in the "ing6s court.irgo. there 5ill be plenty of 5ealth 5hile in other signs increased diseases 5ill follo5. the native 5ill be distressed due to diseases. charitable. and be e cellent a#ong #en. 5ill face loss of 5ealth. %f -ahu be in Pra"anasavastha. highly honorable. e tre#ely opulent. +((+C)* O( -A9. 5ill enter in to litigations 5ith his relatives. 5ill destroy even fierce ene#ies. and very affluent. be happy. and 5ill steal others6 5ealth. %f 1etu is in *ayanavastha in Aries. bold. proud. be endo5ed 5ith 5ife and children. %f -ahu be in 1autu"avastha. be a talebearer. the native 5ill be distressed due to ulcers. be bereft of his o5n #en. the native 5ill be 5ealthy. be interested in others6 fe#ales. 5ealthy. %f 1etu be in Aga#avastha. and be very prosperous in foreign places.A*)9A* A) !%-)9. 5ill have fear fro# 5ic"ed people. and honored by the "ing. 2e#ini. be i#pertinent. 5ill face financial destruction. the native 5ill be distressed 5ithout food. honored by the "ing. be highly virtuous.irgo. +((+C)* O( 1+). 5ill hurt (others) 5ith his teeth. 5ill perfor# auspicious acts. )aurus. abundant 5ealth. and 5ill have fear fro# 5ic"ed people. 5ill obtain elevation of financial state. %f 1etu be in !ho@anavastha. endo5ed 5ith char#ing virtues. sna"es. %f -ahu be in *ayanavastha. the native 5ill be righteous. the native 5ill be endo5ed 5ith 5ealth and grains. sna"es. the native 5ill contract a great and unsubduing disease. %f 1etu be in Pra"asanavastha. %f 1etu be in 2a#anavastha. the native 5ill be a notorious sinner. 1$&=1&4. and 5ill bla#e others. %f 1etu be in 'rityalipsavastha. or Aries. the native 5ill en@oy tastes of food. . 5ic"ed.. *hould 1etu be in 'etrapani Avastha. righteous. and thieves.A*)9A* A) !%-)9. 5ill have afflicted eyes and fear fro# ene#ies. %f -ahu is in Aga#anavastha. and 5ill decline financially and righteously. be endo5ed 5ith royal association. 5ill have fear fro# ene#ies and litigations 5ith ene#ies. and 5ill serve the "ing. and 5ill roa# all over the earth. %f -ahu be in 'rityalipsavashta. sna"es. %f 1etu be in . %f -ahu be in . the native 5ill be al5ays #entally distressed. %f *aturn be in 'rityalipsavastha. and 5ill plan evils. %f *aturn be in 'idravastha. be scholarly. %f 1etu be in Aga#anasavastha. %f -ahu is in 2a#anavastha. %f -ahu be in 'idravastha. be scholarly. charitable. the native 5ill be rich. the native 5ill contact eye diseases. and be crafty and e#aciated. the native 5ill be a repository of virtues. be 5ea"=sighted and be fic"le=#inded due to #ental delusion. and thieves. be char#ing li"e freshly for#ed clouds (that 5ill cause rain soon). the native 5ill incur #any disease. endo5ed 5ith pleasures through char#ing fe#ales. etc. arts.pavesanavastha. the native 5ill suffer fro# ulcers and 5ill have fear fro# ene#ies. and be s"illful in see"ing pleasures through harlots. virtuous. the native 5ill e perience #iseries galoreD but if -ahu in the said Avastha be in )aurus. and ever devoid of financial happiness. 5ill live in foreign places. %f -ahu be in !ho@anavastha.6* A. be not bold in his acts. ene#ies and people of royal fa#ily. %f *aturn be 1autu"avastha. 5indy diseases. 1&5=147. and 5ill incur financial decline. %f -ahu be in 'etrapani Avastha. valorous. dull=5itted. and be bereft of con@ugal and progenic happiness. the native 5ill be endo5ed 5ith nu#erous children. 5ill have a floral #ar" on the the eye. the native 5ill be troubled by eye diseases. penury and diseases. the native 5ill be devoid of a position (or a place). and be heroic in 5arfield. . be 5ic"ed and troubled by diseases and ene#ies.pavesanavastha. the native 5ill acCuire a high position. and learned in poetry. the native 5ill al5ays be distressed 5ith hunger. the native 5ill be endo5ed 5ith lands and 5ealth. be enthusiastic and genuine. 2e#ini or . the native 5ill be endo5ed 5ith #any sons.%f *aturn be in !ho@anavastha.6* A.

. provided there is no aspect fro# another #alefic.e. %f 1etu be in 'idravastha. shrines. Here are some of my thoughts. 15$. 15&. 2+'+-A/ +((+C)* (up to slo"a 155).e. *hould a #alefic in the 8th be in 'idravastha auspicious effects 5ill follo5. doubtlessly a -a@ayoga 5ill co#e to pass if the 4oon is in the 1>th in 1auta"avastha or Pra"asanavastha. . if a benefic planet is in *ayanavastha. 155. O e cellent of the !rah#ins. and 5ill spend his ti#e sportively. %f a #alefic is in !ho@anavastha. The graha s resu!ts are fe!t during their dasas.. $# The guna or nature of the graha whi!e giving the resu!ts. and 5ill roa# all over. %# The good fortune indicated by the graham &# The weaknesses of the graha. गह अवसथा : Graha Avastha ॐ गुरवे नामः Dear Friends. 14<. 2angetic belt. The grahas avastha or state indicates many things. etc. )hus the good and bad effects be guessed assessing the strength and 5ea"ness of the planets concerning all the !havas. I had been thinking about Graha Avastha's and wanted share them with you. the native 5ill see" union 5ith dancing fe#ales (i. %f there be a #alefic in the 1>th house in *ayanavastha or !ho@anavastha. everything (related to the house concerned) 5ill be destroyed and there is no need of a second thought. prostitutes).%f 1etu be in 1autu"avastha. 14B. 148.nti#ely death due to royal 5rath 5ill co#e to pass if there is a #alefic in the <th in 'idravastha or *ayanavastha. i. there 5ill be benefic effects at all ti#es according to the learned. The state of a graha indicates nature of fructification of karma. "# How soon the graha wi!! give the indicated resu!ts. '# The activity interested by the graha. the native 5ill be endo5ed 5ith 5ealth and corns. O !rah#in. 5ill ta"e to evil paths. be virtuous. 154. the said (unti#ely) death 5ill be in the river 2anges. 15>. 151. 3eclare 5ithout a second thought auspicious effects follo5ing the location of a #alefic in the 5th but 5ith 'idravastha or *ayanavastha. 5ill suffer positional displace#ent. %f in the above case there be a benefic aspect or con@unction. the native 5ill face #any #iseries on account of his o5n deeds.

. They are ". These indicates AwhenB the graha wi!! give the resu!ts.aa!a . '. <outh =Adu!t >riddha .h bA!aH kumAro.)H/#.% They are of five ty*es name!y. /wa*na = Dreaming %. &.. neutra! or enemy# %. Baalaadi Avastha : ' ty*es based on five *arts of odd or even sign. '. ". %. 8ate The sign is divided in ' *arts and they ru!e each *art in se@uence for odd signs and resu!ts are reverse for even signs. Lajjitaadi Avastha : 2 ty*es based on con3unctions with ma!efics etc.)H/ &'. ?!dage (rita . /ushu*ta = /!ee*ing . Jagrutaadi Avastha : % ty*es de*ending on it s graha s 0atura! re!ationshi* to dis*ositor +friend. There are three ty*es of re!ationshi*s and hence there are three ty*es of this avastha. Teen <uva . Shayanaadhi Avastha : "$ ty*es of activities ca!cu!ated by 0akshatre 4 Graha 4 0avamsha 5 6anma0a7 5 Ghatika 5 8agna 1) Baalaadi Avastha kramAd. -hi!d . 6aagrut = Awake $. $. $. A graha can be in a friend!y house or neutra! or enemies house. &.h*ha!AH ' ". The baa!a avatha graha wi!! give resu!ts too ear!y and mrita avastha graha can give resu!ts too !ate during the dasa. -h &'. 3Agratsva*nasushhu*tyAkhyA avasthA nAmad9:ik.atha yuvA v9:iddhastathA m9:itaH . 2) Jaagrutaadi Avastha 0atura! re!ationshi* of graha determines this avastha.(aharishi )araashara has indicated five ty*es of avathas +ref.umaara . Deeptaadi Avastha : 1 ty*es based on graha s -hart s*ecific re!ationshi* to dis*ositor.

"E& is good. !a33ito garvitashchaiva 7udhitast9:ishhitastathA muditaH 7obhitashchaiva grahabhAvAH *rakIrtitAH "" ". &. . This avastha wi!! indicate the resources avai!ab!e of a graha to do it s task.atha duHkhitaH vika!ashcha kha!aH ko. 4) Lajjitaadi Avastha A graha has weaknesses and enemies these are of shad ri*u +the si7 enemies#. ' is midd!ing and 2E1 indicates !esser amounts of fortune in se@uence. These are indicated by various!y as. These of nine ty*es indicating the bhaagya.athavA ravimandaku3airyukto !a33ito graha uchyate "$ )!aced in )utr .e tem*ora! re!ationshi*s. Dee*ta /wastha )ramudita /haanta Deena >ika!a Dukhita . Fmbarrased *utragehagataH kheTo rAhuketuyuto.a*ItyavasthA navadhA. D. or with /Grya.C ".o* This avastha indicates the goodness or bhaagya got from the graham. dI*taH svasthaH *ramuditaH shAnto dIno. 9a3asic or *assionate +)artia!!y conscious of deeds# or sushu*ta +dee* s!ee*.a*arAH &'. '.ased on *osition of grahas in the chart.hava. $.etu. not conscious of what it s doing#. 3) Deeptaadi Avastha This is based on the individua! re!ationshi*s of graha for a *articu!ar chart. %. if a Grah is associated with 9ahu. 2. or . .These indicate three states of nature !ike /atwic +Fu!!y conscience#. 8a33it . Due to s*ecific *ositioning the chart may get better resu!ts.ha! . C. i. 1.

the Avastha is . -om*!acent mitragehI mitrayukto mitre0a cha vi!okitaH guru0A sahito yashcha muditaH sa *rakIrtitaH "2 If a Grah is in a friend!y 9JKi. or is yuti with Guru. it is said to be in . Tremb!ing +?ut of fear of authority# ravi0A sahito yashcha *A*A *ashyanti sarvathA 7obhita( ta( vi3AnIyAchchhatru0A yadi vI7itaH "C If a Grah is yuti with /Grya and receives a Drishti from.Hani. or receives a Drishti from an enemy. Trushit . but does not receive a Drishti from a benefic. Hungered shatrugehI shatruyukto ri*ud9:ishhTo bhavedyadi 7udhitaH sa cha viG<eyaH shaniyukto yathA tathA "& If a Grah is in an enemys 9JKi. or is yuti with a ma!efic. or receives a Drishti from a benefic.a*i bhavet*unaH garvitaH so. or in (oo!trikon. the Avastha is ca!!ed Trushit '. or receives a Drishti from an enemy. it is in 8a33it Avastha $. or even.a*i gadito nirvisha(ka( dvi3ottama "% If a Grah is in e7a!tation. if a Grah is yuti with Hani. or yuti with an enemy.shobhit . or (aIga!. .ava!okitaH shubhagrahA na *ashyanti t9:ishhitaH sa udAh9:itaH "' If a Grah is in a watery 9JKi and receives a Drishti from a ma!efic. +And it becomes com*!acent it it's as*ected by /aturn# 2. it is Garvit +As*ected by ma!efics# %. Garvit .shobhit . .a*i triko0e. (udit . Haughty tu0:gasthAnagato vA. Thirsty 3a!arAshau sthitaH kheTaH shatru0A chA.shudhit . it is said to be in (udit Avastha.shudhit &. or is yuti with.

5) Shaayanaadi Avastha There are "$ forms of activities indicated by the twe!ve bhaavas. A detai!ed artic!e wi!! fo!!ow in 6yotish Digest. /abha D. .hbhAva*ha!anAshanaH "D The 7uditah +Hungered# and 7obhita +frightened# are the worst of these avasthas.scribd.==www. . )rakash '. eg if in N to%.&D A( 3 !""ents: .com=doc=$'11D1=CEavastha Parm 9egards /an3ay ) 0?TF. 0ritya 8i*sa "". rahuLD and ketu L 1 0avamsha.autuk "$. the navamsha number of the graha in given rashi. 0etra*ani &. /hayan $. 0idr The detai!s of ca!cu!ating this can be read from the 0arasimha3i s artic!e.%% deg then " 6anma 0a7. is indicated by the graha number sun L"MsatLC. 8agna number "Laries etc ". is the nakshatra number where graha is sitting Graha. )osted by /an3ay )rabhakaran at ". Agaman C. (oon nakshatra Ghatika. This is found using the formu!a 0akshatra 4 Graha 4 0avamsha 5 6anma0a7 5 Ghatika 5 8agna 0akshatra .ho3an "N. Gaman 2. the ghatika number counted from sunrise 8agna . Agam 1.yeshhu yeshhu cha bhAveshhu grahAstishhThanti sarvathA 7udhitaH 7obhito vA*i tad. O*avesan %. A co*y which is in htt*.

<ou !augh at mescar!et b!ade go!d for being different .. and successfu! in each endeavor O!timate Game -ard. but I !augh at you for being the same.secsee said. )ost -omments +Atom# Bl!g Ar hive . the future is before us and dynamic. it is ca!!ed weightE!iftingR if you can ho!d something u* but can never *ut it down -hea* (inecraft Gift -ode. Fverything we do wi!! affect it rs go!d.scar!et b!ade go!d. कय जयोितष ान से बुरा व! भी बताया "ा सनता है Q रा" ".uy Sbo7 8ive )oints. I wou!d !ike to know for every *!anet or graha which awastha is the best."2 )( )ost a -omment Lin#s t! this p!st -reate a 8ink 0ewer )ost ?!der )ost Home /ubscribe to. I !ove you not for who you are. 8ove makes man grow u* or sink down .... 0othing we can do wi!! change it.$" )( subhash said. अचछा वक़त तो सभी बता देते है. If you can ho!d something u* and *ut it down. i. but for who I am before you... ". for Guru whether ba!ya +chi!d# is good or yuva or vriddhaQ same for manga!a shukra et a!.N& )( -asab!anc said. The *ast is gone and static.e. $.

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>iew my com*!ete *rofi!e . /an3ay 9ath's .!ogs*ot Ose this to kee* track of b!og A%!ut &e /an3ay )rabhakaran I am academica!!y interested in 6yotish to e7*!ore and see how it shows the s*iritua! *ath.• • /ri )t.