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Nonin Medical’s Onyx® II 9560 Wireless Pulse Oximeter Aids Chilean Miner Rescue: Company to also donate in-home

monitoring equipment for miners’ post-event care Minneapolis, Minn.—(PR Newswire)—Oct. 13, 2010—Nonin Medical, Inc., the inventor of the world’s first fingertip and wireless-fingertip pulse oximeter, announced today that its Onyx® II 9560 wireless fingertip pulse oximeter is being used to aid in the ongoing rescue of 33 Chilean miners who have been trapped in a Copiapo, Chile mine since August 5. The Onyx® II Model 9560 Wireless Pulse Oximeter is being used by physicians at the scene to capture the miners’ blood oxygenation and heart rate data in real time during and after each miner’s 20-minute, half-mile rescue-capsule ascent to the surface. Placed on the miner’s index finger, the Onyx II 9560 wirelessly transmits blood oxygen saturation and heart data via Bluetooth® wireless technology to Zephyr Technology’s BioHarness™ First Responder System. The BioHarness, a chest-worn monitoring device developed by Nonin Medical OEM partner Zephyr Technology, measures the trapped miners' heart rates, breathing rates and skin temperatures. The monitors use wireless technology to transmit the data to a monitor on the surface, enabling physicians to detect immediate signs of physiological stress. "As the inventor of the world’s first fingertip pulse oximeter, Nonin Medical is pleased to partner with Zephyr Technology to aid the miners during this historic rescue event," said Steve Bucholz, chief operations officer, Nonin Medical, Inc. “Our pulse oximeters are reliable in the toughest conditions, but the extreme conditions of the Chilean operation make accurately measuring the miners’ pulse rates and blood oxygen levels particularly challenging. Nonin’s proven accuracy in the widest range of patients and settings makes the Onyx II ideally suited to the task.” In addition to aiding physicians on the scene, Nonin Medical is working through its Chilean distributor, Air Liquide, to donate 33 Nonin Medical GO2 LED fingertip pulse oximeters for continued pulse oximetry monitoring after the miners arrive home. “Nonin Medical is pleased to be able to aid the miners during their immediate and long-term recovery,” said Bucholz. “No one in recorded history has survived trapped underground for as long as those 33 men have. When you’ve been exposed to extremely poor air quality, 2,300 feet underground, for 69 days, you don’t just bounce back overnight.”

Nonin Medical’s Onyx® II 9560 Bluetooth® wireless fingertip pulse oximeter (circled, above) monitors the vital signs of Chilean miner Jorge Galleguillos during his dramatic rescue Oct. 13. Nonin Medical invented the world’s first fingertip and wireless fingertip pulse oximeters. Photo: Courtesy of CNN

Miner Alex Vega Salazar gives the thumbs up with his Nonin Medical Onyx® II 9560 Bluetooth® wireless fingertip pulse oximeter as the tenth miner rescued Oct. 13. Photo: Getty Images