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SOFTWARE LICENSE AGREEMENT FOR iTUNES FOR WINDOWS PLEASE READ THIS SOFTWARE LICENSE AGREEMENT ( "LICENSE") CAREFULLY BEFORE USING THE APPLE SOFTWARE. BY USING THE APPLE SOFTWARE, YOU ARE AGREEING TO BE BOUND BY THE TERMS OF THIS LICENSE. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THE TERMS OF THIS LICENSE, DO NOT USE THE SOFTWARE. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THE TERMS OF THE LICENSE, YOU MAY RETURN THE APPLE SOFTWARE TO THE PLACE WHERE YOU OBTAINED IT FOR A REFUND. IF THE APPLE SOFTWARE WAS ACCESSED ELECTRONICALLY, CLICK "DISAGREE/DECLINE". FOR APPLE SOFTWARE INCLUDED WITH YOUR PURCHASE OF HARDWARE, YOU MUST RETURN THE ENTIRE HARDWARE/SOFTWARE PACKAGE IN ORDER TO OBTAIN A REFUND. IMPORTANT NOTE: This s !"#$%& '$( )& *s&+ " %&,% +*-& '$"&%i$.s. I" is .i-&/s&+ " ( * /.( ! % %&,% +*-"i / ! / /0- ,(%i1h"&+ '$"&%i$.s, '$"&%i$.s i/ #hi-h ( * #/ "h& - ,(%i1h", % '$"&%i$.s ( * $%& $*"h %i2&+ % .&1$..( ,&%'i""&+ " %&,% +*-&. This s !"#$%& '$( $.s )& *s&+ ! % %&' "& $--&ss " '*si- !i.&s ! % .is"&/i/1 )&"#&&/ - ',*"&%s. R&' "& $--&ss ! - ,(%i1h"&+ '*si- is /.( ,% 3i+&+ ! % .$#!*. ,&%s /$. *s& % $s "h&%#is& .&1$..( ,&%'i""&+. I! ( * $%& */-&%"$i/ $) *" ( *% %i1h" " - ,( % ,&%'i" $--&ss " $/( '$"&%i$. ( * sh *.+ - /"$-" ( *% .&1$. $+3is %. 4. G&/&%$.. The Apple and any third party software, documentation and any fonts accompanying this License whether on disk, in read only memory, on any other media or in any other form (collectively the "Apple Software") are licensed, not sold, to you by Apple nc! ("Apple") for use only under the terms of this License, and Apple reserves all rights not e"pressly granted to you! The terms of this License will govern any software upgrades provided by Apple that replace and#or supplement the original Apple Software product, unless such upgrade is accompanied by a separate license in which case the terms of that license will govern! Title and intellectual property rights in and to any content displayed by or accessed through the Apple Software belongs to the respective content owner! Such content may be protected by copyright or other intellectual property laws and treaties, and may be sub$ect to terms of use of the third party providing such content! This License does not grant you any rights to use such content! 5. P&%'i""&+ Li-&/s& Us&s $/+ R&s"%i-"i /s. A! Sub$ect to the terms and conditions of this License, you are granted a limited non%e"clusive license to install and use the Apple Software! The Apple Software may be used to reproduce materials so long as such use is limited to reproduction of non%copyrighted materials, materials in which you own the copyright, or materials you are authori&ed or legally permitted to reproduce! 'ou may not make the Apple Software available over a network where it could be used by multiple computers at the same time! 'ou may make one copy of the Apple Software in machine%readable form for backup purposes only( provided that the backup copy must include all copyright or other proprietary notices contained on the original! n addition to the restrictions stated above, the Apple proprietary libraries ("Apple )LLs") included with the Apple Software are only licensed for use with the Apple Software, e"cept that if you are a *eb+it developer, you may use the Apple )LLs for your personal use or internal business use in connection with your development of *eb+it in accordance with the relevant *eb+it licenses ,http-##webkit!org#.! /! 'ou may not and you agree not to, or to enable others to, copy e"cept as e"pressly permitted by this License), decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble, attempt to derive the source code of, decrypt, modify, create derivative works of the Apple Software, or any part thereof (e"cept as and only to the e"tent any foregoing restriction is prohibited by applicable law or to the e"tent as may be permitted by licensing terms governing use of open%sourced components included with the Apple Software)! Any attempt to do so is a violation of the rights of Apple and its licensors of the Apple Software! 0! 6 i-&O3&% Ki" 0 A*" '$"i- U,+$"&s. *hen you are using 1oice2ver +it version 3!4, the Apple Software will periodically check with Apple for updates to the pronunciation rules used by 1oice2ver to generate the spoken items that you hear when you have 1oice2ver selected! f a pronunciation update is available, the update will automatically download onto your computer, and when you have 1oice2ver selected, the new version of the spoken items will be generated and synced to your i5od! The older version of the spoken items will no longer be available! These automatic updates will not change the actual media content (e!g!, music, video, podcasts) on your i5od or in your iTunes library!

or ob$ectionable! 0ontent types (including genres. you agree to the latest iTunes Store Terms of Service.7. and peripherals. products. full or partial. including copies stored on a computer or other storage device( and (c) the party receiving the Apple Software reads and agrees to accept the terms and conditions of this License! U. distribute. including but not limited to graphics. 'ou may not rent. or services of third parties! Links to other web sites are provided solely as a convenience to you! 'ou agree that you will not use any third%party materials in a manner that would infringe or violate the rights of any other party. you shall cease all use of the Apple Software and destroy all copies.. and you acknowledge and agree that Apple does not guarantee their accuracy! 0ertain Services may include materials from third parties or links to certain third party web sites! 'ou acknowledge and agree that Apple is not responsible for e"amining or evaluating the content or accuracy of any such third%party material or web sites! Apple does not warrant or endorse and does not assume and will not have any liability or responsibility for any third%party materials or web sites. and that Apple is not in any way responsible for any such use by you! 'ou agree that the Services. sell. audio clips. in any case and without notice or liability! :. sub%genres and 5odcast categories and sub%categories and the like) and descriptions are provided for convenience. as long as it is in a form that does not personally identify you. and that you will not use such proprietary information or materials in any way whatsoever e"cept for permitted use of the Services! 9o portion of the Services may be reproduced in any form or by any means! 'ou agree not to modify. or for any other materials. lease. "Services")! 7se of the Services re8uires nternet access and use of certain Services re8uires you to accept additional terms of service which will be presented to you before you can use such Services! /y using this software in connection with an iTunes Store account. original media. indecent. and editorial content. lease. however.+$"&s: f an Apple Software update completely replaces (full install) a previously licensed version of the Apple Software. which content may or may not be identified as having e"plicit language! 9evertheless. including but not limited to technical information about your computer. that is gathered periodically to facilitate the provision of software updates. suspend. 'ou agree that Apple and its subsidiaries may collect and use technical and related information. remove. you may encounter content that may be deemed offensive. contain proprietary information and material that is owned by Apple and#or its licensors. This License is effective until terminated! 'our rights under this License will terminate automatically without notice from Apple if you fail to comply with any term(s) of this License! 7pon the termination of this License. make a one%time permanent transfer of all of your license rights to the Apple Software to another party. or ob$ectionable.) days from the date of original retail purchase! 'our e"clusive remedy under this Section shall . or create derivative works based on the Services. including but not limited to copyright. and you shall not e"ploit the Services in any unauthori&ed way whatsoever. full or partial. including all its component parts. Li'i"&+ W$%%$/"( / M&+i$! Apple warrants the media on which the Apple Software is recorded and delivered by Apple to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for a period of ninety (:. by trespass or burdening network capacity! Apple and its licensors reserve the right to change. you may not use both versions of the Apple Software at the same time nor may you transfer them separately! 8. in any manner. printed materials and this License( (b) you do not retain any copies of the Apple Software. iT*/&s S" %& $/+ "h&% S&%3i-&s. loan. This software enables access to Apple6s iTunes Store which offers downloads of music for sale and other services (collectively and individually. you agree to use the Services at your sole risk and that Apple shall have no liability to you for content that may be found to be offensive. C /s&/" " Us& ! D$"$. T&%'i/$"i /. and is protected by applicable intellectual property and other laws. T%$/s!&%. redistribute or sublicense the Apple Software! 'ou may. lend. rent. which you may access and review from the home page of the iTunes Store! 'ou understand that by using any of the Services. including but not limited to. or disable access to any Services at any time without notice! n no event will Apple be liable for the removal of or disabling of access to any such Services! Apple may also impose limits on the use of or access to certain Services. system and application software. of the Apple Software! .(a) the transfer must include all of the Apple Software. indecent. product support and other services to you (if any) related to the Apple Software and to verify compliance with the terms of this License! Apple may use this information. provided that. to improve our products or to provide services or technologies to you! 9.

2? S>1>?> 5<'S 0AL 2? >91 ?29=>9TAL )A=A@>. S2 T< S L = TAT 29 =A' 92T A55L' T2 '27! n no event shall Apple6s total liability to you for all damages (other than as may be re8uired by applicable law in cases involving personal in$ury) e"ceed the amount of fifty dollars (GH. A9) A55L> A9) A55L>6S L 0>9S2?S (02LL>0T 1>L' ?>A>??>) T2 AS "A55L>" A2? T<> 57?52S>S 2A S>0T 29S E A9) :) <>?>/' ) S0LA = ALL *A??A9T >S A9) 029) T 29S * T< ?>S5>0T T2 T<> A55L> S2AT*A?> A9) S>?1 0>S.. /7T 92T L = T>) T2. * T<27T L = TAT 29. you represent and warrant that you are not located in any such country or on any such list! 'ou also agree that you will not use these products for any purposes prohibited by 7nited States law. A9) 2A A T9>SS A2? A 5A?T 07LA? 57?52S>. T2?T 2? 2T<>?* S>) A9) >1>9 A A55L> <AS />>9 A)1 S>) 2A T<> 52SS / L T' 2A S70< )A=A@>S! S2=> C7? S) 0T 29S )2 92T ALL2* T<> L = TAT 29 2A L A/ L T' A2? 5>?S29AL 9C7?'.be. T<> =5L >) *A??A9T >S A9)#2? 029) T 29S 2A =>?0<A9TA/ L T'. the 0ommercial 0omputer Software and 0ommercial 0omputer Software )ocumentation are being licensed to 7!S! @overnment end users (a) only as 0ommercial tems and (b) with only those rights as are granted . A?> L = T>) 9 )7?AT 29 T2 9 9>T' (:. '27 ASS7=> T<> >9T ?> 02ST 2A ALL 9>0>SSA?' S>?1 0 9@. as that term is defined at JE 0!A!?! KL!3. A9) 929% 9A? 9@>=>9T 2A T< ?) 5A?T' ? @<TS! A55L> )2>S 92T *A??A9T A@A 9ST 9T>?A>?>90> * T< '27? >9C2'=>9T 2A T<> A55L> S2AT*A?> 2? S>?1 0>S.$i'&% ! W$%%$/"i&s! '27 >D5?>SSL' A0+92*L>)@> A9) A@?>> T<AT 7S> 2A T<> A55L> S2AT*A?> (AS )>A 9>) A/21>) A9) S>?1 0>S (AS )>A 9>) />L2*) S AT '27? S2L> ? S+ A9) T<AT T<> >9T ?> ? S+ AS T2 SAT SAA0T2?' B7AL T'. S2 T<> A/21> L = TAT 29 =A' 92T A55L' T2 '27! T<> L = T>) *A??A9T' S>T A2?T< <>?> 9 S T<> 29L' *A??A9T' =A)> T2 '27 A9) S 5?21 )>) 9 L >7 2A A9' 2T<>? *A??A9T >S ( A A9') 0?>AT>) /' A9' )207=>9TAT 29 2? 5A0+A@ 9@! T< S L = T>) *A??A9T' @ 1>S '27 S5>0 A 0 L>@AL ? @<TS. A ?0?AAT 9A1 @AT 29 2? 02==79 0AT 29 S'ST>=S.)! The foregoing limitations will apply even if the above stated remedy fails of its essential purpose! 4>. T<> A55L> S2AT*A?> A9) S>?1 0>S A?> 5?21 )>) "AS S". Dis-. %" C /"% . at Apple6s option. 90L7) 9@. Li'i"$"i / ! Li$)i.3. T<> =5L >) *A??A9T >S 2A =>?0<A9TA/ L T'.) )A'S A?2= T<> )AT> 2A 2? @ 9AL ?>TA L 57?0<AS>! S2=> C7? S) 0T 29S )2 92T ALL2* L = TAT 29S 29 <2* L29@ A9 =5L >) *A??A9T' LASTS. 2A A T9>SS A2? A 5A?T 07LA? 57?52S>.L. 2A SAT SAA0T2?' B7AL T'. 5>?A2?=A90>. 9 92 >1>9T S<ALL A55L> /> L A/L> A2? 5>?S29AL 9C7?'. =5L >) 2? STAT7T2?'. G 3&%/'&/" E/+ Us&%s.. chemical or biological weapons! 44. A9) '27 =A' ALS2 <A1> 2T<>? ? @<TS *< 0< 1A?' /' C7? S) 0T 29! <. design. 90L7) 9@ * T<27T L = TAT 29 T<> 25>?AT 29 2A 970L>A? AA0 L T >S. )ATA 2? 9A2?=AT 29 5?21 )>) /'. manufacture or production of missiles. but without limitation. as applicable! 0onsistent with JE 0!A!?! K3L!L3L or JE 0!A!?! KLLM!ML. S5>0 AL. or nuclear. the Apple Software may not be e"ported or re%e"ported (a) into any 7!S! embargoed countries or (b) to anyone on the 7!S! Treasury )epartment6s list of Specially )esignated 9ationals or the 7!S! )epartment of 0ommerce )enied 5ersonIs List or >ntity List! /y using the Apple Software. ?>5A ? 2? 02??>0T 29! S2=> C7? S) 0T 29S )2 92T ALL2* T<> >D0L7S 29 2A =5L >) *A??A9T >S 2? L = TAT 29S 29 A55L 0A/L> STAT7T2?' ? @<TS 2A A 029S7=>?. 2? A9' 90 )>9TAL.L%3 through LLM!ML. as applicable. 'ou may not use or otherwise e"port or ree"port the Apple Software e"cept as authori&ed by 7nited States law and the laws of the $urisdiction in which the Apple Software was obtained! n particular. /7S 9>SS 9T>??75T 29 2? A9' 2T<>? 02==>?0 AL )A=A@>S 2? L2SS>S. <2*>1>? 0A7S>). A007?A0' A9) >AA2?T S * T< '27! >D0>5T A2? T<> L = T>) *A??A9T' 29 =>) A S>T A2?T< A/21> A9) T2 T<> =AD =7= >DT>9T 5>?= TT>) /' A55L 0A/L> LA*. 2A A007?A0'. 2? T<AT )>A>0TS 9 T<> A55L> S2AT*A?> 2? S>?1 0>S * LL /> 02??>0T>)! '27 A7?T<>? A0+92*L>)@> T<AT T<> A55L> S2AT*A?> S 92T 9T>9)>) 2? S7 TA/L> A2? 7S> 9 S T7AT 29S 2? >91 ?29=>9TS *<>?> T<> AA L7?> 2A.!. )A=A@>S A2? L2SS 2A 5?2A TS. A? S 9@ 27T 2A 2? ?>LAT>) T2 '27? 7S> 2? 9A/ L T' T2 7S> T<> A55L> S2AT*A?> 2? S>?1 0>S. A ? T?AAA 0 029T?2L.i"(. 2? 2A 90 )>9TAL 2? 029S>B7>9T AL )A=A@>S. as such terms are used in JE 0!A!?! K3L!L3L or JE 0!A!?! KLLM!ML. without limitation. The Apple Software and related documentation are "0ommercial tems". 2? >??2?S 2? 9A007?A0 >S 9 T<> 029T>9T. including. L2SS 2A )ATA. /7T 92T L = T>) T2. T<AT T<> A790T 29S 029TA 9>) 9 T<> A55L> S2AT*A?> 2? S>?1 0>S * LL =>>T '27? ?>B7 ?>=>9TS. L A> S7552?T 2? *>A529S S'ST>=S! 92 2?AL 2? *? TT>9 9A2?=AT 29 2? A)1 0> @ 1>9 /' A55L> 2? A9 A55L> A7T<2? F>) ?>5?>S>9TAT 1> S<ALL 0?>AT> A *A??A9T'! S<27L) T<> A55L> S2AT*A?> 2? S>?1 0>S 5?21> )>A>0T 1>. the development. S2 T<> A/21> >D0L7S 29 A9) L = TAT 29S =A' 92T A55L' T2 '27! =. 2A B7 >T >9C2'=>9T. ?>@A?)L>SS 2A T<> T<>2?' 2A L A/ L T' (029T?A0T. T<AT T<> 25>?AT 29 2A T<> A55L> S2AT*A?> 2? S>?1 0>S * LL /> 79 9T>??75T>) 2? >??2?%A?>>. a refund of the purchase price of the product containing the Apple Software or replacement of the Apple Software which is returned to Apple or an Apple authori&ed representative with a copy of the receipt! T< S L = T>) *A??A9T' A9) A9' =5L >) *A??A9T >S 29 T<> =>) A 90L7) 9@. E?. consisting of "0ommercial 0omputer Software" and "0ommercial 0omputer Software )ocumentation". T<> A55L> S2AT*A?> 027L) L>A) T2 )>AT<. > T<>? >D5?>SS. 5>?S29AL 9C7?'.L%J. 90L7) 9@. 9) ?>0T 2? 029S>B7>9T AL )A=A@>S *<ATS2>1>?. T2 T<> >DT>9T 92T 5?2< / T>) /' LA*. * T< ALL AA7LTS A9) * T<27T *A??A9T' 2A A9' + 9). 2A SAT SAA0T2?' B7AL T'.

the @racenote Software. regarding the accuracy of any @racenote )ata from in the @racenote Servers! @racenote reserves the right to delete data from the @racenote Servers or to change data categories for any cause that @racenote deems sufficient! 9o warranty is made that the @racenote Software or @racenote Servers are error%free or that functioning of @racenote Software or @racenote Servers will be uninterrupted! @racenote is not obligated to provide you with new enhanced or additional data types or categories that @racenote may provide in the future and is free to discontinue its services at any time! @?A0>92T> ) S0LA =S ALL *A??A9T >S >D5?>SS 2? =5L >). including all ownership rights! 7nder no circumstances will @racenote become liable for any payment to you for any information that you provide! 'ou agree that @racenote.&+1&'&/"s $/+ T&%'s. 90L7) 9@.. and your use of such material is governed by their respective terms! 49. and the @racenote Servers. the @racenote Software. N@racenote ServersO) and to perform other functions! 'ou may use @racenote )ata only by means of the intended >nd%7ser functions of this application or device! 'ou agree that you will use @racenote ) all other end users pursuant to the terms and conditions herein! 7npublished%rights reserved under the copyright laws of the 7nited States! 45.i/1 L$# $/+ S&3&%$)i.&"& A1%&&'&/"@ G 3&%/i/1 L$/1*$1&. T TL>. A9) 929% 9A? 9@>=>9T! @?A0>92T> )2>S 92T *A??A9T T<> ?>S7LTS T<AT * LL /> 2/TA 9>) /' '27? 7S> 2A T<> @?A0>92T> S2AT*A?> 2? A9' @?A0>92T> S>?1>?! 9 92 0AS> * LL @?A0>92T> /> L A/L> A2? A9' 029S>B7>9T AL 2? 90 )>9TAL )A=A@>S 2? A2? A9' L2ST 5?2A TS . e"press or implied. nc! of >meryville. see the web page for the @racenote 5rivacy 5olicy for the @racenote service! The @racenote Software and each item of @racenote )ata are licensed to you NAS S!O @racenote makes no representations or warranties. the >nglish version of this License shall govern! 48. nc! may enforce its rights under this Agreement against you directly in its own name! The @racenote service uses a uni8ue identifier to track 8ueries for statistical purposes! The purpose of a randomly assigned numeric identifier is to allow the @racenote service to count 8ueries without knowing anything about who you are! Aor more information.i"( ! This License will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of 0alifornia. A. T<> @?A0>92T> S2AT*A?>. to be unenforceable. C /"% . and title information (N@racenote )ataO) from online servers or embedded databases (collectively. C '. Thi%+ P$%"( S !"#$%& S&%3i-& T&%'s $/+ C /+i"i /s. transfer or transmit the @racenote Software or any @racenote )ata to any third party! '27 A@?>> 92T T2 7S> 2? >D5L2 T @?A0>92T> )ATA. 0alifornia (N@racenoteO)! The software from @racenote (the N@racenote SoftwareO) enables this application to perform disc and#or file identification and obtain music%related information. you agree to cease any and all use of the @racenote )ata.. and @racenote Servers! @racenote reserves all rights in @racenote )ata. artist. the @racenote Software. with the e"ception of any additional terms and conditions you are re8uired to accept if you choose to use Apple6s online store which will govern your use of such store and any Services you purchase through that store! 9o amendment to or modification of this License will be binding unless in writing and signed by Apple! Any translation of this License is done for local re8uirements and in the event of a dispute between the >nglish and any non% >nglish versions. and @racenote Servers for your own personal non%commercial use only! 'ou agree not to assign. or portion thereof. and @racenote Servers will terminate if you violate these restrictions! f your license terminates. 5ortions of the Apple Software utili&e or include third party software and other copyrighted material! Acknowledgements. copy. licensing terms and additional disclaimers for such material are contained in the NonlineO electronic documentation for the Apple Software or may otherwise accompany such material. as applied to agreements entered into and to be performed entirely within 0alifornia between 0alifornia residents! This License shall not be governed by the 7nited 9ations 0onvention on 0ontracts for the nternational Sale of @oods. =5L >) *A??A9T >S 2A =>?0<A9TA/ L T'. the remainder of this License shall continue in full force and effect! 47. including name. /7T 92T L = T>) T2. the @racenote Software. >D0>5T AS >D5?>SSL' 5>?= TT>) <>?> 9! 'ou agree that your non%e"clusive license to use the @racenote )ata. track. This License constitutes the entire agreement between the parties with respect to the use of the Apple Software licensed hereunder and supersedes all prior or contemporaneous understandings regarding such sub$ect matter. Thi%+ P$%"( A-A/ #. 2? @?A0>92T> S>?1>?S. the application of which is e"pressly e"cluded! f for any reason a court of competent $urisdiction finds any provision. G%$-&/ "&B E/+ Us&% Li-&/s& A1%&&'&/" This application or device contains software from @racenote. A T9>SS A2? A 5A?T 07LA? 57?52S>.

T =>L 9>SS. >D>=5LA?'.(. and without notice. * T< 92 *A??A9T >S *<ATS2>1>?! 402= >D5?>SSL' ) S0LA =S T2 T<> A7LL>ST >DT>9T 5>?= TT>) /' LA* ALL >D5?>SS. The sites displayed as search results or linked to by the +erbango Tuning Service are owned and operated by individuals and#or companies over whom 40om e"ercises no control! 40om assumes no responsibility for the content of any site included in any search results or otherwise linked to by the +erbango Tuning Service! P&%s /$. any other user or any third party! 40om reserves the right to modify the T2S from time to time without notice! Dis-. legality. such as advertising sales is e"pressly forbidden! 'ou may not take the results from a +erbango search and reformat and display them. including the right to terminate with or without notice. content. A T9>SS A2? A 5A?T 07LA? 57?52S>. T&%'s ! S&%3i-&. /y using 40om 0orporation6s ("40om") +erbango tuning service. non%commercial use only! 7se of the +erbango Tuning Service to sell a product or service. =5L >). 029T?A0T.$i'&% ! W$%%$/"i&s. A9) 579 T 1> )A=A@>S *<>T<>? S70< 0LA = S /AS>) 29 *A??A9T'. without liability to you. * T<27T L = TAT 29. or operability or availability of information or material displayed in the +erbango Tuning Service results! 40om disclaims any responsibility for the deletion. or mirror the 40om6s +erbango home page or results pages on your *eb site. 9) ?>0T. A?2= 9A/ L T' T2 7S> T<> +>?/A9@2 T79 9@ S>?1 0>. 79)>? 92 0 ?07=STA90>S S<ALL 402= /> L A/L> T2 A9' 7S>? 29 A00279T 2A T<AT 7S>?6S 7S> 2? = S7S> 2A 2? ?>L A90> 29 T<> +>?/A9@2 T79 9@ S>?1 0> A? S 9@ A?2= A9' 0LA = ?>LAT 9@ T2 T< S L 0>9S> 2? T<> S7/C>0T =ATT>? <>?>2A! S70< L = TAT 29 2A L A/ L T' S<ALL A55L' T2 5?>1>9T ?>021>?' 2A ) ?>0T. AS *>LL AS A2? A9' 9A2?=AT 29 2? A)1 0> ?>0> 1>) T<?27@< A9' L 9+S 5?21 )>) 9 T<> +>?/A9@2 T79 9@ S>?1 0>! '27 79)>?STA9) A9) A@?>> T<AT '27 )2*9L2A) 2? 2T<>?* S> 2/TA 9 =AT>? AL 2? )ATA T<?27@< T<> 7S> 2A T<> +>?/A9@2 T79 9@ S>?1 0> AT '27? 2*9 ) S0?>T 29 A9) ? S+ A9) T<AT '27 * LL /> S2L>L' ?>S529S /L> A2? A9' )A=A@>S T2 '27? 02=57T>? S'ST>= 2? L2SS 2A )ATA T<AT ?>S7LTS 9 T<> )2*9L2A) 2A S70< =AT>? AL 2? )ATA! S2=> STAT>S 2? 2T<>? C7? S) 0T 29S )2 92T ALL2* T<> >D0L7S 29 2A =5L >) *A??A9T >S. 2? 2T<>?* S> (>1>9 A 402= <AS />>9 A)1 S>) 2A T<> 52SS / L T' 2A S70< )A=A@>S)! S70< L = TAT 29 2A L A/ L T' S<ALL A55L' *<>T<>? T<> )A=A@>S A? S> A?2= 7S> 2? = S7S> 2A A9) ?>L A90> 29 T<> +>?/A9@2 T79 9@ S>?1 0>.2? L2ST ?>1>97>S! B. 90L7) 9@. A9) 5>?A2?=A90> 2A T<> +>?/A9@2 T79 9@ S>?1 0>! 402= ) S0LA =S A9' *A??A9T >S A2? A9' 9A2?=AT 29 2? A)1 0> 2/TA 9>) T<?27@< T<> +>?/A9@2 T79 9@ S>?1 0>! 402= ) S0LA =S A9' *A??A9T >S A2? S>?1 0>S 2? @22)S ?>0> 1>) T<?27@< 2? A)1>?T S>) 29 T<> +>?/A9@2 T79 9@ S>?1 0> 2? ?>0> 1>) T<?27@< A9' L 9+S 5?21 )>) /' T<> +>?/A9@2 T79 9@ S>?1 0>. ("+erbango Tuning Service") you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions (the "T2S")7C ' Li/As. T2?T ( 90L7) 9@ 9>@L @>90>). 2? T>?= 9AT 29 2A T<> +>?/A9@2 T79 9@ S>?1 0> ( 90L7) 9@ S70< )A=A@>S 907??>) /' T< ?) 5A?T >S)! T< S L = TAT 29 S<ALL ALS2 A55L' * T< ?>S5>0T T2 )A=A@>S 907??>) /' ?>AS29 2A 2T<>? S>?1 0>S 2? @22)S . completeness. The +erbango Tuning Service is made available for your personal. or untimely delivery of any information or material! 40om disclaims any responsibility for any harm resulting from downloading or accessing any information or material on the nternet through the +erbango Tuning Service! T<> +>?/A9@2 T79 9@ S>?1 0> S 5?21 )>) "AS S". K&%)$/1 T*/i/1 S&%3i-& T&%'s $/+ C /+i"i /s. A9) STAT7T2?' *A??A9T >S. S7S5>9S 29. reliability. A9) 929% 9A? 9@>=>9T 2A 5?25? >TA?' ? @<TS! 402= ) S0LA =S A9' *A??A9T >S ?>@A?) 9@ T<> S>07? T'. S5>0 AL. for any reason. or send automated 8ueries to +erbango6s system without e"press permission from 40om! f you wish to make commercial use of the +erbango Tuning Service you must enter into an agreement with 40om to do so! 5lease contact salesPkerbango!com for more information! Ch$/1&s I/ T&%'s $/+ C /+i"i /s $/+ K&%)$/1 T*/i/1 S&%3i-&. T<> *A??A9T >S 2A =>?0<A9TA/ L T'. misdelivery. failure to store. 40om may modify or terminate its services from time to time. 90 )>9TAL. S2 T<> A/21> >D0L7S 29S =A' 92T A55L' T2 '27! '27 =A' ALS2 <A1> 2T<>? ? @<TS T<AT 1A?' A?2= STAT> T2 STAT> A9) C7? S) 0T 29 T2 C7? S) 0T 29! Li'i"$"i / ! Li$)i. Us& O/. 40om disclaims any and all responsibility or liability for the accuracy. or to increase traffic to your *eb site for commercial reasons. ?>L A/ L T'. 029S>B7>9T AL. 2? A?2= T<> 9T>??75T 29.i"(.

e"plosions.$/& *s P% 3isi /s. T2 T<> 02STS 2A 5?207?>=>9T 2A S7/ST T7T> @22)S 2? S>?1 0>S. or causes beyond its reasonable control. storms. the remainder of the T2S will continue in full force and effect! These T2S constitute the entire agreement between the parties with respect to the sub$ect matter hereof and supersedes and replaces all prior or contemporaneous understandings or agreements. computer e8uipment failures. electrical power failures. other e8uipment failures. strikes. insurrections.#3. riots. war. including. governmental actions. non%performance of third parties. 2? L2ST )ATA! S70< L = TAT 29 S<ALL A7?T<>? A55L' * T< ?>S5>0T T2 T<> 5>?A2?=A90> 2? 929%5>?A2?=A90> 2A T<> +>?/A9@2 T79 9@ S>?1 0> 2? A9' 9A2?=AT 29 2? =>?0<A9) S> T<AT A55>A?S 29. without limitation. floods. These T2S will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of 0alifornia. . without giving effect to its conflict of laws provisions or your actual state or country of residence! f for any reason a court of competent $urisdiction finds any provision or portion of the T2S to be unenforceable. civil disturbances. light.Q ?ev! L#3. L2ST 5?2A TS. orders of domestic or foreign courts or tribunals. written or oral. regarding such sub$ect matter! Any waiver of any provision of the T2S will be effective only if in writing and signed by 40om! >A. or loss of or fluctuations in heat. labor disputes. 2? S L 9+>) 2? ?>LAT>) 9 A9' *A' T2. S2 T<> A/21> L = TAT 29S A9) >D0L7S 29S =A' 92T A55L' T2 '27! *ithout limiting the foregoing. telecommunication e8uipment failures. shortages of labor or materials. AS *>LL AS /' ?>AS29 2A A9' 9A2?=AT 29 2? A)1 0> ?>0> 1>) T<?27@< 2? A)1>?T S>) 29 T<> +>?/A9@2 T79 9@ S>?1 0> 2? ?>0> 1>) T<?27@< A9' L 9+S 5?21 )>) 9 T<> +>?/A9@2 T79 9@ S>?1 0>! T< S L = TAT 29 S<ALL ALS2 A55L'. * T<27T L = TAT 29.. or air conditioning! Mis-&.?>0> 1>) T<?27@< 2? A)1>?T S>) 29 T<> +>?/A9@2 T79 9@ S>?1 0> 2? ?>0> 1>) T<?27@< A9' L 9+S 5?21 )>) 9 T<> +>?/A9@2 T79 9@ S>?1 0>. fires. under no circumstances shall 40om be held liable for any delay or failure in performance resulting directly or indirectly from acts of nature. nternet failures. acts of @od. forces.Q. T<> +>?/A9@2 T79 9@ S>?1 0>! S70< L = TAT 29 S<ALL A55L' 92T* T<STA9) 9@ A9' AA L7?> 2A >SS>9T AL 57?52S> 2A A9' L = T>) ?>=>)' A9) T2 T<> A7LL>ST >DT>9T 5>?= TT>) /' LA*! S2=> STAT>S 2? 2T<>? C7? S) 0T 29S )2 92T ALL2* T<> >D0L7S 29 2? L = TAT 29 2A L A/ L T' A2? 90 )>9TAL 2? 029S>B7>9T AL )A=A@>S.