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• (enough for a 10lb turkey. Double recipe if needed) • BRINE • 1 gallon of buttermilk • • !able"ppon of #o"her "alt !

able"poon" "ugar

• $ tea"poon" of cumin • $ !able"poon" of peppercorn" • %& fre"h' chopped garlic clo(e" • 1 large )hite onion' chopped • • Butter Rub *1 • 1 "tick of butter' "oftened • 1 !able"poon oli(e oil • 1 !able"poon of +oultry ,ea"oning • 1 tea"poon -a.un ,ea"oning • • Dry Rub */ • 1 !able"poon +oultry ,ea"oning • 1 tea"poon ca.un "ea"oning • • 0inal Butter Rub *$ • 11/ "tick of butter

+lace in the refrigerator or di"card.tep %.ake Butter Rub *1 by creaming the butter in a bo)l. . . .i6 until combined. 3hi"k until "ugar 2 "alt i" di""ol(ed.) +lace turkey on a )rack o(er the "ink. .u"t take out an o(en rack 2 place it o(er the "ink.tep 1.tep $. .tep $.) Ne6t lather on the remaining butter mi6ture on top of the "kin 2 "prinkle on the Dry Rub.un "pice into a bo)l.uice" a" the turkey cook".tep 9. <dd in poultry "ea"oning' ca. !horoughly )a"h your completely tha)ed turkey in cold )ater 2 "et a"ide . .) +our the brine mi6ture into the bag.tep /.) +lace into the refrigerator for to /4 hour".et a"ide.tep 1. !ie the bag. (try not to get it in the ca(ity.) ="ing half of the butter mi6ture "pread itunderthe "kin and in"ide the ca(ity.un "ea"oning' 2 oli(e oil.) !he "kin )ill in"tantly contract around the bird. .) Remo(e gibblet' neck' 2 gra(y packet" from in"ide of turkey.tep %.tep 4. .) 3hen done brining )a"h the turkey thoroughly )ith cold )ater.tep 9.) . 7ather the top of the bag tighty "o that there i" no air in the bag and the brine co(er" the turkey entirely. .et a"ide . . Your Turkey is now BRINED TO PERFECTION! Now Let’s Prepare The Turkey For Roastin Preheat o!en to "#$ .) . It:" a lot ea"ier to )ork o(er the "ink on a rack) +lace your brined 2 )a"hed turkey on the rack 2 pat dry.tep /. !he longer the better8 . Do not "pread any on the top "kin.) Bring a pot of )ater to boil.) ="ing a mea"uring cup' "coop out cup full" of the boiling hot )ater and pour it o(er the "kin of the bird.) In a large bo)l add buttermilk' "alt' "ugar 2 cummin. (I . .tep 5. .tir in the remaining ingredient".tep 5.). . !hi" )ill help "eal in the .ake Dry Rub */ by adding +oultry "ea"oning' 2 ca.) +lace turkey in brining bag (I u"ed a regular roa"ting bag) 2 place it into a roa"ter pan or a large bucket or pot.• 1 !able"poon of ro"emary • 1 !able"poon Italian "ea"oning • 11/ tea"poon of paprika (can more if de"ired) • • / cup" of chicken broth (to pour in roa"ting pan) Let’s Brine This Bad Boy! .tep 4.

)3hen turkey ha" about $&4 minute" left' make up Butter Rub *$ by combing all ingredient" together. Remo(e 2 di"card the apple and orange. Return it to the o(en and broil for $&4 minute". .) +our chicken broth into the bottom of a roa"ting pan' . !hi" )ill cri"p up the "kin.) +lace turkey (brea"t "ide do)n ) on the rack in a roa"ting pan.tuff the turkey" ca(ity )ith a )hole apple 2 orange.. Do not cut the apple and orange up unle"" you need to.) .tep 10.com1/00>1111ho)&to&cook&a&turkey&herb&roa"ted& )hole&turkey&recipe&)ith&buttermilk&brine&recipe&moi"t&fla(orful. 3atch it carefully though a" it bro)n" (ery ?uickly. . ************************************************** * Read .orehttpA11di(a"cancook. <nd cook according to )eight.tep >.odern 3oman. !hi" allo)" the meat to rela6 and the .tep 1/.chool -ooking 0or !he .tep 11.ake "ure you go check out the )eb"ite for more great recipe". . Ba"ting e(ery $0&45 minute".tep .) Remo(e from o(en and let "it for atlea"t 15 minute" before car(ing.uice" to "ettle deeper into the meat. Remo(e turkey from o(en and bru"h on Butter rub *$. %a&'way throu h roastin ( turn turkey )reast side up* . • ************************************************** ** !hi" recipe came from Di(a" -an -ook )hich i" @ld .html .