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GRAMMAR of the SICILIAN LANGUAGE * GRAMMATICA dila LINGUA SICILIANA Alissandru F. Caldiero Alime' figghi eli figghi di me' figghi Grammar of the Sicilian Language / Grammatica di la Lingua Siciliana Copyright© 1984,1989,1990,1994, and 2008 by Alissandra F. Caldiero All Rights Reserved. NOTICE: “Grammar of the Sicilian Language” by Alissandru Caldiero may be printed only for personal use and study ~ not for sale or distribution in any form. For more information please e-mail the author: NOTA BENE: “Grammar of the Sicilian Language” by Alissandru Caldiero (Grammatica di la Lingua Siciliana di Alissandru Caldiero) si puo stampare solo per studi e per uso personale — no per vendersi o per distribuirsi in qualsiasi forma. Per ottenere pitt informazione inviate un e-mail a l'autore: CONTENTS / INDICT PRIFAZIONI FOREWORD. I: THE ALPHABET / L'ALFABETU, Vowels Shifting Vowels Consonants. Irregular Pronunciation of Certain Consonants .. Some Orthographic Changes The Letter J... Special Consonants The Letter DD. The Accent. Contraction. Blision BSecocmi danse I: ARTICLES / ARTICULI Definite Article Indefinite Article. Ill: NOUNS / SUSTANTIVI Gender 14 ‘Number .... The Plurals of Special Nouns Nouns Ending in -cu, -ca, -gu,-g¢ 17 IV: ADJECTIVES /AGGITTIVI Agreement... Position . Compound Adjectives... V: COMPARATIVES AND SUPERLATIVES / CUMPARATIVI E SUPERLATIVI Comparatives of Equality Comparatives of Inequalit Supetlatives..nenne a Comparatives and Superlatives of Special Adjectives. Vi: SUFFIXES / SUFFISSI Noun Suffixes Noun and Adjective Suffixes Adjective Suffixes.. VII: PRONOUNS / PRONOMI Subject Pronouns... The Subject Pronoun Vossia Stressed Object Pronouns Indirect Object Pronouns. Direct Object Pronouns Relative Pronouns... 3 Baa) 34 VIII: DEMONSTRATIVE ADJECTIVES AND PRONOUNS / AGGITTIVI DIMUSTRATIVI E PRONOMI Demonstrative Adjectives Demonstrative Pronouns... Other Demonstrative Pronouns... IX: INDEFINITE ADJECTIVES AND PRONOUNS / AGGITTIVI INDEFINITIVI E PRONOMI Indefinite Adjectives and Pronouns... ‘The Indefinite Pronoun Ni... X: POSSESSIVE ADJECTIVES AND PRONOUNS / AGGITTIVI PUSSESSIVI E PRONOMI XI: NUMERALS / NUMIRI Cardinal Numbers Ordinal Numbers. Indeterminate Numbers. Miscellaneous Numbers. XII: REGULAR VERBS / VERBI REGULARI The First Conjugati The Second Conjugation. The Future Tense .. 52 XII: IRREGULAR VERBS / VERBI IRREGULARI 1, Dari (to give). 2. Jiri (t0 go)... Semi-Irregular Verbs XIV: AUXILIARY VERBS / VERBI AUSILIARI 1. Aviri (to have). The Contracted Form of Aviri.. 2. Essiri (to be).. Other Auxiliary Vert