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Friday, January 22, 2010
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Chicago Architects Design First Green City HQ
Contributing Monkie Winston Gieseke Topics of Interest eco buildings, green architect, Green Architecture, green buildings, LEED, Sustainable Architecture, Sustainable Building Published on August 6, 2008 Section Architecture / Design, G Living

Since Chicago has taken great strides toward becoming a greener city, it seems a good place to find architects to design headquarters for the world’s greenest city. I’m referring to Masdar, the $22 billion development in Abu Dhabi, which is the world’s first ever zero-carbon, zero-waste and zero car city. The Chicago architecture firm of Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill has been chosen to design “the world’s first positive energy, mixed-use building”, which promises to be “the first building in history to generate power for its own assembly, through development of its solar roof pier before the underlying complex.”

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1/23/2010 2:04 AM

Chicago Architects Design First Green City HQ « G Living | Dark Twiste. humid climate.. the self-dependent structure will not only serve as the city’s centerpiece.. It will also consume about 70% less than water than other similarly sized buildings. 2 din 3 1/23/2010 2:04 AM . http://gliving. it will have a whopping 1. In addition to the many firsts involved.4 million square feet floor plan and cost an estimated $300 million to build. the building also takes some large and small A lot of firsts. eh? If all goes according to plan (which might in itself be an architectural first). It will feature one of the world’s largest photovoltaic arrays while employing the largest solar thermal driven cooling and dehumidification system — and it will be the lowest energy consumer per square meter for a modern class A office building in a hot.

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