Three beautiful thoughts to start a new day... 1.

None can destroy iron, but its own rust can! Likewise, none can destroy a person, but his own mindset can. 2. Ups and downs in life are ery important to keep us going, because a straight line e en in an !.".#. means we are not ali e. %&!&'&( ) has two meanings ) 1. %orget ! erything 'nd (un 2. %ace ! erything 'nd (ise. #ood *orning! ++++++++++++++++++++++++ Nice line from (atan Tata,s Lecture& -f u want to .alk %ast, .alk 'lone./ut if u want to .alk %ar, .alk Together. 0ow strange it is .e wish to wear high brands but we feel most comfortable in pa1ayma pants. .e wish to sit in Ta1 2 *arriot with elite people but we en1oy roadside tea with friends and with ppl we lo e..the most. .e wish to own big cars and go on long dri es yet we talk our heart out only while walking down a long road. .e ha e 34#/ i5ods filled with songs but sometimes a song on the radio brings a smile that can,t be compared. Life is simple indeed /ut .e make it comple6 by running after what N!7!( gi es us 1oy..... Lo e life Take note of small things....!!! 8eep 9miling :indagi pal&pal dhalti hai ..... ;aise ret mutthi se fisalti hai .... 9hikwe kitne bhi ho har pal fir bhi haste rehna ... 8yonki yeh <indgi 1aisi bhi hai .. /as ek hi bar *ilti hai... #ood morning. =======================+++++++++++++ -t is not ease but effort, not facility but difficulty that makes achie ers out of ordinary people Today will ne er c>me again. /e a blessing. /e a friend. !ncourage someone. Take time to care. Let your words heal and not wound $.

Relationships are seriously damaged. Smile and wish them well so that you avoid spoiling your day If we judge ourselves harshly we perform poorly. +ur search for mental peace is confined to visits of temples or holiday resorts. Remember happiness is an inside job Your anger breeds resentment fear and hostility in others.-f you can. we live on burdened and bored being incapable of achieving real rest and relaxation of the mind and body. $e defer the action till the problem devours us. the inner voice of chatisement will abate and instead will be replaced by the voice of encouragement. . 0igh on the adrenaline of success fame and fortune we forget that we are mortals transiting through this world on an endless 1ourney. 'ccept that there is little that you can do to change the beha iour of other people and focus on moderating your own reactions instead @on. Yet if we cherish ourselves celebrate our small victories. $e ignorantly compound the problem by our impulsive refusal to perceive it. Those who ha e no purpose till now. look at the life in your years. for er can never satisfy our inner critic. Such tra n&uil relaxation is facilitated by the process of meditation . better they add it now. Stay calm and collected !linging to complacency our la"e loving ego precludes us from perceiving the truth of falsehood of our beliefs about the persons we depend upon or deal with for solving our problems. +ur education has only enhanced our struggle for livelihood without enriching our life.t commit to caring for yourself what good are you to your lo ed ones or your career? /egin by energising your life with e6ercise. . #hey prevent us from tac ling the problems and conversely .ested interest sans any regard for values and ethics had come to be our guiding principle. %y habit we fear the problem instead of facing it s&uarely.t look at the years in your life. You are deprived of honest feedbac and true intimacy. A caring heart loo s for solutions )erry christmsd *ife weary. +nly a stress free relaxed minf can help our serene self to surface. Stop feeling victimised because then all one does is to find justifications for one's own irrational behaviour Stop trying to change others or ma ee them see your point of view. Instead see things from their perspective.allowing them to overta e us. (now that all hearts see love and feel hurt.e lo e to think that we are indispensable. Those who ha e an understanding of their purpose in life radiate with glow. Learn not to take e erything said or done personally. Look at the situation ob1ecti ely and try to understand why a person acted in a particular manner rather than focussing on how it has affected you. Anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows but only empties today of its strength Avoid altercation argument and avoid justification too to prove yourself right. Apologise even when you are not wrong. shies away from the painful aspects of a problem and deludes itself with convenient assumptions.

life goes on and things are usually not ad bad as you thought they would be. So thoughts appear as a matter of habit which you imbibe in your personality. even if things go wrong and dont turn out how you expect . 2xamine your emotions. )a e sure that you do not say things that are irrelevant to the topic you are fightinng about. Remaining calm and contended in adverse condition for longer periods and tolerating hardships and brutal experiences of life and unexpected problems needs a great deal of self control high frustration tolerance and inner strength. you may still exist.//// thoughts. $hen they are gone . Silence the most negative person in your life6yourself. You can have only one.-aily we get around . #he widdom to accept death enables us to have the courage to follow our heart and intuition4 it never fails. %ut once you start experiencing things and ta ing up challenges . whereas a controlled mmind will find a solution $I#0 I1 to tacjle it. !hange those thoughts. You will realise that anger is an expression of sadness. Arguments and bic ering ma e matters worse and people often becomes explosive says swamy su habodhananda *et us cultivate the art of counting our blessings . You can set limitations by nowing your boundaries while fighting with your partner. 0umour humility and the ability t to cimpromise are essential for happiness . #he same way you can choose to be happy. going after what you are afraid of in life and doing what you are acttually scared of. !ouples who are constantly angry with each other are rarely happy. #hat's what fear is. You never now how strong you are until 'being strong' is the only option you have 1o one wants to die. -ont give in to your negative thoughts. #hey stop you from progressing. %ut when people cross their limits by getting personal it becomes harmful. you start losing your fears. $hen you live by chance you live in fear and anxiety. #hey are emotional and mental thoughts. $hen gratitude fills our heart life is full of joy and contentment 5eople won't have time for you if you are always angry and complaining. +ver come that by swallowing your ego. $hen you live by intent and capability you are in control of what is happening to you. #hings are not bad even at the worst times Arguments are mostly stressful draining and toxic aand often do not lead to any solutions. -eath is very li ely the single best invention of life. It is your choice #he thing with fear is it's always the anticipation of the worst that can happen. because you are only responsible for your fate 5eople new to holding power are more li ely to be vengeful when placed in charge. #he devil and god within you is your business.youcannot have heaven and hell together. An uncontrolled mind will always loo at the prolem as a problem. Your peace and your turmoil is your business. It is life's change agent. but you have ceased to live -ont blame others for your fate. And that is as it shoould be. #hese thoughts are more or less similar to the thoughts which you had a day before. A mismatch between aspirations and resources is a necessary condition for any breathrough and innovative thin ing -on't part with your illusions. So you can control thoughts only by SA-0A1A . You are unhappy because you choose to be unhappy. #hat is a more stable life #he real handicaps in life are not physical. Arguments are a part of our relationships. 3ind out why you are sad. $hatever is happening in your life is your own choice. according to a new research study Remember not to start the blame game when things get tough. $ith every aspect of life it is you who has to ma e it happen. And yet death is the destination we all share. 1o one has ever escaped it. And you realisr that no matter ehat. Arguments lead to bad health. clearing the old ones for the new. #hey have a negative impact on the mind and stress you out.

2xpect less from people but more from <od. . Remember the five simple rules to be happy4 8.olicy of giving 7 ta ing . =. *ive simply and appreciate what you have.. :. 9. 3ree your heart from hatred 6 3orgive. 3ree your mind from worries 6 )ost never happens. <ive more. .

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