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Pope Francis - Soldier of Christ or Pawn of the Church?

Say, How wonderful to hear that the 1st Jesuit Pope ever, our Pope Francis has been named Times Magazine Man of the Year. As a Jesuit he has taken a vow of poverty, and as a result he does not live in a palace like past Popes but in a boarding house and also he travels in a small car! How exemplary! In fact, he talks like Jesus and acts like Jesus. Suddenly the Pope is more globally respected than the U.S. President and the Dalai Lama! Pope Francis knows his priorities. Publicly, he has spoken about the problems of poverty, the economic hardships of globalisation and Western capitalism, religious conflict, refugee problem, and typical of a Jesuit, fairness and equity and social justice. He is basically silent on matters like homosexuality, other than saying that even homosexuals need our love and compassion. In fact, to my knowledge, there is nothing in the Four Gospels about homosexuality. God is not interested in our worldly animal behaviour or mutative behaviour as all these things will be managed by the Immutable Law of You Reap What You Sow. If anything, the Gospels preach only filial piety and love and compassion, and teach us to see Jesus in every poor, sick and needy, regardless of race, colour or creed. As a Jesuit he is highly educated like most Jesuits who unlike most Catholic priests have to be tertiary educated. In fact most modern Jesuits have PhDs. As a former lecturer he will understand the good and bad lessons learnt from Jesuit history in China. The good lesson learned being to enter and patiently cultivate a multi-dimensional spiritual relationship with the Chinese or nonChristians based on mutual respect and understanding. For this the Jesuits as scholars became cabinet ministers in the Imperial Chinese Administration. To this day Catholicism is regarded as a separate religion from Christianity in China. Ironically, for understanding the foundation of the Chinese traditional and cultural tenet of filial piety, seen through foreign eyes as ancestor worship and mistaken by the then Pope as condoning idol worship, the Jesuits were excommunicated! The bad lesson learned was not to be too quick to judge, to proselytise to a Chinese or any nonChristian on the basis of platitudes or postulants coloured or predicated by a white man or Westerner's conceited, patronising, condescending, presumptuous, pompous and chauvinistic notions of white superiority. Will Pope Francis be a Soldier of Christ (a Jesuit) or a pawn of the Catholic Church? I hope and trust Pope Francis will rid the Catholic Church of Christians who are Satan worshippers in disguise, who are out there to create unfairness, injustice, disharmony, strive, havoc, hatred and war in the world. We need a Christianity that is universally respected and revered for its teaching of love and peace. If Jesus was otherwise he would have been a Jewish rebel and killed Roman soldiers. He would have been the equivalent of the modern Moslem mujahideen! Personally, I hope Pope Francis will continue on the inter-faith dialogue started by the last two Popes and when required have the courage to oppose these fanatical demonic forces within the Catholic Church and American fundamentalist Christians, and openly apologise for the affront which are continually being perpetrated on non-Christians by our lack of true Christian practice and example.

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These Catholics have no understanding that the word 'catholic' stands for 'universal'! A universal church means universal salvation for what is universal in the 'goat' attire of the mortal body of man, and what is eternal in man, is the 'sheep' - the eternal 'spirit son of God' in man, in every man, whatever his race, colour or creed! Christ was not about discrimination nor about what are worldly matters to be dealt by the rules and laws of the world, or he would not have said - render unto Caesar what is Caesar's, and render unto the Spirit Father what belongs to him, that is his spirit sons. Worldly matters should be matters of the secular and political domain of Caesar. Religion is a personal private matter in the domain of the spirit, i.e. the spirit within oneself! This requires personal spiritual transcendental insight reflection and prayer contemplation and meditation. Otherwise how would you have God residing in your very mind, body and soul? A spiritual dialogue with God is both personal and private within oneself. This is what is meant by God seeing in secret but rewarding openly. This is what is meant by God wanting your charitable deed to be in secret, your left hand not knowing what your right hand is doing, not praying vocally and openly in public, and other public demonstrations or ostentations, that they may be seen by men. Refer Matthew Chapter 6. The Good Shepherd is looking for his lost 'sheep' not any 'goat'. The 'goat' is man, whatever his race, colour or creed. The 'sheep' is the 'spirit son of God' in every man, whatever his race, colour or creed! Judgement Day is about segregating the 'sheep' from the 'goats'. It is about segregating the 'spirit son of God' from the son of Adam, the son of man! What is so difficult in understanding that we have to love our enemy? What is so difficult in understanding that we have to see Jesus in every poor, sick or needy, whatever his race, colour or creed? Accordingly, what is so difficult in understanding that we are all, everyone of us, whatever our race, colour or creed, entitled to the saving love and grace of Christ? Why are we segregating ourselves as if Christians are a special type of 'goat' that can be labelled a 'sheep' by special or mere labelling or registration? God's grace does not work by registration! Neither can we hope to exercise God's grace as if by registration we are thereby empowered with the same prerogative! We cannot convert or proselytise by force or by consummate salesmanship. We should be neither the despised conquistador nor the hated used car salesman. That is or would tantamount to a con, fraud and a lie. We need only to show love and mercy, to love one another as Jesus has loved us, and be a Good Samaritan as Christ has instructed. Thus we should erstwhile entrust the nonbeliever to God's grace and the non-believer's own conscience. To do otherwise is not spiritually meaningful Christianity nor following Christ! In forcing a non-believer or rejecting him or chastising him until he agrees with me totally is total abuse and a clear sign that I am inadequate in my faith or trust in God, that I need to be God or play God or be 'physical' or exert sheer force or domination. That is simply 'rape' in any language. It is like forcing someone to have nonconsensual sex with you. A person's capability and capacity to know God and in fact his existence and being in this life is determined by which rung of Jacob's Ladder, he or she is currently on, as an 'angel' of God going up and down, lost in transit as a lost soul on Jacob's Ladder. He has first to reap what he had sown in the past! God's Grace is in his being as the Spirit Father with total unconditional eternal love for his Lost Prodigal Son in Sin City, lost going up and down Jacob's Ladder, lost in the son of Adam, the son of man, after the Exile and the Fall of Adam, after the Original Sin. See what I mean about the Christians that are really satanic demons in the Catholic Church? These Christians are not Christians because they do not understand the fundamental point that the Lost Prodigal Son has to himself turn his back on Sin City. He has to repent himself. He has to carry his own cross. He has to follow Jesus himself. To do that, he has to realise the 'sheep' in him, the 'spirit son of God' in him, for only a lost sheep can hear the Good Shepherd's voice. You cannot listen on his behalf for him! Faith comes from inherent faith of being a 'sheep' listening to the Good Shepherd. One has to listen as and to the inscrutable being of one's intrinsic nature of a 'sheep', as a 'spirit son of God'! When one is baptised by water that signifies that one has washed the 'goat' out of our being as a 'sheep'. When one is baptised in the spirit one realises the eternal nature of our being as a 'spirit

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son of God'. Metaphorically, a Christian salvation is alike when one emerges from a caterpillar or chrysalis in a cocoon to become or to be liberated as a butterfly! Everyone 'cocooned' can be a butterfly, whatever your species, colour or orientation! So beware of Christians who are not really Christians but agents of Satan. God bless Pope Francis. Love and God Bless! Chuan 5/1/14

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