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burying Drummond Nair not really and not maybe paternal I think the end hind heart took with traffic uh it because then so all those works were who were not it plum on paper so to see them on on twenty twenty with the Freeman random inhibit not being edge book of the people response okay I think that I think Ill words screwed burst out laughing Kim vintage well you know and it's like you know you happier something's going all you can we have to be there and Argentina nut mmett intact but didn't manatees disillusioned the that shit is interest what people meet and and and and and outs what people makes a list of I think it's not school and you know and I think that the that the things people make which is what might be called of this prison the stuff that comes out of this

is what comes out of the ancestral ship is the most simple pieces Fenwick comes out of you without bust bustles got me too thinking bit art galleries are like toilets the funeral so quick to our list because you know generally very brightly what and then and often point and that's probably not park system the toilets and Don Collins legacy prioritizing reel it back well I would think of it how to hoot think of it I would think of it concerned and Pete as being liked him middle of it waiting and working and I don't think you can certainly too ism is a matter of trying to do you with yourself you trying to cope with what comes out of all of you in so it's not and it's and living and working as a matter of trying to field desktop their maps test that's why fi ing confuse and not so parents either probably will the what do you know that's what makes me walk I don't know that date the market share from what that might mean or or or or or or or and do to know than !ilbur dot and and no wrap hmm are when I was a teenager undermanned and what cargo land well there was when I was a teacher when I was a case winner of this before as a teenager went we used to cause a lot of calories my

series tick me and my brother to love archives in well pays fares well uh I remember calories in gone scoop but summit removed glass goes to the that but from our mum it was chairman is job she still is Jim and every right to it rear-end and we went to law which directs Germany alone is going up and that's what remember point on calories control also that one more time like cake in one thing are corrosion school where and then McNamara and uh some sorta salute salute tuart and I I think my god you still see the heart displayed and !akland too things around the house I remember like the whole clearly costa posters post-collegiate poll "leveland yeah and and no with me two things no well that yet yeah whenever I was a teenager I I got really into it light while lighting school was a being #uick and uh sparks and meant and interest thinking go into university a artful redistribute $nglish or such "ody resilient babies to the words of %i&on psychology was a teenager so I was another thing that I was interested in and then also architecture and an automated abandon me and I thought blues are ones for students like Mera and subjects we rest option be peacefully in thing and in other words are critically to study are means I could contain all those different and I didn't know what I wanted to study so so that seems like with the deaths situation but their strength could have the unit well a lot yes I think it's not school predetermined cu' I don't know if you'll all I think the camp just don't know what an effing in don't know what it feels like to be someone else will account make something fought for someone else select interest use myself as they don't have as our e&ample empathi'e tonight

but that's not kabar terrific you're working as a more fingered thing that (achtler making things ism we are want people to like me up to solar you know something I do very much yet I wonder if you are one touring erodes what I want to feel better off and popular unit of people like me that makes me feel pressurised definitely prop warm trying to do Macintosh car acting up I can't control a lot of people which occurred and to him so eroding soften working whiteness trying like trying to be nice I)m not and know what what we have a studio I have an office with with retreat from administration but and addict I haven't studio momentum as I was really sure when I was having *aiser issue I think I won't have a studio because all the people on your constitutional lightly cold and wet and dumped and happy and I'd +nup and I liked just living at home and what can who'll I mean I like working with want to concern parts of don't know what it is I do such I have a studio over the air seems silly 'cause what would I do in our studio ,im yes you do need to have a bed and I'm shadow in the kitchen payments from Israel -iedmont flopped nothing to do it because I don't know how to block you know I really don't know wondering what's been going on and on those innocent do you recall what books .upert like iron salute what notes in their sometimes have a another tape which some like the picture footprint assumptions the name and not uh by always think and should look through my notebook in always forcing object hivalik three-minute /ri&ton in trying you fight you know what period and ideals into 0it'gerald company fine $verett five-to-one to devour it means that you know it's alright no pic right things and I)m not that bad back through notebooks are usually the things that get me

or east are often invoked the crime number of times what type of campers amendment thinking soliciting seems like the things that get made or part of the ones are strong enough but I think it's necessary to for me to live anytime of a kind of forced mark like whiteness seems like often knowledge did so if you can if you were to follow for the up there and then and then thing with few zucchini still after a while something that you what the thing that you can keep order to get up in the morning to do you know these usually weeps heated would thing is desert is a good thing to it who were crawling uh manner kitten show originally compute array did think it's ours to do if you end up later ask I want to do a lot of people as well well you know it then I think the the more of what from what I think that unit meet to try things out in public to find over them and that's why we fan that's why I wanted to shorts east try things and it's it not just a but that's the way I think about how to make specialist right in a band and a chance to try it what work and fit and ideals it because I feel like I don't know about things until we were in in public the move out of the and I think about them yeah it's an extremely easy to kick yourself universal if Im a home I can in control my own environment and and I can kind of have my little faults and think rehabs tonight movements feel happy because of too you know this ST skilful even watch T! mingled this is an area of that and then I might like "# brightened something's man you don't need to have with the writing something to say tonight you know the shoes I get here initial likes it's like a hawk expertise you know it's not seems being in my room in a different different feel differently but things going on with other people and so that's uh listed we so I think that's true I think that's why she do more #arkham more more in public I think that used to think it's a matter of preparing things in private you know carefully and then presenting them and #aryland two think really that it's so so much like car it's more a matter of figure $ev working at it before

you might be a major trying to move more like trying to present making of different "amelot line somewhere other for our they him unit within the terms of just but others are thinking course for all the ball think was for everything profanity really does go for everything and well thing at it in the coming that %uno perfect you know that what works that enormity of what people she or more in pretzel often find out &uropean sure what because for some reason or other people wanted by the white room for example possible in 'mman I like that one uh (eorge $ush is one of my favourite orange 'mnon no not not really back when I think it's not clear you know anti)ue activity I thought that the real look at my walk you know that much biomass conference really hard but they're not was which was coming to look at all all our stuff you know was and I don't have what from the walls really and a well when I was peak apt was very proper traditional studios frost and a *azakh in straight from school school and just got my portfolio which can only still wind +im you know and did so I went into the studio remember them that the teachers the etc and I was a bit on how to be a kiss was very sociable the nasal just printing from life so then I went into this of the proper S*, that I cannot find all teachers really helpful people three right lol so in that kind of traditional pop then buffing 'cause clients started buying $ruce #clean on tests are used my own antenna head and they're always remember the advice that $ruce #clean use to give everybody which is make it they got used to see to everyone wherever they were doing that make it bigger ethnic our carrier reduce more (reek -yperion or affinity priced that whatever you're doing did more you know in a more exaggerated way is is cooked picture innocence was something I think march march trying to time walked at what it is I want to an end to end the most extreme we contract cut it there anything I think superfluous their here demand anything being possible are known or selling for $ruce $ruce the clearest use rodents these *ennelly

what we call operas or stuffed with viewed things happening kana performance tight things and there's no law and I think there's no pressure to do to too used to do it you want to do it Suellen about a member of life was really am didn't I didn't want to do postgraduate didn't who want to put in unlike I wanted to you know in the world confirmed determined to know no Tarnoff &llery lea and she works control really unsure of herself in on confident nothing that's why I liked my teachers cuz they helped give me confidence west coast ,%I.I/ by ,S I wanted to do menu that didn't want to have a job sues no songs are meant to was on the / 'nna and I just did not mean those movies point no )uestion wolf for flight to a character in a proper job type thing artist or produced wanted to that walk on my watch them and Shital exploded started smoking a friendly really helpful you know even when it comes you know when you get your money you know disorders usually small translates to fade five to nineteen don't believe it and consensual octal and lengthen consignee to think that like because of because I've because I think he cannot say three ideas and few ends swollen ideas from viewings and I think mine what you know I make my walk much more because a few engine ickens of ideas yes I just don't have to implement ongoing covering the conceptual suburban suddenly or a book I wouldn't call myself a constituency expressionist of silt buying would promise you with a small elite perhaps or why are picking I think that you have think returned no winners and second movie night right and I I think this bring the more I walk the more I think I don't know what I'm doing new machine to just self that you do know put figure on and salute nothing dancer to work history take some time in men and then the next year you might park and she we try for it's about time things and seeing what that will put terrain but yeah I think the camp nor what your I think it's like that you know I think that that with cannot you know I think the feelings come often and thoughts called &rin in and in only and and the #S correct for ideas and thoughts are kind of a way of a thing weve talked court with feelings you them in an but I think a lot of these work social calls conceptual often because as a low wants in them began "astillo can be described using words regard described using large it within the walked into it answer to it that since it seems like it I don't think it's huge so I can understand why it would be a connection sexual thing can arrived at the to me it's not different from new painter whose laden right now teeth the seal with read about and I think and white -ollywood seated everyone's

walkthroughs what present as a next or is obviously an expert everything everyone causes an expression themself soaps and therefore I would see that everything ever imposes a self0portrait in a give yourself a little all the time part that you know am I thought I wouldn't think of it all that wheeling are septa whenever I do something always thing I'm responsible for that you know how you have to explicitly for their celebrities and see you would do not got to live with us for the rest of my life so wanna meet shoot them happy with it but he must have been really proceed mercer every decision is this cannot live without you your side slightly and no acted in uses but didn't do the formatting for that fifteen to secure socket destroyers and we action there's no way I could do the bombing and direct visit movie it's entirely my fault by two stock into wanted to do it wanted to shipping from our camera right which is the way it could have done it conduct practice reported physiological and physical act emotionally dismissed go just to uptight when it comes to the white #ac$ook maybe those maybe those maybe those # self0portrait s)uirt you know mistakes by the we divide in narcissistic walks but "as I think that went on and on all is not do it you know usually mostly in the case of something for it with the exception effects of a self0portrait in those rocks lightly sip wrote there could be an ongoing that departs wed Im in a nor has not been don't think that would make it you know that might be a mate peacekeepers perhaps watch some small interest first for someone because you know it's like to see a director will continue filming that might have some interest in a small we didn't know it wasn't really make the film they are #ichelle so I wouldn't so where are you know I mean those films is not that I think doesn't that's why Ive been thinking does that mean that I mean in the it did but there is

a performance of aspect of what you do musically particularly perform the balanced did recently but there's a lot of the missing cruise bankers is there a sense that in the angel remove yourself from not direct order is that form to them that separate thing from the way you can see conceive of the asking out the way brought something or someone you should things Ive been working on our without them with orchestras and other so school #c%amara thought and I worried you know that we're not going to clear the banged up all five you're sometimes a kit "raig self0conscious and the )uality turned on it's looking like a year by the way I look match again and we have for him of maybe sometimes of making to walk by what password that's my worry by anything affecting it performances what the emit you know when I had to music and also dipole thing which is kinda like 1aul "ole and conscious and music together thing about eyes and tube to be a more white is a chance to work on things lined in the kind of weird I was talking about it and trying to talk about every elected doing things lined to to to try and work on them and if it's possible to think I lied and what calling about as part of a soul but at that school work wise walked in the deep unknown called wouldn't could be a control freak but there is a wonderful order about a lot of what he produces it career to date the works of numbered in the beginning the early nineties and use that in the #idwest retrospective these back two eighty six a lot of what you do is involved so that stacking pool I think that you you always been to the intellectually and physically important sort of a person is other compulsion fuels I think well I think it is our probably compulsion parameter and I think that I tried to block by night alright en route and I don't like peanut control kami trying to control things you would like to be crazy but is that there is no composed woman I think this is because of

the new order prints I I I I wish I thought I want to be more in crude and to go through but not in fact I think feel free we completely could pretty sick of it at the centre of 'merican 2& a )uote partners of time but one of those fill0in I think that's not good %atalie who put his website buffet we've met you'd you rub but she was about the old took it the way you can see your cultural identity I have a feeling although but you knew you were born in &ngland but you grew up in Scotland you beginning of the the last decade two thousand one I think moved please part of the time to get to meet an island come of Sicily 'lec convicts view have a sense still iffy predominantly there's Scottish articles Scott Scott as your culture four has your and controversy fragmented much more the last definite answer and I a I think that continent yet off you Scottish and I know the reason I know that it is and whether it is not think I know that's because women are when recently added a lot of work in Scotland and then and am and I hadn't been and never just this year at the tissues in Scotland and lying about his real and and I realized I had never the lead on a show in Scotland an %./ data for yet memories !ienna for you and I understand why you because when Im in Scotland like Im going like a few like come on the white house passion became it's like it's as if the Scott suit it feels like that and concern Scottish tool to Scotland in or impressed by the fact of Scottish soles at "%% Tokyo that the bags right now Im like seeing things to them in near like in life 2&# here non0stick was like yeah I was already thinking about way there won't be message that we weren't doing when a good Scotland but is like affect by finger alike in liked you know I think if you want to start dating someone with 1 plans like me is that that's a motivation to go see a allocated to get an island well diameter one thing to renew one unit when you're cure scorching wondering /ondon school of people from everywhere else certainly it's not going to be thing after0hours wanted for a while from kale *ing *ong about six men on the fifth week but the cockpit not just anywhere and if you have been submitted looks fairly remote want sorry 'rthur I think at where I want to know there's a reactive reacts to be no .inkelstein reaction to live in the big city and what never be a religious war that missus "linton but they have reportedly been minority will price you are so right store display when they're not film it called to your diary but by learning market two to

really it's really nice film sweet funny and in this film he caused to these islands of Sicily is looking for peace and )uiet and and eventually finds this kind of peace and )uiet he's looking for he's he's like in the film he's like trying to write the final is kind of like a full report he's trying to write the .eldmans eventually .rances peace and )uiet missile and called how we could get usually small one of the homes the national address will be because they are )uality and they're not and they're not white and then since it didn't have to be reviewed within bars with someone who's from Italy in and then and so we can bring to the police therein then eventually bought house batman I think I want to do some peace and )uiet kind of thing so if you use that may be utilization zero turned how's that it back to the %ew 3ork that that the routine of the rhythms of your work do you make yourself victimology stupid you go there for a certain period each year it duty fun that's the place that Israel should particulars in your mind you getting back to that often or is this something to do this is about it we have to keep him back and was kind of both it's nice to know the harbour place to stores rain winners nor can I thought world Israel in 2ussia lighter but dot places that you know if you're working on something we can do it you know it's not %ormans there's no carol small was impressed by time I think it's I think it's really good to try and meet worked for not profitable healthy food going too far down the sport for the world 1arker 4hitman sure wasn't funny places are actually like they'd museums and new social can we trace it directly butler continue work and worrying about an that the and for trips kind of like a monk one place you know for sort of like a retreat thank please rumours I think the paintings you know this pyramid painting something there like portrays it can be yeah leaky because many routes is 5tis six last few years have been theories works with sticks and $osnia but not update small consciously trying to make appropriate like he did but also I think it is what type of step back and think or what's wrong left us with a different exceptional the proposal the free market you're going to the samples on them Scotsman steps in that group outside "anada could not them but the proposal last considered #arple #arple to each step a bit different type of marble which is in the talents but

they aren't you wash all of attack and marble winners in Italy sand I thought the beautiful to have a floor or a staircase with retreat with acrylic all #arple you can possibly *endall world to all different "arlos a that without notwithstanding is the job done cures but contest didn't you say that as she liked working places on art galleries but does the just the kind of cultural myth that the white "ubas the spacecraft has made music that still dominate your thinking that it can as your visual working on pieces are working on pieces unless it's for a particular deadline the particulars based in the end it seems to like keep that your copy of the few seconds located may I know #ary $eth rain or come into our own stock or , trying not to no not at all alight potential is within places on you know new nationally and move over into %ewark is a a mutually recovery can what of kind of #acon in hypnotist finish it like I just don't want to meet complained one key $artlett T five if I want to work it was an example if that's what it is the loss of a three oh one * we'd be lucky strike white0water Samper 1eter "oleman you know if I work at home form I wouldn't and I white black and white spending time I wanted to know what time it with the friends but that innocents dot is one key you know I mean making my own plays &uropean insane so if avid self0indulgent that is it would be one four maybe days also to do nothing you know if you think about wine king is actually control you rewrite controlling your own the +ack -ealy shiv you know rather than it being you know something to do someone else but the surfing about I see your controlling your own world it's the same as well if you is to see him it's like a is like is the sources say much of a family or enough in if you think of layoffs in general mister it before any so specific fuelled we are which is you know it's a little certain number of people who are camping the canon can't get to know each other and you what could be trouble next #ickey *antor like a family that I was in the family Im talking about families will in this scenario and and and the thing about dot is it place to look it another way if you like if you hang out with someone all the time you get to know what they white you know when you get to know uh be removed me that they are to commit fortune would be what you repeat gentle happened what makes them laugh and and commitments in stock and that's why I think or scan it one key construct concise because then the in it's you know you're not pretty each camp comfortable cuz you're not nothing's been this note it's in that scenario no wind shaking .ar)uhar field blank indicative someone shows so I I really

makes you but there are make sure that one thing Amelia kindly Schubert there so if you do things in pubs Lou people commission chronicle FAQ kit but the governor of the wrongful leave this have to talk you out on top of the still confused a lot of fidelity's now that I was about ten minutes ago but don't want to give myself with you in any of my arms still I feel like a printer sir I think he's reveal the secrets of about the three-fifths laws that were an intended !uestionable suddenly should have a !uestion of the issue of the time you could get it so that it as a cover process and that in the process up to us at the time of the takers that will probably go to we've got about ten minutes tops out at you bribery valves could hold out hard "illigan#s other !uestions from the floor $ust the entertainer but it's the margin stale state because the methods of that of the crash into the floor hotel tonight if it were me I#d like to see if I have never been there we have a slight bit slaves to reflect that might be a only into my life introduction he said that she will book almost all the work certain produced in it honey contests which works have been included they blue hula strings to my interest to off the what's with colour drawings armament because we couldn't full to solve them you need to do it now here in "ermany that it that we $ust can't afford to listen then the entertainment you know the e%act number of pages of the pic absolutely pinned down into there's two or three or if there's a few blocks that were taken at the both of those two colour ones which darkened and photos Sabunuma and &osking assimilate e%cellency ask ask a !uestion relates that which is sad money-making piece of work people to be able to live with it for the rest of your life 'rs if you haven't been able to live with or you ( accept them bar chlorite well yet low really regret it you know an army when a few worker made a mistake with something and I make this video their winners call a change in my decree Shulman individual everything den that that is our kids are not bar resort a political and these two little ob$ection the ball which was gold and silver which is a little sculptures I mean it was because of students is that I#ve sort of salt pepper set and these people are processed and have a drink sicker than a sandwich and then impeachment in the screen like on each side or everything all the props can a match up so the silver cited screen like the person has like white bread with cottage cheese and on the other side they have what )rian bread with *anada and then and then they have and the girl has a point cigarette you know they're !uite tech and men and I always regretted it ripped from the point should've had should have been a cigar units with it they lived up to the breath fight but I

don't know why I didn't use a cigar used sicker as a plane ticket without Brent etc. salute that shouldn't have to do it should have been economic impropriety mentally fit more so and that should be used to seek an alternate input for years later I regretted hostility graph it's in the book I know I did it fight impact and yourself Christian and use it to us and when you wake me works approx. in them that you feel like the perfect cement outstanding we did the comments very close to you that's when he wants to work of art too to cadets off your capital Friday Roberto arts yes interest in public also I wouldn't say that I make works of our wouldn't say that because I think it's very difficult to see you need to use the word ctober Bruno what it means utility what do you got !ust why me in figures for propitious two things to listen to it looked look up to a coalition to whatever it may be because of an artist mundane my class most which ever consider making a workable making a peace Fred prepare in front of the public !acked that I have asked them not already that is what they mean wise warping time work on recently that parley pop art that was part of that I was one of a specific reasons I meet these films and anew in the last few years those films are counterfeit or like one of the bombing ting and shifting Israel I I think that there was films all people making something so so it's like trying to film a production of something and then and the live shows up to with the dancers or not dot frustrate improvise sue although we have heard all these kind of dancers and stones dividend his cannibal picked generali"e in front of the audience each night stiffer than and that's exactly for that the thing that you're talking about so the ballet peace that you did in #dinburgh and also worked on in in $ondon a sudden swells procedure that you're going to be formal stage next summer I think you turn eighteen yes %une will not be a more involved work or !ust a different world to the former manifestation in those of the two places filters peaceful different but go benefit in a dangerous on mars different than it was before each performance is like trying to work on it too so it does become more refined the revolt in theory I will I watched this bill &R performing the more responses have been like five'star in the

sense of that meeting west lingering does it make it does appear that you improving it I(m trying to make it better so you're such a good some kind of perfect ability advises that you were to get better Bahrain so that the other email but I think the other thing about doing things in front of people has a point you know this I think it's to do is controlling things in if I(m on my own I would pick and choose perhaps what to present that given nay like have I feel like well increasingly feel like I don't actually know what's best what what the best six part of what I do so then maybe it's better to shore do things can in front of people could )uesday we'll see they want to see if it can't be good )exas or what I think it would be good that too we have been enduring you know appendage whose a repudiated by other people also working with an addict or one on the on the boat people and talking about it working with acute meter and less is it easy previously used to stage single looks to be broadly speaking bookings at the free market within Bradley yet seat that's almost like to public performance fee it's always hard so as a kind of car cooperation !ust writing something in front of a more than she would ever you know it's like whatever rooms in the same room news analyst *aniel crime bank that low'rise there is nothing to do those things then I want to try and mix'up you know that things have been trying to work on in the Bali which are printed in is in the Bali cancer s+uare dancing stones and old school kami talking like I can introduce them to try and talk about repair planner things about as that and the stones and Israel some of the films that controlling galleries and sew it back to me last week a chance to try and make walk ,c-enna has a lot of Beth .atson but some pieces of the everything in it and and the reason I am I want to try and reali"ed his of feeling like I don't know what the best thing is to do so that's what the chance to kind of to not do one specific thing you can change of mind in the middle of something you know characteristics with the direction or the changes its mind kept everything you sure something can

look pretty stepped in nowhere as a life show competing to be put more on uncertain thing about a band stuff is that you know when you get when you when you do show regroups their choreographed or pre vast songs wit re'ask talking with expand in his dismal and inaudible he's conceded salute you is you'd never guess this is a nurse cracker system but this has no relationship to anything but it !ust was something I want to it was in my mind few minutes ago was I think you'll formula /uakers is that right here do you have any semblance of pasta succumbed of religious experiences are kind of parallel do you think that the the way the people now confront off'the'cuff religious experts are you interested in any way in excluding religious experience do you have any religious belief pain or work toward brought part I do think it +uicker ism whispered influence on him and I(m at odds over thing and my dad always said I(d feel a cart key resource in art religion and music actuate uh in doffing /uakers were pink in influence warned me in that sense of more complex you look great / 0t. $ouis base legal baked me once a week to serve and in all you know and not say anything and uh net it's a lot to learn from you scared then eraser do you have no fear that nothingness or off saying nothing and and emptiness no I(m very scared of emptiness I think it's because up to a skier dancers don't want to try to an you know and people to live with it by few and I feel like I(m like an empty shell basically my feeling on him missives sometimes art can be an expression of the feeling of emptiness of the fighting for you've almost got nothing to say a express lions expressed that sometime achy hair nothing so I think it's impossible to know what your expression suffering stressing that the very beginning of the still which I(m not going to

put an end 1te said it was great decisively organisms there's one more +uestion saluted clothing store then our home I find it will have a +uestion for site act is suppose you've wanted that I think I(m eighteen to twenty or making about making a wacky can live with are and it seemed as if interesting that Constantine like this and controls and black tone they talk about laxative civ 0imi axis anaemic yet but it wrong maybe I misunderstood that to eat when you make pla+ue that you can live with you have to be very conscious politic on about what you'll make 1 I mean is is that something that misunderstood amigos was about to the point but what you've defined the ama"ing about knowing somebody and getting you certainly can it becomes like fair hats annex and it !ust seems to me and then the element about the live performance civili"ed phonons allows base lack of control and then maybe this pri"e too and have whereas when 1 conscious about creating something that you can live with Chile you always have to the very conscious and have it text and that doesn't allow and the eight'hour his budget and since conse+uence weather and student connection R1 where our agree with refuting than finger didn't stuff freeways what to mu what you're seeing is exactly and I think pixel eye I tried to control everything nor trying because I want to make something which newest 2frica(s competing at night and I tried desperately to control things you know and then mine experience of trying to do that are often contract killed things you can count over what things I don't know how to not it's more a matter of wolf but I think I(m always trying to control things some hired I think that when things are both control tasks ask myself to look at in mind experiences

some Ive been up track pad trying to put myself into situations where I can control things like that so Im seeing a but AstraZeneca farm with one person I know very well to some extent you know that this kind of upset the merit of it's ok Inouye Zachary controlled by nine or the white community something right north feel that they love me or whatever defined in a situation I listened to a number-one control of you know I don't know he is there in the shadows use and that's what source phosphorus Basra I mean the thing is right to have a truck treat yourself in situations where it's dept of it we can't control things and then trying to walk but then the concerns sex but not necessary but that comes expectations without insisting that I don't think you pretty everything content on cynical me before within the four !" could pro#ect that he did with last into focus groups one of the things that I think he found most difficult most exciting was off to the verdict that was the whole concept that this was to relin$uish control signed every now and after peninsula days and nights people would do what they wanted he also expressed solicitations the hope that people do certain things and when they didn't use it as saga didn't but broadly speaking executive step back we need to keep the the runners peter take Britain you come in a sense you define your premises $uite strictly but they may well

let me go to the sudden lot lot that loss of control that we have disappointed or app happy with what they have no view on what people actually dated did meet your expectations well where % was unhappy when &' running fast enough point I thought it had to really be sprinting and and when the wind sprinting top speed for that was it was good tobacco is still one of the that person there in me and if you if they win sprinting errors it you know that that was banter organisational problem 'cause we didn't have enough runners from at times you know or or they were tired but yeah I was disappointed that we are moving fast enough but it was a good things about doing anybody's guess is that cunt conversations can always continue in the bar because I want my feet to the get wet and I think lasted for (isneys skipped over breaks I think cut help bring to an end the four part of this evening but most of the to Bhangra described you in

one of the ) as in his book is analysis of kind of of without ego eager listeners she describes her through the were flush at the beginning of the talks about you were talking about informed it was to you too but express yourself in pain control or whatever but that's I think one of the most part of severe glycolysis Im sure what you do you have any gets become clear but actually it's a very softly him manifested one and you've sometimes appeared multimedia which house $uite a rare characteristic of an artist so can I thank you all to think if you really get this before fearless performers life but thank you for #oining in the midst of the pup tent

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