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Dating Black Book For Women
Answers To 10 Top Questions Women Ask About Dating, Men, and Relationships...


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A Personal Message From Blaine Barrington

/ear $riend# I@m delighted to welcome youA %nd I@d li&e to personally than& you for downloading your $R'' Relationship 3uide B Dating Black Book For Women . If thereCs one thing that can be said about /ating....en...and Relationships itCs thisD They can be wonderful and e5citing. ,ut they can also be very frustrating. ThatCs why I created this "pecial Report - to help you with some of the most pressing 7uestions that women as& about dating# men# and relationships. I hope you enjoy this valuable free Relationship 3uideA For information on how to find an amazing guy go to the Girl Gets Great Guy System Eith best wishes for a fun and e5citing relationship with the guy of your dreams.

,laine ,arrington - Helping Single, Divorced, and Widowed Women Find True Love With One Amazing Man

Ehen you thin& of the phrase GDating lac! oo!G what might come to mind is the ,lac& ,oo& a guy &eeps on his dates and girlfriends and con7uests. It can include such things asD -ames. hone numbers. $eatures. Hualities. %ttractiveness. Ratings and ran&ings. Three stars# five stars. Top of the list# middle of the list# end of the list. It can include his thoughts such asD $un to be with. /onCt date her again. The Dating Black Book For Women is entirely different. ItCs not about &eeping trac& of guys. ItCs not about rating them or ran&ing them. Instead# itCs about getting answers to 7uestions about men# dating# and relationships that puIIle and frustrate women. It answers 7uestions li&e GEhy...JG or GEhat "hould I /o...JG or G+ow /o I...G or GEhat /oes It .ean Ehen...JG or GEhat %re...JG or G+ow "hould I...JG and so on. ,ecause once you have answers to common 7uestions about men# dating# and relationships youCll have a better idea about how to date men# how to interact with them# and how to determine whether theyCre boyfriend - or even husband - material. In dating and relationships there arenCt always right and wrong answers. ,ut sometimes there are signs you have to be aware of because they spell trouble or caution or there are things you can do so you have the best chance of success. ThatCs where you need some guidance on what to do. Ehether youCve been dating for a year# two years# or youCre newly divorced# spend some time with the Dating Black Book For Women. I thin& youCll find it both entertaining and enlightening. 2etCs begin your journey into men# dating# and relationships...

(. ,hy o Guys -hase .e /nd Then *ull /way 0r isappear ,hen Things Get 1erious2 ItCs natural for a guy to chase you. %fter all# heCs interested in you and youCre the GpriIeG to him. %nd itCs e5citing to him to chase you. It &eeps him on his toes# it inflames his desire# and it ignites his imagination. Ehen youCre in a relationship# one of two things will happenD 16 The relationship will flourish and grow as you get closer to each other# or 26 The relationship will fiIIle out. If youCre as&ing him for a commitment - either an e5clusive relationship or marriage - too soon in the relationship heCs probably going to run because a commitment at that stage is far too early. %s&ing for a commitment so soon frightens - even terrifies - him. +eCs just getting to &now you. +eCs trying to fit you into his life. +e wants to see what youCre really li&e throughout the ups and downs of your life 4and his life# too6. %nd he might feel heCs losing his independence by ma&ing a commitment to you. Keep in mind there are different types of guysD "ome are relationship and marriage minded# others are commitment phobic# and still others are confirmed bachelors who will never be in a long term relationship or get married. ItCs up to you to determine what type of guy he is. %nd itCs up to you to allay his fears of losing his independence and showing him what a great catch you are and how his life will be better with you in it. )ou shouldnCt e5pect an e5clusive relationship until around twelve months in. ,y that time you should be moving towards an e5clusive commitment unless you both prefer a casual arrangment where you date other people. /onCt e5pect him to commit to marriage after &nowing you for a year. ItCs way too soon. Two or three years out is a more normal timeline...although that can vary depending on the circumstances and people involved.

2et the relationship progress and develop. 3ive things time to mature so you can see what heCs li&e and so he can see what youCre li&e. &. 1hould # -all 0r /pproach / Guy #3m #nterested #n2 This is another 7uestion thatCs 7uite common and has differing opinions among dating coaches. In general# though# you let the guy do the chasing because he sees you as having more value that way. ,ut# having said that# there will be guys who donCt li&e to chase simply because theyCve been rejected by woman and have little confidence in approaching women. In that situation# you have to ta&e charge and encourage him to approach you or alternatively# youCll have to approach him. 4. ,hy #s ating 1o 5ard, 6specially 7or / ,oman ,ho #s 0ver 482 I &now it "eem" hard when youCre not having success and not getting dates with 7uality men. %fter all# would you say it was hard if you had several 7uality guys chasing you and you were going on lots of datesJ robably not. )our hardest decision then would be how to juggle all of your dates# wouldnCt itJ The best way to approach dating is to have fun. 'njoy the e5perience. 3o out on adventures. 'njoy coffees and dinners and drin&s and dancing with guys. +one your dating s&ills as you meet guys even if you find theyCre not what youCre loo&ing for. Ehile the dating pool shrin&s more as you get older there are still lots of 7uality guys out there loo&ing for an intelligent# se5y# attractive woman - just li&e you. In shortD ,e proactive. %pproach guys youCre interested in if they donCt ma&e the first move. Tal& to guys who interest you and get to &now them better. %s you persevere youCll find youCll have more guys from which to choose.
). ,hat /re 1ome -lues That / Guy #sn3t 9ooking 7or / 9ong Term Relationship2 3uys will usually tell you if theyCre not loo&ing for a long term relationship - at least with you. They might tell you theyCre very busy. They might say that theyCre not loo&ing for a relationship. They might mention that theyCre not loo&ing for marriage. *r they might say they donCt want anything serious or they donCt want to get involved. "ometimes you can tell from their situation... If theyCre newly divorced or separated or theyCve just gone through a brea& up then they are probably not ready for a long term relationship. ItCs up to you what you want to do...but chances are youCll want to move along and find a guy who is serious and wants a long term relationship. /onCt thin& for a moment that you can change his mind - thatCs not going to happen. Keep in mind that guys have similar thoughts# doubts# and fears about relationships that you do. % guy might li&e you but not be attracted to you in a physical sense. +e might want companionship# not se5. +e might want se5 but not a long term relationship or commitment. +e might have doubts that there is long term compatibility with you. +e might still be in love with his e5 and hasnCt sorted out his feelings and moved on. *r# it might be that as he gets to &now you he doesnCt feel youCre the one heCs loo&ing for. 8. 5ow 1hould # ress 7or / ate2 It depends on the date.

If youCre going hi&ing or roc& climbing or sailing or horsebac& riding or bi&ing youCll dress accordingly. If youCre meeting a guy for drin&s or dinner you might be dressed in your Gwor& clothing.G Try and avoid an outfit that ma&es you loo& severe or masculine 4the business suit loo&6 - heCs loo&ing for someone who is feminine. If itCs a date on a "aturday night youCll have more time to prepare - and that could mean wearing stylish jeans and a top or a dress. )ou want your feminine side to come out# though. )ou donCt want to dress over-the-top and loo& so smo&inC hot that he immediately wants to have se5 with you. 4%fter all# you donCt &now this guy yet. That comes later when things progress and get more serious.6 3ive him a hint of cleavage. 2oo& pretty. 2oo& feminine. .aintain an air of se5y and mystery about you. :. 1hould # 9ie /bout .y /ge2 "ome people thin& itCs o&ay to lie about their age. They thin& they will be overloo&ed or not considered by a promising love interest or partner if they tell their real age - especially on an online dating site. The problem is that eventually your real age comes out. %nd it starts things off on the wrong foot. It also plants the seed that perhaps you werenCt being truthful about other things if you lied about your age. .y adviceD ,e honest up front. ;. ,hat /re 1ome -lues # 1hould 9ook 7or That3s 5e3s Not <The 0ne.< *ther than the obvious signs li&e attraction# personality# character# and his present circumstances 4li&e separation or divorce6 listen to things he says jo&ingly or in passing for clues that heCs not suitable for you.
If he tal&s about his rehab phase from drugs or alcohol# or his anger management therapy# or his curiosity with bise5uality# or his arrest record# or his fre7uent gambling trips to (egas# or his time in the Gbig houseG 4and ICm not tal&ing about a large home here6# or how he has to ta&e drugs to still the demons or voices in his head 4translationD he has psychotic episodes6# or his GstayG in a mental institute or half way house# or the ugly foreclosure or ban&ruptcy he went through# or his craIy e5# then heCs someone to stay clear of - youCre just as&ing for grief and hurt. In some cases he may have a "e5ually Transmitted /isease which may be a deal brea&er for you too. =. 1hould # ate Guys ,ho /re 0lder 0r >ounger Than # /m2 2etCs be realistic here - age has its advantages. ,ut# did you notice I didnCt say what ageJ ThatCs because a guy who is younger has advantages and a guy who is older has advantages. ItCs up to you to decide whether the guy - no matter what his age - is right for you. )ounger guys are not necessarily well established financially. They may also be immature. ,ut they generally are interested in having a family which might be what youCre loo&ing for. *lder guys may be more financially secure but may have already raised their children and arenCt interested in having more &ids. )oung guys and old guys can have se5 issues - many of which can be effectively treated. .y adviceD 0onsider the guy and the circumstances before you decide whether or not to date him. ?. ,hat /re 1ome 1igns 5e .ight Not .ake / Good @oyfriend2 2etCs begin first by loo&ing at those things that ma&e a 3R'%T boyfriend. ,ecause chances are you have e5pectations about how a good boyfriend should act and behave.

These can includeD 1. +eCs a man of his word. +e has integrity. +eCs honest. +e has character. +e has values. 2. +e shows up on time when he has a date with you. F. +e pic&s up the chec& when he invites you out to a restaurant. <. +e calls you when he says he will. L. +e cares about you and thin&s about your needs when you need love and attention. ?. +e phones# te5ts# and emails# when youCre apart from each other. >. +e understands when youCre not ready for se5 or donCt feel li&e having se5 because youCre too tired. 8. +e li&es you the way you are and doesnCt humiliate you by calling you names# saying you loo& fat# or ma&ing you feel embarrassed about your weight. =. +e prefers to be with you and do things with you without intruding on your Galone timeG instead of hanging out with his buddies and watching sports all the time. 1;. +e listens to you and gives you advice when you as& for it. 11. +e supports you and has your bac&. 12. +e li&es to go with you to hang out with your friends and family. 1F. +e encourages you to hang out with your friends when you need Ggirl time.G 1<. +e &nows how important your friends and family are to you. 1L. +eCs loving# &ind# attentive# and attractive to you. 1?. +e satisfies many of your needs. 1>. +e tells you he loves you at the appropriate time in the relationship. 18. +e has se5 with you when youCre ready and when youCre in an e5clusive relationship. If heCs not doing many of those things or he doesnCt have those 7ualities then chances are heCs selfish and into himself rather than into you. That could be a red flag thatCs heCs not ideal boyfriend material for you. +e may even be trying to control you and isolate you from people who are important to you and who support you. %nd that is definitely a major red flag and heCs someone you should avoid. ('. This Guy # .et ,ants To ate .e @ut 5e oesn3t ,ant / Relationship /nd 5e oesn3t ,ant </nything 1erious.< ,hat oes That .ean2 (ery simply# it means he wants to have se5 with you without the commitment of being in a relationship or being your boyfriend.
+eCs telling you up front that he only wants se5 with you...without coming right out and saying that. If you do date him and have se5 with him# donCt e5pect things to change so that you become e5clusive and in a relationship. ,y having se5 with him# youCve agreed to his GtermsG and youCre not going to change him. Got >our 1mart *hone 5andy2 1can the image below...

“How To Find and Catch The Man of Your Dreams And Enjoy A Relationship Filled ith Romance! "o#e! And Hot! $assionate %e&'(
The 3irl 3ets 3reat 3uy "ystem shows you how to find the 8Keeper9 you@ve been loo&ing for even if you@ve been unsuccessful in previous relationships. It includesD Top 5angouts 7or 7inding 5ot .en

If you@ve been loo&ing for love in all the wrong places then I@ll show you where to find hot men. Ehether itCs the $amily 3uy...The *utdoorsman...or The %dventurer...these are the men@s gathering grounds B their usual haunts where they floc& to before or after wor& or during the day. Altimate Red 7lags 2et@s face it# the dating world is made up of a lot of good guys. The type that are 8&eepers.9 ,ut sadly# there are also a lot of nutIoids# weirdos# and psychos out there who you have to steer clear of. The 3irl 3ets 3reat 3uy "ystem identifies the guys you should stay away from and signs the guy youCve attracted is not a 8&eeper.9 These are the 1ltimate Red $lags that every woman should &now about if she@s serious about battling it out with other women in the dating scene. The Guy Repellants /nd ,hy .en on3t -all Imagine meeting the guy of your dreams# having a fun time with him# and thenM.nothing. -o phone call. -o email. -o te5t message. -othing but silence. 0hances are he was turned off by something. In the 3irl 3ets 3reat 3uy "ystem you@ll discover 2> of the top guy turn offs. -ot all of them will apply to you# of course.
,ut it@s critical intelligence that you must &now if you want to start - and maintain - a relationship...because you might be ma&ing one or more of these mista&es and driving a wonderful man away. %nd there@s more# includingM Top )) Relationship Buestions ICm sure youCll have relationship 7uestions as you start loo&ing for your .r. Right. )ou@ll find answers to 7uestions including... #. What turn" a gu$ on% &Hint' (t ha" )OTH()* to do with "e+,.. (/m "cared o0 approaching men. How do ( overcome m$ 0ear o0 re1ection% &Two ea"$ "tep".2. What do ( do to ATT3A4T the man (5m intere"ted in% &See m$ "hortcut "trateg$,6. How do ( !now i0 he want" to get more "eriou" a7out our relation"hip% &)o need to a"! him. Loo! 0or the"e "ign" in"tead.8. What do gu$" loo! 0or in a woman% &The an"wer ma$ "urpri"e $ou.9. How do ( !now i0 (5ve 0ound a :;eeper:% &Stop wa"ting $our preciou" time with lo"er" and dead7eat",<. What "hould ( A=O(D doing i0 ( want to !eep him% &Don5t do an$ o0 the"e relation"hip de"tro$er".>. What doe" it mean when he "a$" he :need" hi" "pace%: &(" he a :;eeper: or a :Throw7ac!:% How to decide.?. Should ( ma!e the 0ir"t move i0 ( "ee a gu$ ( li!e% &Heed thi" advice,#@. Will m$ man get o00ended i0 ( tell him what ( li!e in 7ed% &Aower0ul opportunit$ or relation"hip !iller% Here5" the an"wer.-

##. What doe" it mean when he "a$" he :doe"n5t want an$thing "eriou":% &Loo! 0or the"e 3ed Flag",#.. (5ve 0allen 0or a gu$. How do ( tell i0 he5" intere"ted in me% &)o gue""ing. Top "ignal" gu$" u"e.lus thirty two .*R' puIIling and confusing relationship 7uestions and their candid# no-holdsbarred answers about guys# dating# and relationshipsA %nd thereCs more. .uch more. >ouCll also discoverD 11 major "e5 Issues that could slow down - even ruin - a passionate love life and how to overcome them so you can enjoy hot# steamy# heart-pounding se5 with the man who ma&es you all hot and tingly 4page 121 6 The powerful GThrottle ,ac&G Tactic that stops a guy from pulling away and closing up and sets the stage for him to open up and reveal his true feelings to you. 4page 1?F6 The subtle body language move that grabs a guy@s attention# triggers his arousal instincts# and encourages him to approach you. 4page 1<=6 *utrageous dating advice that will stop you in your trac&s# ma&e you sit up and ta&e notice# and ma&e you sha&e your head in amaIement. ItCs the very thing you need if you havenCt had any luc& with your usual GtypeG of guy and you want to find someone who is right for you. 4page >L6 $ed up with dating losers and jer&sJ Run through your GKeeperG 0hec&list - top L 7uestions you should as& before you decide heCs the guy of your dreams. This is one of the 7uic&est ways to prevent heartbrea& and wasted years waiting for a commitment. 4page 2=6

+ow the .an /en Ritual can turn him into a devoted and loving partner. These are < specific actions you can ta&e that most women ignore# overloo&# or donCt even &now about. /o this and you can strengthen your relationship beyond your wildest dreams. 4page 1?L6 Thin&ing there are no good men leftJ 8 ways you might be scaring off a good man before he even gets to &now you...and what you should do instead if you want to &eep him. 4page 1L>6 12 limiting e5cuses that should -'('R hold you bac& from being in a loving relationship and how to easily overcome them to find a wonderful man to share your life with 4page 126 %re you tongue-tied when meeting a deliciously hot .anly .anJ "eems you canCt even thin& straight or utter an intelligent sentenceJ -ever be at a loss for words again. ICll show you F powerful techni7ues including 1= topics for Gconversation openersG so you can confidently approach any guy# no matter how hot he is. 4page L?6 0rac&ing the G3uy 0odeG - the shoc&ing truth about why guys wonCt you can use this insider information to land the guy of your dreams...and &eep him 4page1>L6 %nd much# much more.

A Relationship !lueprint" That #uides $ou To A Fun and %o&ing Relationship
Eith the *irl *et" *reat *u$ S$"tem by your side youCll have a wealth of information at your fingertips includingM The 1ltimate "ecret Eeapon that practically guarantees a guy will be attracted to you. ItCs part of almost every manCs Ggenetic /-%G and is so irresistible to him that you can use it to your ethical advantage any time you want 4page <?6 The GTiara 'ffectG and how it can &ill a budding relationship fast - whether itCs with a hot manly hun& or with the nicest# sweetest man youCve ever met 4page 1;;6
12 topics you should definitely %(*I/ tal&ing about on a first date. They &ill the mood and virtually guarantee youCll never hear from him matter how attracted he is to you 4page 8F6 Ehere -'('R to go on a first date. ItCs one of the most common mista&es many couples ma&e that can sound the death &nell on a fabulous relationship before it even gets off the ground 4page 8L6 +ow buying a pair of high heel shoes could predict with uncanny accuracy whether you@ll find .r. Right. Ta&e this 7uic& L second 7uiI to find out whether you@re destined to find the man of your dreams. 4page 1=6 Ehat to do if youCre attracted to or fall in love with these two categories of guys. TheyCre not losers and they can be highly desirable partners but theyCre dangerous to fall in love with because they will turn their bac& on you and leave you out in the cold with nothing but disappointment and heartbrea&. 4page 1126 Inside a guyCs headD Ehat a guy finds particularly appealing and se5y in a woman and how you can use this &nowledge to win his heart. 4+intD ItCs not about how you loo&.6 4page 1<;6 The stealthy +oney ,ee Tactic that increases your desirability and ma&es it loo& li&e guys are as&ing you out all the time - even if you havenCt been on a date in yearsA 4page L26 % 7uic& and easy fi5 for attracting guys if you thin& you intimidate them. "ome women turn guys off without even realiIing it. If that sounds li&e you ICll show you how to turn that around in mere minutes. 4page 1<F6 The G0old %pproachG method and why itCs so powerful. 3o from dateless to popular in a matter of days. -ow there@s no more waiting by the phone or chec&ing your emails hoping to hear from any guy who has a pulse no matter how undesirable he may seem simply because youCre lonely. 4page 1<=6

1? signs your man wants to be with you in an e5clusive relationship. $inally thereCs no more guessing whether youCve won his heart and you@re his first priority or whether you@re in fierce competition with other women. 4page 11?6 %nd much# much moreA *9A1E ; 7R66 *owerful Relationship GuidesE
416 How o Get !ut of the Dreaded Friend "one 4/iscover the advantages of being $riend Noned and what to do about it6. 426 #$ %omantic &deas 4"pice up your relationship with these ideasA6 4F6 %omantic 'ou(on Phrases 4+eat up the romance and passion in your love life6 4<6 Seducti)e Dirty alk 4"teamyA6 4Turn him on and get him in the moodA6 4L6 *+ Sneaky , -)en Wicked , ricks hat Get .ou /oticed 4-ow you donCt have to feel ignored when you see a cute guy youCre interested in getting to &now6 4?6 Best Places Where 0Hot1 Men Hang !ut 43reat guys are everywhere - if you &now where to loo& for themA6 4>6 he 2ltimate 3Mr4 %ight3 'hecklist - 1> powerful# insightful 7uestions you should be as&ing to help you choose the man of your dreams instead of a loser who leaves you unsatisfied# unhappy# and heartbro&en.

,e sure to ta&e a loo& at the 3irl 3ets 3reat 3uy "ystem B The "ystem That 0rac&s the 83uy 0ode9 %nd "hows )ou +ow To $ind The .an *f )our /reams. 0lic& the following lin& for the 3irl 3ets 3reat 3uy "ystem Got >our 1mart *hone 5andy2 1can the image below...