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Reflection Educational Technology is an intriguing course as it has summoned my attention to the pervasive truth that the children of today’s

generation are technology savvy hence, educators must be equipped with the knowledge of technology so as to effectively educate students using the very technology that they are engrossed in every day. I have come to realize that many educators tend to be Digital Immigrants and neglect the use of technology in education. Teachers who are Digital Immigrants must embrace the fact that the children of today’s generation are Digital Natives, hence their style of learning requires the use of technology in order for them to grasp concepts in a more meaningful, interesting and faster way. Educational Technology has brought to my attention the reality that the children of the 21st century constantly use technology on a daily basis as Prensky (2001) postulates that they have spent their entire lives surrounded by and using computers, videogames, cell phones, and all the other toys and tools of the digital age.

This course has taught me the importance of teachers determining the appropriateness of the technology to be integrated in lessons as well as evaluating the implemented lesson. I have learnt that educators should integrate technology in a way that will allow students to acquire knowledge through more concrete experiences rather than the abstract as educators are guided by the ISTE Standards for students - standards for evaluating the skills and knowledge students need to learn effectively and live productively in an increasingly global and digital world (ISTE, 2012) – and ISTE Standards for teachers - standards for evaluating the skills and knowledge educators need to teach, work and learn in an increasingly connected global and digital society (ISTE, 2012) - as well as various models such as the Addie and the Assure models which guide educators to effectively plan lessons to integrate technology in education. I have also learnt about various technology tools that educators can integrate in lessons that will facilitate peer collaboration and interaction among children. For instance, I am now cognizant that children may create voice recordings using the Sound Recorder to share what they

have learnt about particular concepts. I have also learnt that educators may use this technology tool to play an audio recording as an introduction to a lesson that will be taught. Additionally, I have learnt that students may be given the opportunity to create a brochure based on a lesson they had been taught using Microsoft Publisher. Educational Technology has made cognizant of the fact that teachers may create interactive PowerPoints for their students in an effort to promote student control over their own learning, as well as to empower them to use technology. Subsequently, Educational Technology has enabled me to see how best I may be able to maximize on the use of technology in education.

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