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Moon to be waxing, classical texts usually ask for birth in the Shukla
Paksha, or bright half of the month.
Mercury becomes a malefic when it joins a malefic, not including
Rahu or Ketu. If Mercury is also with a benefic, it will remain a
benefic if it is joined with more benefics than malefics, or, in the
event that it is joined with an equal amount of benefics and malefics,
if it is closer to the benefic. However, for purpose of yoga formation:
if the yoga asks for a benefic, even if Mercury is with a malefic,
consider it to form the yoga. If the yoga requires that there be no
beneficial influence, then, if Mercury is with a malefic, do not
consider him a benefic unless he remains a benefic due to the
conditions stated.

In the horoscope of actor John
Travolta, Jupiter is on an angle from
the Moon, forming Gajakesari Yoga.
Qualifying the yoga, it is found that
Jupiter is exalted in the navamsa and
rasi aspected by exalted Saturn. The
Moon is also rasi aspected by exalted
Saturn. The Gajakesari Yoga is sure,
therefore, to give good results.
Gajakesari Yoga gives wealth,
particularly in this case due to the
Moon and Jupiter both being in houses of wealth. In Rahu’s dasa, who
gives the results of Jupiter due to being in Jupiter’s rasi,
Travolta has become the highest paid actor of all time.
Judging the Subha/Asubha Yoga influences it is found
that Jupiter is in a benefic rasi and navamsa, as well as in
exaltation navamsa, but in the inauspicious 3
from the Moon’s nakshatra, Jupiter has 96 virupas of
beneficial aspects and 138 virupas of malefic aspects for
a total of 18 virupas of Subha influence, mediocre,
indicating Misra yoga. Therefore, a relatively equal
amount of stress and ease and normal ups and downs
will be experienced during the yoga’s fructification.
Subha/Asubha Subha/Asubha Subha/Asubha Subha/Asubha Ju Ju Ju Ju
Ben/Mal Rasi, ± 30 30
Dignity in Rasi:
Ben/Mal Nav. ± 30 30
Dignity in Nav. 60
Vargottama: + 60
Tara, ± 60: -60
Ben. Conjunctions
Mal. Conjunctions
Ben. Aspect 96
Mal. Aspect -138
Hemmed by Ben.
Hemmed by Mal.
Total Total Total Total 18
John Travolta
Feb. 18, 1954
14:53 EST
Englewood, NJ
40N54, 73W58
¹ ¬ )
m = M =