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C u r r i c u l u m V i t a e

Name and Surname: Address: Date of birth: Mobile Phone: E-mail: Joanna Żelazny ul. Czerniny 3a, 41-403 Chełm Śląski 13.11.1984 +48 663 664 758

01.10.2003 - 21.07.2008 M.A. at University of Technology in Częstochowa Major Faculty: Management and Marketing Specialty: Enterpreneurship and Corporate Development Technische Universität Dresden (Germany) Faculty: Corporate Economics and Organization

01.04.2006 - 31.08.2006

18.08.2009 – present Silesian Analysis Laboratories, (pharmaceutical trade),Katowice, Poland Job Position: Marketing, Sales and Accounts Specialist  marketing research management  customers relationship management  providing information to maximize promotional exposure and value  advertising  brand management  evaluated customer research, market conditions and analysis  service development  pricing, graphic presentations  financial reports  invoice adjustments and compiling Cempel Consulting (business consulting), Katowice, Poland Placement Position: Junior Consultant  preparing specialist market research  arranging marketing strategies  public relationship  creating reports Johnson Controls International ,(automotive trade), Bieruń, Poland Placement Position: Assistant in Quality Department  inputting internal quality data  producing quality indexes and ratio  calculating the cost of poor quality  translating documents

16.02.2009 – 17.06.2009

18.02.2008 – 29. 08.2008

2010) Pricewaterhausecoopers. Power Point.2006 – 31. (building trade).advanced Internet. Youth Exchange in Dalyan.  construction project analysis  preparing business plans  customer service Polish Ambassy. Częstochowa.2007 Euro-Haus Sp z o. LinLab.2007 COURSES     “Youthyhealth-Youthyfuture”.Laboratory System HOBBY Travel Strategic management Business Consulting Psychology Hindi poetry Psychology Some issues concerning production management . Business English Course ( Pictures.2007 .05.07.10. ZD (Note 1). 2009 One of the best student on University (2003-2008) LANGUAGES and COMPUTERS SKILLS  Polish.  tasks concerning politic.31.07.native  English.08.06.2002) Microsoft Office Professional : Word. Switzerland Students Internship.2009.2010)  German. TOEIC Certifiacte (660). Turkey (05.  coordinating exchange programs  organizing informational meetings and events  project briefings  validating bilateral agreements 02.05. Excel.12.2007 01.  preparing visa’s and passports  translating International Cooperation Centre. Intensive German Course in Pforzheim. Chełm Śląski. Google Docs.intermediate. Poland Students Internship. workshops (04.2007.2010) “ Limited partnership” Co-author of “Top Silesian Maintenance” Raport. law and consular topics. Germany (07.o. Bern. Poland Students Internship. Traci Data.30. Publisher.2010-13.06.intermediate.