Chapter 1 Fifty years later, I have completely changed. No more Miss Nice girl.

I officially hate every color except for black. That is the color my room is and every piece of clothing I own. I live with my new brother and sister Amy and Micheal. They found me when I was dieing in the hospital at the age of eighteen of cancer. Amy had saved me seconds before my death. I am forever grateful. Amy has blonde long hair and extremely long legs. She is the best sister to ever have. And her mate Micheal has long brown hair that covers his eyes. And the biggest muscles known to man. Even bigger than Emmett’s muscles. Hard to believe, but yes. And there is lastly me. Nice Bella left a couple days into cancer. He left me to die. Micheal and Amy totally support my decision. I wear dark black make up every day to school and I’m in orchestra at my school. I play the piano. Just like him. But I didn’t want to play because of him; I choose to play because I learned to play when I was diagnosed with cancer. People then created a rumor that I wear all this make up because I’m in mourning over my ex boyfriend. I’m not. I ‘m actually happy he’s gone. I have freedom I have never experienced. Like learning how to ride a motorcycle, partying all the time, and pulling the most hilarious pranks ever that always end me up in jail. Despite the way I act, I ace all of my classes and arrive on time for school. I was now changing into black skinny jeans, a black v neck cotton t-shirt with a white skull on it, black five inch high heels, and a black leather jacket that fit me snugly. I put on my many rings and bracelets and I was ready to go. It took an hour just to apply my make up so I always get ready an hour and a half before it was time for me to leave. My make up was so dark today it dimmed my bright gold eyes into a brown gold color.

I grabbed my back pack on my way down the stairs to meet Amy and Micheal outside in the black glossy viper. Amy smiled at me through the window and I smiled back. “Hey Bella.” Micheal greeted me as I climbed into the back of the car. “Guess what?” Amy asked me as she turned around to face me. “What?” I chuckled. Amy could see the future just like Alice. “The Cullen’s are arriving today.” She wiggled her eyebrows. I shrugged. “So what are we going to pull on them?” She asked evilly as Micheal drove to the school. “Nothing. They’ll be hurt enough when they find out I won’t forgive them.” I said lazily. Micheal then reached the school and parked into a space in front of the boring high school of Wisconsin. I got out and slung my bag over my back. I strolled passed the drooling boys with Micheal and Amy at my side. I kicked the door open with my foot, too lazy to use my hands. “Miss Creswell!” I heard a voice call from behind me. I turned around. Mr. Kirkham or like I call him, Mr. Triple chin, was behind me. He was the orchestra teacher. “Yes?” I asked. “A new student will be arriving today that also plays the piano as well. Do you want to share your piano, or would you like me to get another one from the storage closet.” He asked. “Another one if you please. I sometimes get carried away and new compositions pop into my head.” I shrugged. “Okay, that is all. See you after lunch.” He smiled and walked away. I made a sound of disgust in the back of my throat and continued to my locker. Just the look of his hands touching my

piano was disgusting. No one has touched my precious ivory keys except for me. And I hope to keep it that way. After jamming my bag into my locker, I clicked down the hallway to my Spanish class. I was greeted at the door by my awesome Spanish teacher Mr. Hanson. He and I only spoke in Spanish because this was Spanish class, and also because we are the only ones fluent in Spanish. “Bella.” He greeted me. “Hey Mr. H.” I grinned. He and I fist pounded. See why he’s my favorite? “Shall we serenade into class?” He asked with a chuckle. “We shall.” I smiled and laughed. We started singing La cuka Racha into class while linking arms. The other students just stared at us and laughed. Mr. Hanson stuck a sombrero on his head and started to do the Macarena. I stopped singing and just laughed my way down the aisle and into my chair next to Amy. “Thank you for joining me Bella.” Mr. Hanson called from across the room with the sombrero still on. “No problem.” I laughed back. Mr. Hanson then changed back to English to talk to the rest of the class. “Well that was fun. But of you who need to, please open your text books to page thirty and read the words on the page out loud.” He told the rest of the class while taking a seat at his desk and taking off the sombrero. I looked at the page over Amy’s shoulder. The words were fairly simple. I sighed as I looked around the room. Students were bent over their books, whispering the words to them selves over and over. I stared out the windows on my side of the table. Rain washed down them, leaving their own individual rivers. The class was soon over and the bell rang. Mr. Hanson stood at the front door handing us back our graded test papers. He gave mine back with a chuckle. I laughed at my paper too. I had drawn

an army of evil teddy bears on the side in the spare time I had left on the test. Mr. Hanson gave me an extra point for the picture of the bears and a cool written next to it. Spanish is officially my favorite class. I skipped down the halls lightly to my next class, Trig. I ran to my seat next to Micheal and sat down. But I sat in it too fast and I toppled over into him, sending us both to the ground. He laughed under me and helped me up off the floor. “What did you want to show me that sent you running into me?” He asked. “Mr. H gave me extra credit for the picture of my evil army of bears!” I said excited. I shoved the paper in his face and he pulled it away to examine it. He laughed and gave the picture back to me. I saw the president of Micheal’s fan club walk into the room. Micheal saw her too and pulled the hood of his jacket over his head. Our Trig teacher stood behind him disapprovingly. I coughed to Micheal to tell him that the teacher was behind him, but Micheal didn’t get my message. The teacher grabbed the strings of his hood and yanked on them. The hood enclosed his whole face except for a small hole on his mouth. “I’m blind!” He yelled. The whole class laughed and I pulled back the hood off his head. The teacher walked back up the aisle and began teaching the lecture. I barely paid attention. I hate this subject because there’s nothing worth to listen to. I tuned out the drone of the teacher’s voice and just stared out the window. A flash of thunder echoed outside the window and many of the students jumped in surprise. I grinned and turned to Micheal. “Baseball.” He whispered in anticipation. He and I fist pounded under the table. The teacher just continued to drone on and on as the minutes ticked by slowly. When the bell finally rang the students all filed

out of the classroom and Micheal and I got up. We said goodbye before taking our separate ways to class. I jogged to my history class through the crowd of swooning boys as I passed. Typical. Just because everyone knew I was single every boy was ready to take bullet for me. I sat in my assigned seat next to this pimple faced boy with wide horn rimmed glasses. His heart rate sped up as he looked at me. I just kept my gaze away from him and stared at the chalk board with a bored expression. We were told to open our text books and the sound of rustling papers filled the room. Perfect. We’re learning about the Epidemic in 1918. I rolled my eyes. How fitting. I just stared off into space while looking at my book. And what seemed like in no time at all, the bell rang for lunch. I hurried out of my seat and walked to my locker. I put my books in my locker and walked to the lunch room. But on my way to my lunch table, I passed the Cullen’s table. I heard seven gasps and I just chuckled. Amy and Micheal looked at the Cullen’s and laughed. I sat down next to Amy and propped my feet on the table. “So I heard you and Mr. H sang a song in first period.” Amy said as she tossed her blonde hair over her shoulder. “Yeah. And he gave me extra credit on my test for the picture of evil teddy bears.” I laughed. “Hey Bella! Guess who this is?” Micheal chuckled and pointed at his tray. There was a white mashed potato figure with orange messy hair made out of carrot scrapings. I curled my hand into a fist and smashed the model of Edward onto his tray with a bang. I wiped my hand off on a napkin. “He was so young!” Micheal cried and threw his hands up in the air. “More like too old.” I mumbled. “Gosh Bella, you’re so violent.” Micheal said to me.

“Don’t play with your food.” I told him pointing to the orange and white mush. “Well I’m not going to eat it!” He said exasperated. “Then throw it away.” I said gesturing to the garbage can. “Smash my dreams and I will make that figure again.” He threatened as he got up and dumped his tray. I swore in Spanish. “What was that?” I heard a voice from behind me. I leaned my head over my chair to see who it was. Mr. H was grinning down at me. “Oh come on! You’re my favorite teacher!” I started in Spanish and smiled at him. He laughed. “And you are my favorite student.” He replied with a smile. He took out his I pod and I cheered. He and I snuck up to the stage in cafeteria. He and I plugged in his I pod and I searched through his song list. I put on tapp by 30h!3. He and I bobbed our heads to the beat and started to dance. All the students whistled and got up to dance as well. Some even got on top of the lunch tables. Cyclone by Baby Bash came on and everyone cheered. I started to move my hips to the beat and people cheered me on and I laughed. I started to dance in a way that should be illegal and some of the boys gathered at the foot of the stage. Mr. H took stood next to me and started to copy my dance moves. He and I laughed as some students got their phones out and started to record. Mr. H and I turned around and slapped our butts as our final move as the song ended. He and I laughed and fist pounded before we removed his I pod. “You are officially the coolest teacher in the world.” I declared and threw my hands up into the air. “I know I am.” He said in a girly tone, bobbed his head and snapped his fingers in a z formation.

We laughed and hopped off the stage. I was followed by many drooling boys to my table. I sat into my chair and waved them off. They all slumped back to their tables, rejected. “That’s a record Bella. Ten rejected in one go this time.” Amy approved. I looked at the clock above the entrance to the cafeteria. “I’m going to go now.” I sighed and heaved myself out of my chair. I walked past the Cullen table. Their mouths hanging open in shock. “You better close your mouths, don’t want to catch flies.” I said to them with a smirk as I passed. I exited the cafeteria and walked down the hallway silently to the orchestra room. I entered the room to find another grand piano next to mine in the room. I walked past the Chellos and Violins and sat on the bench of my piano. I stroked the keys softly and stared out the window. Untouched by the veronicas popped into my head and I began to play. The notes filled the room and I closed my eyes as I played. I sighed in content and smiled lightly. When I finished the song, I continued onto my piece I had created during my first few days playing the piano. The song was filled with soft, sad notes. About how I became depressed my first few months when Edward left. The song then changed into angry notes as I thought about how much I hated him. I bent more over the keys, my emotions getting to me. My brow furrowed as the notes got even angrier. I finished my song with a sharp note and rested my hands angrily on the keys, making an awful sound of notes. I heard clapping and I opened my eyes. Edward was in front of me, his eyes locked mine. “I didn’t know you could play.” He said a few moments later. “I can.” I said short. “Why did you decide to play?” He asked as he leaned on the piano.

“When I was diagnosed with cancer, my nurse was a pianist. She taught me how to play.” I answered. Edward then looked very concerned. “When were you diagnosed with cancer?” He asked as if he was a doctor. “A few days after you left.” I sneered. His face looked pained. “I’m so sorry Bella.” He murmured. “Why should you care? You didn’t care then, or now.” My eyes turned into slits. “But I do care. I really care about you Bella. I always have.” His voice pleaded. Oh no. He’s not pulling that on me. Jack ass. “Sure. We can go with that.” I seethed. “Bella. I know I hurt you back then, but I had to. I was going to leave you for your protection.” He begged. “I know you weren’t going to change me because you were afraid of damning my soul, but in three weeks time, I became one of you. If you hadn’t left, you wouldn’t have any other choice but to change me if you wanted to keep me. And after the change, we would have been happy and together. But all I could think of as I about died was that I was dieing and you didn’t love me.” I said deathly. His mouth opened slightly and his eyes scrunched up in pain. “But I do love you Bella. I truly do.” He cried as he moved around the piano towards me. I got up and stood on the other side facing him. “And I do believe you. But I hate you.” I spat. He flinched. The other students came into the room. I took my seat on the piano bench once again. Edward stood next to me and bent down towards me. “Please forgive me Bella.” He begged the other students were listening. “Save it Edward.” I snapped and looked away from him.

He sighed and walked over towards the other piano and sat down. His back hunched and he looked at the keys. There was much whispering. “That has to be her ex boyfriend.” A female voice whispered. “Serves him right for leaving her.” A male whispered. “Oh. If he needs a shoulder to cry on, I’m free.” A girl’s voice whispered. I chuckled quietly at the last whisper. I got up and opened the bench’s storage compartment. I sifted through the many compositions I had created until I found some blank pieces. I took out my black colored pencil and began to write the notes down that just had popped into my head. I checked the clock when I was done. Mr. Kirkham walked into the room. He strolled over to my piano and looked at what I had composed. He nodded his head in approval. “Play it please.” He demanded. I nodded and sat the papers in front of me. (Yiruma- When the love falls) I finished to a round of applause. That my friend is Edward created into music. Mr. Kirkham coughed and we all directed our attention to him. “Our concert is coming up soon. We will be merging with the chorus class in the concert. Bella, you will be the main pianist. We will be doing Viva la Vida by Cold play, a couple of songs from the pirates of the Caribbean: Blood Ritual, Will and Elizabeth, and to the pirates’ cave. And pyramid song by Radiohead.” He told us looking at a list on his clipboard. “What is the dress code for the concert?” A female Cellist asked. “Black skirt and dress shoes for the ladies with a white dress shirt, and Black dress pants and dress shoes with a white button up for the boys.” He answered.

Crap. All I have is black clothing. I guess I’ll have to borrow one from Amy. “When is the concert?” Edward asked. “Next Monday night at seven.” Mr. Kirkham said turning to him. “But we’d all like to hear you play Mr. Cullen.” Mr. Kirkham added. Edward nodded and placed his hands gracefully on the keys. He began to play and I recognized the song in the first three notes. My lullaby. The class’ mouths dropped. Even Mr. Kirkham’s. The music continued and Edward turned to me. “You inspired this one.” He mouthed to me. There were then many whispers. Many of the students had seen that. I looked away and stared at my keys. I closed my eyes. The song ended and the class applauded. All except for me. “That was wonderful. Does it have a name?” Mr. Kirkham asked. “It does. I created it especially for someone a couple years ago. The name is Bella’s Lullaby.” He said softly. My eyes snapped open and I felt stares boring into my back. “Well.” Mr. Kirkham said in awe. “Shall we continue the lesson?” I asked, more like pleaded. “Oh, yes.” Mr. Kirkham said clearing his head. He blinked twice. “Will everyone please practice what is assigned on the board?” He asked the class, still staring at me. There was the rustling of music sheets in the back round and music filled the room. I got up and walked over to Mr. Kirkham. “Mr. Kirkham, I am not feeling so well. May I be excused?” I asked him. “You may.” He said gesturing towards the door. I walked quickly toward the door, and when I was out the door, I ran to the end of the hallway out the front door and into the parking lot. A gush of wind hit me and I let out a sob. I ran to the car and sunk to the ground. I continued to dry sob, letting it all out.

That was the only song that ever made me hurt in side. The song that makes me turn defenseless, weak. Because he played that song, this is the first time in fifty years I have cried. Chapter 2 I sighed as I looked around me. I was still outside, sitting on the ground against the car in the parking lot. Wind swept my hair around my face. Another flash of lightening cracked through the air like a whip with the sound of thunder. The sky swirled in a mix of grey and dark purple. There was no sunlight to be seen. The bell rang, signaling that school was over. I heaved myself off the street and looked at the school doors. Amy and Micheal were the first ones to come out; Micheal had some papers and my back pack. They ran to me with concerned faces. I smiled wistfully at them and Amy ran the distance left between us and hugged me. “I saw. It’s okay. Are you up for baseball tonight?” Amy asked me pulling back to look at me. “Yeah.” I sighed. Amy released me and Micheal handed me my stuff. He looked at me sadly and hugged me as well. Over his shoulder I saw the Cullen’s step out the front doors. “Let’s go.” I breathed urgently. Micheal and Amy looked over their shoulders with a glare and we hopped into the car. Micheal drove like a maniac. Excited to play tonight I’m sure. The town blurred past us with rain pouring down the windows. The car screeched to a stop in the driveway and I opened the door quickly. Amy’s eyes glazed over for a couple seconds. “It’s going to be pouring! Wear shorts and t-shirts!” She yelled excitedly. “And no make up Bella!” She added as Micheal and I ran into the house.

It was our inside joke. We love the rain. And because we can never wear shorts and t-shirts out in public, we wear them in the rain. But we only do when we play baseball, because it would look crazy if three teenagers were walking around in shorts will there’s a storm. I ran up the stairs and into my bathroom. I grabbed a wad of tissues from my sink and wet them with water. I hastily scrubbed off my make up and yanked open the door again after throwing away the now black sopping tissues. I shrugged off my jacket and slipped off my jeans. I put on my tiny Hollister shorts which I dyed black. I raced down the stairs to see Amy in cute pink shorts with a white tank top and Micheal in brown cargo pants and a white tank top. “You look so much prettier without make up Bella.” Amy sighed as her eyes searched my face. That must have been the thousandth time she has told me that. I rolled my eyes and grinned. “Come on! Let’s play some ball!” I yelled and raced out the door. I sprinted out of the house and into the woods right across the street from home. And when I was out of sight from the neighbors I changed into vampire speed. In a few seconds I heard Amy and Micheal running close behind me. I swerved in and out of the trees, my eyes noticing each leaf and rain drop to pass me. In a few minutes we arrived at a triangle clearing. Thunder rang in the air and I smiled. I turned around to see Micheal with a ball and baseball bat and Amy smiling up at the scary looking sky. Rain poured on us, soaking us in what seemed like a second. Micheal handed me the bat and took the ball into the outfield. I ran up to the patch of grass that marked first base. Amy got behind me and crouched down as the umpire. We all played on different teams. It was the only way it seemed fair. I nodded at Micheal on the pitcher’s mound and he

grinned back. He hurled the ball and I swung my bat. It missed and landed into Amy’s hands. “Strike one!” She called and tossed the ball back to Micheal. I narrowed my eyes in concentration and positioned the bat. Micheal flicked the ball towards the bat again, but I swung too late and missed. “Strike two!” Amy yelled. The ball was thrown back to Micheal and I let out a huff of air in frustration. Micheal smiled evilly and I glared. He threw the ball and I swung at the time the ball hit the bat. The ball soared out of the clearing and Micheal stared at me shocked. I grinned and ran to the next base. Micheal took off while I was at third base. But when I stopped back at fourth base, Micheal came back with seven other people. The Cullen’s. Amy hissed and got into a defensive crouch. “No Amy. I don’t want there to be any violence.” I told her. She snorted and rolled her eyes. The Cullen’s drifted closer, their feet barely touching the ground. Carlisle held the ball in his hand. They all ghosted closer, all of them looking at me. Micheal joined Amy and me and he straightened Amy out of her defensive stance. “We heard you playing.” Carlisle began as he held up the ball. Lightening and thunder cracked through the air. “May we join you? There would be even players.” Alice asked in her beautiful voice. “Why not.” I said not smiling. “Great. Shall it be girls against boys?” Esme suggested. “Wonderful idea. Men bat first.” I said stepping up to Emmett and giving the bat to him. Emmett cheered and I cracked a smile at that. I stepped around the Cullen’s with the girls behind me. “Who wants to be pitcher?” I asked as I turned around to face them.

“Me!” Amy called and ran off with the ball already in her hand. The other Cullen ladies stared at me. “Hello.” I said quietly. Alice, Rosalie, and Esme then all hugged me. I stumbled slightly. “Bella.” They breathed. I patted their heads. “We have a game to start. Do you want the boys to win?” I asked with a laugh. “No.” They answered and let go. I smiled and looked back at where the men were. Emmett was up to bat first with Jasper as umpire. The others were off to the side talking. Thunder then tumbled through the air. “Eerie isn’t it?” I quoted wiggling my eye brows at the girls. I heard Emmett boom a laugh from where he was standing. Of course he remembers it. He was the one who had spoken the very same thing at my first baseball game with the Cullen’s. Emmett nodded at Amy and she threw the ball towards him. Emmett swung and hit the ball with a boom. The ball soared past me and I ran as fast as I could to catch it. The ball hit the ground and when I picked it up; Emmett was running past third base. It was too far of a throw for me, so I ran after Emmett. Amy and Alice started to laugh, knowing the outcome. I ran quickly towards Emmett, and just as he was about to reach half way between the third and home base, I lunged at Emmett and tripped him. Emmett fell on his back with a crash and I touched the ball lightly on his forehead. “You’re out.” I said with a laugh and threw the ball back to Amy. Emmett looked surprised. I laughed at his face. “Never been beaten by a girl huh? I like to see you beat me at football.” I said with an evil laugh and a sigh.

I skipped lightly back off to my place in the outfield. Leaving the men all dumbstruck. Rosalie gave me a thumbs up and I smiled back at her. When it was time for our team to go bat, the boys had zero points. All thanks to Alice and Amy. Esme was umpire and Amy got up to bat. The ball flew at her and she hit it in time. She sprinted to the bases, stopping at the plate before home base. Edward was hardly paying attention to the game, always staring at me. Fifty years ago that might have been flattering, but now it’s just plain creepy. A magnificent thought sprung into my head and Alice and Amy bust out laughing. Edward looked confused, so they must be blocking him. I walked over to Rosalie with the bat and whispered in her ear. She smirked and let out a chuckle before nodding. Just as planned, Edward kept his eyes on me. And when Micheal threw the ball, Rosalie hit it towards Edward, in all of the men’s-even vampires- sensitive spot. His eyes widened and he clutched his crotch in pain as he fell to the ground. Everyone laughed hysterically. Even Carlisle and Esme. Rosalie ran around the bases, the men didn’t even bother to pick up the ball. Amy and Rosalie made it back to home base, giving our team two points. I fell to the ground rolling with laughter at the look on his face. “His…..FACE!” I heard Emmett burst out between guffaws. I heard swearing under Edward’s breath and I laughed even harder. Rosalie had soon joined the ground with me as well, still laughing. A good minute later of laughing, I sighed before getting of the sopping wet ground. I stared at all of the drenched people with a last laugh. I stepped up to the plate and grabbed the bat off the ground with a glint of victory in my eye. Micheal grinned evilly at me before hurling the ball at me. I swung the bat in time to meet the ball and I took off running. The ball was still flying over the trees when I was at the

base second to last. Emmett came with the ball in his hand, charging at me. I laughed and continued to run. When he lunged at me, I curled into a ball and spun under him, as he belly flopped onto the ground. I got out of my ball still in motion and crossed home base, untouched. The girls all cheered and gave me high fives. “Oh you’re on for football!” Emmett said threateningly as he got up and chucked the ball back to Micheal. “Bring it!” I said bobbing my head. In the end, girls won six to zero. I helped out a little by using more of my awesome ninja moves. The girls all said one last goodbye to me before I walked out towards the outfield to say good bye to the other guys, all except for Edward. Micheal laughed as I strutted over to him with Amy, singing we are the champions by queen drunkenly, leaning on each other heavily, and walking unsteadily. “Show offs.” Emmett muttered. “Don’t be a sore loser Emmett.” I said with a laugh. He gave me the “I’m watching you sign”. Amy chuckled and let go of me and ran into Micheal’s arms. They kissed passionately and I gagged. “Save it for the bedroom!” I said with a look of disgust on my face. “I might take you up on your offer Bella.” Micheal said with a wicked grin. “Okay, but if I walk out of my room to find clothes scattered across the hallway or I hear ‘Oh Mikey! I’m so close!’ I am getting the water bucket and putting you two in straight jackets.” I said seriously looking at the intertwined couple. The Cullen’s laughed at this. “Shut up little Miss Virgin.” Micheal said glaring at me. “And that is supposed to offend me?” I said raising an eyebrow.

“I guess not. You’re too up tight. You do have fun, you just don’t know what fun is until you make it to the bedroom with a sexually tense man.” Amy said seductively. “You are corrupting my innocent mind.” I said exasperated and making a disgusted sound in the back of my throat. “I knew it. Virgin, virgin, virgin!” Micheal chanted, letting go of Amy and pointing at me. I kicked him in the shin and he fell clutching it in pain. “You should have known that already. There are no moans coming from my room are there?” I said looking down at him with my hands on my hips. “And she never brings home any guys.” Amy reminded him. “Thank you Amy.” I said gratefully. “You could have always done it at the guy’s house.” He reminded me with a laugh. Amy and I opened our mouths in shock and kicked him in the ribs. He grunted in pain and clutched his sides. I looked up at our spectators. “I was going to say good bye, but he ruined it. I guess I’ll see you at school.” I sighed and grabbed Micheal by the head. I towed him across the raining clearing with Amy close behind me. When we reached the edge of the woods, I dropped Micheal and he got up off the ground. We all ran back to the house. The rain had poured on us during the game, so we were all still sopping wet. We all ran into the house at vampire speed, not wanting to track water through the house. When I made it in the bathroom, I checked my clock on the side. Eight o’clock. Hmm, later than we expected to stay. I took off my clothes and slipped a towel over me before walking back into my room and searching for something to wear tomorrow. I ended up picking out black tights with a black skirt-yes a skirt-, a black cotton t- shirt, my black leather jacket, and black converse. I eyed a black sharpie and I smiled. I grabbed my converse and went to my desk where the sharpie was waiting.

When I finished coloring the white on my converse black, it was two hours before it was time to leave. I hurriedly put on my outfit I had picked out and ran to the bathroom to put on my make up. When I was finished with that, Amy and Micheal were downstairs waiting for me. We walked together to the car and climbed in. Micheal drove to school a little slower than usual because we had so much time left before school started. When we arrived, students were already arriving in the parking lot. Micheal parked beside a red BMW. Rosalie. Of course, there would be another group of boys surrounding it at the end of school today. I grabbed my backpack I had left in the car yesterday and opened it. No home work. That’s good, makes my life a whole lot easier. I opened the door and joined Amy as we walked together to our lockers. We arrived at our lockers and I spun my combination. I shoved the books I didn’t need inside, but as I was about to close the door, something white caught my eye. I pulled my locker door back open again to see what it was. A white freesia sat in my locker with a note wrapped around the stem.

Forgive me

It said in Edward’s elegant script. I sighed and when I looked in my locker mirror, Edward was looking back at me. I placed the note back in the locker and put the flower in my bag. It would die quicker that way. I shut my locker door and walked to Spanish. I opened the door to my class and sat down next to Amy at our table. “Decided to make you feel all lovey did he?” Amy whispered to me under her breath. “Yep.” I whispered back. “Are you going to fall for it?” She asked. “Nope.” I said confidently.

“Okay, because there are going to be poems in every of your classes.” She warned. I nodded and stared out the window. The bell rang soon and I walked slowly towards trig. I passed through the crowded halls and when I opened the door, my table was empty, all except for a note on my side. I sighed and walked down the aisle. I set my books down before reading it. I reminisce for you, I reminisce the days, I try to forget, But the feelings never go away. I reminisce for you, I reminisce the nights, For the things we did, And how it was so right. I reminisce for the love, For the love that was always there, I reminisce, I reminisce and I know in my heart, That you really did care. Even though my mind played tricks on me, And I cant seem to let you go, I believe it's because your still loving me, I reminisce, I reminisce, And the memories tell me so. I folded the note slowly and put it in my jacket pocket. Another down, four more to go. Micheal sat down next to me and whispered to me. “Amy told me what’s going on.” He whispered. I nodded and for once paid attention to the teacher. My mind kept wondering what to expect in next period. The possibilities

were endless with poems! I couldn’t stay focused for long before my mind drifted off. So much to stay distracted. I sighed as the bell rang and I got up off my chair and walked out of the room and down the hall to history. When I opened the door, there was indeed another folded piece of white paper sitting on my desk. I marched up to it and set my books down before opening it angrily. Last night as I lay awake, A vision came to me. It was of you and I, A wondrous sight to see. And in the dream I had, I reached and touched your face I clasped your hand in mine, And felt your warm embrace I pressed my lips to yours, To taste your kiss so sweet You held me for a minute, In this moment that did fleet. I came back from the dream, With a thought of you that stayed With me throughout the day, And never once did fade. I swallowed back the angry lump in my throat and shoved the note into my pocket. I opened my history book and began to read a whole different lesson than what we were on. By the end of class I had learned about ancient China and Rome while the other students learned about the epidemic. Pssh, I could do the test for that chapter in my sleep. The bell rang and I

got up and stormed out of the room, ditching my books at my locker. I walked into the lunchroom and stopped near the Cullen table. “Emmett. Do you want to play football tonight?” I asked him raising an eyebrow, not looking at Edward. Emmett grinned. “You and me only. First one to score wins. At the same spot we played baseball.” He said challenging me. “You’re on. See you after school.” I jerked my head and grinned evilly before walking off. I sat at next to Amy and she turned on me with an anxious expression. “Can I please see them?” She begged. I sighed and took out the two poems. She read them eagerly, and when she was done, her mouth fell open. “Bella, these are amazing. They’re so romantic. I don’t know how you’re not affected by them.” She said whispering the last part so low only I could hear. “Without effort.” I told her honestly and shrugged. Her eyes narrowed and she handed the notes back to me. I put them back in my pocket and just stared off into space, thinking of nothing as I waited for lunch to end. I checked the clock and it was a few minutes before orchestra would start. I got out of my seat and walked out of the cafeteria, ignoring the whispers around me. Ever since Edward had played my lullaby and said I inspired the song, everyone has been talking about it. Her ex boyfriend is back, she hates him. It has been no problem at all ignoring the stares because I have so much on my mind, but the whispers are something I’ll have to get used to. I opened the music room door silently and walked over to my piano. When I looked at the keys, there was once again, a note. I opened it with a bored expression and read it.

Every I love you, you whisper, is like rain for the trees, moonlight for the ocean, nectar for the bee A kiss bestowed upon me from you is like fragrance on flowers, heat upon the desert, mist from morning showers A glance from you in my direction is like flame to the fire, a twinkling of stars, a spark of love's desire A moment in your arms is like waves to the ocean, a rushing, primal urge, a sweet mix of emotion The days with you was like joy without measure, a life without limits, I shall love you forever. I put it in my pocket and began to stroke the keys softly. None of this romantic crap is going to change how I feel. But when I thought that, I felt something pull a little bit at my heart. I shook my head and stared out the window. Students started to file into the room and read the directions on the board. I sighed and started to practice my lines for Viva la Vida. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the other piano bench beside me move and Edward sit down. I directed my gaze back to the keys. I kept my gaze away from Edward for the rest of class. And when it was time to go, I saw Edward get up and reach out for

me. I quickly moved away from him and ran out the door to my next class. By the end of the day, I had received three more poems from Edward. From Language Arts: The time has come for me to express my true feelings You are the center of my thoughts and the essence of my being What you have brought me I never thought I could procure The gift of comfort, with you I am secure For you have lifted me up from a life filled with sorrow And made me realize there is always a better tomorrow It amazes me how someone can make me feel this way I love you more and more with each passing day You brighten my days and lift my spirits I have felt this for so long and now want you to hear it So you may know the place you hold in my heart You are always with me even when we're apart I truly believe what we have is meant to be Just open your heart and soon you shall see What I am willing to do to keep a smile on your face Just know that I'm here and will be always From Gym: Have you ever felt,

Like you were holding a fragile heart, That could break any second, And then it shatters, And you don't know how to fix it? Then your world goes wild, With everything spinning but you, You stand still and stare at the moment, Not knowing what to say, Not even paying attention anymore. You want to say something to help the moment, But tears are saying enough. I want to hold the pieces of your broken heart, And put it back to one. I hold you close, Hoping you can forgive me, For hurting you so badly. And it's far from a lie, When I say I love you And from Health: People say if you love someone you got to let them go I say you got to let it show, let them know That no matter what happens, through thick and thin, your love for them will never bend,

Never break, till the earth starts to quake and shake, Till the end is for sure, till my heart don't beat no more, Till I'm lying dead on the shore of the river of tears that we cried over all the years, Never given up on the chance that one day you will come back That's why I tack these dreams in my head, Hoping I won't be alone in bed at night, Hoping well stop our fight Wishing that your life will get better, Wanting us to last forever But you say I'm too serious I'm bout to go delirious Why can't you just see that we need each other, That you're the one for me That no matter what happens we're going to go on Why can't we just do it now instead of sitting around Waiting for the moment when everything's right You give me hope Every time I hold you close I feel like I'm where I belong Every time I kiss your lips I feel like it can't get better than this I miss the feel of your body so close to mine You're like a grape vine

You get sweeter with time but if you get too close There's thorns that can make you bleed, Make you want to come back and see what's guarded so close I got past the thorns, to the other side And what I saw could make you go blind The most beautiful girl In the worst of worlds So much pain kept up Just got to let it all out Not doubt bout what might happen again I'm changed Bella Ready for a new beginning I just wish you felt the same way I do Wish you could love me the way I love you Every time the poems said I love you, I thought I don’t. And each time I thought that, my heart would prick. I don’t know why, but it does. It was now after school and I had changed into a black tank top and shorts. I was running to the clearing to meet Emmett for our football game. Amy was with me. She didn’t want to tell me the outcome, because if she did, there would be no game at all. I was so going to win. Chapter 3 Emmett, Jasper, Alice, Rosalie, and Edward were all in the field. Emmett was holding a football and practicing moves while Alice was marking the end zones with white chalk.

“Bella! Think fast!” Emmett yelled and threw the ball at me with blinding speed. I caught the ball in one hand and torpedoed the ball back to Emmett. He was a little late and the ball him square in the chest. Emmett fell to the ground and I laughed. I appeared over him in the same second and smiled wickedly down at him. He glared up at me. “You need to be better if you want to beat me.” I said bobbing my head. He got up and towered over me. I just stared up at him at waited with a blank expression. He narrowed his eyes at me and I just gave him a cheesy smile and batted my eyelashes. He scoffed and handed me the ball. “Ladies first.” He said with a smirk. “Okay. I’ll be easy on you. The first one to score two touch downs wins.” I said taking the ball. “Fine. Up for a little bet?” He asked me with a devilish grin. “Sure.” I said with a shrug. His eyes flashed to Edward for a second and back to me. “If you lose you have to kiss Edward on the lips.” He said crossing his arms across his chest confidently and turning his head up. Shit! “Okay, deal. And if you loose, you have to kiss Edward on the lips. With tongue.” I said emphasizing the last part. There was a sound of disgust and many laughs. Emmett’s eyes grew wide and his jaw opened. I closed his mouth with my finger and walked off to the center of the field with Emmett following behind. I set the ball in the center, and Emmett got in front of me, facing me and the ball. “And…..GO!” Alice announced. I quickly grabbed the ball and spun past Emmett. I was about to make it past eighty yards, when I saw a huge object flying at me.

I faked and ran behind the now crashing Emmett and into the safety zone. “TOUCHDOWN!” Alice yelled. I walked back to the center with the ball in my hand. Emmett was already there, waiting for me. “Emmett! You’re loosing it man!” I heard Jasper complain. I have a feeling they bet on who would win. I set the ball back in the center and waited for Alice to say go. “GO!” She yelled. Emmett grabbed the ball, but I jumped up and put Emmett in a head lock and knocked him to the ground. There were many oooohhhh’s. Emmett shook it off and got back up and put the ball in the center. “GO!” Alice yelled I grabbed the ball and kneed Emmett between the legs before running off with the ball. There was hysterical laughter, and when I looked back at Emmett he was still on the ground. I let out an extra burst of speed and crossed the end zone with a hoot of victory. “TOUCHDOWN! BELLA WINS!” Alice announced. I walked back to everyone towing Emmett along with me. “You…suck.” He rasped. I just laughed. Rosalie and Alice were holding down Edward while I approached holding Emmett up to kiss him. Emmett and Edward scrunched their eyes closed and puckered their lips. We all started laughing at their faces. Emmett’s and Edward’s lips touched and opened their mouths to reveal their tongues. They kissed for a second before coughing and spitting on the ground. We released them and I joined the girls behind them. I laughed when I had seen that Amy had recorded the whole thing and labeled it as “Emmett and Edward getting hot and heavy”. They were still on all fours spitting on the ground. “That was so disgusting.” Edward moaned.

“Horrible. I always wondered what it was like when Bella and Edward kissed. But I honestly didn’t know it was this disgusting.” Emmett groaned and spat on the ground again. We girls laughed and continued to watch Emmett and Edward spit out each others taste. It was five more minutes before they were satisfied and got up. Emmett glared at me and I smiled back sweetly. “Let’s go Bella. Micheal and I still have to finish some things from last night.” Amy said with a sly smile. I shuddered but nodded. I followed her passed the Cullen’s, but when I passed Edward, our fingers barely touched and a spark shot through my hand. Edward gasped quietly and looked up at me. I just looked away and continued to walk. What is it with that damn shock of true love? I mean I don’t love him. My heart tugged even more at the thought. Amy and I made it to the forest and we took off running back home. Tingles danced on my fingers and I tried to shake it off. But for some reason they wouldn’t go away. We made it home and I walked into the house and sat on my bed staring at my tingling fingers. My bedroom door opened and Amy walked inside. “Hey.” She said and sat on my bed. “Hi.” I said still staring at my hand. “I wanted to talk about something with you.” She started. “Okay.” I said nodding at moving my gaze to her. “Listen. I know your going to hate me for saying this, but I think you should forgive Edward. He really loves you, and those poems were just amazing. Any guy willing to do that for you is worthy of forgiveness. And, that’s all I guess. I’ve never been good with speeches.” She said looking at me seriously in the eye. I just stared back and she sighed before getting up off the bed and walking over to the door. “Think about it.” She smiled slightly before leaving the room.

I sighed and looked down at my still tingling fingers. Should I forgive him? Amy does make a good point, but I can’t love him. My heart felt as if a knife had been struck through it. Liar, my mind argued. What? I have hated him for fifty years! I snapped back. No, you’ve just been hurting for all those years. What ever you thought was hate was hurt. My other conscience told me. Stop telling me what to do! I yelled at the other me. I sighed and walked over to my book bag. I grabbed it and opened the zipper before dumping it all on my bed. And the last thing to fall out of it was the white freesia. It was still alive. Through the whole war of sadness and hurt, love was the only thing that came out unscathed. Chapter 4 I ran to Spanish in a hurry. I was almost a minute late! My black sweater and skinny jeans flowed behind me a little bit at the speed I was running. I came to a halt in my high heels at the door and yanked it open. Mr. H was smiling and he shrugged it off. “Thank you!” I sighed in Spanish. I walked back to my seat, but in it, was a yellow rubber ducky. My eyes widened and I stared up at Mr. H. He smiled and nodded. “Eight tonight.” He said in Spanish. I cheered quietly and removed the rubber ducky off my seat before sitting down. Time to announce the good news at lunch. I sprinted into the cafeteria and jumped up onto the stage and to the podium. “May I please have your attention?” I called and everyone looked up at me at the stage. “Thank you. I have just received an important notice. Rubber ducky at eight. I repeat, rubber ducky at eight!”

Everyone cheered except for the Cullen’s who looked confused. I hopped of the stage and everyone began to talk. I walked over to the Cullen table. “What does that mean?” Rosalie asked raising an eyebrow. “Mr. Hanson the Spanish teacher has a party once a year with his students. None of the teachers know, so we wouldn’t get in trouble.” I explained and pulled out a piece of paper form my pocket and handed it to Alice. “These are the directions to Mr. Hanson’s house where we will be having the party. Tonight, at eight. It would be fun if you all came.” I said with a smile before I left. Amy and Micheal were about jumping out of their seats as I walked over to them. I laughed and sat down as I propped my feet up on the table. “It’s going to be so much fun!” Amy squealed. “Mr. H always has the best parties.” Micheal said in agreement. Amy looked behind me and back to me. “So did you forgive him?” She whispered so low only I could hear. My heart clenched. “No.” I whispered quietly. Amy looked at me for a moment before sighing and looking away. I don’t know how to forgive him. He basically left me to die and I had no one to turn to. No one to hold me close and whisper I love you, no one to talk to, he didn’t stay when I needed him the most. I swallowed a lump in my throat. My head turned slightly and looked over at Edward for the tiniest bit of a second. I turned my head back to its original position and looked down at my hands. He looked so pained. So hurt, so miserable. I have done that to him. I hurt him by telling him I could probably never love him again. And every time I rejected him, it hurt him even more. I am a monster. I have rejected the man I had loved. The one who would stay with me at night, the one who

protected me and cared for me with his life, who loved me more than his life, who left me………… Another lump of guilt rose in my throat and I swallowed. This was becoming too depressing. I have to get my feelings out. I got up from my chair suddenly and walked out of the cafeteria quickly. I walked down the hallway and into the music room. I ran to my piano and opened the compartment in my chair. I hastily took out blank pieces of music sheets and grabbed my writing utensil. I wrote down the notes that swirled through my mind, and at the speed I was writing, I was finished in a minute. I set the completed song in front of me and began to play. The song was filled with guilty notes, sad notes, hurt ones, and last of all, love. I sighed and looked at the blank space provided for my title. I wrote down the title: “My entire fault”. I bit my lip and paper clipped the sheets together. I looked sadly at Edward’s piano. He will never know how I feel about him. If he finds out, it would hurt him even more. I will keep watch of him from afar, making sure he is okay. I will be there to comfort him, but to never hurt him. I will never let him know that I love him. I was in my bathroom, in a pair of black tiny shorts and a black sparkly spaghetti strapped tank top with a pair of high heels. I hardly put on any make up, too depressed to add more. I wish I could tell him how I feel, but I would just hurt him. I put a smile on my face and exited the bathroom and down the stairs. Amy and Micheal were waiting for me down stairs. Amy applauded at my almost make up less face. I grinned at her and she linked arms with me. We three walked outside into the midnight night and into the car. We drove quickly to the party, and were greeted by lights flashing through the windows. Thank goodness Mr. H lives in a house not in a neighborhood. The cops would have come to every single party and probably arrest Mr. H.

Micheal parked the car and we got out and walked up to the door. We opened it to see many teenagers. Some talking, some drinking soda, some dancing or talking to the Mr. H our DJ. I was then hit by a small person. Alice was hugging me tightly. I laughed at her and she looked up and grinned. “Jasper told me you might need that.” She smiled beatifically. I glared at Jasper from across the room and stuck my tongue out at him. He laughed and grinned. She let go and I walked over to Mr. H. “Hey Bella.” He smiled and waved. “Hi.” I grinned and waved back. “I was about to play our favorite song. You ready?” He asked evilly. I laughed and nodded. Pop, lock, and drop it by Huey and came and I cheered. Amy and Rosalie were at my side in an instant. “I LOVE this song!” They said in unison. We laughed and started to dance to the beat. Many other girls did too, and soon we were a whole group of girls dancing. Basically all of the guys were watching us. Whenever the song said drop it, the girls would all spread their legs shoulder length apart and bend them lower than a ninety degree angle. We would get back into a standing position in a second, giving the on looking men heart attacks. But when I noticed Edward, my breath caught silently and I looked at Amy. She and Rosalie were having so much fun, grinning and laughing. I smiled at them and they laughed back. The song ended soon and we stopped. Rosalie, Amy, and I leaned on each other. Exploding with laughter. We walked over to where everyone was waiting. Micheal and Emmett looked purely crazed and started looking up and down Amy and Rosalie’s bodies. They stared at each other for a brief moment before grabbing the girls and taking them away. Probably to a private area.

“You three looked hot.” Jasper said with a laugh as Alice hit him playfully. “Thanks.” I smiled “You almost made Eddie explode.” Jasper said giving Edward a playful look. Edward glared at him and I laughed. I looked quickly away from Edward before my emotions could get to me and Jasper would find out. And if Jasper found out Edward would find out. Amy and Rosalie then joined us with Micheal and Emmett. Each couple smelling of each other. I wrinkled my nose in distaste. “Sorry Bella. We forgot.” Amy said apologetically. “It gets better after a while.” Edward assured me. “When you live in a house with three couples, it could be around the corner at anytime.” Edward shuddered. Micheal and Amy laughed while Emmett, Jasper, Rosalie, and Alice hit Edward. A certain song came on and Alice, Rosalie, and Amy dragged me to the dance floor. After what seemed like hours of songs, a slow one came on and I started to exit the dance floor. But through the crowd of people I was passing, someone shot their arm around my waist. I looked up to see Edward staring down at me. “One dance Bella. Please? I bet you improved since prom,” He taunted with a slight smile. I chuckled and rolled my eyes. He led us to an open space on the floor and we started to dance around the other couples. (The veronicas- When it all falls apart) My arms wrapped around Edward’s neck and his wrapped around my waist. My eyes drifted down to the floor. Looking away from his eyes. I bit my lip before summing up the courage and looking in his eyes. His gold eyes were a beautiful color. Sparkle shone in them and I saw much love and adoration in them. I saw in his eyes, what was in my eyes. The same emotions as him. My breath caught and I continued to stare into the swirling liquid of gold.

I didn’t know we were leaning towards each other until his lips touched mine and my eyes closed. This is bad, I’ve broke my promise. I thought. I memorized the feel of this beautiful moment before stopping. I pulled away. “I’m sorry. I can’t.” I murmured my lie. Of course I could kiss him. I want to, but I was breaking my promise. “Bella.” He pleaded and his eyes searched my face confused. My heart clenched painfully at the look on his face. “So sorry.” I said quietly before leaving his arms and walking off the dance floor. My body stung from where he had held me and I bit my lip to stop crying. I walked slowly out the door and shot Edward a look of apology before leaving. Micheal and Amy were already in the car waiting for me. Amy had seen the vision. I opened the door and closed it behind me. I dare not speak a word the ride back. The only thing that would come out of my mouth would be sobs of sorrow. The car stopped and I heaved my legs that felt like tons of pounds out of the car door. I walked up the steps to the porch and unlocked the door slowly. I opened the house door and threw the keys onto the kitchen counter. I faced the stairs and climbed up them, each step getting sadder. Each step I was moving farther away from him. I leaned against my door when I opened it before closing it and falling onto my bed. Sadness, love, and hurt ripped through me and I sobbed. I have hurt him too much. I have made my promise work by leaving him tonight. I love him so much it hurts and whatever I do will hurt him. I don’t think he could take it, loving me. He would only hate me if he tried to. And either way there would always be two broken hearts. “Edward.” I whimpered quietly, only for my ears. I continued to sob into my pillow and regret for what I had done. Chapter 5

I was walking to Spanish, staring down at my feet. I feel completely awful from last night. Now Edward will probably never talk to me again. That is what you wanted. My thoughts reminded me. But why does it hurt so much? I asked myself as I opened my Spanish door. Not all of the class was there yet. I walked over to my table and sat down. We were having a quiz today so I just stared at my table into space. I heard Amy sit down next to me. “You okay?” She asked me quietly. “Yeah.” I mumbled back. Amy patted my arm and I sighed. Mr. H passed out papers and I immediately started on mine. I was the first one to finish and hand in my paper. I collected my things before leaving the class room. I walked to my next class, staring down the empty hallway. I walked slowly, taking minutes to reach half way down the hall. I felt like something was pulling me back. That something was holding me down, trying to stop me from living my life. I was finally to the door of my next class when the bell rang. I waited until the students had filed out of the classroom before taking a step into the room. I walked over to the teacher and handed him my homework before walking down the aisle and sitting at my seat. Students were no entering the classroom and reading the assignments on the board. I took out a piece of notebook paper and wrote down the answers to the equations on the paper. By the time I had finished what I was needed to do, everyone was in class and starting the class work. I sighed and took out another piece of paper and began to doodle. I drew a perfect row of squares and circles before the bell rang. I gathered my stuff up and walked out of class, turning in our work. I made my way down to history and opened the door. My eyes flashed to the chalk board. A quiz on the chapter I was too bored to study about. The one I could do in my sleep.

I walked past some students and sat down in my seat and waited for the test to be passed out. I took out a pencil and stared off into space. When the test got around to me, I answered the questions in minutes. I got up with my stuff and handed the paper to my teacher. He likes to grade tests after we have finished them. He looked over it and nodded his head in approval. He made a mark on the page and I was handed back an A. I walked out of class with a sigh. I walked down the hall to the music room. I was not going to lunch. I would have to face many questions there. I opened the door and walked across the classroom, looking at the dust motes swirling around along the way. I just sat down on my chair and stared at the keys. A song popped into my head and I placed my fingers gracefully over the keys. I started to play the notes of Clair de Lune. Many memories washed through my mind. I closed my eyes and wallowed in the happiness I once experienced. When I finished the song, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked over my shoulder slowly to see who it was. Edward was standing behind me looking down at me. He took his hand off my shoulder and sat down next to me on the bench. I would have run, but right now I’m too sad to move. He spun around on the bench and faced me. His eyes locked mine before saying anything. “Bella. Why did you run last night?” He asked me. I just looked away and bit my lip. “Bella, look at me.” He said in a soft voice. I didn’t so he pulled my face around to meet his. His hands cradled my face and I leaned into them. “Why?” He asked again and his eyes scorched mine. I opened my mouth, but we heard footsteps coming down the hall towards the class. Edward looked at me sadly before disappearing and reappearing on his piano bench. The door opened and some students walked in and took their places at their

instruments. Mr. Kirkham came in last and looked at us both at our pianos. “I wonder if the student’s rumors were telling the truth.” He mumbled and looked at the two of us. Oh god. People already know about me running from Edward last night. Not that I care, but that moment was horrible, and now Edward was going to se it in people’s heads over and over again. When my eyes darted over to see his face, he was bent over the keys, about to play a song. He started to play a sad song I had never heard before. He began to hum quietly to the music, his voice creating the most beautiful sound known to man. Many of the girls were now drooling and the ones that had just walked into the room were standing there with their mouths open. “Sexy and tortured. The right combination.” I heard a girl whisper in approval. I growled softly and I saw Edward’s lips twitch in amusement at my response. He looked at me, still playing. “Does that anger you?” He whispered to me lowly. “Oh the many things I could to do him……” One of the girls whispered. My eyes widened slightly in anger and my jaw clenched. I nodded slightly and turned back to my keys. “Wonder what he looks like shirtless……” One whispered to another. My eyes widened and I let out a low growl. “You wonder why he keeps going after her.” A voice whispered. My tension relaxed. That is a good question. There are honestly so many other female vampires. And from what my memories tell me, a vampire did want Edward. He should move on, have a better life. Staying with me is only bad for him. “His lips would be better on mine than hers.” A female whispered seductively.

My jaw clenched tighter this time and I pinched the bridge of my nose with my thumb and forefinger. “…good ass….good hair…nice mouth that should be on my-” I was about to scream when the door burst open. Jasper and Emmett rolled inside like they were in combat. “Bella! Alice has warned us you are about to explode. We have come to rescue you!” Emmett said holding his hands up in a shape of a fake gun. “Get her agent teddy bear!” Jasper said pointing at me. Emmett ran over and threw me over his shoulder. “Emmett, Jasper you dunder heads!” I yelled and hit his back. Edward was very amused and waved at me before I was carried out of the room. We ran down the hallway, me still in this very uncomfortable position. “If Emmett’s agent teddy bear, than what are you Jasper? Mr. Control freak?” I asked sarcastically. “Haha, very funny. No, I am agent sexy.” He said next to Emmett out of my line of vision. I started laughing hysterically. The doors of the school opened and we walked into the parking lot. I was set down in the parking lot, and laughed once more, wiping an imaginary tear out of my eye. “Now, we are taking you to our house captive. And there I shall beat your butt at video games.” Emmett said his voice full of authority. We got into Emmett’s jeep and started to drive to the Cullen’s place. “No way Emmett. I am totally going to win.” I said looking at him in the rearview mirror. He looked back at me and grinned. “We shall see.” Emmett said evilly. In a few minutes we pulled up to a breath taking mansion. Emmett parked into a large garage and we got out. I followed them out of the garage and into the house. I was lead into a living room;

the house was all a pale on pale color scheme. We stopped in front of a huge plasma T.V. and I was handed a controller. After Emmett had explained the rules to me, he set the game up and we began to choose our players. I was this creepy ghost thing while Emmett was a big bear with blood red eyes. The screen said fight and we began. After two hours of the game, I had managed to beat Emmett every time. Emmett threw down the controller and hit his head on the back of the couch. “Why!” He yelled in exasperation and threw his hands up into the air. “There is only one game left to see who is better than who.” Jasper said in a low voice and lowered his head at Emmett. “Wrestling!” Emmett shouted, excited. Jasper and Emmett ran out the door and onto the front lawn. I followed them out and Emmett got in a defensive stance. I got in front of him and crouched down as well. “The first one to pin the other down for three seconds wins.” Emmett said before lunging at me. We darted at each other back and forth, stopping each other’s moves for a while. But when a silver Volvo pulled into the driveway, I got distracted for a second and Emmett caught me. He had his body on top of mine, and I kicked Emmett in the stomach. Emmett was now on the bottom, my hands locking down his wrists. Emmett thrashed back and forth but he couldn’t free himself. “1…2…3! Bella wins!” Jasper announced. I jumped away from Emmett and grinned cheekily at him. “Is there one thing your not good at?” Emmett complained and got up. “Nope.” Said Alice as she, Rosalie, and Edward walked towards us. “She has you beat at everything.” Alice put her arm around my shoulders.

“I’m going to go. Micheal and Amy will probably be worried.” I said a moment later. “Bye agent teddy bear and agent sexy.” I laughed before I darted off into the woods right outside their house at vampire speed. I speeded back home and was outside my house in minutes. I walked through the front door and closed it behind me. I noticed my back pack on the counter as I rounded the corner. I picked it up and walked up stairs into my room. But as my hand was on the knob, I smelt a smell different from mine in my room. “Vampire.” I whispered and sniffed. I opened the door and none was there. But where the smell was strongest, was at my window and my bed. When I looked over at my pillow, there was a single red rose lying gently next to a note. Edward. I thought and sighed. I walked over to my bed and sat in the middle. I picked up the rose and note and placed the note in my lap. The rose was perfect. Cherry red petals with an evergreen stem. No wilt was to be found, no thorn as well. It was truly perfect. I stroked the rich green leaves and the petals and sighed. I set the rose down gently on my bed and picked up the note.

Please tell me.
It said in his graceful script. I really felt guilty now. I set the note down with sadness. I picked up the rose again and laid down on the bed, stoking the soft petals over and over again. I smiled lightly at the rose. He would do this all for me, when I wasn’t doing anything to make it better. I then frowned at the last part. I give up. I will tell him. But the question is, how am I going to tell him? Chapter 6

It was the night of the concert for orchestra. I had tried to tell Edward each time, but I had either chickened out, or something stopped me from telling him. I was in a white button up and black skirt and black high heels. I did not put any make up on as I left the bathroom. I exited my room and walked down the stairs. Amy put an arm around my shoulders. Micheal and Amy were coming to see the performance tonight. They had become good friends with the Cullen’s in the two days after I had found the rose on my pillow. We walked outside and into the car. I stared nervously at my hands while we drove. What was I going to tell him? Have I hurt his too much for him to forgive me? The car stopped and I looked up. We were in the full parking lot; students were walking into the school. I got out and jogged to the front entrance. I traveled with some students down the hall to the gym where we would be setting up. A stage was in the gym covered with a red curtain. I walked up the steps and behind the curtain. Students were tuning their instruments and talking amongst another. I walked past the many students to my piano next to Edward’s. He was not there. What?! Has he left? Have I hurt him so much he’s left me? I turned around and looked at the entrance to the stage. Edward was just coming onto the stage, walking past the people. I let out a sigh of relief and sat down on my bench. He didn’t leave, you still have a chance Bella, don’t give up! I stared at my piano keys and felt him pass behind me. My body wanted to be closer to him, and my hands ached to hold him. Not now! You can do that all you want later if he takes you back! I reminded myself. Mr. Kirkham stepped onto the stage and looked behind the curtains. He turned back around and smiled at all of us proudly.

“The show is about to start. I know you will all do great.” He said happily and stepped full onto the stage where the conductor’s podium was. We heard Mr. Kirkham announced the choir and orchestra before the curtains rose and we faced the audience. Lights blinded us and Mr. Kirkham directed our attention to him. The students in the orchestra began to play as I watched them. I only had to play for the pyramid song. Mr. Kirkham raised his baton and pointed at the violins. When we had finished all of the songs, we were applauded by the audience and the curtains fell again. The students all began to talk and get up to leave. Edward was passing behind me when I caught his arm. He looked down at me confused. “Can I please talk to you privately?” I asked him. He nodded and I released his arm. I got up and followed him off the stage and out of the gym. He lead me down the hallway and around a corner. Edward stopped and turned around to me. “Yes?” He asked. I took a deep breath. “I’m so sorry. I am hurting you all the time, and it kills me to see you in pain.” I said looking down. He pulled my face up with his hand and I leaned into it. “Are you going to tell me why you ran the other night at the party?” He asked in a soft voice. “I was hurting you. Whenever I would look at you, your face would be pained, and it’s all my fault.” I said sadly and looked into his eyes. “Bella, you were never hurting me. Jasper would tell me what your emotions were. You made me sad because he said you were depressed, hurting. And that was my fault.” He said to me, moving closer. “But I rejected you. I still hurt you.” I argued. “Bella,” He said in a soft whisper and out his other arm around my waist. “The only thing that could hurt me is that if you said you didn’t love me. You never said that, so it gave me hope. It

gave me hope that maybe you still loved me.” His face pulled down to mine closer. “Edward.” I sighed gratefully and put my arms around his waist. “Bella, do you still love me?” He asked as his hand stroked my face and our cheeks touched each other’s. “Yes.” I whispered and moved my lips to his. I kissed him and he kissed me back. Our lips moved together and he picked me up for better leverage. My hands clung to his neck as the kiss got more urgent. “I love you.” I whispered and kissed him back forcefully. “I love you too.” Edward whispered. And here we are, a happy fairy tale ending that should have happened fifty years ago. But hey, at least it happened.