It’s been twenty years since they’ve been gone. So far, my life has been perfect.

Well, not really. I was captured by the Volturi a year later. Aro changed me back in Volterra and made me part of the guard. I still hate the Cullen’s for what they did to me, and I always will. I was currently in Rome with Heidi and Jane. We girls have become the best of friends, and do everything together. Jane had taught me some Italian while living with the Volturi, and I had picked up on an Italian accent. We girls stopped at the Trevi fountain and admired the scenery. “You know, I dated a man who helped build this thing.” Heidi sighed. “Sweet!” I said in awe. “How old are you anyway? You never want to tell me.” I asked her. “700 years old.” She said nodding and looked at me. “How was it like to date Niccolo Salvi?” Jane asked. “Awful. He never brushed his teeth and all he could talk about was building the stupid fountain that is right in front of you.” “Well it’s not so stupid now. It’s a beautiful tourist attraction.” I disagreed. Felix and Demetri were somewhere else near the fountain. Aro, Caius, and Marcus agreed to let us take a little vacation. It was our last day in Rome and I wanted to see the fountain. I spotted Demetri and Felix leaning across the fountain to get a better look. I gave Jane and Heidi a playful look and moved my hands in a certain way.

Water then shot up into their faces, soaking their heads and clothes. Demetri and Felix looked dumbfounded. We laughed silently as Felix tried to look into the water to see if there was something triggering it. I then shot more water into his face and we laughed louder. “Bella……” Felix and Demetri said in whispers of irritation. They looked over at us and I wiggled my fingers at them playfully. They frowned and marched over to where we were standing. They put their hands on their hips and stared at me disapprovingly. “Oh no you di-in’t.” Felix said bobbing his head. “Oh yes I di-id.” I said with a laugh and snapped my fingers in a z formation. “As punishment, I am going to eat you.” Felix said haughtily crossing his arms across his chest and held his head high. “I’d like to see you try.” I said looking from his head down to his feet. I raised an eyebrow at him. “Are you forgetting I have the wonderful Jane here?” I said looking at her and batting my eyelashes. “Actually Bella, Heidi, Demetri, and I are feeling hungry as well.” She said and wiggled her eyebrows at me. My eyes widened and I clutched my throat. They all smiled evilly at me. I backed away slowly and then turned around and ran at a human speed. Darn the humans! I ran through the crowd of people with Heidi, Jane, Felix, and Demetri close behind me. “They’re going to eat me!” I yelled with a laugh as Heidi, Jane, Felix, and Demetri laughed.

I didn’t pay attention to where I was going, so it wasn’t a surprise I ran into something hard. I fell down with it. I realized it was a person. “I’m so sorry.” I apologized in Italian, I didn’t know if the person was American or not. “Quite alright.” The person said beneath me in Italian. I looked down at the person and gasped. It was Edward Cullen. I jumped up from him and backed away with hatred in my eyes. “Bella?” He asked in English now as he got up. “Yes.” I replied coldly. I switched back to English as well. I felt four hands on my shoulders. I looked up to Felix, Jane, Demetri, and Heidi. They all growled at Edward. “Cullen. What are you doing here?” Jane seethed. “I’m on vacation with my family. I was going to meet them at the Trevi fountain.” He said warily and looked at my strange bluish-green eyes. The eyes had come with my power when I was changed. “Well maybe you and your family could meet us back in the castle tonight. Aro was contemplating on whether or not to visit you and your family. He has missed Carlisle greatly.” Demetri suggested. “That would be great. Thank you.” He said, still looking at me. Demetri pulled me closely to my side and we all walked around Edward. As soon as we passed him, we all broke into a human sprint to the car. I climbed into the back of the Lamborghini with Felix and Jane

as Heidi and Demetri got into the front seats. Demetri Hit the accelerator quickly and we were off. “What the hell?” Felix said as he looked into the tinted window in the back. “I have no idea. One minute I was running away from you and the next I’m on top of the traitor.” I said angrily. We were all silent the whole ride back to the castle. It was three hours from Rome to Volterra so the Cullen’s should be arriving shortly after we do. The car screeched to a stop inside the castle’s gates and we all ran out to get ready to greet our guests. Guests? More like hypocrites. Demetri fled to the throne room to tell our masters and the rest of the guard what happened. I stormed into my bedroom. I just headed to my closet to change into something more suitable. When we had guests, we were allowed to take off our cloaks. I put on my favorite custom made blood red shirt with a blown up picture of the Volturi crest, and black tight skirt with my five inch black high heels. With my body, I looked great. When I was in a bikini one time, Heidi had taken a picture of me striking a pose and sent it to the Italian vogue magazines. So I became swimsuit model of the year. I still never forgave her for that. When I turned around, I looked at my room for the first time I had walked in. Everything was pink, except for black names that said Alec and Felix painted on my stone walls. “BOYS!” I screamed and grabbed my aluminum baseball bat.

I heard laughter from in the throne room, so I ran at vampire speed into the room. I kicked open the humongous doors with a bang. I barely realized the Cullen’s were all standing a few yards away from me. I growled and walked lethally towards Alec and Felix. I raised the bat over my head with one hand. “Come here you two.” I said with a death glare. Felix screamed like a girl and hid behind the tiny Alec. “Oh yes. Be afraid. Be very afraid.” I said like a madman. Alec and Felix’s eyes widened and they took a step back. “Isabella!” Aro chastened. “What? They deserve it! This is the eighth time they’ve painted my room pink!” I whined and turned to Aro. “Do you have a problem with it father Caius?” I asked sweetly and batted my eyelashes at him. “No. You may hit them once each.” Caius said with a laugh and smirk. “Mwa ha ha!” I laughed and turned on them. I swung the bat down with a thwack. The bat bent in an angle. I examined it and tossed it to the side. Alec and Felix were rubbing their heads. I laughed. “Two birds, one stone.” Jane approved. “Thank you Caius.” I said angelically. “Damn it Bella.” Alec groaned. “Don’t worry, I have forty more bats.” I assured them.

Felix groaned. I turned around to meet the Cullen’s. Their eyes were wide and their mouths were all slightly opened. “Okay, not the best way to greet guests.” I admitted with a sheepish smile and rubbed the back of my neck with my hand. “Is that Bella?” Alice asked in awe. “Yes.” I said back, being civil. “As you can see, there isn’t a boring day with Bella.” Aro interrupted. “More like every day you run for your life, with Bella.” Alec mumbled. Emmett, Heidi, Jane, Demetri, and Felix all laughed at this. “Well that’s what you get for angering me, Alec.” I said obviously. “But it’s hilarious when you get mad.” Demetri explained. “Oh, so you get a kick out of almost dieing?” I said sarcastically. “Yeah, totally. It’s not like Aro would let you kill us.” Felix said in a duh tone. I stepped up to Felix and craned my neck to get a better look at him. He grinned down at me. I looked behind his shoulder. “Felix, a spider!” I yelled and pointed over his shoulder. He screamed and hid behind me. We all laughed and Felix towered over me. “Oh now I’m really going to eat you!” He threatened.

He grabbed my head and lowered his wide opened mouth slowly towards the middle of my head. “Aro, Felix is going to give me aids!” I yelled and yanked out of his grasp. They all stared at me confused. “Well with all the blood we drink, a vampire’s bound to have aids.” I said looking at all of them. Carlisle laughed at the joke. Thank you! Someone who gets the joke! “Darn it! I really wanted to eat you! I bet you taste good too!” Felix sulked. Edward and I made eye contact for a brief moment. I thought back to the ballet studio. I probably did taste good. “So. Why are you all here?” I asked the Cullen’s, changing the subject. “A little get away for the family.” Carlisle answered with a shrug. “Where did you all live after……?” I questioned Carlisle. “Russia.” Carlisle answered. I nodded. “How did you join the Volturi Bella?” Esme asked me. Marcus, Aro, Caius, and I shot each other glances. “Um, Not to be rude, but I’d rather not answer that.” I said apologetically. What I’d rather do is tell them the truth, and then hurt Edward so badly he becomes incapacitated.

“Well, it would be a great honor if you all stayed for a few days.” Aro said trying to change the subject again. “Thank you. We will all accept.” Carlisle said graciously. “Wonderful!” Aro said clapping his hands together like a small child. My eyes widened and I raised an eyebrow. I turned to Caius for an answer. Caius just shrugged. “Heidi, would you be a dear and show the Cullen’s to their rooms?” Aro asked Heidi. She nodded obediently and motioned for the Cullen’s to follow her. The Cullen’s stared at me for one last time before leaving the room gracefully. I turned to my masters. “May I bunk with Jane? My room is hideous.” I asked the three. They all nodded. I smiled thankfully at them and walked out of the throne room with Jane at my side. We skipped lightly to her bedroom. She and I were plotting on how to get back at Felix and Alec. After a couple minutes in her room/evil scientist laboratory, we thought of a plan. For your information, Jane and I majored in chemistry……… 2 hours later Jane knocked on Alec’s door and I knocked on Felix’s. Isn’t convenient that the Cullen’s rooms are right across from theirs? The boys opened their doors and all of a sudden, a purple colored liquid fell on top of their heads from above. The liquid slid slowly down their heads and onto their faces. They looked at each other and screamed. Their whole head’s were completely purple. The

Cullen’s opened their bedroom doors and laughed at the sight in front of them. “We strike again Janie!” I fist pounded her. “Bella! Jane!” Alec and Felix shrieked. “That’s what you get. Now I want my room painted its regular color and everything in my room back to normal tomorrow, or Jane and I will not tell you the antidote for this liquid on your faces.” I said looking seriously at each of them. “Fine.” They grumbled. “Have a good rest of the evening boys.” Jane chuckled. Jane linked arms with me and we walked back down to our room. Next day I was outside practicing my power when the Cullen’s and Aro came out to watch. Oh joy. I looked around the luscious green grass and my eyes rested on the pool of water built there for me. I concentrated on fire and then it was floating in my hands. I made the fire move between my fingers, making it move into shapes. I moved my arms in an x formation and a huge dragon head made from fire emitted from my palms. I hastily moved my hands over the water and conjured a big sphere of water from the pool. I concentrated on moving it over the dragon head still floating in mid air. The ball of water twisted and turned over to the head, and when it was floating exactly over it, I let my hands drop. The water came crashing down on the fire, distinguishing it. I moved my hands in a swirling formation as I thought about the ground. The ground shot up and

held shape of a staircase. I let my hands drop again and it fell to the ground in a heap of grass and dirt. “Wonderful, Bella!” Aro praised me. I stood right below the balcony seventy feet above. A big rock from the ground then shot up, to carry me to the balcony. I jumped onto the balcony to meet a smiling Aro and shocked Cullen’s. “Bella can control earth, water, and fire.” Aro explained. “Amazing.” Edward and Carlisle whispered in awe. I looked down. It was embarrassing that everyone stared at me when I revealed my power. “I’m going to go.” I said slowly and jerked my thumb towards the balcony entrance. I walked quickly towards the door and down the hall. I was about to step into my room when someone caught my wrist and turned me around to face him or her. Edward was in front of me staring down at me with his topaz eyes. “Bella.” He whispered.

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