Earth-717: X-Men Vol 1

Chapter 1: Hindsight
Xavier frowned slightly when he grasped the cup. The tinge of warmth emanating from the
coffee inside tingled the tips of his fingers. As he lowered the cup to his lap, a waft of its sweet scent
reached his nose. He looked down into the cup and saw the slightest hint of his own reflection. His eyes
narrowed as he looked at the wrinkles framing his face.
“The taste's improved since last time,” Moira said.
Xavier looked up at her and smiled.
“I'm sure it has,” he replied.
“Then try it already,” Moira insisted, motioning towards the cup.
Xavier lifted the cup and touched the rim to his lips. The coffee ran down his throat quickly,
barely grazing his tongue. After he swallowed, Xavier sighed gently and looked at Moira.
“A lot less bitter than I remember,” Xavier stated.
Moira smiled. She placed her own cup on her plate, which she then left on the table she was
sitting on. Xavier looked at Moira's cup. The faintest hint of vapour floated from it. He could feel
Moira's gaze on him, but he continued to look at the cup.
“So tell me Charles,” Moira started, “why are you here?”
Xavier took a moment before answering. His gaze didn't leave Moira's cup.
“I wanted to visit an old friend,” he answered.
“C'mon, Charles. I don't have to be a mind reader to know that something is going on. If you
wanted to catch up, you could have just called.”
Xavier sighed again. He lowered the cup to his plate.
“Talk to me, Charles.”
Xavier looked up at Moira.
“The world's become a darker place, Moira. Darker than I'd ever hoped.”

Moira stared intently into Charles' eyes.
“Do you remember the plan I told you about? In case things ever went bad?”
Moira's eyes widened.
“Charles, has it gotten that desperate?”
“Yes. Public support is waning. Powerful forces are moving behind the scenes. I've been able to
use my political pull in the past, but my well of allies is drying up, and I fear that my regular work
won't be enough.”
Moira rubbed her left hand against her lips, as if in thought. She closed her eyes for a few
moments, before facing her head down and clasping her hands together. She then looked back at
“What do you need me to do?” Moira asked.
“I need all of the documents that I left in your care, and access to your research.”
“Of course.”
Xavier pressed the toggle on the arm of his wheelchair. His chair rolled forward, past Moira.
Xavier stopped the chair once he reached the window. Xavier looked out the window, allowing the sun
rays to wash over his skin. He watched as the waves of the ocean crashed against the cliff face of the
island. Moira walked over and placed her hand on his shoulder.
Xavier did not respond. Moira crouched so her head was level with Xavier's, while keeping her
hand on his shoulder. She looked out at a lone tree perched at the edge of the cliff.
“Do you remember the first time we came here?”
The lines on Xavier's face softened.
“Yes,” he replied.
“Do you remember what you told me?”
Xavier closed his eyes for a few seconds and winced before opening them.

“That was another time, Moira,” replied Xavier. “Another life.”
Moira frowned as she looked over at Xavier. Moisture started to well up in her eyes.
“Not everyone can wipe away the past so cleanly, Charles.”
As Moira looked away from his face, Xavier reached with his left hand and placed it on hers.
She blinked and looked back at him. The miniscule hairs on her hand stood upright due to how cool
Xavier's hand felt.
“You know I never wanted things to end the way they did,” Moira said.
Xavier paused. He then took his hand off of Moira's.
“I have to get back to Boston,” Xavier stated.
He turned the chair around and started to move towards the door. As he was about to reach it, he
stopped at the sound of Moira's voice.
“Do you think things can ever be the same, Charles?”
Xavier looked back at her. They stared at each other for some time. Finally, Xavier relented and
sighed before responding.
Moira looked down at the floor. Xavier left the room.
The world was black.
“So what's the story?”
Scott's head twitched at the sound of the man's voice. He could see nothing, but he could feel
that the voice was coming from somewhere to the right of him. The sounds were heavily muffled by the
walls of the room.
“Apparently there was some sort of accident.”
This voice was different. It belonged to a woman. Scott felt an itch creeping in on his lower
back. He frantically shifted his weight, attempting to rub his back against the wall behind him. The cold

metal of the walls tantalized his spine.
“Yeah, a couple of kids got hospitalized. Whole roof of the orphanage was taken out.”
Scott winced as he fell over onto the solid cement floor.
“No official word on it, but rumour is that kid's a mutant. Heard there was a crazy light show.”
“A mutant? I thought that was a Europe thing.”
Scott sighed. He pushed his elbow against the floor, propping himself up again. After a moment,
he was back in a sitting position. As he did, he felt a small tick inside of his head, as if a tiny flare was
set off in his mind. Scott had never felt anything like it before.
“Excuse me, are you . . . .”
Scott grasped the sides of his head. The voices became a jumbled mess of audio that he could
no longer interpret. The flare became brighter, louder. Scott's fingernails started to dig into his skin. His
mouth opened as he shook his head wildly.
The world was white.
The flare disappeared. Scott allowed his fingers to relent. He felt his facial muscles start to
relax. The voice he heard was a new one. It was calmer. Soothing. It wasn't muffled. It was coming
from inside the room. Scott felt a breath get stuck in his throat. He coughed, and then spoke.
“Who . . . .”
Scott paused. He took a moment to lick the inside of his mouth. He hadn't realized until now
that his mouth was completely dry.
“Who are you?”
“My name is Charles Xavier.”
Scott moved his head up, facing forward rather than the ground.
“I've come here to help you, Scott.”

Scott quivered.
“No one can help me. I'm a freak.”
“Is that Scott Summers I hear, or Barry Lloyd?”
Scott jerked his head up towards the voice.
“How do you know who. . . .”
Scott felt the flash again, but this time, it had a voice.
“Because I have a special gift as well, Scott.”
Scott's mouth hung open. He then shook his head violently.
“Relax, Scott. It's all right. I know what you're going through.”
“How are you doing this?” Scott thought.
Xavier spoke out loud.
“Just like you have the ability to fire beams from your eyes, I have the ability to read thoughts,
and it's not because I'm a freak. It's because I'm a mutant, and so are you.”
Scott breathed in deeply.
“But my power has hurt people,” Scott stammered.
“That's only because you haven't learned to control it yet,” Xavier said. “When I was your age,
my telepathy was out of control. I was inside everyone's mind at once. For some time, I couldn't sort
out my own thoughts from those of others.”
Scott felt Xavier's hand on his shoulder.
“I felt like my mind was tearing itself apart,” Xavier said.
Scott felt the flash.
“But now, my power is fully under my control.”
Scott jerked his head away from Xavier.
“What does any of this have to do with me?” asked Scott.
“I want to help you control your power as well, son. You don't have to be afraid anymore. I will

take you away from here, to my school.”
Scott turned his head back towards Xavier.
“Yes. My institute for the gifted. It's a school for mutants. You would be a part of its first class.”
Scott lowered his head.
“I don't know . . . .” Scott trailed off.
“The choice is always yours, Scott. But before you make a decision, I want to give you
“Something to show you how I can help,” Xavier replied.
After a moment, Scott felt Xavier's hand tugging at the cloth wrapped around his eyes.
“No!” Scott yelled.
Xavier's hand let go.
“It's alright, Scott. Trust me. Just keep your eyes closed.”
Scott shut his eyes and pressed down hard with his eyelids. Xavier tore the cloth off of Scott's
face. After another moment, Scott felt Xavier place an object on his eyes. It gave off a faint humming
“Now open your eyes.”
“But . . . .”
“You won't hurt anyone.”
Scott kept his eyes closed. He winced hard. He then let out a large sigh and relaxed his eyes.
Scott then allowed his eyes to flutter open.
The world was red.
“See? I told you it would be alright,” Xavier said.
Scott could see the brick wall in front of him, and Xavier sitting in a wheelchair. Xavier smiled

at him. Scott blinked.
“My eyes . . . . they're not . . . .”
“This visor was specially designed to regulate your powers.”
Scott shook his head.
“How could you possibly know how to make something like this?”
“I'm not the only one who wants to help you, Scott.”
Xavier held out his hand.
“Come with me. Let me take you home.”
Scott stared into Xavier's eyes for a few moments. He then reached out and grasped Xavier's